Best Shower Chairs With Wheels

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Shower chairs on wheels make it easier and safer for seniors to bathe and use the commode. They allow for efficient transferring, and the different options allow caregivers to assist seniors without straining their bodies.

These shower chairs come in many varieties, so it may seem hard to determine the best one for your needs. However, we’ve done some heavy lifting to make the process easier for you or the senior in your life.

Here you’ll find four of the best shower chairs with wheels that are available today.

How We Found the Best Shower Chairs with Wheels

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Best Overall

MJM International 118-3TW-SSDE Standard Shower Chair with Soft Seat, Royal Blue/Forest Green/Mauve by MJM International


Features and Specifications


  • The only necessary assembly is putting the wheels into the legs

  • The open seat allows for easier cleaning of your underside

  • Shorter seniors can use the footrest cross bar for better stability


  • The wheels may be too small to glide across carpeting easily

  • The joints that face upward are not watertight

The MJM International Standard Shower Chair is a simple shower chair. The material is water resistant, so that the chair will dry quickly after you use it in the shower.

The soft seat ensures comfort when you are sitting, and the cutout allows for easier cleaning of your body during a shower. We also loved how much more convenient this item made toilet use for seniors.

The hand grips are anti-slip, providing stability while using the chair. The chair includes reinforcements in the most critical weight-bearing areas to provide a sturdy solution.

Our Verdict

This chair has a soft seat, anti-slip handgrips, and it is cut-out for bathing and toileting.

Best With Arms

DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode, Transport Chair, Rolling Bathroom Wheelchair for Handicap


Features and Specifications

  • ROLLING SHOWER COMMODE CHAIR easily moves in and out of the shower and directly over a standard size toilet. 3 in 1 commode, shower chair and wheelchair is used directly over a toilet for safer toileting or as a safe and durable shower chair with perineal…
  • COMMODE CHAIR FOR TOILET WITH ARMS has a waterproof seat and back rest to make it comfortable to sit on for long period of time
  • CHAIR FOR SHOWERING AND TOILETING is safe and secure with rear (only) wheel locks and 4 inch tires to ensure stability while the arm rests offer additional security making it easier to sit and stand.
  • HANDICAP SHOWER CHAIR easily moves across floors and thick carpets and to easily perform multiple transfers
  • TOILET CHAIR PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Size: 24 x 22 x 34; Seat Height from floor: 21″; Seat Dimensions: 16″ x 16″; Weight: 18 lbs.; Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. Detailed Instructions and hardware included


  • The chair rolls easily over most standard toilets

  • The rubber wheels grip most surfaces and lock into place to prevent chair movement

  • Assembly is easy, even for those with mobility issues


  • The chair is a little stiff which can cause discomfort with prolonged sitting

  • The back of the chair is too stiff

The DMI Shower Transport Chair has a padded seat and locking wheels for comfort and safety. The seat is a vinyl material, so it is waterproof. The backrest is also a waterproof material.

The wheels glide easily across most surface types, including thick carpets, which we found convenient for those living in homes with varying surfaces. The wheels are each 4”, so they can also glide across your home’s doorways and thresholds with relative ease.

The armrests ensure greater stability when you are in the shower. They help to prevent seniors from sliding sideways or falling off the side of the chair. The armrests also allow you to push yourself up and off of the chair once you are ready to transfer.

Our Verdict

This seat has a footrest to make transferring easy, and the vinyl seat and arms are comfortable.

Best With Back

Caspian Professional Mobile Shower/Commode Chair-Padded


Features and Specifications

  • PADDED seat, backrest and armrests provide soft, comfortable surfaces that are warm to the touch. The non-slip pads will not absorb water and are easy to clean and disinfect.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE Construction includes rust-free aluminum frame and institutional-quality, rust free polycarbonate casters.
  • MULTI USE- The Caspian can be used as a shower chair, bedside commode or mobile commode chair that can be wheeled directly over the toilet.
  • FLIP UP ARMRESTS make transfers to and from the chair safe, efficient and convenient.
  • FOLDING FOOTREST makes sitting and standing access to the chair safe and easy.


  • You can adjust the seat height

  • The chair assembles easily

  • This chair maneuvers easily in small bathrooms


  • This chair maneuvers easily in small bathrooms

  • Short chair depth may make it difficult for men to use the toilet

The Caspian Professional Mobile Shower/Commode Chair makes toileting and bathing easier and safer for seniors. The chair is lightweight, so you can move it around even when you do not have a lot of strength.

The open base allows the chair to slide over most standard toilets. The splash guard prevents urine from spraying when you are sitting in this chair to use the toilet.

The aluminum materials will not rust, even with frequent use in a wet environment. Since the chair is on wheels, there is no need for you to transfer from a wheelchair to this chair in a small bathroom.

The backrest ensures greater comfort and stability when you are sitting in the chair. This backrest is also ideal for those who need extra neck and head support.

Our Verdict

This chair is ideal for bathing and commodes, and it has a higher back for added comfort.

Best With Drop Arms

NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm (for Easy User Transfer) Transport Chair Commode


Features and Specifications

  • MULTI-PURPOSE wheeled commode that can also be used as a transport chair with a comfortable removable pad that fits on the commode seat converting to a transport chair. Bucket and lid are included and easy to slide in and out from the rear of the seat….
  • EASY ASSEMBLY with no tools required. See video for assembly instructions. Not for use over a toilet.; Material Seat: Plastic. Splash guard not included
  • SAFE and EASY TRANSFER with the quick release drop arm feature and removable swing-away footrests. No bending over to lock the wheels – they can be easily engaged or released with the foot pedal.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEELS that are durable, easy to roll, rust resistance and with easy to engage foot petals. No need to bend to lock and unlock wheels.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight Capacity: 250 lb; Overall Dimensions High (inches): 22.5w x 20.75 – 22.75d x 35h, Overall Dimensions Low (inches): 22.5w x 20.5 – 22.5d x 31h; Width between arms: 17.5″; Arm height from seat: 9.25″; Seat Dimensions: 17.75”W x…


  • This chair is flexible due to the multiple adjustment options

  • The footrest ensures safer transporting

  • This chair maneuvers well in small and tight spaces


  • Not for use in the shower

  • The assembly instructions are not fully clear

The NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode is both a commode and a transfer chair. This dual-purpose chair allows seniors and their caregivers to maneuver easier. This chair also makes it possible to toilet in any private place by removing the padded seat element.

The arms drop easily to open the side of the chair. The footrests swing away, allowing you to get into and out of the chair safer and faster. The rear wheels lock so that the chair remains securely in place when you are entering or exiting the chair.

By dropping the arms, this makes it easier for you to transfer into and out of the shower. You can also remove the footrests quickly if necessary.

Our Vedict

The arms drop down to make transferring easier, and the padded seat fits over the commode element.

What to Consider When Buying Shower Chairs on Wheels

Shower chairs on wheels making toileting and taking care of your hygiene needs safer and more efficient. This type of chair is a good tool for seniors who cannot stand for prolonged periods of time. These chairs are also ideal when your strength and balance make it difficult to toilet and bathe.

Chair Types

There are multiple types of shower chairs that you can choose from, depending on your needs. To determine which chair is best, consider your mobility needs, your weight, and your height. The primary chair types are:

  • Standard chair: A standard chair has three to four legs and a stationary seat. This chair is a basic option for greater safety when you are bathing.
  • Foldable chair: Foldable chairs are convenient for small spaces because you can fold them up and remove them from your shower when you are not using them. You might also consider this type if you travel often.
  • Swivel chair: This type of chair has a swiveling seat to make entering and exiting the shower more convenient. Seniors in wheelchairs may find this chair easier regarding transferring.
  • Bariatric chairs: Those who weigh 250 pounds or more might consider a bariatric chair. This type can support more weight, and the seat is usually deeper and wider to ensure comfort.

Chair Feet And Legs

Some chairs have legs that allow you to adjust the height. If you are especially tall or short, this can be a good option. When the legs are at the right height, it is safer to enter and exit the chair. The proper height also promotes greater comfort when you are sitting.

The feet may have wheels or rubber feet. Wheels make it easier to transfer seniors with limited mobility since you can wheel them directly into the shower. Just make sure that the wheels lock so the chair does not slide around during bathing.

Chair Armrests And Handles

Some handles and armrests are stationary while others move. The movable type may make it easier to enter and exit the chair. Just ensure that they remain in place in the down position for safety during use.

Those who want to stand up to exit the shower should ensure durable armrests. These make it easier to lift your body if you have leg weakness.

Chair Seats

The seats on these chairs come in several options. Some seats are cutout, making them ideal for both showering and toileting. Some chairs will also have an attached commode for additional convenience.

The chair should be comfortable and wide enough to accommodate you. One with some padding may be beneficial.

Some chairs have seats that swivel or rotate. Those who need to transfer to and from a wheelchair may find this option safer and more convenient.

Chair Considerations

The two primary considerations are the height and width of the seat of the chair. Measure your bottom, from your left hip to your right hip. This information helps you to choose a seat that is wide enough to ensure comfort.

The height should be at a level where you can firmly plant your feet on the ground when you are sitting. The proper height ensures safety and greater ergonomics when you are using the chair.


The bathroom can pose significant safety risks for people of all ages. Water can splash out of the sink or tub onto the floor and create especially hazardous conditions for seniors. Shower safety is crucial, and each of these shower chairs present a reliable solution for those in need.

Depending on personal needs and arrangements, we’re confident seniors and caregivers will be able to find a chair here that gets the job done right.

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