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Your walker is an excellent tool to help you stay active even with limited mobility. Remaining active can help the elderly prevent bed sores, muscle atrophy, and keep you in better cardio shape than staying sedentary. The convenience trays can add to walkers not only makes life easier but may also help keep you using your walker for both safety and walking exercise more often.

Whether you need a standard model walker tray for general use, want a folding option you can keep on your walker, or love the idea of a non-slip version for preventing spills as well as using for hobbies, we have you covered. We’ve rounded up our favorite three trays for walkers for 2022.

How We Found the Best Trays for Walkers

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Best Overall

Yunga Tart Walker Tray (Gray)

Price not available

Features and Specifications


  • Well-rated by users

  • Available in your choice of five colors

  • Matted surface for reduced slipping

  • Removable adjustment spacers add more secure fit

  • Affordable


  • Not designed for all walker sizes

  • Some users did not like size of cupholders

The Yunga Tart Walker Tray is ideal for those who are looking for a well-rated, general tray for walkers. We like that this tray installs with ease and can also be removed easily for cleaning and during times you don’t want a shelf in your way. It features one cupholder for a standard mug and one for a larger sized cup or mug.

A fun bonus is that this tray comes in a variety of colors (they vary in availability depending on the season). For seniors who like to have some color in their surroundings or don’t often get to pick their living space décor anymore, this can be a small yet excellent perk in this walker tray.

The dip at the front of the device helps keep items from falling off the front of the tray. The slightly contoured design allows you to remain close to your walker while using this tray, which is a fantastic feature for safety. No need to reach or bend over farther as with an entirely rectangular-shaped model. We found this walker tray exceptionally simple to both clean as well as install and remove.

Our Verdict

We’re big fans of the adjustable spacers, choice of colors, as well as the ease of removal for cleaning.

Best Folding Tray

Yunga Tart Flippin’ Tray

Price not available

Features and Specifications


  • Can carry up to 5 pounds

  • Translucent cover to display your lists or photos

  • Cover stays in place even when flipped down

  • Easy to flip tray up and down

  • Dishwasher-safe top in case of spills

  • Well-rated by users


  • For standard, two-button release walkers only

  • Occasionally out of stock

The Yunga Tart Flippin’ Tray is not only an excellent, highly-rated tray but also a beautiful way to display photos or reminders. The translucent cover on this tray means you can add pictures, to-do lists, or small keepsakes on your tray while keeping them safe from food spills.

The clear cover is removable and safe for dishwasher use. It also remains in place even while the tray is in folded-down position. This can be a great way to display pictures from days gone by, photos of the grandkids, or even holiday cards.

The quick-release folding action makes this an ideal tray for seniors who will use it often and don’t want to remove their tray completely when they want it out of the way. We like that the removable clear cover is straightforward to remove and clean, rather than having to take off the entire tray completely. Please note, this folding tray is only for standard, two-button release walkers. You can contact the seller if you have questions about it fitting your walker.

Our Verdict

The dishwasher-safe, translucent cover to display photos and the easy of fold-up and fold-down action on this tray make it our favorite folding option.

Best With Non-Slip Mat

North American Walker Tray with Non-Slip Grip Mat


Features and Specifications

  • Turn any walker into a TV tray, easily transfer meals from room to room
  • Ideal Tray for crafts, reading materials & more
  • Tray includes grip mat, two recessed cup holders for secured beverages and raised edges to prevent spills.Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fits most standard walker – Tray fits walker handle bars 1.75 inches by 11.50 inches, with no horizantal bar directly at the top.
  • 20.75″L x 15.75″W x 1″H


  • Extremely slip-resistant for items on the tray

  • Removable mat makes cleaning easy

  • Fits most standard walkers

  • Affordable price

  • Straightforward installation and removal


  • Only available in gray/charcoal color

  • Be careful about fit, did not work for many users

The North American Walker Tray with Non-Slip Grip Mat is an excellent option for those more concerned with items slipping around their walker tray. The non-slip pad is also removable for cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about crumbs or spills collecting in hard to reach cracks around the edges.

This tray fits most walker standard sizes and features two cup holders. Double check your measurements, as one of the main complaints was of this tray not matching specific walker sizes. For the majority of elderly users, however, this is a convenient tray that we think works well not only for meals, but for hobbies and crafts that require a more non-slip surface than the average walker tray.

Our Verdict

We love the highly non-slip surface of the mat on this tray, and even better that it’s removable for easy cleaning.

If It Encourages Walker Use, Get a Tray

A study from Oxford University found that 75 percent of people who were prescribed a walker and fell at home were not using their walker when their fall occurred. Anything that will make life more comfortable with a walker is a good idea if it encourages the elderly or those with limited mobility to use the device. If a walker tray enables you able to use your walker at times, you might try to skip it, getting one is worth the price.

If you live by yourself and do not have a tray to carry items and feel you have to forgo using your walker to transport a meal from one place to another, this is a perfect situation for investing in a walker tray. Not only can you move things around easier, but you can also utilize a tray for holding small handbags, playing cards on, and as a rest for items such as books or crossword puzzles.

What To Look For In A Walker Tray

Not all trays for walkers are created equal. Before purchasing your pick, there are a few critical factors to consider. Do this before buying a tray to prevent the hassle of having to return an ill-fitting walker tray or one that does not suit your needs.

Check Measurements Carefully

One of the most significant issues with walker trays and negative reviews is the matter of fit. Double and then triple check the measurements of your walker mobility aid, the distance between handles, the type of walker you have, and any requirements in the listing for the tray itself. For example, not all folding tray-shelves will fit your walker or rolling walker. Be sure to check tray weight limits, and the size for walker handles if they’re available.

Particularly in the case of extra-large or bariatric walkers, you will likely need to get a specialized size for a tray. Even in the case of more standardized walkers, you may find that the diameter of tubes on your handles may vary slightly from other designs.

Contemplate The Kind Of Use Your Tray Will Get

Before you decide on your walker tray, think honestly about how often you will use it. If you don’t want one attached all of the time, the Yunga Tart Walker Tray model is fantastic overall and can be removed any time you want. Or, for example, you want a tray that will remain on your walker all of the time, that can be folded out of the way, and you’d like to decorate with pictures, we recommend the Yunga Tart Flippin’ Tray.

Read Reviews And Answered Questions

Reading reviews by other users can help you vastly in making a decision on which tray is best for you. If there are a small number of negative reviews, take them with a grain of salt. Look for feedback on sturdiness with trays for walkers in particular, and ease of use from aging seniors who left reviews.

If a surprisingly large amount of users leave only one-star ratings, it’s worth looking into why that is the case. It’s best to aim for a product that has at least four stars. The “answered questions” section on Amazon, which is directly next to the “customer reviews” can be a fantastic help in more specific issues you might be wondering about a product.

If they’re a more popularly purchased item, some products often have hundreds of answered questions. Many of these will be asked by others with limited mobility or elderly walker tray users. The seller will frequently answer some of these questions, so if you’re curious about an odd measurement or the availability of different colors, it’s an excellent resource.

Cleaning Walker Trays

It’s crucial to keep your walker tray clean and sanitized, especially during flu season, if you live in a nursing home with several other people, if you will be using your walker tray for meals, and if you ever set items that get handled frequently—such as keys or phones—on your tray-shelf.

Follow the guidelines for your particular walker tray regarding hand-washing or dishwasher safety. Wiping down trays occasionally with disinfectant wipes or a water and vinegar mixture is an excellent way to clean them up between more thorough washes.

Use Caution With Walker Balance

Whenever you use a walker tray, test out its weight limit in a safe manner and check for balance issues. If you place too many items near the front, for example, does your walker mobility device start to lean forward? If at all possible, do this test with someone’s help, or at a minimum, in a safe location where you will not fall along with your walker if it does happen to tumble over.


If you’re making up your mind about which model is best for you, or how much you will use it, we recommend trying out the Yunga Tart Walker Tray as long as it will fit your device measurements. We like this tray because it’s affordable and a fantastic option for general use with most aging individuals. It also comes in a handful of pleasant colors, which is a nice bonus for something you will most likely spend an ample amount of time looking at if you use it often.

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