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Updated for October, 2020

Caring Senior Service Review

Best For:   Home Care And Companionship Care

  • Services & Organization
  • Consumer Reviews
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  • Charges a flat rate regardless of the service provided
  • Offers a same-day service promise
  • Provides an electronic medical alert bracelet
  • Offers special software to help families and loved ones keep tabs on care
  • Offers fewer services than some competitors
  • Doesn’t offer skilled nursing care

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Our Verdict

Not all seniors require the same level of care, however, and some home care agencies specialize in providing companionship and the kind of lower-level care that assists clients with day-to-day activities. Caring Senior Services is one of these companies: they don’t offer a full range of higher-level services, but they do offer the essential companion and personal care services that can dramatically improve a senior’s quality of life.

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Services Offered
  • Companionship
  • Medication reminders
  • Grooming/hygiene
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Errands
  • Transportation
  • Feeding
  • Toileting
  • Respite care

Caring Senior Service Review

Home care agencies offer reliable and compassionate help to seniors who want to stay at home even when faced with health challenges or other disabilities. Not all seniors require the same level of care, however, and some home care agencies specialize in providing companionship and the kind of lower-level care that assists clients with day-to-day activities.

Caring Senior Services is one of these companies: they don’t offer a full range of higher-level services, but they do offer the essential companion and personal care services that can dramatically improve a senior’s quality of life.

Caring Senior Services was founded in 1991, and unlike a lot of home care companies, it waited for more than a decade before moving to a franchise model, which suggests that the organization accumulated a fair amount of institutional knowledge of home care before choosing to expand. Its expansion has also been relatively slow: at present, it has around 60 franchises throughout the US (with five locations still owned directly by the company), making it one of the smaller agencies on the market. There are still a number of centralized policies guiding the individually owned franchises, however, including Caring Senior’s hiring practices, which involve doing background checks of employees (including checking for criminal records), interviews, and a requirement for solid references.

While the company does strive to find quality employees, it seems that their employees are not as happy with Caring Senior as its competitors’ employees seem to be with their companies. Judging by the company’s employee reviews on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, Caring Senior Services caregivers tend to be less satisfied with their experience, and while many employees did offer that they loved their work and some did praise Caring Senior, fewer than half of the reviewers on Glassdoor would recommend the company to their peers.

“Management is very supportive. They have a good team approach and are easy to work with. Co-workers are skilled and experienced, CSS is selective in who they hire and are very serious about providing great care.” 

Raleigh, NC (via Indeed)

“Supervisors are EXTREMELY helpful and pick up shifts when necessary—they DON’T leave seniors without care like some home agencies do. They are extremely compliant with schedule needs and believe in helping their employees be the best they can be. I highly recommend them and I’ve worked for multiple home health agencies.” 

Menomonee, WI (via Glassdoor)

“Caring Senior Service of Scottsdale has an amazing office management staff . . . The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing I am making a difference in an the elderly care industry because I provide a helping hand to them and their daily needs.”

Scottsdale, AZ (via Indeed)

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Consumer Reviews Rating

Administration Also Praised

As mentioned above, Caring Senior Services provides all of the standard lower-level care services that seniors need to remain independent, from basic companionship to medication reminders to light housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation, on up to help with feeding and toileting. The company also provides respite care on a temporary or sporadic basis for loved ones whose commitments or well-being requires them to step back from providing care.

Portable Medical Storage

Many home care agencies provide some useful extras for their clients, and Caring Senior is no exception: while a medical alert bracelet can seem like a simple intervention, it can be a lifesaver, and the medical record storage bracelet offered by Caring Senior Services actually provides emergency responders with the patient’s full medical history by incorporating a flash drive which stores this vital data.

Same day service: Caring Senior Service also offers a quick response to calls for help, and provides same-day service for people with a sudden urgent need for home care.

Same Day Service

 Most home care companies will alter the rates they charge depending on the level of care required by the client. Caring Senior takes a different approach: no matter what services they provide, they keep their hourly rate the same, taking some of the guesswork out of pricing them versus their competitors.


Like many larger companies, Caring Senior Service gives clients and their families access to an online portal that allows them to keep tabs on their loved one’s care remotely. Through this Tendio software, people who have been granted access can review care plans, read notes from caregiver visits, check caregiver schedules, and communicate directly with Caring Senior’s frontline employees.


Caring Senior Service also provides its clients with a mobile tablet pre-loaded with the company’s Tendio software: in addition to all the functions available through the software, the tablet also allows video communication between the client and their loved ones as well as many of the other functions of a mobile tablet.

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In our survey of online reviews, we took care to get responses from several locations with a fairly widespread geographic range. And while even a sampling of locations may not characterize what you’ll encounter at your local office, Caring Senior Service stood out in these consumer reviews, with customers giving them an average weighted rating of 4.7 out 5 stars based on the 100 reviews we surveyed.

Praise for Providers

Overall, customers praised Caring Senior’s providers, with many people feeling that the employees they worked with made a significant positive difference in the lives of their loved ones. No company can guarantee that every employee will offer 100% satisfaction, but while there were a few complaints about Caring Seniors’ frontline staff, there’s no question that the vast majority of reviewers appreciated the work of the people they interacted with, and there were repeated mentions of employees going the extra mile to help clients and families.

Administration Also Praised

Administering a home care agency can be a challenge, but Caring Senior Services office staff did receive their share of praise—about in line with what we’ve seen at other companies. Clients found administrators responsive to concerns, and ready to work hard to meet their their needs. In addition, a number of reviewers specifically praised office (and frontline) staff for their skill in communicating issues related to their loved ones’ care.

Trust and Dependability

One consistent theme among the reviews was that frontline and office staff were dependable. There were a few complaints about staff not showing up on time or leaving early—complaints that can be found among all companies. 

“Comfort Keepers are a blessing, they were beyond amazing. I could tell they genuinely cared about my dad. They were really here for us in our time of need and they made it as easy as these situations can get and I am beyond thankful for them and their staff.”

Walnut Creek, CA (via Yelp)

“I was very happy and pleased with their services. They were prompt and reliable and very caring of my mother’s needs. I would recommend this service. I have a pretty hectic schedule and they were very flexible. They went above and beyond to be able to work with my scheduling needs. I was very pleased.” 

Atlanta, GA (via

“Very professional company, caregivers give outstanding quality care. They are very reliable and compassionate. This company truly cares about your loved one’s needs.”

Stroudsburg, PA (via Real Yellow Pages)

Value Rating

Like most national home care companies, Caring Senior Service runs on a franchise model, meaning that your local office is independently owned and operated. So it’s important to talk to your local office about the rates they charge, and to keep in mind that even a local franchise will change its rates depending on the type of care they’re providing. At the same time, we’ve taken pains to contact locations in a cross section of areas around the country—and then to compare the rates charged at those locations with the median rates in that area as reported by the Genworth Cost of Care study—in order to get a sense of any trends in terms of the rates charged across the franchise.