Best Remote Controls For Seniors

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The TV remote is your connection to in-home entertainment. Television series, talk shows, news, movie, it’s all available at your fingertips with the press of a button. For seniors who have mobility issues, their in-home entertainment is essential to aging in place. So if you have trouble moving or difficulty getting up and down, a remote is even more crucial for you. But you need the right kind of TV remote.

If you are a caregiver for a low vision elderly person, you want a remote that will assist them best. Or maybe you are looking for an option that serves as a universal remote for the elderly. Whatever you need, it is out there. We have reviewed many different types of TV remotes for seniors and have summed up the information we gathered here.

How We Found the Best Remote Controls for Seniors

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Best For Basic

Universal Big Button TV Remote – DT-R08B EasyMote | Backlit, Easy Use, Smart, Learning Television & Cable Box Controller


Features and Specifications


  • Controls TV and Cable box

  • Easy-to-read text on buttons

  • 90 day warranty

  • Simple and straightforward to use

  • Lightweight


  • Batteries not included

  • Challenging to set-up

  • Requires TV remote to program

The EasyMote DT-R08B Remote Control is a simple and functional TV remote for seniors. With only six large, backlit buttons, you will easily find the button you are looking to use. And all buttons are backlit to increase the ease of seeing them in dim light. Plus, the lettering on the buttons is large and clear to read.

This simplicity makes the remote user-friendly for any TV watcher and if you are a caregiver for a low vision senior, this option allows them to take the remote “into their own hands.”

The EasyMote Remote Control comes with a sturdy wrist strap will keep the remote in your hand and makes for easy storing when not in use.

The remote works on TVs and Cable Boxes, so you only need one option. An excellent feature is that the remote is lockable. It requires another remote for programming. But once programmed, you can lock the remote, so there are no accidental changes while you enjoy your TV time.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a basic, easy to read and user-friendly remote, this is an excellent option.

Best For Large Button

Hy-Tek Big Button BW1220 Universal Remote Control

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Controls TV VCR DVD Cable and Satellite
  • Touch any button and they all light up
  • Easy to see
  • Too Large to Lose
  • Easy to Program


  • Controls TV, VCR, DVD, Cable, and Satellite

  • Easy to program

  • Batteries included

  • Easy to read buttons


  • Not compatible with some servers

  • Lots of button

The Hy-Tek BW1220 Remote Control is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a remote with large buttons. Big and easy to read, the buttons are simple to use so you can press precisely what you need. And if you push one button they all light up, allowing for easy use in dim lighting.

The remote works for TVs as well as VCRs, DVDs, Cable boxes, and even Satellite. Whatever option you have for entertainment, this remote can handle.

It is an excellent option for seniors who have trouble seeing and want one remote to use, plus, the remote is large enough that you don’t have to worry about losing it.

When choosing this remote, make sure to check with the cable company you use to ensure the remote is compatible. Some servers will not work with the remote or let it be programmed.

Our Verdict

This remote control has big buttons that light up so you can easily read them, and works TVs as well as other devices.

Features and Specifications

  • Can be programmed to control most major brands features an ergonomic design Large, easy-to-use buttons


  • Lightweight

  • Step-by-step instructions for straightforward set-up

  • Easy to use

  • Compatible with most major brands

  • Simplified functions

  • Works on multiple devices


  • Buttons do not light up

  • Batteries not included

The Sony Universal Remote Control has all the essentials without extra clutter, offering simple yet large, easy-to-see buttons. It can control two devices, such as a TV and a cable box, which is helpful for seniors as it decreases the amount of remote control clutter.

The range on the remote is also decent. You do not need to be pointing the controller directly at the TV. If your angle is off, you can still use the buttons.

While the buttons do not light up, the volume buttons and channel buttons feel different to the hand, one concave while the other is convex. The unique design allows you to use the TV in the dark still.

The buttons are a good size, but the remote is still compact and fits nicely in hand. The simplicity allows the universal remote to be user-friendly and an excellent TV remote control for seniors.

Our Verdict

A remote that does it all–easy to read, simple to use, and functions with multiple devices.

Best For Jumbo

Hy-Tek bw-0561-rd Partner BW0561RD Universal Remote Control

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Home button for Smart TV functions


  • Too large to lose

  • Simple to program

  • Easy to see buttons

  • Use with multiple devices

  • One year warranty


  • Batteries not included

  • Not compatible with all servers

  • Cannot switch inputs

One of the most annoying thing for seniors is the ‘lost’ remote control. Whether it’s slipped between the cushions or completely misplaced, no one wants to wander around trying to recall where they last saw it. The Hy-Tek BW0561 Remote Control puts an end to this dilemma.

This jumbo remote has a unique shape which allows the remote to fit comfortably in your hand while keeping the buttons large and easy to read. The keypad lights up once you touch one button, so you can easily see the buttons at night or in dim lighting.

The Hy-Tek BW0561 Remote Control can replace up to four standard remote controls and be used with TVs, VCRs, DVDs, cable boxes, and satellites, and is compatible with most brands of infrared remotes. Because of its size, it is practically impossible to misplace. For those who are forgetful, you will quickly see where the remote is sitting due to size and shape.

The size of the remote, buttons, and its simplicity make it an excellent TV remote control for the elderly.

Our Verdict

A large remote that is easy to use, this controller fits comfortably in your hand and is near impossible to lose.

Best For Water Resistant


  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sink

  • Large buttons

  • Straightforward set-up

  • Universal remote


  • Does not work with DVDs and VCRs

  • Batteries not included

  • Buttons do not light up

The EasyClean PC100 Remote Control is a unique remote controller because it is water resistant. You no longer need to worry about having a drink near the controller, or watching TV from the kitchen. The best part is this remote control for seniors is dishwasher safe.

The elderly are often at risk of catching unwanted bacteria or infections. Remote controllers often pass hands and can be a breeding ground for diseases. Because you can throw this remote in the dishwasher, you can keep the controller clean and yourself or your loved one healthy. Or simply wipe down the surface or rinse in the sink without fear of breaking the remote.

The buttons are also large, and the device is easy to use. And the bottom is flat, so you can stand the controller up to find it more accessible.

Our Verdict

A remote control with large buttons that is also waterproof. Throw it in the dishwasher to clean and still enjoy watching TV.

Best For Low Vision

RCA RCR314WZ 3-Device Big Button Dual Navigation Remote with Backlit Keybad


Features and Specifications

  • Simplifies device setup with automatic, brand, manual and direct code search methods
  • Big Button remote
  • Enables direct access to new HD over the air digital sub channels


  • Direct access to new HD with air digital sub channels

  • Straightforward set-up

  • Good range on use

  • Durable


  • Only some buttons are backlit

  • No tactile feel indicators on buttons

The RCA RCR314WZ Remote Control is an excellent option for replacing multiple old remotes. It can work on different devices and do everything you need.

When creating this TV remote for seniors, the designers placed buttons in common sense areas. The keys are positioned where you would expect and the controller fits comfortably in your hand.

A unique feature in this remote control for the elderly is that it was designed for digital TV and HDTV, meaning it supports new features like HDTV sub channels. It also operates with TV, Satellite, Cable, and Digital TV Converter boxes. You can also access DVDs, VCRs, and DVRs with this remote.

What makes this an excellent design for low vision users is the easy to read, large buttons and the fact that some of the buttons are backlit. Plus there are not an excess of buttons to confuse you.

Our Verdict

Partially backlit with large buttons, the remote only includes the necessary keys, making it easy for low vision users to press what they need.

Seniors tend to watch a lot of television and the right remote allow you to enjoy the experience with minimal issues. With plenty of time and sometimes limited mobility, TV acts as a great entertainer.

TV remote controls for seniors give independence back.

Movies, new and old, are played daily on the TV. Reminiscing while watching an old TV show is also rewarding. And for some seniors, watching TV is the best way to catch the news and stay caught up.

TV remote controls for seniors give independence back. If you are not able or have difficulty getting up from your chair to change channels or turn the TV on and off, a remote allows you to continue watching TV by yourself.

However, many remotes today come with extra buttons, involve high technology to program, and have crowded surfaces to fit it all on there.

When purchasing a TV remote designed for the elderly, you will find yourself struggling less. People with low vision use remotes with large buttons or keys that light up. The remotes are also built to be lightweight and easier to handle.

It is not just the buttons that are bigger, TV remotes for the elderly are bigger and designed in specific shapes that makes it harder to lose and easier to find. Instead of spending time looking for the remote, you can enjoy another episode on TV.

TV remote controls for seniors are also created to be straightforward to program and simple to use. Excess buttons are left off, and the layout is easy to see and remember. Basic remotes hold everything you need.

And many of these remotes act as universal remotes. That means one remote controls multiple devices. During set up, you can decide if you want your controller to communicate with your TV and Cable box. Some even work with DVD players. Using one remote to handle more than one device makes it easy for the elderly.

If you are a caregiver, you understand the importance of providing your loved one with the ability to be in control. Finding the right remote control empowers seniors. Many people use watching TV as a bonding experience. It also entertains and lets us reminisce. If you are a senior looking for the right remote for your situation, then we have answers.

Compare features and find what remote style works best for you. Try a remote for low vision, or the water-resistant remote so you can easily clean it. There are controllers with backlighting and some with wrist straps. There are even TV remote controls that operate multiple devices. With plenty of options, you can find the best fit for you.

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