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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

We keep our resources free and our reviews honest.

AgingInPlace.org provides free, unbiased product and service reviews, guides, and other resources. These resources align with our mission to help older adults safely age in their own homes and communities. We keep these services free by establishing affiliate partnerships with some companies mentioned on AgingInPlace.org.

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It should be as simple as possible for you to learn more about the products and services featured in our reviews. In-article product links allow you to do extensive research beyond our own commentary. If you click on a product link, contact the company (e.g., fill out a form or call) on a page linked from our site, or make a purchase, we may receive a commission should we have an affiliate partnership with that company. 

These referrals are only accounted for by our affiliate partners. We don’t receive any compensation when you click on links from companies we don’t have an affiliate partnership with. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires any affiliate or endorsement relationship between a marketer and company to be disclosed to consumers. Company endorsements need to reflect honest information and opinions about a product or service. We make sure all of our content complies with FTC Endorsement Guides.

AgingInPlace.org is dedicated to being transparent about how we make money from our affiliate relationships. These relationships help fund our independent research and allow you to enjoy our resources at no cost. Our partnerships don’t influence our ratings or commentary. 

We also participate in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate partnership with Amazon.com. If you purchase a product on Amazon via a link from AgingInPlace.org, we receive a commission. 

Like our product ratings, AgingInPlace.org’s in-home care directory is strictly editorial. We don’t have affiliate partnerships with any companies featured in our directory. Some older adult care sites rank in-home care companies higher on their directory list or feature ads for certain companies because they have an affiliate or referral partnership with them. 

Our directory features the top in-home care providers in each state with our rating, standout features, contact information, and a link to our full review. 

Find the best in-home care in your community with our free in-home care directory featuring all 50 states.

Affiliate partnerships don’t influence our product or service ratings. Our team gives each product or service an objective, quantitative score based on our rating system

Each product and service mentioned in our reviews is scored in the following categories: 

  • Company reputation
  • Features and quality
  • Customer support
  • Cost and transparency 

Our editorial team is focused on researching and recommending the highest-quality products and services for you. They aren’t involved with affiliate partnerships—this is handled by a separate team.

AgingInPlace.org is proud to provide expert resources to help you or your loved one navigate aging at home. Affiliate partnerships are a way to keep these resources free for your use.

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