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Ella Ultimate Inward-Swinging Door Model

Ella Ultimate Inward-Swinging Door Model


Everything to Consider Before Purchasing a Walk-In Tub in 2022

Caregivers and adult children of elderly parents are often all too familiar with how overwhelming it can be to prepare a home for aging in place. This is especially true when it comes to searching for the best walk-in tubs for their bathroom. Many walk-in tubs come with extra safety and comfort features such as hydrotherapy jets, air massage systems, built-in grab bars, and some are now even self-cleaning. With so many options to consider, how can you know which walk-in tub is the best for you or your loved one?

Updated onMay. 22, 2022

Top Walk-In Tubs For 2022

What are the Basic Features of a Walk-In Tub?

1. Size 

As you’re looking for walk-in tubs, consider the area in your bathroom where it needs to go as well as the amount of water it should hold. If you’re replacing a current tub or shower, the walk-in will need to fit in the same space. Furthermore, the size will need to accommodate the amount that your hot water heater can supply.

2. Safety 

Walk-in tubs make bathing easier and more accessible for seniors or those with disabilities. If you also use any mobility devices, make sure you’re considering them when choosing a model. Some tubs are specifically built for wheelchairs or walkers and will ensure your safety when getting in and out.

3. Fill And Drain System 

Because walk-in tubs are designed for easy access, a bather has to wait inside while the tub fills or empties. The side door will spill water out if you attempt to open it otherwise. If you don’t want to wait, look for models with fast-filling faucets and fast drain systems.

4. Therapeutic Features 

Seniors using walk-in tubs can also benefit from additional therapeutic features, such as water massage, air massage, chromatheraphy, and aromatheraphy. These can help you relax, mitigate pain, and make your bath more enjoyable overall. Most of these options are add-ons that cost extra when you purchase your tub.

Why choose the Ella Ultimate?

  • Body made of durable high-grade acrylic

  • Quick-emptying dual drain system

  • Comes standard with anti-scald technology, therapeutic options, and a foot massage function

  • Highly rated by online reviewers

Ella Ultimate Walk-In Tub Review

Some walk-in tub manufacturers, like Jacuzzi and American Standard, have been household names for years. Ella is a less well-known brand, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t produce a high quality line of walk-in tubs. What’s more, their proprietary Infusion Microbubble system offers health benefits even beyond the standard air and water massage offered by their competitors: Ella’s microbubbles keep the tub and bathwater clean and warm, and can help exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Among the many models Ella offers, their Ultimate inward-swinging door model stands out: it comes with options such as Ella’s Microbubble system, air and water massage, chromatherapy, and aromatherapy, and can also provide a standalone foot massage that users can take advantage of without filling the entire tub.

In addition to being loaded with conveniences—this tub features an extendable handheld showerhead, an anti-scald device, and a built-in grab bar—it’s also very attractive: it comes with Ella’s trademark tempered-glass-and-steel door, chrome fittings, and an all-acrylic body. Depending on the retailer, too, this fully-featured tub can be bought for much less than the top-of-the-line offerings from some of its better-known competitors. Finally, Ella sells its tubs with a solid warranty, and Ella’s customers consistently praise their tubs for their reliability and for the benefits they receive from their safe and therapeutic baths. If you’re in the market for a walk-in tub, we highly recommend the Ella Ultimate: it’s an attractive combination of quality manufacturing, features, and value.

“After a number of years of research, I purchased this tub and am totally happy. It has the best features, the highest quality door, the best acrylic surface. And it works very well. I couldn’t be happier.”


Why choose Kohler’s standard soaking tub?

  • Faucet system fills the tub faster than any other model on the market

  • Fast drain empties the tub in under two minutes

  • Handheld shower wand provides three spray settings

  • Provides an extra-wide door and extra low threshold

Kohler Walk-In Tub Review

Not everyone wants therapeutic options like air and water massage, and for those who just want a hot bath, Kohler’s basic soaker tub might be the answer. Built of high-quality, durable gelcoated fiberglass, the Kohler Walk-in Tub stands out for being 30% deeper than other baths, making it the perfect choice for someone who just wants to enjoy being fully immersed. This tub also offers all the essential accessibility features like easy-grip handrails and textured bath surfaces, and boasts one of the lowest thresholds in the industry, coupled with an extra-wide inward-swinging door. What’s more, with a three-setting handheld showerhead, a fast drain that can empty the tub in under two minutes, and a faucet system that fills all that extra 30% of volume faster than any comparable tub, Kohler offers a top-notch bathing experience even without any added therapeutic features. If you don’t feel like you need all the extra bells and whistles of some models, but you do want the best and most accessible bathing experience you can get, Kohler’s entry-level tub is worth a look.

“I like the tub very much. It is very convenient and very relaxing. The installation went very smooth.”


Why choose a Jacuzzi Finestra tub?

  • Durable and scratch-resistant acrylic over steel body

  • Offers Jacuzzi’s famous water jet massage system

  • Comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Tub

Jacuzzi is famous for its hydrotherapy tubs, and the company’s Finestra line of walk-in tubs lives up to the Jacuzzi name by offering the full spa experience, including whirlpool, air spa, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy options plus a handheld showerhead, a fast-fill faucet, and tub body made of durable, scratch-resistant acrylic. What’s more, Jacuzzi backs up its product with one of the strongest warranties in the industry, making their Salon Spa package a top choice for those who are prepared to spend a little more to get all the therapeutic options—and pampering—they can in a walk-in tub.

“The Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs installation team was great. They were real nice, kept everything orderly and everything went really good. I like the Jacuzzi part of the tub where it massages. And I really enjoy having it because it’s convenient. It makes it easier to get in and out of our bathtub and it’s very relaxing.”

Pacolet, SC (via

Why choose the Safe Step walk-in shower?

  • Comes in low-threshold and barrier free models

  • Also comes with an anti-scald system to prevent injury

  • Offers designer options such as sliding glass doors and a variety of metal finishes

Safe Step Walk-In Shower Review

Those who decide to replace their current tub or shower with a walk-in bath may face a dilemma: what if they want the convenience of a standard shower? And what if other people in the household want to keep enjoying stand-up showers, too? Safe Step’s Walk-In Shower offers a solution to both of these dilemmas. While a shower obviously can’t provide all the therapeutic benefits—from simple immersion on up to water massages—that a bathtub can provide, the Safe Step shower nonetheless offers some great features: an anti-scald device to prevent injuries from hot water, an easy-grip handheld showerhead, and a selection of built-in seat options that includes a removable folding seat—perfect for those who don’t need the support.

What’s more, the Safe Step walk-in shower comes in low- and no-threshold models, allowing consumers to opt for a shower that’s entirely wheelchair accessible. Finally, the Safe Step shower is very attractive, with three styles of fittings available and an optional sliding glass door. At once convenient, versatile, stylish, and accessible, the Safe Step walk-in shower offers the best of both showers and tubs.

“EXCELLENT!!!! Best decision I made last year. I love my new Safe Step. No more concerns about falling, and the ability to sit while taking a regular shower is so much easier. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try one.”

Meditub 2739 Series (“Space Saver”)

Meditub 2739 Series (“Space Saver”)

Meditub MT2739RWS Compact 27 by 39 by 36-Inch Walk In Soaker Bathtub Spa Right Side Door, White

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Features and Specifications

  • Advanced watertight walk-in tub door system; right side outward swinging door for ease of entry into tub; outward door swing for exiting tub
  • Safety features include; 17-Inch high ADA compliant contoured seat, color matched grab bar and non-slip floor
  • Includes magnetic access panels to allow internal entry and easily access electrical and plumbing connections when unit is installed
  • 50-Gallon maximum water capacity or operating level

Meditub 2739 Space Saver Review

Meditub offers a wide variety of walk-in tubs to choose from, and offers those tubs at a variety of sizes, perfect for any bathroom space or accessibility issue. Among this wide array of models is a “Space Saver” option, which fits into a narrower space than most walk-in tubs while still offering all the therapeutic options of its competitors. Featuring a built-in headrest, an outward-swinging door, and attractive hardware—along with magnetic panels for ease of installation and maintenance—this could be the ideal solution for people in smaller spaces, including apartments and mobile homes.

“I love my tub. Arthritis is starting in my legs and this is so much easier.”


Why choose Universal Tubs’ standard walk-in tub?

  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit customer need or bathroom space

  • Depending on the discounts currently on offer, the tub can come at one of the lowest prices in the industry

  • Magnetic access panels allow easy installation and repair

Universal Tubs HD Series Review

Sold exclusively by Home Depot, the Universal Tubs brand is a solid option among walk-in tubs, and its HD Series—equipped with an inward-swinging door, textured surfaces, and a built-in seat—is no exception. What’s more, the HD Series offers one of the widest range of tub sizes available among inward-swinging door models, ranging from relatively compact to a bariatric model built to fit those who might have trouble with a standard size. Finally, all of Universal Tubs’ HD Series models can come with the usual therapeutic packages—including air spa and hydrotherapy—but even with the fancier options, the HD Series tubs all come at prices that other manufacturers have trouble matching. Great news for those on a budget shopping for a more accessible tub.

“An excellent product, very pleased. Beautiful too.”

American Standard Gelcoat

American Standard Gelcoat

American Standard 2848.104.WRW 28-Inch By 48-Inch Whirlpool Gelcoat Walk-In Bath with Quick Drain, White, Right Hand
Price not available

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Features and Specifications

  • Patent-pending Quick Drain powered pump system
  • Patented door system technology
  • Multi-jet advanced back system
  • Legs only massage system
  • Ozone-automatic tub cleaning system

American Standard Gelcoat Review

Priced to fit nicely into the lower end of the market, the American Standard Gelcoat Entry walk-in tub proves that you don’t have to sacrifice features to get a good value. The Gelcoat Entry comes standard with handsome chrome faucets and a hand-held shower wand, and offers its therapeutic packages at very reasonable price points—only a few hundred dollars higher than the standard soaker model. The Gelcoat Entry also comes with a solid warranty and an excellent reputation among online reviewers for both tub quality and for the responsiveness of American Standard’s customer service. A solid product at a reasonable price backed by a substantial warranty marks out the Gelcoat Entry as one of the best values on the market.

“I love this tub. It’s made a great difference in the circulation in my legs. My pain level is down and I’m sleeping better at night. The investment was well worth it.”

(via Trustpilot)
Ella Transfer

Ella Transfer

Ella Wheelchair Transfer Air & Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk In Bath (EOH51294L), Fast Drain, 29.75″W x 51.25″L (60″ with Extension Panel) x 37.5″H, Left Side Door and Drain, White

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Features and Specifications

Ella Transfer Walk-In Tub Review

Many manufacturers offer wheelchair accessible models in which the usual inward-swinging door is hinged so that it swings outward to expose the built-in seat. The Ella Transfer fits this description while still offering all the value and features that make Ella’s standard tub such a good choice, including an anti-scald valve, optional Microbubble, air massage, and water massage therapies, and attractive chrome fittings in an acrylic tub shell. Only Ella’s trademark glass-and-steel door is lacking, replaced by an extra-wide L-shaped door that allows for efficient transfer from a wheelchair to the built-in tub seat. A great combination of function and fashion, and perfect for those who want to take a fully immersive bath and leave their wheelchair behind.

“We love our new tub. It was worth every penny and we have no regrets.”


Your Complete Guide to the Best Walk-In Tubs for 2022

Most of us take for granted the ability to keep ourselves clean, and shower or bathe without worrying about injuring ourselves. As people get older, however, bathing can become something that we can no longer take for granted. Age can affect our sense of balance and weaken our muscles to such an extent that bathing can become dangerous, and among the elderly, bathroom falls are frequent enough to make the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house. And a serious fall in the bathroom has the potential to put a senior in the hospital or even take their life.

What are the benefits of a walk-in tub?

Fall prevention isn’t the only challenge when it comes to seniors and bathing: illness and injury can make it impossible for a senior to physically lift themselves out of a tub, and can make it harder for them to stay upright for the length of time it takes to properly shower. Combined with the danger of falling, these challenges can lead some seniors to neglect their hygiene, threatening their independence and their quality of life. 

Fortunately, there’s a complete solution to the problem of bathing safely: walk-in baths. These specially designed showers and bathtubs feature low thresholds, built-in seats, and other standard safety features that make a fall much less likely—and make taking a bath much easier and more convenient regardless of physical ability. What’s more, the best walk-in tubs can come with therapeutic options, including air and water massage systems, heated seats, and even aromatherapy and chromatherapy.

If injuries, illness, joint problems, mobility issues, or just the effects of aging are preventing you from keeping clean or preventing you from enjoying the full experience of a bath or shower, then walk-in tubs are the most complete solution on the market. But that market is full of a bewildering array of choices, and to help you find the best options out there, we’ve had a look at dozens of models to give you this list of the best available.

How Did We Find The Best Walk-In Tubs?

We looked at dozens of the most popular walk-in tubs on the market, and we considered value, comfort, features and accessibility when selecting our favorite walk-in tubs.

Some Unique Walk-In Tubs

A walk-in tub can confer enormous benefits both in terms of health and independence.

While most walk-in tubs share the same basic features, there are a few that stand out for being unique in the marketplace.

First among these is the Ella Companion, which really has no match in the industry. It brings all the quality and the full features of the ordinary line of Ella tubs, but does so in a way that allows two people to use the bath at the same time, creating a hot tub-type experience that users can enjoy even if they’re dealing with mobility or balance issues.

Another unique offering is the Meditub Step-In model. Most people looking into a walk-in tub would prefer to have a built-in seat, but for those just looking for a low threshold, Universal Tubs sells what is essentially a cadet-sized tub with an inward-swinging door. Built out of durable and scratch-resistant acrylic, this model can come with either the spa or hydrotherapy package, but is still priced very reasonably, with the soaker model only costing a little more than a standard tub. If you’d prefer to use a removable bath chair or transfer bench—or if you’re not concerned about raising or lowering yourself into the tub, this could be the niche offering you’re looking for.

Finally, if you’re in the market for a shower enclosure as well as a tub, Home Depot, the exclusive online home for Universal Tubs, offers an alcove tiling package with almost every model of walk-in tub it sells under the Universal Tubs brand. This handy package includes tile sheets, self-adhesive tape, and everything else you need to self-install a beautiful bathing environment for your preferred walk-in tub.

Walk-In Baths: What to Ask Before You Buy

A walk-in tub can confer enormous benefits both in terms of health and independence. But regardless of the model you choose, a walk-in tub is also a major purchase—almost guaranteed to be more expensive than an ordinary bath or shower, and likely to require a significantly more complicated installation. So here’s a quick look at some of the things you should consider as you look for a walk-in tub that suits your needs.

Where Should I Buy A Walk-In Bath?

The simple answer is that you should buy a walk-in tub from whatever source best suits your needs. But if you’re just starting to look around, here are the best places to find them.


If you want to you can start and end your search for a walk-in tub on Amazon. The same is true of and Home, and some specialty home and bath retailers such as Wayfair also offer the ease of online ordering along with lower prices and a dizzying selection of models. There are a couple of drawbacks to buying online, however: first, shipping can be a consideration—not just because of the cost, but because a tub delivered to your house will need to be kept out of the weather until your installer is ready. And installation is another drawback: while Home Depot and Lowe’s can put you in touch with recommended contractors, Amazon’s expert installation option is still in its infancy, and some other retailers don’t offer much help at all.

Box Stores

Brick-and-mortar locations for Lowe’s and Home Depot may have walk-in tub models in stock for you to look at—and even if they don’t, they’ll have knowledgeable staff you can talk to to get advice and get help with technical questions.

Home And Bath Stores

Some smaller home and bath stores and other specialty retailers may be official dealers for walk-in tubs. Again, it never hurts to be able to speak to expert staff about your walk-in tub options before you really begin to shop.

The Manufacturer

Some brands of tub sell exclusively through their own online storefront, or send out representatives or local dealers to visit consumers and get a sense of their needs before making a personalized sales pitch. This can lead to a hard-sale situation, but many of the top line manufacturers take this approach.

What Can I Expect From My Walk-In Bath?

Now that you know where to look for a walk-in bath, let’s talk about what you can expect from one. Because walk-in baths are much more than just an ordinary bathtub with a threshold that’s easier to get over. Most models on the market have seats and fixtures designed to meet the recommendations for accessibility in the Americans with Disabilities Act, and are meant to give people with a variety of problems with joints, mobility, or simple physical endurance the ability to bathe conveniently, comfortably, and safely. This means:

  • Built-in grab bars, or structures built in to the body of the tub that can help someone get up, sit down, or maintain their balance.
  • Textured surfaces to prevent slipping while getting in, getting out, or sitting down
  • A built-in seat, usually integrated with the rest of the body
  • Everything within easy reach—taps, controls, handheld shower heads, and so forth within arm’s length of the seated user, with all controls and equipment designed to be easy to use.
  • A low threshold to enable those with limited mobility to get in and out far more easily than they could with an ordinary tub
  • Most importantly, a leak-proof door that swings in or out so that the user can fully immerse themselves

Walk-In Baths Types and Features

Does It Allow You To Be Fully Immersed?
Walk-In Shower
Roll-In Shower
Inward-Swinging Door Tub
Outward-Swinging Door Tub
Rising Wall Bath Tub
Can It Be Wheelchair Accessible?
Walk-In Shower
Roll-In Shower
Inward-Swinging Door Tub
Outward-Swinging Door Tub
Rising Wall Bath Tub
Can It Offer Therapies Like Air Or Water Massage?
Walk-In Shower
Roll-In Shower
Inward-Swinging Door Tub
Outward-Swinging Door Tub
Rising Wall Bath Tub

What If I Want More Than Just A Bath?

Even the most basic models of walk-in tubs will offer most of the attributes listed above. But if walk-in tub features stopped there, walk-in tubs probably wouldn’t be as popular as they are. Most manufacturers also offer some additional options, most of which provide some sort of therapeutic benefit.

These therapeutic options are given different names by different manufacturers, and brands distinguish themselves in the details (the number of air or water massage jets they offer, for example). Still, despite the variations, each type of therapy is roughly the same across the various brands, so here’s a look at some common therapeutic options:


A tub with a spa function mirrors the effects of a sitz bath by infusing the water with tiny bubbles to generate a soothing effervescence. In addition to boosting the relaxing effects of a simple hot bath, this type of therapy can have other benefits, including exfoliating and stimulating the skin.

Water Massage

This type of therapy goes by several different names, including hydrotherapy, hydro massage, and whirlpool. Regardless of the name, water massage works by forcing water through jets in the side of the tub, producing a forceful massage-like effect that can help stimulate circulation, ease tension, and reduce inflammation. One nice bonus with some water massage systems is an in-line heater, which keeps the water warm while the bather enjoys a full-length treatment.

Air Massage

Air massage tends to be the most expensive therapy option, but it provides much the same effect as a water massage. Air jets do tend to be less forceful than their water massage equivalents, but some prefer the gentler sensation. Air jets can also create an effervescence similar to that of a bubble spa—and, if they come with a heated blower, can also help keep the bathwater warmer longer, prolonging the user’s ability to enjoy a hot, soaking bath.


While the jury’s out on the true therapeutic benefits of changing colors, many manufacturers do offer the option of buying a tub equipped with an LED light that tints the water in shifting shades. At any rate, many users find this feature highly relaxing, and it can make a bath more attractive and interesting as well.


Science is more definitive on the benefits of scent: some aromas do seem to improve mood and can also address health issues like nausea. That’s one reason why many manufacturers offer tubs that can infuse the water with essential oils or with prepackaged scents. Along with light therapy, aromatherapy is often included with full-featured tubs.

In short, walk-in tubs can make bathing safer and more accessible, and they can also come with some fantastic therapeutic options that can boost health and well-being.

What About Walk-In Showers?

Many manufacturers offer some kind of walk-in shower, but it’s understandable if you’re wondering if most showers can’t be walked into already. The truth is, however, that many showers are combined with bathtubs, and so have the same high threshold that makes bathing such a risk and a challenge, and walk-in showers are meant to take away that barrier.

In addition, most walk-in showers improve on ordinary showers by offering some of the safety amenities of a walk-in tub—things like grab bars, textured surfaces, easy-to-use faucets, handheld showerheads and built-in seats. And some walk-in showers are actually “roll-in” showers—showers with a floor flush with the surrounding floor (or accessible via a ramp) that allow someone in a wheelchair to roll themselves into the stall and take a shower.

What About Wheelchairs?

While the standard walk-in tub is far more accessible than a standard tub, not all walk-ins are going to be usable by someone in a wheelchair—or, for that matter, someone who’s using a walker. So here’s a quick look at the ways in which walk-in tubs are and are not usable by someone in a wheelchair.


Most walk-in tub models are far easier to get into than an ordinary tub, but wheelchair accessibility requires more than just a low threshold. That’s why many manufacturers offer models that are specifically wheelchair accessible, mostly by coming with an outward-swinging door that exposes the entire side of the tub seat in order to make the wheelchair-to-tub transfer easier. Another variety of tub, called a rising-wall bath, allows the same access to the seat by dropping a recessed or sliding wall.


Just like walk-in tubs, walk-in showers may have many features that make them more accessible than ordinary showers—grab bars, low thresholds, and easy-to-use fixtures—but still not be usable by someone in a wheelchair. The solution that some manufacturers offer is a shower that’s flush with the floor (often with a drain that runs along the edge of the stall) that allows the user to roll themselves directly into the shower.

What Else Should I Consider?

Whatever features you’re looking out for in your walk-in tub, keep these details in mind as you shop:

  • Because a walk-in tub has a door in the side, a bather has to wait inside while the tub fills, and also while it empties. Some models of tub offer the option of fast-filling faucets and fast drain systems, but if you’d rather not pay the additional money, ask yourself if you don’t mind waiting in the tub. If you think that will be a problem, you might want to consider a walk-in shower instead.
  • Tubs vary in the amount of water they can hold, and some tubs may hold more water than your household hot water heater can supply. As you shop, be sure to consider the possibility that you’ll need a larger hot water heater. Or consider models that come with in-line heaters so they can supplement your heater’s capacity.
  • Size matters: if you’re hoping to replace a current tub or shower with a walk-in model, make sure that the replacement will fit in the current tub’s footprint—and in smaller models look for tubs that come with extenders that will cover any gaps that might be left.
  • Most models come with a left- or right- hand orientation of the drain and doors. It’s essential to make sure that your new tub will match the drain configuration of your current tub. And if you’re getting an outward-swinging door, make sure you’ll have enough space in your bathroom to use it.
  • Be sure to check out the warranty that comes with the tub you’re considering. A lifetime warranty on the door seal is essential, since a leaking door could render your tub unusable. For everything else, keep in mind that a 5-10 year warranty is standard in the industry.

How Will My Tub Be Installed?

In making our choices for the best walk-in tubs and showers, we looked at a lot of consumer reviews, and reviewers mentioned issues with installation more than any other problem. That’s understandable: installing a walk-in bath can be as involved as any other remodeling project, and it’s best to go into the process with some understanding of what installation entails. So here are some questions to ask about installation before you purchase a walk-in tub.

Who’s Going To Install The Tub?

Who does the installation often depends on where you buy the tub. If you buy through a manufacturer or dealer, it’s likely that they will arrange installation through a preferred installer of theirs—or through their own in-house installation professionals. Home and bath stores may have their own staff for this as well. But big box DIY stores are likely to simply refer you to a recommended installer, and won’t object if you have a trusted contractor you’d prefer to use, or even if you’d like to install it yourself. And while online retailers are increasingly likely to be able to recommend a local professional, you’ll be even less beholden to their recommendations.

Can I Trust The Installers?

Whether you’re going with a manufacturer’s preferred installer, choosing one recommended by your retailer, or opting to find your own, it never hurts to do your research. Look for online reviews, ask for references, and ask them about their approach to work and the amount of responsibility they’ll take for fixing any problems or any mistakes on their part.

Who Is Responsible?

If there’s a problem with your tub, who do you talk to—the manufacturer or the retailer? And if a problem arises during installation, who do you talk to then? If you’ve chosen a third-party contractor, or one simply recommended by a retailer, then they’ll be the ones you’ll need to talk to about fixing any issues, but if you’re dealing with a preferred installer or an in-house professional, check your contract and make sure that they or the seller will take responsibility. And even before you purchase, check online reviews of the tub manufacturer to see how responsive they’ve been to consumer complaints.

How Much Will A Tub Cost?

As you’re probably aware, walk-in baths tend to cost more than ordinary bathtubs and showers, and can sometimes cost quite a bit more, depending on the features you’re after. At the same time, however, walk-in tubs also offer quite a bit of value. For some people, getting the type of therapy that comes with a hot tub or whirlpool can mean a dramatic improvement in their quality of life, and being able to access those therapies independently, without worrying about safety or accessibility, can be priceless.

Value is also an essential consideration when you’re deciding between models and brands of tub. There are less expensive tubs on the market, but many of the more expensive tubs offer some important bonuses, like more robust warranties and a better record of customer satisfaction.

In addition, installation costs will, most likely, add a significant amount to the cost of the bath, especially if you’re opting for features—like hydro massage or fast-fill faucets—that could make outsized demands on your household plumbing. As you price models and brands, keep that additional price tag in mind.

Still, though, the cost of the unit itself is going to be the biggest single expense involved in purchasing a walk-in bath. So here’s a look at the most popular brands on the market today along with a range of prices for their models and some information on where to buy them.

Walk-In Tub Brands, Pricing, and Retailers

American Standard
RetailersOnline retailers, box stores, showrooms, and manufacturer website
Who Installs?DIY, customer’s contractor, retailer/dealer, manufacturer recommended installers
RetailersOnline retailers, box stores, dealers, manufacturer website
Who Installs?DIY, customer’s contractor, retailer/dealer
Ella’s Bubbles
RetailersOnline retailers, box stores, dealers, manufacturer website
Who Installs?DIY, customer’s contractor, retailer/dealer
RetailersOnline retailers, dealers, manufacturer website
Who Installs?Manufacturer recommended installers
RetailersManufacturer website
Who Installs?Manufacturer recommended installers
RetailersOnline retailers, dealers
Who Installs?DIY, customer’s contractor, retailer/dealer
Safe Step
PricingFrom $9000
RetailersManufacturer website
Who Installs?Manufacturer recommended installers
Universal Tubs
RetailersOnline retailers, box stores
Who Installs?DIY, customer’s contractor, retailer/dealer

Where Can I Get Help Paying For My Tub?

Walk-in tubs and showers can be expensive, but because they’re often purchased in response to a health issue, there are some organizations that may help buyers with the cost. Here’s a list of resources that you may be able to access.

Rebates And Discounts

Even before you think about applying for help paying for your bath, you should look to see if the brand you’re after is offering any promotions. Many manufacturers offer rebates if you buy directly from them. And of course, many retailers often offer special prices.

Tax Deductions

If you can get a note from your doctor indicating that you need a walk-in bath for health reasons, you may be able to deduct at least a portion of the cost of the tub on your taxes. Check with your doctor—and your tax preparer—to see what type of documentation will work best.

Nonprofit Groups And Local Charities

Some groups who work with the elderly or disabled offer free or reduced-price labor for modifications aimed at home make it more accessible. If you qualify for this type of help, you could save on the cost of installation for your tub.

State Agencies

Because helping seniors stay independent is good for local communities, many states offer help with home modifications that will allow a senior to age in place. Check with your local council on aging to learn more.

The VA

If you need a walk-in tub because of a health issue that arose from military service, the VA may be able to pay part or all of the cost.

The U.S. Department Of Agriculture

Finally, in order to preserve rural communities, the USDA sometimes pays for home modifications that will allow older residents to age in place. This funding may make it possible to add a walk-in tub to your bathroom; check with your local farm extension agency or human services agency to find out more.

For those whose mobility or health problems prevent them from using an ordinary tub, a walk-in tub can be a godsend. And for those hoping to take advantage of hydrotherapy and other health-boosting features, a walk-in tub may be a practical solution to getting those benefits while remaining safe. There are plenty of reasons to buy a walk-in bath and plenty of choices on the market. There’s no question that if you take your time and consider your options, you’ll get the right tub for you.


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