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Updated onApr. 27, 2022

Get To Know Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Advantage Plans

Like most insurance companies, Mutual of Omaha offers a good selection of Medicare Advantage plans that are designed to cover all of the various elements that Original Medicare does not.

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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage plans offer an all-in-one solution for simpler management of your health care and insurance. They come in all sizes and provide a variety of coverage options. They are especially ideal for people who want comprehensive coverage without purchasing a bunch of different policies.

Understanding how these policies work and knowing what types of coverage they offer can make all the difference when it comes to your buying the right plan.

Plans Vary by State or Coverage Area

Insurance companies operate nationally and internationally, but their coverage and insurance plans are all offered, regulated, and sold on a state-by-state basis. This means that each state will have its own list of available Medicare Advantage plans from Mutual of Omaha. 

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As you are doing your research, most websites will require you to input your zip code so that you only see available plans in your specific location that you are eligible to purchase.

Currently, Mutual of Omaha only offers coverage in select regions of Ohio and Texas, as they have only been selling Medicare Advantage plans since 2018. However, the two plans that they do have available offer something for everyone.

One great plan feature is that enrollees can expect a low copayment or no copayment at all, depending on the plan selected and the state in which you live.

Provider Network Or Service

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage plans are operated under an HMO, or health maintenance organization. This means that coverage is only provided for in-network doctors and medical services. However, when you receive coverage in-network, there will typically be no copays for services or medications, as well as no deductibles for drug coverage or other insurance. These HMO plans also offer annual out-of-pocket maximums.

Available Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Plans

Currently, this company offers two different Advantage programs:

  • CareAdvantage Complete HMO: Enrollee has no copays for any medical services. Also, copayments for Tier 1 prescription coverage are $2, and all plans include preventive and routine care for dental, vision, OTC products, transportation benefits, and a fitness program.
  • CareAdvantage Plus HMO: This plan has a small monthly premium and a $5 copay for primary care services. It offers the same types of coverage as the basic plan, but with additional coverage options and increased limits. Enrollees also get Tier 1 prescriptions at no cost, as well as a slightly lower out-of-pocket maximum.

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Prescription, Dental, and Vision Benefits

In addition to medical coverage, Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage offers many additional benefits related to your other health needs. For example, prescription drug coverage comes standard with all Advantage plans from Mutual of Omaha, with varying levels of coverage that include name-brand prescriptions and generic formulas alike.

Prescription plans come in all sizes and offer a wide range of coverage. When you choose to add coverage through an Advantage plan rather than traditional Part D coverage, you may find lower premiums or enjoy having all of your policies combined into one. This allows you to make a single monthly premium payment for all of your medical coverage and any additional protections that you purchase, including prescription plans.

Regarding dental coverageit is included in all Mutual of Omaha plans and is offered at a variety of levels of coverage, just like the prescription drug benefit. Also, the coverage is included with the plan of your choosing, with no additional premiums attached. Vision benefits included at no extra cost cover things like routine exams and corrective lenses. When comparing Advantage plans, this benefit is one of the biggest selling points.

Other services included in plans from this provider offer enrollees things like no copayments for tests and labs, transportation assistance to get back and forth to appointments, and even a quarterly allowance to spend on various over-the-counter products and health items. The SilverSneakers program offers gym memberships, fitness classes, and other fitness-related services and benefits as well.

How to Choose Between the Various Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Plans

Like any insurance plan, you have to take the time to see what your coverage options are in order to find the best fit for you. Fortunately, with these Medicare Advantage programs and policies from Mutual of Omaha, the coverage options and available plans offer something for just about everyone. While monthly premiums may be a concern, bear in mind that they should not be the only deciding factor.

Consider the amount of medical insurance and the types of coverage included in each plan. Make sure that you look at the standard Medicare coverage, as well as whatever is included as an additional benefit in the Advantage program.

Compare the coverage to the premiums to determine which plan will best suit your needs for the price. Also, make sure that you check on any limitations, exclusions, and other terms that may impact your coverage before you commit to a policy.

Once you have compared the various medical coverage limits and options, you should look at the additional coverage that is included in each plan. Mutual of Omaha offers much more additional coverage and specialty health services for seniors and those on Medicare than some providers, and their premiums usually are not much higher than plans without such benefits.

Compare what you get for the money to your health situation, then choose the best Medicare Advantage policy for your needs.

The Bottom Line

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage plans are not as plentiful and diverse as some insurance companies on the market today. However, there are two great plans available to those who need them, both of which offer affordable coverage alternatives to Original Medicare. Just be sure to double-check the provider network before signing up, since these are HMO plans, meaning that you will not be covered unless you use in-network services and providers.

To help you make the best choice regarding your Medicare Advantage coverage and other insurance needs, it would be wise to contact a Medicare specialist. These experts can help you get a quote on coverage and find the best policy to suit your specific needs.