Best Door & Knob Grips For The Elderly

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nearly 23 percent of adults get a diagnosis of some form of arthritis each year. This condition can hamper your quality of life, making everyday tasks more difficult. Especially when it comes to opening doors or turning any switches, the motion required to rotate your twist and turn a knob could cause unnecessary pain and inflammation. With a door knob grip, much of the effort required to turn the knob is reduced, and it increases the leverage you’re able to use to open a door. Our Best Door and Knob Grips for Elderly review explores all of your options.

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Best For Lamp Switch Knobs

Lamp Switch Knobs – Set Of 2 by EasyComforts

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Fits over most standard lamp switches
  • Easy to install with no electrical connections
  • For arthritis sufferers, or those with poor dexterity or weakened grip
  • 2-Pack


  • They are wide enough to get a good grip.

  • The triangle shape makes it easy to turn.

  • The surfaces are slip-free.

  • They fit over most any switch post.

  • They are quick to install.


  • They can strip if you use too much force to turn the switch post.

The EasyComforts Lamp Switch Knobs are triangular-shaped plastic covers that you slip over light switches on lamps to make them easier to turn.

The sides are concave and curved so you can retain a good grip, and the opening has teeth to allow it to fit a variety of switch posts snugly and securely. The size is big enough to get a good hold of it, and they are affordable and work successfully as described. If you have arthritis in your hands or fingers and find it hard to grip the small knobs that come on most lamps, this is a simple, easy-to-use product that makes it much easier to grip and turn easily.

This product is made with a cheap plastic, so it may not last very long depending on how much it’s used. It’s essential to remember not to force the knob onto the post or twist it too forcefully. It may not fit on all lamps, especially vintage ones, and you can quickly strip the inside of it if you’re not careful.

Our Verdict

The wide shape makes them easy to turn.

Best For Door Knob Grips

Able Life EZ Doorknob Grips, Non-Slip Silicone Door Knob Turner Cover and Handle Gripper, Open Doors Easily, Arthritis and Senior Daily Living Aids for Adults and Elderly, Set of 2


Features and Specifications

  • Open doors effortlessly
  • Lower cost than a door-lever replacement
  • Easy installation – stretches over door knob
  • Open doors with the touch of a finger


  • They glow in the dark with removable inserts.

  • They are easy to install.

  • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • They keep door knobs from heating up in the sun.

  • They come with a one-year, limited warranty.


  • They can slip out of place with some smaller door knobs.

  • The push-down motion required for these grips still might be difficult for some seniors

The Able Life EZ Doorknob Grips go a long way toward making life hassle-free with a product that allows for the hands-free opening of doors. Whether you have arthritis or just an armful of groceries, it’s a snap to use with its double-winged design. To install, all you need to do is stretch the material over a door knob until if fits appropriately. Once the knob is covered, you can open the door by pushing on one og the wings with your elbow or a finger. This grip offers an inexpensive alternative to replacing door knobs with levers. Furthermore, the grip is made from a soft material that feels good to touch and is easy to grip.

We liked the fact that the grips are also glow-in-the-dark, so if you’re a senior with limited eyesight they’ll help you see in the dark. Furthermore, they’re easily removable so you can try it on multiple doors before you decide where it’s best used.

We feel this knob grip is a great option for seniors whose arthritis might prevent them from turning a knob easily. However, the push-down motion required for this grip may still be difficult for some seniors to use.

Our Verdict

The grip makes it simple to open doors with the slightest effort.

Best Runner-Up Door Knob Grips

Apex Medical Corp. (a) Doorknob Gripper (Original Version)

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • For Hard to turn Doorknobs
  • Easily fits over existing doorknobs and faucets
  • Great for arthritis sufferers, or those with poor dexterity or weakened grip


  • It is affordable.

  • You can use it both on doors or faucets.

  • It glows in the dark.

  • It makes it noticeably easier to open doors.

  • It stays in place once you slip it on a knob.


  • It won’t be a good fit for all door knobs.

  • Seniors will still need to be able to use the rotating motion of opening a knob.

The Apex Medical Corp Doorknob Gripper is a more straightforward design than the Able Life EZ Grip. Instead of featuring a winged design, this grip is a soft plastic sheath that you slip over a knob for a slip-free grip and increased leverage. With this design, your keyhole is still accessible, and the grip is intended to make the same motion of opening a doorknob easier. The textured outer surface has a comfortable, soft feeling that gives you added leverage to open doors. Instead of having to squeeze a knob too tightly, the knob grip allows you to squeeze the knob less yet turn it with the appropriate amount of force. It is simple to install and does the job successfully without slipping off the door.

The grips are also easy to remove.

Our Verdict

The bare-bones design is an ideal solution.

Best For Knob-To-Lever Conversion

SP Ableware Maddak Ableware Door Knob Extender, Tan (Pack of 2) (754161002)


Features and Specifications

  • Turns door knob into lever for users with limited hand dexterity
  • Maintains total access to keyholes
  • For use by right- and left-handers
  • Installs with a screwdriver


  • They’re easy to install with just a screwdriver.

  • They have a one-year, limited warranty.

  • They work as described.

  • They’re an excellent option if your door is hard to open.

  • The keyhole remains entirely accessible.


  • The lever needs a stronger adhesive on the grip strips.

  • Incorrect installation may cause it to slip.

The SP Ableware Doorknob Handle Extender Levers provide a useful alternative to door knob grips or having to purchase door levers. Instead, they offer an easy-to-install solution for easier accessibility. To install the extender, all you need is a screwdriver so that you can secure the levers over your knobs and convert them to the lever option. The extension allows you to push down on the lever instead of rotating the knob, and it’s an affordable solution among comparable products.

With this product, seniors with little mobility in their hands can eliminate the wrist rotation altogether when opening knobs. Instead, the required push allows them to use their elbows or fists, saving their hands from inflammation and pain.

Our Verdict

The easy-to-install levers are an affordable alternative.

Best Bundle

Enablers Multi Pack: 3 Key, 2 Lamp and 1 Doorknob Turner- 6 Pack

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Enlarged key holder is ergonomically designed to achieve maximum leverage with minimal stress
  • Lamp Switch Enlarger/Turner: For persons with limited grasp
  • Doorknob Gripper: Opens doors easily, minimizes hand stress and is meant for people with limited hand strength or dexterity
  • Includes: 3 x EZ Key Turners- assorted colors plus 2 x Lamp Switch Enlarger/Turner and 1 x Doorknob Gripper, Items come packaged in a polybag mailer (not retail packaging)


  • It is an affordable solution.

  • It is an affordable solution.

  • The doorknob gripper glows in the dark.

  • The key grip fits snugly.

  • The surfaces are all slip-free.


  • We’d prefer two door knob grips over the three key items.

  • The material of all products is cheap and may not last long.

The Enablers Multi-Pack provides a suite of assisted living devices to make your life easier in a variety of scenarios, all in one affordable purchase. The bundle comes with three key grips, two lamp grips, and one doorknob turner. The key grips fit over the head of your key to widen the area you can grip, making it easier to use for seniors with shaky hands or arthritis in their fingers. The doorknob and lamp grips are similar to other products we’ve reviewed. They both fit over the appropriate knob you’d like to turn – either for a door or a lamp – and help aid with grip and the surface area available to hold on to. All three products are easy to use and install.

We recommend this bundle for seniors who’d like an easy solution to their shaky hands or arthritis pain they may experience on a day-to-day basis. With one purchase, you can outfit multiple things around your house to ensure they’re easy to use.

Our Verdict

This value-priced product solves several problems at once.

These items are excellent options for any senior who has joint pain in their hands, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or even shaky hands that make it hard to open doors, turn on lights, or handle small objects. These simple, everyday tasks are easily to overlook, but they can cause great difficulty for seniors with limited dexterity. For seniors aging in place, you could consider remodeling with new lamps and door handles. However, these products are a much more affordable way to solve as pesky problem easily. Usually, they fit easily around the knob or switch you need help turning and typically have some kind of cushioning or a larger profile which makes them easier to grasp.

The design of many of them is shockingly simple yet highly effective. Many are incredibly ingenious devices, which adds to their value.

These grips can make your life easier and help you regain your independence. These products aren’t expensive. They’re quite affordable, making them a valuable purchase, given their benefits.

Our review identifies some excellent items that will work a variety of circumstances, and the design of many of them is shockingly simple yet highly effective.

We recommend products that have a universal or otherwise generic opening to make them quicker to install without any problems of a clumsy fit. Many have non-slip surfaces which offer another great feature to ensure they don’t slip off of the knob and your hand doesn’t slip off of the grip. Fortunately, when it comes to a household object like doorknobs, they are standard sizes across the board, making buying grips for them hassle-free, in most cases.

You’ll find these grips in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. You may see grips for door knobs, for example, that glow in the dark for added convenience and ease of use. The market’s range includes just about any object that may pose difficulties. There are items for keys and lamp switches as well as tools to make dressing easier.

These products usually also have an ergonomic design to give you a better grip, with added leverage to make tasks easier. Look for products designed with materials like rubber, plastic or silicone so they ensure a non-slip grip, as well as ridges or texture that help you maintain your own grip on them.

We’d also suggest items that have a satisfaction guarantee and perhaps a warranty where applicable. And take the time to find out the return policy for your purchase just in case it doesn’t fit or work as described.

You’re probably more likely to have issues with doorknob grips if you live in an older home. The purpose of these products is to fit snugly, so if you know your doorknobs or switches don’t match most universal sizes, you may need to do more research into the products’ specifications.

The most common complaints with these items are slippage. Often, heat is the biggest culprit and causes warping. This could be a big problem with lamp switches, since they’re required to sit so close to the heat of light bulbs. You can prevent some of this by using CFL, or particularly, LED bulbs which emit negligible amounts of heat. However, it’s also best to check the materials that are used in the products and make sure they’re specifically designed to resist heat damage.

With so many different options on the market, it’s likely that you can find the product you need to give you leverage necessary for daily tasks.

Other problems exist with the installation. Screws tightened too much on plastic-based products may crack under pressure. Flimsy materials are another issue. That’s where the guarantee or warranty makes a difference.

The concept of most of these products stands up to scrutiny. They deal with the typical features that are most desirable in devices and are meant to make life easier. You’ll see it evident with larger grips, weighted materials, and ergonomic designs. The usefulness speaks for itself. You’ll find that they will make a significant impact and fuel your independence.

Of course, people will have different experiences. However, the manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort on R&D. It’s evident by the small enhancements you’ll see such as non-slip surfaces and textures. You’ll find improvements in leverage that give you the edge you need.

We understand your concerns. Growing older or having a chronic health condition causes many changes in our lives that we may not anticipate. Remember that you’re not alone. Many others share your feelings. But using these aids isn’t an expression of weakness or anything negative.

Our advice is to focus on the benefits that they provide—and they are many. The products allow you to manage your everyday life with dignity. They offer you the freedom to live on your own if you prefer. They give you independence. These gifts are priceless, both mentally and physically. Embrace the fact that you have these options and will probably have even more in the future that will help make life easier.

People overall are living longer, which will continue to fuel this market segment with new products and improved technologies. Undoubtedly, you’ll find just about anything you need to make all of your everyday tasks easier. And that’s a good thing.

The best door and knob grips take the frustration out simple things like using a key or turning on a light. They do it in a way that gives you better leverage for greater effectiveness, so seniors don’t need to worry about joint pain, inflammation, or shaky hands.

Our roundup identified some of the most useful ones on the market along with an honest assessment of their practicality and cost. Let this information open more doors for you and prolong your independent years.

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