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Best Lifts for the Pool

Water can be incredibly healing for almost anyone, but especially those with limited mobility, handicaps, or elderly with pain in their joints. Being able to submerge in the cool water of a pool or feel the buoyancy after hours in a wheelchair or reclining in bed can also help take pressure off of joints in the back and can help prevent bed sores.

So, if you can install a pool lift in your own yard, or you are looking to get an elderly or handicap pool lift in a caregiving situation or at a small business, this can be an excellent decision. When deciding which lift is best for your swimming area, there is much to consider. You need to factor in weight capacity, the type of pool, whether a manual or automatic rotation is necessary if you need features such as more lumbar support or armrests, and of course, your budget.

It’s also an intelligent move to pick a lift that has passed the strict regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Especially when around a potentially dangerous water situation for the elderly or disabled, you want a lift that will be safe and secure for those who have trouble getting up out of the water on their own. We selected our favorite models for your ADA pool lift or handicap pool lift options.