Best Bed Alarms For Elderly Fall Prevention

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As a caregiver you sacrifice a bit of yourself every day to care for your aging loved one and any product that can make your life easier is well worth the cost. Bed alarms give you the ability to move freely with the confidence that you will be alerted should the senior in your care get up or need you.

Caring for a senior aging in place requires constant supervision, which can lead to stress and burnout for you as a caretaker. Selecting a bed alarm that meets your needs means that you do not need to sleep with one eye open or stand outside the bedroom door anymore. It means you can do your yardwork, run out to your car, or sit in the living room while your loved one is sleeping.

This is peace of mind for you and we are happy to be here to help. Check out the reviews below.

How We Found the Best Bed Alarms

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Best Overall

Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad – 10” x 30” (Monitor or Alarm Included).


Features and Specifications

  • Easy to use caregiver alarm. Will let you know someone is getting up!
  • 10″x30″ bed sensor pad is made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. Place the cordless bed sensor pad 30 inches across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet at shoulder level.
  • The wireless alarm can be placed in a convenient location closer to the caregiver, away from the cordless sensor pad with low, medium, high volume options and a gentle chime alert.
  • Two outer LED lights will flash when alarming and the middle LED light will show when there is a low battery.
  • Use 3 “C” size batteries for portability, (batteries not included). Or purchase Smart Caregvier’s AC-04 power adapter (sold seperately)


  • Works as described

  • Helps keep the user safe

  • Easy to clean

  • Waterproof

  • Alarm goes off in your room instead of theirs


  • Sometimes the user can roll over in bed and set off the alarm accidentally

This bed pad is a fantastic option for caregivers and seniors aging in place.. It works by triggering an alarm when the user gets out of bed. One of the key benefits that makes this bed alarm for elderly so great is that it doesn’t alarm at the site of the pad. This ensures that the user does not get startled because that could result in a fall.

The alarm is independent of the pad so it will sound in whatever room you choose the have it in. Multiple volume settings give you the flexibility to hear the alarm comfortably from multiple rooms during the day or at night when you are in bed

The alarm is wireless, accurate, and easy to clean and maintain.

Our Verdict

This alarm and bed pad work by setting off an alarm every time the person gets up from the bed. The system works exactly as you would want it to.

Best With Caregiver Pager

Caregiver Pager with Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad – No Alarm in Resident’s Room!


Features and Specifications

  • Complete system includes 1 bed alarm with wireless function up to 150 feet to work with caregiver pager, 1 bed sensor pad, both with 1 year manufacturer warranty and 1 caregiver pager with 6 month manufacturer warranty. Use these products for fall…
  • 10″ x 30″ bed sensor pad made of soft vinyl, reinforced cord with replaceable safety release connection, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.
  • The bed alarm will sound two quick beeps when weight is first applied to the bed sensor pad, to let the caregiver know the system is working properly. The actual alarming alert that is triggered when weight is removed from the pad will only sound on the…
  • Alarm features include a status light for visual alert that the system is in use, a call button that the resident may press to alert the caregiver pager, low battery light, pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the bed sensor pad becomes…
  • Caregiver pager features include low, medium, high volume adjustment, vibrate option, LCD screen with blue light for visual notification, clip to belt loop, place in a pocket or place on a counter top, pager can receive alerts from multiple units….


  • Works as described

  • Accurately sets off when getting up and down

  • Alerts you when the user lays down as well

  • Easy to clean

  • Waterproof


  • Triggers an alarm when the user lays down, which could startle them

  • May be cost prohibitive

This alarm is similar to the previous, but includes a pager instead of a stationary alarm, giving the caretaker increased freedom and flexibility.. The pad also functions differently in that it beeps, letting the user themselves know that they have set it off. This provides confidence that the alarm is working, but it may be troubling for those who have had a stroke or have dementia.

The pager notifies you when the user has gotten up and when they put weight on the pad, so you know that they are lying down once again.

Our Verdict

This caregiver pager functions a little differently by giving you mobility with your pager plus the pad lets you know when the person lays down as well.

Best Floor Pad

Secure Caregiver Alert System Bed Exit Alarm Set – Wireless Caregiver Pager, 24″ x 36″ Floor Mat Sensor

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • This wireless bed alarm is designed to monitor elderly adults at risk of falling without any alarm noise in their room. The set includes a floor mat sensor that connects to a silent wireless transmitter. If the patient steps on the floor mat, the…
  • This bed alarm set is an effective elderly fall prevention device for caregivers who wish to provide quality care while respecting their patients’ privacy and dignity. Place the floor mat sensor next to the bed, in a doorway, or at the front door to…
  • The vibrating caregiver pager is a wireless monitoring device that can be easily attached to your clothing using the integrated belt clip. It can also be carried in your pocket or placed near the caregiver to continuously monitor seniors and prevent falls…
  • This bed exit alarm set includes a wireless caregiver pager, a wireless sensor pad transmitter (can also be used as a nurse call button to notify pager), and a 24″ x 36″ floor mat pressure sensor. With an operating distance of approximately 500 ft. in an…
  • The wireless caregiver pager is designed to connect with up to four patient monitoring components. These components include a Fall Alarm Monitor, a PIR Motion Sensor, a Pull Cord Alert, a Nurse Call Button, and a Door/Window Alarm (you can find the…


  • Functions as expected

  • Alarm is loud and has a vibration

  • Pad is sensitive and accurate

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be combined with other caregiver monitoring tools


  • Instructions and setup are confusing

  • Pad is a bit bulky

This floor pad provides a great alternative if you do not like the idea of having a mat in the bed. It works by triggering an alarm every time the user steps out of bed and onto the mat. The alarm is portable so you can keep it with you.

The mat is highly sensitive, so the alarm sounds right away, giving you enough time to get there before the senior has a risk of falling.

Set up is somewhat difficult and the instructions may not be entirely clear.

Our Verdict

This floor mat functions as you would expect and alerts you every time you need to be.

Best Cordless

Secure 14BSET-1Y Bed Exit Alarm Set for Fall and Wandering Prevention


Features and Specifications

  • Secure Safety Solutions Bed Exit Alarm Set protects elderly fall-risk patients by alerting the caregiver when they try to exit the bed. The SUA-1Y patient alarm monitor sounds an 80 dB alarm when a patient attempts to leave the sensor pad. The alarm…
  • The 12″ x 30″ bed sensor pad is ultra-thin for user comfort, and features incontinent-proof & latex-free cover material. The bed sensor pad is comfortable and durable for continuous use, and can be folded without damage for storage. The bed sensor pad…
  • The SUA-1Y Universal Alarm Monitor features flashing alert light, 80 dB volume level, low battery indicator, and 3-second-press alarm reset button. The alarm monitor is tamper-proof and always on for patient safety (no unsafe on/off switch that would…
  • This bed alarm set includes everything needed for immediate use: SUA-1Y Alarm Monitor w/1-year warranty, 12″ x 30″ Bed Sensor Pad w/14-day warranty, AMH-1Y Alarm Holder w/Velcro strap, and 2XxAAA Batteries.
  • The SUA-1Y patient alarm monitor works with all Secure bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, alarming seat belt, and toilet seat sensor pad – Secure Safety Solutions by Personal Safety Corporation… The brand trusted by thousands of concerned care…


  • Works as described

  • Bed pad is sensitive and accurate

  • Bed pad is sensitive and accurate

  • Large enough for most beds and situations

  • Alarm is loud

  • Budget priced


  • The pager requires you to stand there for four seconds to stop the alarm

  • Pager and carrying case are bulky

This bed alarm is ideal for seniors who want to continue living safely and confidently at home.. While the technology is a bit outdated compared to newer models, the functionality is the same.

When the user takes their weight off of the bed pad, an alarm sounds at the location of the pager.The pager comes with a carrying case that allows the caretaker or family member present to move about freely and confidently.

For this pager you have to hold in a button and wait four seconds for beeps until it stops. If the alarm is triggered, a button on the pager must be held down for four seconds to silence it.can become an issue if the user gets up quickly or if you are trying to disable the alarm quickly to avoid waking up other people in the room.

Our Verdict

This cordless bed alarm is a bit outdated but it functions as you would expect. The only downside is having to hold down the pager for four seconds to shut it off.

Best For Fall Prevention

Smart Caregiver Economy Cordless Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat Sensor Bundle with Pouch of 30 Cleaning Wipes


Features and Specifications

  • ECONOMY CordLess FALL PREVENTION ALARM: Provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 300 ft. Ideal for home or small facility use
  • WIRELESS GRAY FLOOR MAT SENSOR: Color: Gray, Measures 24″ x 48″ – Recommended to place by the bedside or in a doorway. When the resident gets out of bed or tries to leave the room and pressure is applied to the mat and then released, it will send signal…
  • ADJUSTABLE VOLUME: The Alarm Monitor has a (Low, Medium, and High) Volume Setting, so the Alarm won’t startle residents and offers QUIETER fall prevention. Monitor needs to be reset after turning it off.
  • BATTERY OPERATED: The Alarm Monitor works on 3 “C” batteries (NOT INCLUDED) – You can also get an optional AC adapter that is sold separately – model: AC-04, and the Floor Mat Operates on an internal non-replaceable battery – With normal daily use, we…
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: 433-EC Wireless Alert Monitor, FMT-07C Cordless Floor Mat, Pouch of 30 Cleaning Wipes


  • Works as expected

  • Comes with cleaning wipes

  • Alarm is loud

  • 300 foot range

  • Can hook up more than one pad to each alarm


  • Pager is large and hard to carry around

  • Mat must be replaced periodically

  • May be cost prohibitive

  • Limited color options

This product is highly recommended for seniors. This floor mat helps prevent falls, injury, and wandering by sounding an alarm that alerts the caregiver when a user has left the bed or the room.The 300 foot range is ideal for in-home use giving you enough freedom to do what you need to do while caring for your loved one.

When the user puts weight on the mat, it sets off the pager at your location. While the pager is convenient and gives you added mobility as the caregiver, we wish that the pager was small enough to fit in your pocket or had some way of being clipped onto your pants.

Our Verdict

The fall mat is an excellent choice if you want to maintain your independence as a caregiver. It allows you up to 300 feet away from the bed mat.

Best On A Budget

Ideal Security Pressure Floor Mat Home Alarm System – Wired Alarm & Chime, Anti-Wandering, Welcome Mat, Pet Door Mat


Features and Specifications

  • Pressure Sensor Alarm: Pressure mat alarm has a sensor that goes off in response to step-on motion that triggers a sound alarm system that alerts you to the comings and goings of visitors, intruders, family members, and pets.
  • Easy to Install: Alarm is battery operated and can be wall-mounted using the included hardware; it includes a convenient 30-ft wire.
  • Convenient Design: The alarm system is connected to the mat by a very thin wire, so you can place the pressure alarm mat unit in any location.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Limited Outdoor Use: The sensor floor mat can be placed underneath a waterproof door mat and can operate in cold temperatures down to -10°C.
  • Choose Your Alarm: This door mat security alarm system has 2 sound modes to choose from: loud alarm, pleasant chime, and OFF.


  • Works as described

  • Alarm is loud enough

  • Long pager cord

  • Affordable


  • Not wireless

  • Short product lifespan

  • Limited Color Options

This pressure mat is a budget-friendly and effective option for seniors living at home. It is an effective way to keep users safe when wandering, dementia, and falling are concerns. wh Because it is a bit bulky and less attractive than some of the other options, this mat Is ideal for use under a door mat, bath mat, or rug.

This mat is less convenient for caretakers as the pager is attached to the mat with a cord. Although the wire is extremely long, it’s definitely a hassle to have to run the wire all the way to your bedroom depending on your house. This would only work if the senior you are caring for is in the room right next to you.

The overall design and feel of this product is somewhat cheap. W we did not have any negative experiences using the mat, it lacks durability and aesthetic qualities. We always recommend going with a cordless mat because having to run wires for no reason is too much of a hassle for us.

Our Verdict

This alarm is corded and requires you to be in a room near the person you are caring for.

What To Look For

With the variety of bed mats and floor pads available, it can be confusing and difficult to decide which one to choose. For seniors aging in place, it is essential to find a product that gives them the confidence to live safely at home. Whether an in-bed pad or a pressure sensitive floor mat best suits your needs, the information we’ve compiled should help you make the best decision.

Wireless Vs. Corded

In most cases we recommend going with a wireless alarm because you do not want to sacrifice too much of your own independence to take care of your loved one. You want the freedom to be able to do all the things you are used to do while the user is in their bed.

Having a corded alarm requires you to stay near them at all times. Even some of the longest cords do not reach further than one room away.

Floor Mat Vs. Bed Mat

The majority of products we reviewed were either a floor mat or a bed mat and both of them have their pros and cons.

A floor mat does not get in the user’s way while sleeping, and depending on the person’s level of mobility, it decreases the chance of a false alarm. The bed mats tend to slide around, increasing the chance of a false alarm.

Bed mats are a more inconspicuous option for seniors who may be sensitive to having a bed alarm at all. In cases where the alarm is independent of the pad or mat itself, the user benefits from the protection while never being disturbed by the alarm.

Ultimately, you want to make the right decision, and there is no way to make the right decision without consulting the senior who will be using the device. If possible, talk with them and get their input on it.

We understand that this is not applicable to everyone’s situation but if possible, let them tell you what they think works best and ensure them that you are only trying to help achieve their objective of aging in place safely.


With the variety of bed alarms available to seniors and their caregivers, it can be confusing and difficult to decide which product to choose. It is essential to find a product that gives them the confidence to live safely at home while considering their preferences and space. Whether a bed pad or a pressure sensitive floor mat best suits your needs, the information we’ve compiled should help you make the best decision.

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