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Some of the difficulties of aging include very inconvenient limitations due to weakening muscles, surgeries, injuries, and general wearing out. What used to be common, everyday tasks are now difficult to perform without help—like using the bathroom.

Seniors who choose to age right where they live can benefit from helpful tools like raised toilet seats. The extra inches in height can make a positive difference when it comes to going to the bathroom by reducing the risk of injury or strain while getting up or down.

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Best Overall

Vive Hinged Toilet Seat Riser – Elevated, Raised Seat Lifter for Handicapped, Elderly and Seniors


Features and Specifications

  • PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE: You have selected a toilet seat riser for STANDARD ROUND toilets. If you need one for an elongated toilet, please choose the other variation. Please review images for sizing if you are unsure what your toilet seat size is….
  • EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Installing under any standard toilet seat, the toilet seat riser securely attaches with the included screws and washers without the use of tools. An interior lip on the bottom of the riser eliminates slipping for a safe and…
  • HINGED FOR EASY CLEANING: Designed to be lifted up like a regular toilet seat, the seat riser is hinged to lift a full 90 degrees. The toilet lid, seat and riser will safely stay in a vertical position for easy, thorough cleaning.
  • DURABLE COMPOSITE TOILET SEAT ELEVATOR: The durable composite off-white toilet seat elevator supports up to 350 pounds and is split-resistant for extended usability. The seat riser can be wiped down with regular household disinfectants or sanitizing…
  • TRUSTED BRAND WITH 60-DAY GUARANTEE:With a focus on safety and comfort, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service–ensuring you have the best possible experience. A trusted family-owned brand, our toilet seat riser comes with a…


  • Installation is easy for seniors or their caregivers without tools

  • Easy to clean with additional access due to hinges

  • Elongated or standard options fit your needs

  • Seat is durable and split-resistant for longevity and reliability

  • Soft toilet seats can be attached to raised seat for a comfortable fit


  • Limited color/style options

  • Seat does not include handles

  • Seat wobbles under pressure/movement

The Vive Hinged Toilet Seat Riser is an excellent solution for those with limited mobility due to aging. The sturdy composite seat attaches directly to your toilet seat to give you an extra 3.5 inches in height. With the choice of a standard or elongated style, you are not limited by the type of toilet you have.

The extra few inches prevent seniors from having to bend down completely to sit. This is great for those with weakening joints, surgeries, tiredness, and pain. The taller height lowers the risk of falls and negates the problem of limited mobility.

Seniors and caregivers alike will love that although this seat installs securely, it also installs easily and without tools. Likewise, this seat houses hinges on the back end for easy cleaning. The seat lifts to give better access to the rest of the toilet so you can maintain a germ-free and clean bathroom area.

Our Verdict

Overall, this product provides the support and height necessary for older adults who have trouble bending or sitting too low. Reliable and easy to clean, we recommend this 3.5-inch raised seat.

Best With Handles

Vive Toilet Seat Riser with Handles – Raised Toilet Seat with Padded Arms for Handicapped


Features and Specifications

  • ADD 3.5” OF HEIGHT TO EXISTING TOILET SEAT (WITH 2 SIZING OPTIONS): Fitting under your existing toilet seat, the toilet seat riser adds 3.5” of height to the seat, making it easier to sit or stand without bending. A great bathroom safety solution for…
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Installing under any standard toilet seat, the toilet seat riser securely attaches with the included screws and washers without the use of tools. An interior lip on the bottom of the riser eliminates slipping for a safe and secure…
  • SOFT COMFORT GRIP HANDLES: Removable handles are padded with comfortably soft foam hand grips for additional assistance when sitting or standing. The handles provide a nonslip surface for a safe and secure grip. Easily removable if desired, the width…
  • DURABLE COMPOSITE TOILET SEAT ELEVATOR: The durable composite toilet seat elevator supports up to 300 pounds and is split-resistant for extended usability. The seat riser can be wiped down with regular household disinfectants or sanitizing wipes. Made…
  • CUSTOMER-DRIVEN BRAND WITH LIFETIME GUARANTEE: The Toilet Seat Riser with Handles by Vive is the result of extensive design efforts, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. With a focus on safety and comfort, our team is dedicated to…


  • Added height makes it easier to sit and stand without bending

  • Comfort grip handles are soft and add safety

  • Handles promote independence

  • Seat is made to be split resistant for longevity

  • Seat opening is large enough to prevent spillage

  • Seat installs securely with no sliding or slipping


  • Depending on height of original toilet, seat height may be too high for shorter users

  • Installing arms can be difficult

  • Somewhat difficult to put together

Armrests on your toilet are nice, but sturdy handles are even better. Whether you feel tired and weak all the time, or you are dealing with pain or surgery recovery, the Vive Toilet Seat Riser with Handles is an excellent option for seniors.

This toilet seat rise fits the standard toilet with an elongated option, so there is no fear that this seat won’t fit your needs. It raises your seat by 3.5 inches, making it easier for seniors to sit without bending too low for comfort.

At the same time, this product comes equipped with convenient padded handles. These handles are covered with a soft comfort grip for non-slip assistance when standing or sitting. Seniors can grab on to feel more secure and stable and will feel more independent with their help.
The handles are easy to install or remove if not in use, and there is plenty of room between them to accommodate different sizes and weights. Coupled with a durable composite seat makeup, you receive a reliable seat riser with this design.

Our Verdict

While some toilet seat risers have armrests that are not sturdy enough to grip and push off of, this Vive product does. Use the reliable handles to ease your way on and off of this seat for maximum confidence and safety.

Best Elongated

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat


Features and Specifications

  • Installs under your toilet seat giving you a 3.5″ rise: This toilet seat riser is great for seniors, elderly or anyone who needs extra support for safety and comfort. As opposed to other Elevated Toilet Seats with Handles that sit on the toilets without…
  • Arms make it easier to get on and off: The heavy duty arms will help you push off the toilet from a seated position, lower down easily and have something to lean on when seated.
  • Wipes down easily: Don’t worry about lingering stains as the plastic molded rail can be wiped down with any standard household cleaner.
  • Hardware and instructions included for a secure fit: The riser comes with the added long screws that allow you to easily install the riser and your existing seat over it.
  • Fits an Elongated bowl: The toilet riser is 19.5 inch long and 14 inch wide which will fit any elongated toilet bowl. Please make sure to measure your bowl to choose the right fit for you.


  • Fits elongated seats perfectly

  • Easy to install

  • Allows seniors to use the restroom without assistance

  • Bolts hold seat on tight and securely

  • Highly comfortable height for sitting and standing with ease

  • Handles provide excellent leverage


  • Rocks and moves on some toilets

  • Narrow handles not suited for large individuals

  • The product is not returnable

Some seniors prefer the wider opening of an elongated toilet seat, and some require it due to their weight or the size of their existing seat. The Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat features an elongated design that is made to fit a 19.5-inch long and 14-inch wide toilet seat. While a standard toilet seat riser wouldn’t work with a toilet that size, this one will.

This 3.5-inch riser installs under your original toilet seat, allowing you to keep your preferred seat but on an elevated surface.

It also boasts removable, padded arms that offer extra support while standing or sitting down. When these arms are not needed or wanted, you can remove them to get them out of the way.

All hardware is included, so you or your caregiver will enjoy a hassle-free installation process.

Our Verdict

Not every toilet seat raiser is meant to fit over an elongated toilet, but this one is. The larger design certainly accommodates larger toilets and in turn, can assist those who need or prefer a larger opening.

Best Portable

Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat

Price not available

Features and Specifications


  • Non-slip pads keep the seat in place for safety and stability

  • Seat fits snuggly on a variety of rims for versatility

  • Seat is lightweight yet sturdy

  • Provides hand holes on the seat to grab onto for support

  • Much less bulky and obstructive than other seats with arms/frames

  • Easy to move for those who don’t need it


  • Men may find the opening too small

  • Not large enough for a larger person

  • Some may find seat is too high

  • Cutouts are too small for some

Purchasing a raised toilet seat for your own home is certainly helpful for adults aging in place, but it doesn’t help when you travel or use other restrooms. The Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat is a portable toilet seat raiser that you can use on any toilet, even elongated toilets.

The unique design is made to accommodate variously sized toilets, stripping away limitations and difficulties for seniors on the move. It holds four non-skid pads on the bottom that keep it in place when it is being used, and the contoured surface gives seniors comfort and stability.

At both the front and the back of this seat, there are recesses for an easy reach for personal hygiene during use. With seamless edges, this seat is easy to wipe down and clean.

A sturdy yet portable object, the Yunga Tart Raised Toilet Seat holds up to 275 pounds.

Our Verdict

As far as portability goes, this seat takes first place. The lightweight design makes it super easy to move, yet it is still sturdy enough to hold a person reliably. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable, and the hand holes are a bonus. Special grips on the bottom even keep this portable seat in place.

Best On A Budget

AquaSense 770-610 Portable Raised Toilet Seat, White, 4 Inch (Pack of 1)


Features and Specifications

  • Innovative Design: Toilet seat with a unique design combines safety for the whole family with invigorating massage zones
  • Low Profile: Toilet raiser with a gentle, low-profile, and textured surface allows you to be comfortable while standing or sitting
  • Contoured Ends: Allow for better tub coverage without blocking the drain; fits most commode bowls
  • Specifications: 15 inches in width x 15 inches in depth x 4 inches in height; weight capacity: 400 lbs


  • Added height makes sitting and standing easier for seniors

  • Size is large enough for larger bodies

  • Inner lip prevents seat from sliding while in use

  • Easy to place on with no installation; also easy to remove

  • Easy removal makes cleaning hassle-free

  • Highly affordable price


  • Will not fit on elongated toilets

  • Liquid can sometimes seep into the molded seat, causing a bad smell

  • A little wobbly if it’s not the perfect fit

  • No handles or hand holes

Sometimes being a senior citizen means you have limited resources financially, but being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. The AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat is an excellent product that is highly affordable.

As a senior in need of a higher seat, you will love that this raised seat gives you 4 extra inches of height. Lightweight and portable, you can easily move this seat from room to room in your house or even take it with you when you travel. While it’s easy to carry, it’s certainly not lacking in strength; this seat can support up to 400 pounds.

For an amazing price, you can get a seat raiser that features a seamless design that is easy to clean. The heightened seat makes sitting and standing much easier without having to bend low or risk falling. An inner lip fits inside of the original toilet bowl, preventing it from sliding.

This seat is made to fit most standards toilets.

Our Verdict

Those on a budget shouldn’t have to suffer from poor quality, and with this AquaSense toilet seat, they won’t! With a snug fit using an inner lip, seniors will enjoy the lift and comfort of this portable, sturdy raised toilet seat without breaking the bank.

What is a Raised Toilet Seat?

A raised toilet seat is very similar to a toilet lift in that its purpose is to raise the height of your original bathroom toilet. While they sound like the same thing, they have some slight differences.

Most toilet seat lifts are adjustable and come with a frame of some sort. They can be raised or lowered depending on the individual’s needs and are usually placed over the top of a toilet rather than sitting directly on the toilet.

A raised toilet seat is like a booster seat for your commode. You install it right under your existing or preferred toilet seat and just like that; you have a few extra inches. Raised toilet seats are not adjustable because they are mainly just one contained plastic piece. Most raise your seat height by 3.5 inches, but some raise them higher.

There are permanent raised toilet seats that screw onto your toilet, and there are portable seats that you simply place on top when needed. A portable seat is one contoured plastic seat that features some type of non-skip padding or inserts to keep it from sliding. They are lightweight for easy transportation, removal, and installation.

Raised toilet seats are excellent for seniors who are finding it more and more difficult to lower themselves onto their existing toilets. An increase in height means less bending for seniors and a decrease in the risk of falls or injuries.

Since raised toilets seats are most often large pieces of heavy-duty plastic and sit directly on top of your toilet seat, there is no need to be concerned about the weight capacity. As long as your original toilet supports you, your raised toilet seat should support you as well.

When looking into one of these products, be sure to double-check the measurements of your toilet at home. It is important for your safety or the safety of your loved ones that the seat fits snuggly and securely over your toilet. A sliding seat could cause an older adult to lose their balance and fall, which can lead to injury.


No one can stop the aging process, so you shouldn’t have to put an end to your independence because of it. Seniors aging in place can be comfortable and confident right in their own homes. A solution like a raised toilet seat can make a huge difference in your ability to take care of yourself safely. The added few inches of height will require less energy, effort, and concern during your daily trips to the bathroom, and you will be able to keep some of your independence intact.

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