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Updated onMay. 15, 2022

Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery Review

Magic Kitchen is a meal delivery services that sends pre-cooked frozen meals right to your doorstep. In addition to offering a wide variety of specialty diets, one thing that sets Magic Kitchen apart from its competition is that it has a specialized meal plan specifically geared toward seniors.

$Starting at $12 per Serving





Ease of Prep





  • Offers wide Variety of Special Diet Meals

  • Senior Specific Meal Offerings

  • Orders Accepted Online and by Phone

  • Nationwide Shipping

  • Offers Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Small portion sizes

  • Doesn’t offer a one-person meal plan

  • Packaging is recyclable but can be difficult to find a place to recycle it

  • Shipping costs start at 18 to 20 dollars

The Bottom Line

If you dislike cooking but have specific dietary needs that might not be met with traditional store-bought frozen meals, Magic Kitchen could be a great option for you. Its meals are customizable to your specific health needs and fully prepared when they arrive. However, you may sacrifice some freshness for the sake of convenience.

Magic Kitchen Review

Meal delivery services have become an increasingly attractive option for seniors who live alone or who have difficulty cooking their own meals. With these services, there’s no need to deal with cooking a full meal, drive to the grocery store, or worry if you’re eating the right food for your health needs. Magic Kitchen delivers fully prepared meals that stay frozen until you are ready to eat.

History and Popularity

Magic Kitchen started delivering meals from its Oakland, California distribution center in 2006. The business grew significantly and moved its headquarters to Kansas City, Missouri. Magic Kitchen meals are fully prepared when they arrive at your door. All you need to do is follow the heating instructions and enjoy.

The company saw a need for seniors who needed warm, nutritional meals but weren’t always able to cook for themselves. 

Senior meals are Magic Kitchen’s primary focus. The company saw a need for seniors who needed warm, nutritional meals but weren’t always able to cook for themselves. They also offer a wide variety of health-related, special diet meals to ensure you’re getting what you need…and what you don’t.

Magic kitchen

How to Order

Magic Kitchen offers several options for ordering but doesn’t require a contract or commitment. You can order online or over the phone, and can choose items one-by-one or enroll in a meal program that will auto-ship meals to you on a schedule you determine. Magic Kitchen’s Auto-Ship Meal Program ships weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

You can choose your own meals, or Magic Kitchen will choose them for you based on your specific dietary needs and guidelines. They offer one, two or three meal a day plans. If you prefer to order on-demand rather than signing up for a meal plan, you can browse their extensive menu and order online. Magic Kitchen’s large menu can be filtered by dietary restrictions, type of food, and price point. You’ll also be able to browse through the menu of complete meals—which typically includes an entrée and two sides—or a menu of a la carte items. Customers also have the option to purchase meal bundles, which include several meals, shipped together. You’ll be able to see a description of each item in the bundle before buying.

If you’d like to enroll in a meal program that delivers meals on a schedule, Magic Kitchen offers several options. They have a form you can fill out on their website and someone from Magic Kitchen will call you and help tailor a meal plan to your specific schedule and diet.

1 Meal Per Day
2 Meals Per Day
3 Meals Per Day
What’s Included
What’s Included
What’s Included
7 Meals
14 Meals
21 Meals
Choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner for each day.
Choose a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for each day.
Choose a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for each day.

Types of Meals

Magic Kitchen offers meals for nearly a dozen different dietary needs. You can get meals for vegetarian, gluten-free, dialysis friendly, diabetic friendly, low fat, low carb, low sodium, low cholesterol, renal, dairy-free and portion-controlled diets. These meals are specially designed to meet the needs of customers with each health concern. In addition to its main meal offering, Magic Kitchen offers a senior specific group of meals designed by dietician for older adults.

Unlike meal delivery kits, Magic Kitchen ships fully prepared meals that simply need to be reheated. You won’t need to add any other ingredients or use any kitchen tools. The only requirements are a working freezer and microwave, and possibly an oven depending on which meals you choose.

Magic Kitchen offers breakfasts, lunches, and desserts in addition to dinner options. They even feature special occasion meals, like anniversary or holiday meals to share with family. 

As far as cuisine style, Magic Kitchen tends to feature traditional meals like meatloaf, pork loin, ravioli, and pasta. Many of their meals are either American or Italian, with a few Asian dishes as well. Though their recipe selection is not as diverse as some of the other meal delivery services, there’s enough variety to satisfy most seniors.

Unlike many other companies, Magic Kitchen offers breakfasts, lunches, and desserts in addition to dinner options. They even feature special occasion meals, like anniversary or holiday meals to share with family. Seniors who enjoy their products will likely be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Meal Preparation

When your meals arrive, it’s important that you take them in, unpack them and store them in your freezer. If you aren’t home at the time of delivery, don’t worry. The insulation and packing will keep your food cold until you’re able to put it away.

Magic Kitchen food preparation

Once you’re ready to enjoy one of the meals you’ve purchased, the preparation really is simple. Each meal comes with instructions on how to heat it up. You don’t have to put it in another dish. It’s packaged in a container than can be warmed up. Most meals can either be heated in the microwave or the oven – and then they’re ready to eat.


All Magic Kitchen meals are prepared using U.S.-sourced ingredients at their Kansas City headquarters. After chefs cook the meals in small batches, they’re flash frozen and shipped to customers. Flash frozen means the food is frozen so quickly it keeps ice crystals from forming.

Quality Rating 4/5

When it arrives at your home, you should immediately put it in your freezer. Magic Kitchen says, if properly handled, its food will last up to six months in the freezer. But the company recommends that it’s best if you eat it within 30 to 45 days after you get it.

Value & Cost

Magic Kitchen falls on the higher end of the ready-made-meal spectrum in terms of cost. Their meals average around $12 a serving, plus shipping which starts around $18. Discounts are offered on each order if you select a meal plan.

3.5 0/5

That said, it’s one of the few companies that offer specialized nutrition based on health conditions. If you require special nutrition but don’t want the hassle of finding and cooking recipes yourself, Magic Kitchen might be worth the investment. Make sure you check for promo codes and coupons when checking out; they frequently offer discounts and specials.


All meals are shipped from Magic Kitchen’s warehouse in Kansas City, and your shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of the food and your distance from the location.

Delivery Rating 4.5/5

Like most meal delivery services, Magic Kitchen ships the meals in a recyclable Styrofoam with dry ice to your door. FedEx delivers the packages and customers will receive an email letting them know the meals have arrived. Packages usually arrive within three days, but you can choose the exact date your order will arrive. Magic Kitchen’s website has a delivery date calculator on its website to help you determine when the package will get to you. For an extra charge, you can choose air delivery instead of ground or Saturday delivery to get it quicker.


Magic Kitchen meals are flash frozen in individual, ready to heat containers. The food is placed in polystyrene foam (EPS) shipping containers with dry ice to keep them frozen until they reach your home. The containers are sturdy, lightweight and moisture resistant. The EPS is recyclable, but you may have a difficult time trying to find a place that accepts them.

Subscriptions and Plans

With Magic Kitchen, you can make a one-time order or enroll in a meal plan. Luckily, neither of these options requires signing a contract or making a long-term commitment. The meal programs allow you to pick one, two, or three meals per day for each week. Customers can either choose their own meals each week or let the Magic Kitchen team do so with the customer’s preferences in mind.

The meal programs allow you to pick one, two, or three meals per day for each week.

Cancelling Your Plan

Once you sign up for a meal program, you can cancel at any time with no fees. In addition, Magic Kitchen guarantees satisfaction with its meals. If you’re unhappy with a meal, you can contact them and receive a credit or replacement. But they will not allow you to return any products that leave the shipping facility.


Magic Kitchen meals have great potential to make life easier for seniors with dietary restrictions. Their service caters to a range of diets and offers customized meals for each one. Seniors may also enjoy the on-demand delivery service, which eliminates the need for cooking and trips to the grocery store.

While Magic Kitchen’s fully prepared meals are certainly not the cheapest option on the market, they may be a great time-saver for health-conscious seniors and the family members who care for them.