How Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Alert Compare

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Bay Alarm Medical Alert vs. Medical Alert

Are you worried about your safety and well-being now that you’re getting older? Although it is normal to feel this way at times, remaining in the comfort of your own home shouldn’t be anxiety-inducing.

Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Alert are two popular medical alert system providers that aim to provide you peace of mind that can help you feel more at ease as you age in place.

A quality medical alert system won’t just reduce your worries. It can also reassure your loved ones that you’re doing okay.

One study even suggests that medical alert systems cut down on the number of times wearers end up in the emergency room, while also boosting the wearers´ overall quality of life.

If finding the best medical alert system sounds like a good idea, we’ve got you covered with this comparison between Medical Alert and Bay Alarm Medical. Keep reading to find out which option is the right one for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical Alert offers affordable plans starting at $19.95.
  • Each brand also offers optional automatic fall detection. However, this option isn’t available with Bay Alarm Medical’s SOS smartwatch.
  • Neither Bay Alarm Medical nor Medical Alert requires you to commit to a long-term contract.
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Overview of Bay Alarm Medical vs. Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical Costs start at $24.95 per month
Medical Alert Costs start at $19.95 per month
Up-front fee
Bay Alarm Medical Yes, for mobile system
Medical Alert $49.95 programming fee for mobile system
Bay Alarm Medical No long-term contract
Medical Alert No long-term contract
Add-on services (and specific costs)
Bay Alarm Medical $10 per month for optional fall detection
Medical Alert $10 per month for optional fall detection; protection plan for $1 per month
Bay Alarm Medical
Medical Alert
Bay Alarm Medical Landline, cellular, and mobile
Medical Alert Landline, cellular, and mobile
Wall mount buttons
Bay Alarm Medical Yes (optional)
Medical Alert No
Two-way communication
Bay Alarm Medical Yes
Medical Alert Yes
Battery life
Bay Alarm Medical Up to three days for the mobile system
Medical Alert N/A
Water resistance
Bay Alarm Medical Waterproof help and wall buttons
Medical Alert Yes, wearables are waterproof
Fall detection
Bay Alarm Medical
Medical Alert
Automatic fall detection
Bay Alarm Medical Yes, optional
Medical Alert Yes, optional
GPS locator
Bay Alarm Medical Yes (mobile)
Medical Alert Yes (mobile)
Call center hours and location
Bay Alarm Medical 24/7/365, North America (Rexberg, ID and Ogden, UT
Medical Alert 24/7/365, in the United States
Optional features
Bay Alarm Medical
Medical Alert
Bay Alarm Medical No
Medical Alert Yes, with some plans
Extra wearables
Bay Alarm Medical Yes (optional add on)
Medical Alert No
Spouse monitoring service
Bay Alarm Medical Yes
Medical Alert No

Bay Alarm Medical Overview

Bay Alarm Medical is a solid option for those looking for value and quality. The brand offers several medical alert systems that include the essentials for staying safe at home.

Additionally, plans don’t come with cancellation fees or other hidden costs. Each system also comes with a 30-day, risk-free trial. Another positive working in the company’s favor is that once you’re locked into a plan, Bay Alarm Medical guarantees you won’t be surprised by any price increases.

Bay Alarm Medical plans start at $24.95 for the basic in-home landline system. You’ll pay more for additional features, cellular, or mobile systems.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the systems offered by Bay Alarm Medical.

The in-home system is available in either a landline or cellular configuration. As is standard with most medical alert systems, it features 24/7 monitoring, two-way communication, and a waterproof wearable help button. 

The in-home unit has a 1,000-foot range, providing you with plenty of room to roam around the house while still feeling safe. 

Optional extras include:

  • Fall detection
  • Waterproof wall buttons
  • Monitoring for your spouse 

The premium in-home LTE cellular package comes with additional wall buttons that you can use throughout your home.

The on-the-go system is a little bit more expensive, starting at $29.95 per month. You’ll also need to pay a one-time device fee. 
The mobile system comes with a GPS help button. It’s available in three options: mobile LTE, mobile PLUS, and mobile 360. The 360 plan includes everything from the in-home system plus a mobile system for total protection inside and outside the home.

Finally, Bay Alarm Medical also offers an SOS smartwatch for $29.95 per month, which is a solid option for active individuals in particular. However, because it’s wrist-based, it doesn’t come with fall detection, and it’s not possible to add on the feature.

Medical Alert Overview

Medical Alert, which is a subsidiary of Connect America, is a good solution for those who want peace of mind, not just for themselves but also for the device they’re buying. Medical Alert’s optional protection plan offers replacements in case of loss or theft.

Medical Alert’s plans start at $19.95 per month. Discounts are available for those who choose to sign up for an annual plan and pay yearly instead of monthly.

The brand offers an in-home system or a mobile system that includes GPS location services, and optional fall detection is also available for an additional $10 per month.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the systems offered by Medical Alert.

Similarities and Differences Between Medical Alert and Bay Alarm Medical

Listed below is a breakdown of the similarities between both services:

  • Both offer plans with no long-term contract obligations.
  • Both offer optional fall detection for the same price.
  • Both companies provide waterproof help buttons with the available systems.
  • Both brands offer GPS location services with the mobile devices.
  • Both have 24/7/365 response centers located in North America.

There are also a few notable differences between Medical Alert and Bay Alarm Medical:

  • Unlike Bay Alarm Medical, Medical Alert offers an optional protection plan for $1 per month.
  • You can’t buy additional wall buttons if you go with Medical Alert.
  • Some Medical Alert plans come with a free lockbox. Bay Alarm Medical plans do not.
  • You can purchase extra wearables and get spouse monitoring with Bay Alarm Medical. Extra wearable and spouse monitoring aren’t available through Medical Alert.

What Customers Are Saying About Both Brands

Medical Alert’s parent company, Connect America, generally has positive reviews from customers who specifically mention quick response times. Connect America also has a good reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website with an A+ rating. The company seems to respond to most customer complaints, the majority of which have to do with billing problems.

Bottom Line

Both Medical Alert and Bay Alarm Medical have relatively good reputations and provide solid product offerings to buyers. So, which one is the right option for you? We recommend Bay Alarm Medical if you’re looking for a system that offers complimentary monitoring for a spouse, which Medical Alert doesn’t provide.

And if getting a lockbox and having a protection plan for your newly purchased device is crucial to you, Medical Alert is the way to go.

Why You Can Trust Us

Our experts independently research and recommend products we believe provide value to the lives of our readers. We’ve collectively spent more than 1,700 hours conducting in-depth research on medical alert systems. Our team tested multiple medical alert devices, including Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Alert, to better understand features and provide the most accurate feedback and recommendations for our readers.

To decide on our top picks, here’s what we did:

  • Engaged in ongoing independent research
  • Consulted with geriatricians and adult caregivers
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed medical alert system users
  • Tested various medical alert systems
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports

Learn more about our in-depth medical alert system testing and scoring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a $49.95 programming fee when you sign up for some Medical Alert plans.

Pricing is accurate as of April 2022.

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