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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

We provide unbiased product and service reviews to help older adults and caregivers navigate aging at home. connects older adults and their loved ones with the right tools to remain in their homes and communities. We act on this mission by providing honest, firsthand reviews for products and services that help older adults age in place safely, independently, and comfortably.  

An informed decision begins with informed ratings. Let’s take a deeper look at our rating system.

How Rates Products and Services

At, we go beyond what others have said about a company and its services. Our team uses a scoring system that allows us to give each product an objective, quantitative rating. We score individual features—such as the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating or phone wait times—that add up to a grade in a category, such as customer service. Grades in multiple categories evaluating a product or service’s functionality, value, and more, are then calculated to arrive at an overall star rating.

Numbers only tell part of the story, however. Our team also provides commentary in each review to explain our ratings and highlight both the good and bad of every product and service. 

We consider the following factors as part of our rating process.

Company Reputation

Before we dig into a company’s products or services, our team makes sure we’re recommending a trustworthy, established brand. We consider how long the company has been in business, its overall reputation—including any recent controversies or investigations—and customer feedback when determining the brand reputation score. As part of our review process, we read hundreds of verified customer reviews on BBB, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and other trusted third-party review sites. 

Trust should be the foundation of any business relationship. Our team wants you to have a complete picture of a company’s reputation and customer relationships before you buy or join.

Quality Of Equipment, Features, And Services Provided

A company with a good reputation likely produces high-quality products with multiple features, but our team tests them to verify their effectiveness. We want to ensure that you invest in useful products and services with features that meet your or your loved one’s needs. 

The team reviews a variety of products, so the features we rate will vary by product. For example, adjustable bed features will be different from medical alert system features. 

During our testing process, we use a 1–3 scoring system to rate: 

  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Installation 

Many products and services featured on will play a crucial role in your daily life. As these products should help enhance aging at home, we work to uncover as much as possible about the products and services we review. 

Not only do we test products firsthand, but we also consult audiologists, geriatricians, professional adult caregivers and other experts in the field to ensure we’re providing the most accurate, helpful information.

Customer Support

Your time and money are extremely valuable, and they should be treated as such long after the sales process has concluded. For this reason, accessible, helpful customer support is a crucial asset when deciding between different brands. 

Our team mystery shops products to get a true picture of the purchasing process. This includes contacting customer support. Some of the factors we consider when doing so include:

  • Customer support options (24/7 phone support vs. business hours, live chat, etc.) 
  • Wait time to speak with a customer service representative
  • Friendliness of customer service representatives
  • Additional hold time (if any) 
  • Length of time it takes to actually purchase the product

Purchasing and installing a new product can already be overwhelming. The right customer support team and resources should guide you throughout the entire process—from initial setup to any troubleshooting you may experience along the way.

Cost Of Service And Product Transparency

Our team considers the base price—the minimum you’ll pay each month—and how it lines up with features, customer support, and overall value. Some products and services have additional fees on top of the upfront cost, which we also factor into our rating.

Pricing and product information should be clear, upfront, and easy to access. You shouldn’t be hit with hidden fees or unexpected long-term contracts, for example. We also factor in if a company offers a money-back guarantee, warranty, or an additional protection plan fee.

Age at Home with Confidence

Take the first step toward aging in place with us. We work hard to provide detailed, independent reviews that give you a holistic view of products and services to help you or your loved one age safely at home.

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