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Best Options for Keyless Entry

If you’ve chosen to age in place, a keyless entry system is a great way to prevent falls, difficulty in opening doors, and accidents. As people age, they often have to deal with less mobility of their hands and wrists due to arthritis and less motor control. This could greatly affect your ability to turn a key and a door knob, and shouldn’t be overlooked. With a keyless entry system, the process of getting inside a door is changed to using things like keypads or even your fingerprint, so it doesn’t take much mobility or effort to use.

Furthermore, we all know how difficult it can be to dig for your keys if they’ve fallen to the bottom of a bag or your pocket. Struggling this way could lead to falls, which cause about one-third of injuries in the United States. Safety aside, keyless entryways also make it so that you needn’t worry about remembering where you put your keys – a great solution for forgetful seniors. Take a look at some of the best keyless entry options below, and take a step toward making life easier as you age in place.