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Life Alert Review

8 minute read| Updated for July, 2021

Life Alert was one of the earliest companies to offer medical alert systems to a nationwide market, and the company still (proudly) associates itself with the famous “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” TV commercials that made medical alert systems a widely understood concept. Since the launch of their systems, Life Alert has been surpassed by its competitors in terms of the variety of products they offer, but the company still stands out for its customer service, particularly by providing professional installation and by running one of the most effective and experienced call centers in the industry. For that reason, we’ve recognized Life Alert for the Best Medical Call Center for 2018.

  • Experienced, highly trained call center personnel
  • Technician Installed
  • Free warranty
  • No equipment fee
  • Charges setup fee
  • Doesn’t offer additional accessories
  • Certain medical conditions may be disqualifying

At a Glance

A checklist of standard features.

Package At Home Away from Home
Monthly charge* $69.99 $89.85
Connection Landline or Cellular Cellular
Fall detection available No No

LifeAlert Review

As we’ve mentioned, Life Alert is one of the oldest suppliers of medical alert systems in the country, and like most medical alert companies, their products break down into two categories: first, a less expensive home-based system that connects the user to a call center via a signaling device (in Life Alert’s case, a pendant or a wristband) and a base station or console that then makes the call to the center. The second system is a cellular pendant that eliminates the need for a console and allows the user to speak directly with the call center via a cell-phone sized microphone and speaker. Behind these communication systems there’s a call center staffed by trained personnel who will either get in touch with personal contacts such as friends, neighbors, or family members, or, depending on the situation, contact local emergency responders. Life Alert’s offerings are simple and straightforward, and if the company doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles with their systems, they do keep it simple. And while this may be the hallmark of an older company, the upside is a highly experienced call center with a track record of responding effectively in emergencies.