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For senior wheelchair users who use a wheelchair all day, every day, or only need one occasionally, having a few accessories for their chair can go a long way in making life more comfortable. Owning a quality set of gloves, a cover or covers for their chair(s), and having a cupholder can make a surprising difference. These items might seems small, but acquiring callouses on hands or not being able to take a drink with you in a wheelchair can become a major frustration. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite wheelchair accessories for this year.

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Best Gloves

Kango Fitness Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037 (Medium) TAN


Features and Specifications

  • Real Soft Leather Fingerless Mesh Glove
  • Ideal For Driving,Riding,Wheelchair,Weight Lifting,Cycling Gloves
  • Double Padded Palm
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Medium Size Gloves 8″-8’5″


  • Affordable.

  • Double protective layer for your palms.

  • Soft leather grips well.

  • Added protection for the back of hands.


  • Only available in one color.

  • Reports of sizing inconsistencies.

Kango Fitness’s Real Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves are made of a soft, pliable leather to help you grip your wheelchair wheels easier. We love wheelchair gloves because they not only afford a better grip but also protect your hands from callouses. These are ideal for seniors who don’t regularly use gloves but might be venturing out more often or for a trip that will have you wheeling around much more.The fingerless design of these gloves helps you maintain your dexterity while protecting your palms with double-padded grips. The interior is padded with foam for a soft grip on your hands. The price is outstanding for genuine leather, also. For indoor or outdoor wheelchair use (as long as it’s not freezing temperatures), having an excellent set of gloves can make using your chair far more comfortable on your hands. We highly recommend them for elderly who are a bit more prone to bruising or skin irritations, as well. The leather and mesh top can help for minor bumps on the back of your hands. Additionally, the padded underside will go a long way in protecting the skin of your palms when wheeling around your home or around town.

Our Verdict

These gloves are loved by many wheelchair users for protecting your hands and offering additional grip.

Best Cover

EZ-ACCESS EZ-ACCESSORIES Power Wheelchair CoverBlack, 3.25 Oz

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight water resistant cover provides year-round protection from sun and dust Made of durable nylon and features elasticized reinforced seams for cozy fit If extra cinching is needed, cover has grommets along the bottom edge to attach…


  • Helps protect chair from scratches.

  • Easy-on, easy-off design.

  • Elasticized seam for snug fit.

  • Bungees and grommets for more extended storage.

  • Water-resistant protection for chair.


  • Does not fit every wheelchair size.

  • Not to be used as a lift covering.

  • May be too small for electric chairs.

The EZ-Access Accessories Power Chair Cover is an excellent product to have if you occasionally switch from one wheelchair to another. This protective cover helps prevent dust buildup, mildew growth, and overexposure to the sun. This cover is a fantastic general-purpose option for almost anything you need to protect your chair from on occasion, or if you put your wheelchair in storage at times to use a different chair. We also love a wheelchair cover for travel to protect your chair from scratches, dirt, and excessive handling with potentially unclean hands. For aging users who need to ensure they have less exposure to unnecessary colds and the flu, having a wheelchair cover is an excellent idea. The grommets and bungees to help keep this cover tied down are among our favorite features. It’s constructed of water-resistant nylon and also has an elastic seam to fit snuggly over your chair. For senior users in bed with visitors (who could spill beverages on their chair), or only use their chair occasionally, having a cover is a worthwhile investment.

Our Verdict

This is an ideal cover for seniors who change wheelchairs occasionally or only need their chair on long journeys.

Best Drink Holder

NOVA Cup Holder for Walker, Rollator, Transport Chair, Wheelchairs


Features and Specifications

  • A CUP HOLDER IS A MUST, and this is the perfect adjustable drink holder for your mobility product. Made of durable plastic.
  • VERSATILE & UNIVERSAL FIT attaches to most walkers, rollator walkers, transport chairs and wheelchairs. Patented and unique design allows the cup holder to attach on a slanted tube keeping the cup holder straight and balanced. Attaches on 3/4”, 7/8”…
  • CUP HOLDER IS ADJUSTABLE to hold and secure different size cups and drinks from 2.25” to 3.75” in diameter. Holder height is 4” with an opening to allow for cup and coffee mug handle.
  • FOLDS QUICKLY when not in use preventing damage to the cup holder and keeps your mobility product streamlined.
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION only requires a Phillips screwdriver. See video for easy instruction.


  • Affordable.

  • Mounts securely onto the chair.

  • Holds a variety of drink sizes.

  • Can fold out of your way.

  • Well-rated.

  • Neutral black color.


  • Does not fit all walker/rollators.

  • No clear return policy.

  • Some reports of early breakage due to heavy use.

Having the option of a drink nearby is a small yet essential feature. There’s a reason car designers eventually caught onto that idea, after all! That’s why we love the NOVA Medical Products Mobility Cup Holder, designed for both wheelchairs and walkers. Having a cupholder next to you can make such a difference in your comfort, especially for aging individuals who need a beverage to take medications or often want a hot drink when they get cold. The attachment mount of this cupholder is adjustable, making it fantastic for a variety of wheelchair, rollator, and walker styles. A Phillips screwdriver is required to install this product, but once it’s on your wheelchair, it can fold up when not in use. We love the flip up and down folding feature, and just as much appreciate the adjustable, secure grip of the cup-holding arms. Although this won’t fit all rollators (check yours before purchasing), we also like this cupholder for seniors who use rolling walkers. It’s a reasonable price, especially for those who want to have beverages with them often.

Our Verdict

The adjustable fit, various cup size options, and fold-up features make this our favorite cupholder for wheelchairs.

If you or your aging loved one uses a wheelchair, sometimes small comforts can provide massive relief. It’s simple to forget how crucial it is to have a place to hold a drink until you don’t have one or to be oblivious to the palms of your hands until they’re chaffed by a wheelchair.


We consider gloves essential to have around if you ever use a manual wheelchair. If using your hands is the primary way to move, having quality gloves with a padded palm can be absolutely essential if you ever cut your hand and need it bandaged, for example.Gloves are also vital for seniors who usually use a power chair but switch to a manual wheelchair on occasion. This will prevent the skin of the hands from getting used to wheeling a chair around and make them more likely to blister when using their manual wheelchair. This can become extremely painful and make mobility even more of a struggle.


A cover for your wheelchair or power chair might seem like an afterthought. However, if you ever have to put a chair in storage, must travel with it and want to prevent scratches, or need to undergo surgery or any other medical condition requires you to be bedridden for a while, a cover is a fantastic asset.Having one can help prevent beverages from being spilled on your wheelchair, deters mildew growth, and can also stop UV rays from breaking down the tires or seats of your chair.


Cupholders might sound like a frivolous accessory until you genuinely need one—then they become essential. If you have to travel with medications or are under the weather and need a soothing warm drink and have no one around to carry a cup or mug for you, this can become problematic.We like cupholders that have a more secure mount that yes, requires screws because they tend to be more stable. Having a flip-up option to fold a cupholder out of your way can also become crucial when trying to navigate through doorways. This is why we recommend the NOVA Medical Products Mobility Cup Holder. Regardless of the specific cupholder, just be sure it fits the diameter of the bars on your chair and is durable, sturdy, and well-rated by those who purchased it.

Accessories for wheelchairs can go a long way in making life more comfortable for aging or elderly wheelchair users. If you’re a caregiver, you might not realize how much of a difference these items would make. So, it’s worth taking the time to talk to the person you’re caring for to see if they need things such as gloves or a cupholder. If you are the wheelchair user, and frequently struggle with balancing drinks in your hand or occasionally your lap, don’t risk the spill of hot liquids. Spending a few bucks on these items can make a world of difference.

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