Best Devices For Amplified Telephone Listening

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Jitterbug Flip 2

How We Found the Best Devices for Amplified Telephone Listening

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As we get older our hearing begins to decrease and conversations get tougher to follow, especially if there is ambient noise in the area. This struggle increases with the use of the phone—be it a landline or cell phone—it’s easy to miss words or even whole sentences. Many seniors feel bad about constantly asking for something to be repeated and eventually remain silent or attempt to fake the conversation. In the end they can feel disconnected from people or worry they are missing out. And for healthy aging in place, remaining connected and involved is crucial.

There are options for those who have difficulty with hearing. Whether you experience hearing loss yourself, or are a caregiver or a loved one to someone with a hearing condition, finding an amplified telephone or device to assist with hearing on a current device can make all the difference. We have reviewed a variety of options so you can see what works best for your specific situation.


  • Easy to read big buttons

  • Powerful Speaker

  • Great customer support

  • “Yes” and “No” buttons simple to use


  • Can only use Great Call Wireless Network

  • Challenging to keep your old phone number with the phone

  • Activation fee not included

  • No Internet access

The Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone is a cell specifically designed for seniors, and those with hearing and/or visual impairments. With a backlit keypad, a powerful speaker that is loud and clear, and unmistakeable large buttons, you will find this phone extremely easy to use. It is compatible with hearing aids and provides clear conversations to keep you connected with friends and family.

The cell phone is exclusively on the GreatCall Wireless Network and does not require any contracts or cancellation fees. GreatCall claims to be a reliable network but it’s best to check their network coverage map to ensure your area is covered.

The phone has a built-in camera to take pictures as well as some “brain games” for entertainment which is a bonus for seniors to keep their minds engaged, however the phone is not a smart phone, thus does not have internet capabilities. The camera however, can be used as a magnifier and is useful for reading menus and other smaller print. You can use the flashlight in conjuncture, and be able to read with ease.

The Jitterbug Flip is a simple phone for calls and texts, but via GreatCall can also connect you to health and safety experts. The set up for the phone is simple and US-based customer service is extremely friendly and helpful. Definitely a phone we recommend for seniors who just need a straightforward cell phone they can easily navigate and clearly understand the person on the other end of the call.

Our Verdict

A cell phone that works well for both hearing impaired and visually impaired. Easy-to-use option that will keep you connected to friends and family.


  • Large touchscreen

  • Photo sharing

  • Easy to use

  • No contracts or cancellation fees


  • Only available on GreatCall Network

  • Some additional fees depending on usage

The GreatCall Jitterbug Smartphone stands apart from other amplified phones because it combines modern technology with features needed by seniors. Even though it is a smartphone, GreatCall has kept its operation and navigation simple with large menu items in a simple list—want to text? Tap “text”. Want to email? Tap “email”.

As a senior focused smartphone, it comes with a powerful speaker for crisp and clear conversations and is also compatible with hearing aids. The New Voice typing features allows you to speak emails and texts instead of typing, but if you do need to type manually the screen buttons are large enough to avoid constant typos.

The built-in camera takes photos and allows you to share the moments with family and friends, again, via the internet. In addition the Jitterbug Smartphone comes with other features like daily health tips and brain games to keep you engaged and entertained, and 5Star Urgent Response to keep you safe. With all the technology and perks, this amplified telephone still keeps things simple.
Like the Jitterbug Flip Phone mentioned earlier, the Jitterbug Smartphone operates solely on the GreatCall Network so it’s best to check their network coverage map to ensure your area is covered before you commit.

Our Verdict

A smartphone that keeps it simple, you will be able to hear your conversations while staying up-to-date on the latest technology.

Best Over Ear

Clarity TL100 Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Sound Amplifying Headphones Headset for Hearing Impaired

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Wireless TV Amplifier – Hear the TV clearly without disturbing others
  • Voice prompts alert you to incoming phone calls, battery, and connection status
  • Clarity Home Car Charging Kit for newer iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry Devices
  • Pairs with Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet, so you can take calls and/or listen to music
  • OpenMic button lets you hear your surroundings without removing headphones.


  • Voice prompts inform you about alerts

  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled device

  • Lightweight

  • Audio is clear


  • The transmitter plugs into the TV analog, not all TVs compatible

  • Earmuffs may be too small for some

  • A lot of extra cables/adapters

Another headset style of sound boosting, the Clarity TL100 Bluetooth Amplified Cell Phone and TV Listener works to amplify your cell phone, but can also pair with other Bluetooth devices for listening to music or watching TV. It allows you to hear the words clearly and at a variety of adjustable sound levels you need.

The auto-adjusting headband allows for the perfect fit, and the soft ear cushions are hearing aid compatible. This device also has voice prompts to alert you about battery level, connection status, and even incoming phone calls.

One unique feature we really appreciated of the Clarity TL100 is called OpenMic. Whether you’re on the phone or watching a TV show, with just the press of a button, you can hear your surroundings without removing the headphones.

If you—or someone else—has noticed the television tends to be running extra loud so as to hear it, or you finding yourself straining to hear the person on the other end of your cell call, the Clarity TL100 headset is a good option. It’s an even better option if you are part of a household where only one person needs the amplification. Now they can enjoy their show while everyone else can enjoy the quite.

Our Verdict

This device is also compatible with hearing aids and is a comfortable option to amplify sound on TV or phone.

Best Hearing Aid Compatible

Snapfon ez4G Unlocked | Big-Button Cellphone for Seniors, Nationwide 4G Volte, SOS Button


Features and Specifications

  • Software Updated April 1, 2021 – One-Touch Key for Speakerphone Function Plus Built in Speakerphone Default Options, Improved SOS Application with More Options, and Even Larger Fonts Throughout the Entire Phone, Easy-to-Use Features: Enhanced Volume with…
  • Easy to See: Bright High Contrast Display, Easy-to-Read Screen and Menus
  • Network: 4G VoLTE, GSM Unlocked Cellular Device, Works on most T-Mobile enabled Networks
  • SOS Button: During an emergency press the SOS button to alert 5 preselected contacts through call and text, phone will automatically switch to speakerphone mode. Optional siren will play to notify those nearby.
  • Reliable: Talk time 5 Hours approx., standby 4.5 days approx.,. No accidental dialing with keypad lock switch. 90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please Contact Snapfon directly for Warranty Claims.


  • Large buttons

  • Compatible with GSM SIM card carriers (snapMobile, T-Mobile or AT&T)

  • Clear audio

  • Designed to work with hearing aids


  • Not compatible with CDMA SIM card carriers (Verizon or Sprint)

  • The camera is low quality

Another straightforward and easy to use cell phone is the Snapfon Cell Phone. Designed with seniors in mind with a large and easy to see screen, large buttons with bold white numbers, and a louder than usual ringer option. A highlight of the Snapfon is the SOS Emergency Response Button which will send a text message or call up to five contacts in the case of emergency when pushed.

Since it is designed with seniors in mind, it is made to be heard with enhanced and adjustable sound via the ear-set or speakerphone. Plus there is a Bluetooth feature which allows you to connect to an earpiece or hearing aid. An additional feature we like is the speaking keypad which announces the button you pressed so you can be sure you are dialing the number you want. This feature can be disabled if you do not require it.

The Snapfon has easy to navigate menus, keypad locking so you do not accidentally dial without intent, and a low battery warning system which, if not charged in a timely manner, will send a text message to the contact list—a helpful backup if something untoward were to happen.

Our Verdict

An amplified telephone that works on multiple cell phone networks, this device is easy to use with plenty of features.

Best Amplifier

serene innovations si-sa-40 hearall cell phone amplifier

Price not available

Features and Specifications


  • Works with any Bluetooth cell phone

  • Can be used hands-free

  • Loud and clear audio


  • Challenging instructions for setup

The Serene Innovations SA-40 HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier is a separate device to be used in conjunction with a cell phone. It allows seniors to hear conversations through their phone at a level that they can engage; up to 100 times louder! And added plus is the technology involved removes static and any other distortion for audio clarity.

This amplifier works with cell phones that can connect with Bluetooth, as well as Bluetooth driven music devices. It is small and easily fits in a purse or pocket so you can take it anywhere.

It comes with a padded speaker portion for comfort and an easy grip, plus you can select speakerphone mode for a hands-free option. It has a magnetic visor clip so it can be utilized while driving, however, bear in mind any driving and talking laws where you live.

Our Verdict

This device is a great addition if you already have a cell phone but have difficulty hearing. It has hands free options as well.

Best Bluetooth


  • Works with any device that has Bluetooth

  • Works with hearing aids

  • Rechargeable battery included


  • Large ear pads may be too big for some

  • Headset may be too heavy for some

  • Will not work with landline phones that do not have Bluetooth ability

It may seem counterproductive to put on headphones while having a phone conversation, but the Geemarc Amplified Bluetooth Headset is a great option to amplify phones while being hands-free. The device can be used to talk on cell phones while producing a clear, loud sound. The ease of conversation allows you to connect with those you call.

One feature that makes this Bluetooth device ideal for seniors is that it functions well with hearing aids. You can adjust the balance and tone control on both the left and right headphone to reach the ideal specifications for yourself or your loved one. The design of the shape of the earmuffs allows you to wear the headphones without removing your hearing aids comfortably

This telephone accessory comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts up to eight hours, so you don’t need to worry about cutting your conversations short. A bonus feature of this headset is that it works with other Bluetooth devices, such as TVs and other audio equipment, which seniors might have trouble hearing as well.

Our Verdict

This headset is an excellent option for people who want the freedom of hands-free without compromising on clarity or volume. Plus it is designed for use with hearing aids.

Why Should You Get a Phone Amplifier?

An amplified phone or similar device comes in handy for many reasons. Phones have become integrated into our culture. We communicate through phones with text messages, pictures, and of course, audible conversations. But as we get older, our ears aren’t as sharp in picking up sounds, words, music, and conversation. If you can’t properly hear someone when they speak to you, you are missing out on a valuable interaction.

Phone conversations with family, old friends, and others are essential parts of your day. When your grandchild shares their story about their day with you, being able to hear every word makes a difference. Words are how we share experiences and communication is a two-way street.

And sometimes we need to call for assistance. A broken air conditioner, finicky fridge, or other house concerns can warrant immediate support. Having a phone that allows you to hear when the technician will be coming by is essential.

We also recommend an amplified telephone for those who live alone. If you have a health concern and are the only one in the home, you need to have a reliable phone that you can use. Hearing instructions on how to respond to a health emergency or being able to correctly understand and answer the questions about your condition can be life-saving.

Plus, living alone you may not realize just how much of your hearing has decreased and while you think your TV’s volume is acceptable, in reality, it can be heard clearly in the hallway. Many hearing amplifiers also work with music devices and TVs, so you will have the benefit of watching TV shows or listening to music that is loud and clear—without disturbing your neighbors or your partner.

All these situations apply to senior caregivers as well. Keeping in touch and sharing accurate information will keep everyone involved at ease. Finding a way to amplify phone calls for your loved one gives them back some independence and allows them to enjoy their world more.

Bottom Line

Balancing tone, amplifying sound, and hearing words clearly and distinctly are all possible with the devices discussed above. Choose a cell phone or a headset that is compatible with your current phone and appreciate the clarity.

With the right device for your situation, you may notice an improvement in your life and your relationships; you won’t be sitting on the sidelines anymore. You can engage freely in conversations and keep up with what everyone else is talking about. An amplified phone will keep you connected with everything you hold important.

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