Best Suction Grab Bars For The Bathroom

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The National Council on Aging says every 11 seconds a senior citizen is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Bathrooms can play a big role, but you can protect yourself in the shower and bathtub. One of the most practical ways is with products like the ones in our Best Suction Grab Bars for the Bathroom.

How We Found the Best Suction Grab Bars for the Bathroom

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Best Grip

Safe-er-Grip Changing Lifestyles Suction Cup Grab Bars For Bathtubs & Showers; Safety Bathroom Assist Handle, White & Grey, 16 Inches


Features and Specifications

  • NO TOOL INSTALL: position suction cup grab bar on bathtub or shower wall; flip latches up; apply pressure to handle; press each latch down to lock suction grips in place; ability to easily relocate this portable handle is perfect for travel
  • Sturdy secure suction cups work on non-porous flat surfaces including tile, glass, acrylic, and metal; grab bars provide stability when entering or exiting a bathtub or shower; can be used as a disability aid to prevent falls for elderly, disabled, or…
  • TIP: bar is to be used only to assist and help balance a person’s body; not to hold full body weight; suction cup device must be applied to smooth, flat, non-porous surface; do NOT cover grout lines; will not work on drywall, fiberglass, or marble tile
  • NON SLIP GRIP: textured contoured rubber grip provides safety and comfort; total length of bar is 16.5″; suction cups are 3.75″ in diameter; measure tiles and distance between them prior to purchase as suction cups cannot overlap grout line
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: our durable, nontoxic material makes this a long lasting product to facilitate bathroom safety; perfect assist for shower or bath when traveling; strong suction design provides security needed without damage to applied surfaces


  • The tabs make it easy to use wherever you need a hand

  • It requires no installation or tools to attach it

  • Textured pads underneath it allow for a more secure grip

  • It’s affordable

  • You can take it with you when you travel


  • Limited weight capacity

  • Limited color options

The Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 17″ Bath & Shower Handle offers a quick way to add an assist bar wherever you need it. You don’t need to drill holes or mess up any fixtures to attach it. It has 4-inch diameter suction cups on each end. You can use it on any smooth surface that is large enough to accommodate them. It’s a decent value for the price if used as directed.

Our Verdict

Its clever attachment allows you to use it anywhere.

Features and Specifications

  • SHOWER GRAB BAR EASILY ADDS SAFETY AND STABILITY to your bath and shower. Your suction cup grab bar features a 180 degree swivel mechanism for great versatility and a secure customized fit.
  • CONVENIENT SAFETY COLOR INDICATOR tells you when it’s secure as the indicator changes from red to green to signify when the grab bar is securely attached to the wall. Easy!
  • SIMPLE NO TOOL EASY ASSEMBLY as your bathroom safety grab bar is super easy to install, saving you time.
  • SHOWER GRAB BAR GIVES YOU STABLE ASSISTANCE getting in and out of your shower or bath, and measures 19.5 inches with 4 inch suction cups.
  • WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE: Amazon Exclusive Limited warranty may apply. Please see product for additional details. NOTE: we can only guarantee the quality of this product when sold through or Brazos Walking Sticks.


  • Easy to attach

  • 24-inch length allows room for both hands

  • Red/green safety indicator


  • Works only on smooth, dry surfacesLimited color options

  • Smaller than average suction cups

The DMI Shower Grab Bar has a red/green indicator to show when it is safely attached to the wall. Green means it’s safe to use, red means the suction isn’t air tight. This grab bar doesn’t require any tools to install and can be moved based on your need and will swivel 180 degrees.

Our Verdict

The safety indicator is a welcome feature of this product.

Best 12-Inch

Moen LR2308W Home Care 12″ Suction Balance Assist Bathroom Saftey Hand Grip, White

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • COOL WHITE: Glacier White finish coordinates with many shower walls
  • SUPPORTIVE DESIGN: Suction installation for balance assistance; For balance assist only and not for weight leverage
  • SIZE: 12-inch bar length
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moen’s Limited Warranty


  • Easy to install

  • Comfortable, contoured shape

  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Can’t be used on tiled surfaces

  • Limited color options

The Moen LR2308W Home Care 12-Inch Suction Balance Assist Bath Grip is another no-tools-required product that can attach where you need it. It has a comfortable grip and the bar attaches to the wall with suction cups that are 3 ¾ inches in diameter. It’s best to use for balance instead of pulling yourself out of the shower or tub or up or down from the toilet.

Our Verdict

The pleasing design makes it a practical addition to your bathroom.

Features and Specifications

  • INSTALL & REMOVE EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Our suction shower grab bar features dual locking suction cups for increased stability & color-changing indicators to show when the bar is locked. Compact and lightweight for ease in travel & install in hotel rooms or…
  • EXTRA STRONG AND SAFE: The 12″ Ultra Grip shower handle assists users in safely entering or leaving the bathtub or shower. The ultra strong, dual locking suction cups provide a secure hold mounted to any smooth, flat, and non-porous surface, for safety…
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Easy to install and uninstall, the Carex Ultra Grip grab bar can be installed and removed without the use of tools. No tools, no fuss.Material:Plastic
  • PERFECT GIFT: Carex shower grab bar is ideal gift for seniors, elderly, handicaps and toddlers, showing that you care about their safety. Moreover, it is suitable for everyone who needs an extra support in slippery areas or has a problem with stability.
  • WORKS ON MOST SURFACES: Shower grab bar works on most bath and shower surfaces, including shower tile and fiberglass. For best results, install the suction shower grab bar on a smooth surface.


  • Easy to install

  • Secure attachment indicator

  • No tools needed for installation


  • Limited color option

  • Limited weight capacity

The Carex Ultra Grip Shower Wall Grab Bar has a safe use indicator that lets you know when it’s installed properly. The suction cups are larger than average at just under 4 inches in diameter and can also be used in walk in tub with shower combo set ups. It stays securely in place until you release it.

Our Verdict

It’s a decent value with excellent suction.

Features & Specs

  • Comes in 19.5 or 23.5-inch lengths
  • Weighs1.5 pounds
  • Ribbed surface for extra grip


  • Available in two sizes

  • Six-month warranty

  • Easy to install


  • Cost

  • Works only on 4-inch tiles or larger

  • Limited weight capacity

The Drive Medical Quick Suction Grab Bar has two sizes from which to choose. The tabs for installation and removal are a different color than the bar for better contrast. It has a slimmer profile than many similar products. The suction cups are also around 4 inches for better adhesion.

Our Verdict

The profile and design are nice though it is the most expensive of its kind.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Grab Bar

Suction grab bars useful for elderly needs in bathroom, but there are several things you should consider before purchasing one. Things to look for include:

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Design
  • Other Features
  • Installation
  • Materials

Most of the grab bars with suction cups are made with heavy duty plastic. They’re designed with textured grips – usually strong rubber – to keep your hand in place when they’re wet.


You’ll find suction grab bars in standard sizes of 12 and 24 inches with some variations, depending on the manufacturer. The swivel ones are an excellent option if you have an odd-shaped space. The other dimension you should note is the height and how far it will protrude out from the wall or another attachment area.

The value of knowing it is that you’ll have an indication of how easy it is to get a grip on it. If you have larger hands, you should look for a product that’ll give you plenty of room between the grip and the wall. Also, pay attention to the diameter of the main piece if you have smaller hands. It can make it more difficult to get a hold of it if it’s too bulky.

Many product descriptions include an image of the suction bar in place to give you an idea of how it’ll work for you. It’s an excellent way to rule out the ones that may give you problems.


There are several features to consider when it comes to design. One is the overall shape. Many will have ends that curl down, giving them a more rounded edge. From a design perspective, it softens the lines and makes them appear less sterile and more likely to fit in with your decor.

Many grab bars come with textured patterns along the bar to improve grip. You’ll see options from contoured handles to texture to rubber pads all with the same purpose. It’s a matter of preference. It’s important that the suction bar have something to make it easier to grip. You should also take into consideration which type of bathtub you are trying to compliment with a grab bar. If you have a walk-in tub, the grab bar of your choice might be different than if you have a standard bathtub or walk-in shower.

Other Features

The snap tab function is undoubtedly an added convenience and contributes to the overall value of the product. If you travel a lot, it’s worthwhile to have since you can take it with you when you’re on the road. Unless you’re staying in a room with preinstalled grab bars, it’s best to take it with you.

Some of the products have a red/green indicator to let you know if the suction bar is securely attached. It’s an added safety feature that’s important to look for when considering your options.


Most of the products we reviewed did not require installation making it easy to put a suction grab bars wherever you need it.

It’s essential when using these types of grab bars that you attach them to surfaces that are clean and dry. They’ll work as described on smooth suraves but may not stick to textured ones since that would leave less space between the suction cup and the wall. Likewise, soap scum will cause a barrier and prevent a good seal.


We touched on the overall look of each suction bar as part of our reviews. It doesn’t speak to how well a product will work but instead considers aesthetics of the piece. Again, it treads in the direction of preference rather than practicality. While not a dealmaker necessarily, it is a factor in our decisions with any object we bring into our home. It’s why style was one of the categories we highlighted.

Using a Suction Cup Grab Bar in the Bathroom

Suction cup grab bars are best used for balance in the shower and bathtub instead of pulling yourself up and down out of a tub or off a toilet. Because suction cup grab bars aren’t wall mounted, they aren’t intended to help leverage your entire body weight.

To decrease your risk of injury, wall-mounted grab bars for the shower and ADA grab bars for the toilet and bathtub are designed to put more weight on them.


The best suction grab bars for the bathroom give older adults that welcome measure of safety when entering or exiting your shower stall or bathtub. It can help provide a quick way to help you balance as you go about your day. It’s a small, practical way to help you continue to age in place.

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