Updated onJun. 30, 2022

Best Walk-In Tub-Shower Combination For Seniors 2022

Walk-in tubs are a popular home feature for older adults who want to age in place and for anyone with limited mobility. But what if you want the benefits of a safe walk-in tub and a shower? Fortunately, there are many trustworthy brands that manufacture walk-in bathtubs that you can upgrade to include a standing showerhead. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top brands to consider when looking for the best walk-in tub and shower combination for your needs. Keep reading to learn which bathtub/shower combos made the list, and how to find a walk-in bath and shower that fits you and your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Most walk-in tubs can be converted into a walk-in tub-shower combination, either directly through the walk-in bath company or with the help of a local plumber.
  • Walk-in baths start at around $2,000 without installation and can go up in price to more than $10,000 for bigger tubs and for those with more therapeutic features.
  • Installation costs can sometimes exceed the price of the tub, depending on factors like the tub you choose, your existing plumbing and electrical, and if you need a bathroom remodel.
  • Walk-in bathtubs come in a wide variety of styles designed for different needs, including two-person tubs, those specifically made for small spaces, wheelchair-accessible models, and simple soaker tubs.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Walk-In Tub-Shower Combination

Tub Size And Shape

There are various types of walk-in tubs that vary based on their size, shape, and features. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of walk-in tubs available.

Soaker Tub

A walk-in soaker tub has high walls with an accessible seat. This is a common and basic style of walk-in bathtub, and it has a lower price point than most of the options below. 

Jetted Tub

A  jetted tub typically has a soaker design with high walls and a seat, but also comes with the added feature of water jets (known as hydrotherapy or whirlpool tubs) or air jets for added relaxation and pain relief. Depending on the brand and tub you purchase, you can typically choose between water jets, air jets, or a combination of the two. 

Lay-Down Tub

A lay-down walk-in tub is similar to your standard bathtub with low walls and no seat, but this style comes with a door on the side that allows you to get in and out of the tub more easily. You won’t find these styles of tubs as often as you will see tubs with high vertical walls because they aren’t as easy to use for older adults or people with limited mobility. 

Two-Person Tub

A two-person tub has two seats, typically located across from one another but sometimes side-by-side. These walk-in baths provide a safe and comfortable tub for couples. 

Wheelchair-Accessible Tub

For a walk-in bath to be wheelchair accessible, it will have high walls, an ADA-compliant seat, and an L-shaped door that allows for easy transfer from your wheelchair to the seat. 

Bariatric Tub

If you weigh more than 300 pounds or have a wider build than the average person, a bariatric tub provides the extra width and support you may need. Bariatric tubs have a wider door, seat, and frame that enhance safety and comfort for people with bigger bodies. 

Tub-Shower Combination

All the various types of walk-in tubs outlined above can be converted into a stand-up shower, although not every company offers this feature. Your installation expert would add a separate shower head above the bath, along with a shower rod or glass screen to protect your bathroom from splashing water. 

Most tubs come equipped with a handheld shower wand as a standard part of the bath, which you can use to clean off when sitting. You only need an additional showerhead if you want to take standing showers or would rather not hold the wand when showering. 

Water Capacity, Fill Time, And Drain Time

One of the biggest factors that differentiates walk-in bath models from each other is their size. A larger walk-in tub can provide a more luxurious bathing experience, but there are downsides. The greater the water capacity of your tub, the longer it takes to fill and drain. Additionally, because you enter using a door on the side of the tub, you must sit inside for the entire fill and drain time. Fortunately, many companies offer fast-fill and drain features, as well as optional heated seats and backrests. 

If you want the tub to fill and drain quickly, a plumber may need to make some changes to your pipes. Additionally, larger tubs may require a bigger water heater than you currently have. These home modifications can easily add $5,000 or more to the cost of your tub and installation, so you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of a bigger tub versus a smaller tub before making your final purchase. 

Safety Features

One of the biggest perks of a walk-in tub is superior bathroom safety. Walk-in tubs have a side door with a low threshold, allowing you to enter and exit the bath more easily. In addition to the easy-entry door design, you may also find the following safety features:

  • Textured flooring: Most walk-in bathtubs have textured floors designed to reduce the risk of falling. Non-slip floors are particularly important in hybrid tub-shower models because you may choose to spend some of your time standing. 
  • Safety rails: Handrails provide added security when moving around in the tub, lessening your chance of falling. 
  • Grab bars: Grab bars and rails provide added security when moving around in the tub, offering a secure point for support and balance and reducing your chance of falling.
  • Low threshold: All walk-in tubs have a lip along the bottom that you must step over when getting into or out of the tub. Lower thresholds with a step-in height of around 3 inches are best if you have mobility challenges. 
  • Leak-proof doors: Every walk-in tub comes standard with leak-proof doors that stop water from seeping through the door and onto the bathroom floor. 
  • Easy cleaning: Some tubs have self-cleaning jets, significantly reducing upkeep. By lessening how often you need to maneuver around the tub to clean it, a self-cleaning tub minimizes the chance of you falling or hurting yourself when cleaning the tub. 

Door Design

You have multiple options when choosing the best walk-in tub for you, and door design is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to your safety and ease of use. 

All walk-in tubs have doors that open either inwards or outwards. Outward-opening doors are easier to navigate if you have limited mobility, and this is the only type of door that properly accommodates people who use wheelchairs. If you have a small bathroom or a limited budget, you may opt for the more affordable and space-saving, inward-opening door. 

You will also want to consider door and drain orientation when choosing the right walk-in tub. Most models come standard with right-ride door and drain orientation. This means that the door and drain are situated on the right-hand side of the tub, and you’ll likely use your right hand to open the door and get in. If you’re left-handed you may prefer a left door and drain, but other considerations that will help to determine your ideal door and drain orientation. You may be right-handed, but your bathroom shape might make it easier to get into and out of a left side walk-in tub. Any type of weakness, injury, or disability affecting one side more than the other could also have an effect on which side door and drain you choose.

Next, consider how wide the opening of the tub is. If you use a wheelchair or have a wide body shape, a wider door will be safer and improve accessibility. And don’t forget to ask about the threshold height, which is the height of the lip that you must step over when you open your tub’s door. Lower thresholds are safer if you can’t walk or struggle with high steps.  

Quick Drainage

One downside to a walk-in tub and shower combination is that you must wait for the tub to drain before you can open the door to get out. Depending on the tub you purchase and your bathroom’s plumbing, this draining process can take as little as one minute or as long as 10 minutes. To ensure that you don’t get cold while waiting, we recommend looking for a tub model with a fast-drain design. 

Luxury Features

While you can find a simple walk-in tub-shower combination, most styles have luxury features. These options may enhance comfort, bring added pain relief, or improve useability. Here are some of the most common high-end features you have to choose from: 

  • Jets: Tubs may feature jets that massage your legs, feet, and back. There are water jets, or whirlpool baths, which offer a deep massage. Another type of jet is the air jet that pushes out air instead of water, providing a gentler massage, which is excellent for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Temperature control: Some tubs have in-line water heaters that keep the water at your preferred temperature. This feature is important in larger tubs because longer fill times can mean the water cools down more than you’d prefer. Another temperature control is a thermostatic control valve or scald prevention valve, which ensures that the water coming out of the faucet isn’t too hot. 
  • Handheld shower wand: Most hybrid tub-shower combinations have a handheld shower faucet that allows you to shower off after a bath. 
  • Showerhead: A fixed showerhead is an add-on feature available with most walk-in tubs. This type of showerhead can usually be used either when sitting or standing for a traditional shower experience. 
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy tubs typically have a designated place for you to easily add essential oils. While this is nice, you can alternatively use scented bath products or candles for a similar experience. 
  • Chromotherapy: A chromotherapy tub has built-in lights that change the water’s color. Because different colors have been shown to alter our moods, chromotherapy can add another layer of relaxation.  

Installation And Tub Price

A walk-in tub-shower combination may cost as little as $2,000 or more than $10,000, and this price includes only the tub. Additional costs include tub installation and potential fees for electric or plumbing updates, along with bathroom remodel costs. 

Your existing bathroom setup and the features you desire can also influence your final price. For example, you may find a walk-in tub that easily fits where your existing bath is, or you might need to expand your current shower area to accommodate a larger-sized tub and more advanced electrical features.

We recommend taking advantage of free in-home evaluations when shopping for a walk-in tub. With an evaluation, a professional can examine your bathroom, including the plumbing and electrical, so you know what your options are. There may be affordable baths that work well with your current setup, or you may choose a large remodel project so you can have the in-home spa experience you’ve always dreamed of.

The Best Walk-In Tub-Shower Combinations of 2022

Safe Step: Best For Luxury Shoppers
Walk-In Tub Type Jetted tub Tub-shower combo
PriceOnly available with in-home consultation
Standout FeaturesInstallation in as little as one day Includes a floating remote Free in-home consultation Many luxury features
Kohler: Best Design Features
Walk-In Tub Type Jetted tub Tub-shower combo
PriceOnly available with in-home consultation
Standout FeaturesCustom design features for bath remodel Attractive and minimalist aesthetic Lifetime warranty (excluding labor)
Ella’s Bubbles: Greatest Variety Of Tubs
Walk-In Tub Type Soaker tub Jetted tub Wheelchair-accessible tub Bariatric tub Tub-shower combo Lay-down tub
PriceWalk-in tub: $3,870-$9,990 (installation not included)
Standout FeaturesCarries every type of walk-in tub Tubs for all needs, including small spaces, large bodies, and wheelchair access Head, neck, and seat pillow options
BOCA: Best For Bigger Bodies
Walk-In Tub Type Jetted tub Two-person tub Bariatric tub Tub-shower combo
PriceWalk-in tub (including shipping): $8,430-$10,930 Extras: Up to $12,000 Installation: $2,250+
Standout FeaturesLowest step-in height of 2” or less Bariatric tubs work for people up to 6’6” in height and 450 lbs You may choose between company install and self-install
Meditub: Best For Small Bathrooms
Walk-In Tub Type Soaker tub Jetted tub Wheelchair-accessible tub Bariatric tub
PriceWalk-in tub: $1,900+ (installation not included)
Standout FeaturesTubs with exceptionally small footprints Wide variety of tubs for different price points You can save money with a self-install or by hiring a plumber

Ella’s Bubbles has an extensive walk-in tub portfolio with over 20 models. These models include all main types of walk-in tubs, including soaker-only, jetted, two-person, bariatric, wheelchair-accessible and lay-down tubs. You’ll find tubs small enough for little bathrooms and models large enough for people up to 7 feet tall. In addition to the wide variety of tubs, the wide range of optional therapeutic features allows you to customize your dream tub-shower combo.

  • Carries all walk-in tub styles

  • Shower add-ons include an attractive and versatile glass shower screen and rain shower column

  • Over 20 bathtub models suit the needs of all shoppers; wheelchair access, bigger body support, small footprint, two-person and affordable soaker options

  • Many optional luxury features, including air and water jets, microbubble massage, foot massage, heat and neck pillows, and a glass shower screen

  • Automatic cleaning features on both air and water-jetted tubs

  • Sold at popular retailers, like Lowe’s Home Improvement, as well as on the manufacturer’s website

  • You can find standard pricing online, so you know if you’re getting a competitive price

  • Ella tubs have the option of either right or left side door and drain orientation

  • Tubs start at $3,870 without installation, so no ultra-affordable options

  • Minimal design features (no wall designs or bathroom fixtures)

  • Quick drain doesn’t come standard. Instead, it is an additional cost

Size And Type

Ella’s Bubbles has one of the most extensive selections of walk-in tubs that you’ll find from one company. These tubs range in size from a small 26-inch-by-45-inch soaking tub to a large 36-inch-by-80-inch two-person model. Listed below are the types of walk-in tubs that Ella’s Bubbles offers:

  • Soaker tubs
  • Lay-down tubs
  • Jetted tubs
  • Wheelchair-accessible tubs
  • Bariatric tubs
  • Two-person tubs

You may add a shower column kit to any of the above baths to create a bath and shower combination. Water capacity ranges from that of a traditional tub to over 90 gallons.

Fill And Drain System

Fill time varies depending on the tub you choose and your plumbing, but you can expect an Ella walk-in bathtub to fill to a level where you can use the jets in about 10 minutes. With Ella’s Gravity Driven 2” Dual Drain, which is an optional feature, the tub empties between 80-120 seconds if your plumbing accommodates a fast drain time.

Therapeutic Features

Ella’s Bubbles walk-in bathtubs can include the following therapeutic features:

  • Hydrotherapy and/or air massage jets
  • Infusion Microbubble Therapy
  • Independent foot massage
  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Pillows for the seat, neck, and head
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • 360-degree swivel tray (for drinks, snacks, your phone, etc.)
  • Shower column kit
  • Tempered glass shower screen

While Safe Step only manufactures one walk-in tub model, the therapeutic and safety features make it one of the best luxury walk-in tubs on the market. The Hybrid Tub includes whirlpool jets and a MicroSoothe Air Therapy System, where millions of warm air bubbles travel around the tub to stimulate your skin while keeping the water warm. Other high-end features include a heated seat and backrest, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and a rainfall showerhead.

The tub also features a built-in sanitation system that circulates clean water when using the hydrotherapy jets, anti-scale technology, automatic temperature regulation and a floating remote control. Also, Safe Step provides some of the fastest in-home quotes and installations, with some people receiving their tub the same day they purchase it.

  • Two showerheads, including a rainfall showerhead and adjustable-height handheld wand

  • Generous warranty that covers parts and labor for life (caulking has a two-year warranty)

  • Luxury features come standard, including aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy and a heated backrest and seat.

  • The MicroSoothe Air Therapy System is unique, with millions of warm, tiny bubbles that circulate, keeping the water warm while cleaning and exfoliating skin.

  • Variable tub sizes, including one designed to fit in the same slot as a standard bathtub

  • Safety features include an anti-slip seat and floor, two grab bars, an ADA-compliant seat and anti-scald technology.

  • The arthritis-friendly design makes locking the door and draining the tub easy.

  • Various features, including a mold-resistant and easy-to-clean gel coating and ozone filtration system, promote a hygienic bathing experience.

  • SafeStep tubs have the option for either right or left side door and drain orientation.

  • Pricing is only available with a free in-home consultation.

  • Only inward-swinging door option available, which is not ideal for some people with limited mobility

  • Only one tub model available, which means no baths for couples, heavier people, or anyone who needs an extra-wide or L-shaped door

Size And Type

Safe Step doesn’t provide tub size and water capacity without an in-home consultation. According to Safe Step’s online customer service team, there are customizable options for the tub size. The only type of walk-in tub Safe Step manufactures is a hydrotherapy tub with an optional stand-up shower head. 

Fill And Drain System

Safe Step provides both a fast-fill and fast-drain system. The exact fill and drain speed vary depending on the tub capacity you choose, as well as your plumbing. You may need to alter your plumbing to accommodate faster fill and drain times. When you schedule a free in-home consultation, the consultant will outline the options for your home. 

Therapeutic Features

Safe Steps Hybrid Tub offers the following therapeutic features:

  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • MicroSoothe Air Therapy System
  • Heated backrest and seat
  • A rainfall showerhead and handheld shower wand
  • Sanitation ozone purification system and mold-resistant gel coating
  • Floating remote in addition to the standard on-tub keypad
  • Chromotherapy/light therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Low (4-inch) step threshold
  • Automatic temperature regulation and anti-scald technology

The Kohler Bath and Shower Combo is one of the most attractive options that we’ve seen. When you purchase the combo, you choose one of Kohler’s walk-in baths and have a gooseneck shower arm and Kohler Bath Screen added. The screen is made from glass and has an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. To further create the look you want, you can choose the style and color of the bath wall, the faucet finish, showerhead style and bath color, and add bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Kohler pricing is only available with a personalized quote. After requesting a quote online or by phone, you will be connected to your nearest local authorized dealer to schedule a free in-home consultation and discuss which options are right for you.

  • More design features than most brands, including bathroom wall color, tub color, faucet finishes, showerhead styles and other bathroom accessories and fixtures

  • Low 3-inch threshold for entering and exiting the tub

  • Multifunction Handshower allows a sit-down shower in all walk-in tubs

  • Add an optional shower package to any Kohler walk-in tub for a walk-in bathtub-shower combo

  • Luxury features include hydrotherapy jets, air jets, and fast-drain and fill technology

  • Customizable bath sizes can fit within most existing bathtub footprints

  • Both right side and left side door and drain options are available

  • Pricing is only available with an in-home consultation and quote

  • Only inward-opening door option

  • The heated backrest option doesn’t heat the seat portion, only the back, neck, and shoulders

  • No aromatherapy or chromotherapy add-ons

  • Only one tub type (jetted walk-in bath)

Size And Type

Kohler only provides a one-person jetted walk-in tub that you can upgrade to accommodate showers. The bath fits in a standard tub footprint, even with the shower addition. You may customize the size to work with your bathroom’s dimensions. Tub lengths range from 52-60 inches, and the width ranges from 28-32 inches.

The water capacity of Kohler tubs is around 40-50 gallons, which is similar to the size of a standard water heater.

Fill And Drain System

The Kohler tub comes standard with fast-drain and fast-fill technologies. However, your bathroom plumbing may need to be updated to facilitate expedited drain and fill times.

Therapeutic Features

Kohler’s walk-in bath and shower combo offers the following therapeutic features:

  • Multifunction Handshower and standing showerhead
  • Hydrotherapy water jets
  • BubbleMassage air jets
  • Heated back, shoulder, and neck surfaces
  • In-line heater to keep the water warm  
  • An extra-wide seat (21.5 inches) and low threshold (3-inch step-in)
  • Numerous design options, including bath color, faucet finish, showerhead style, wall design and other bathroom fixtures and accessories

BOCA walk-in tubs come in seven sizes, ranging from those meant to fit in small areas to a tub built for people who weigh up to 450 pounds. In addition to being one of the brands that offers a bariatric tub for bigger bodies, BOCA’s tubs have the lowest threshold height that we’ve seen. At 2 inches or less, you’ll barely have to step up to enter a BOCA tub, which is helpful if you find stepping over things to be challenging.

  • Lowest step-in height (2 inches or less) we found

  • You may add a rainfall showerhead to any tub for a bath and shower combination

  • Provides detailed price breakdown for every tub and addition if you call and request it

  • Bariatric tubs are available for people up to 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing up to 450 pounds

  • You may choose between a BOCA installation, doing it yourself, or hiring a plumber, which can save you money

  • BOCA’s lifetime warranty covers all parts and components

  • Vibe Music System provides built-in Bluetooth speakers for listening to your favorite music

  • Therapeutic add-ons include air jets, whirlpool jets, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, temperature control and heated backrests and seats

  • Left hand and right hand side door and drain options are available

  • Walk-in tubs start at over $8,000, not including installation

  • All doors are inward-opening, which can be difficult for people with mobility challenges

  • No wheelchair-accessible tubs with outward-opening, L-shaped door

Size And Type

BOCA’s tubs include jetted soaker tubs, two-person baths, bariatric tubs and tub-shower combinations. There are seven walk-in tubs with water capacities ranging from roughly 40-80 gallons:

  • Petite: 26 inches wide by 51 inches long by 36 inches tall; requires a 40-gallon or greater water heater
  • Petite Short: 30 inches wide by 47 inches long by 36 inches tall; requires a 40-gallon or greater water heater
  • Standard: 30 inches wide by 51 inches long by 36 inches tall; requires a 40-gallon or greater water heater
  • Deep Soaker: 30 inches wide by 51 inches long by 40 inches tall; requires an 80-gallon or greater water heater
  • Wide: 32 inches wide by 56 inches long by 36 inches tall; requires an 80-gallon or greater water heater
  • Wide/Deep: 32 inches wide by 56 inches long by 40 inches tall; requires an 80-gallon or greater water heater
  • Two-Seater: 32 inches wide by 62 inches long by 36 inches tall; requires an 80-gallon or greater water heater

Fill And Drain System

As with other high-end brands, BOCA provides tubs with expedited fill and drain technology. The caveat is that your plumbing must accommodate these features, which may require some additional plumbing work.  

Therapeutic Features

BOCA’s walk-in bathtubs have all the optional high-end features that you’d expect from a trusted brand, including:

  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Air jets
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Heated seats and backrest
  • Temperature control settings
  • Vibe Music System (built-in Bluetooth speakers)
  • Rainfall showerhead

Meditub is one of the few companies with models designed to fit into spaces even smaller than your average bathtub footprint. For this reason, if you want to install a walk-in bath-shower combination in a small existing shower slot or in a little bathroom, Meditub offers options for these areas. These narrow tubs still provide luxury and safety features, allowing a safe and soothing spa experience in tiny homes, apartments, or mobile homes. 

Meditub doesn’t offer a traditional tub and shower combination, although each tub has a handheld shower wand that you can mount to the wall. Alternatively, Meditub recommends having a plumber install an independent showerhead when putting in the tub. 

When we spoke with a Meditub representative, they recommended purchasing the tub directly through them rather than a third-party dealer to save money. Meditub doesn’t provide anything outside of the tub, so you would work with a plumber of your choice to do measurements and install the tub and shower combination.

  • All tubs are convertible to a shower with an optional shower wall and the handheld showerhead mounted to the wall

  • Prices start at less than $2,000 for a walk-in soaking tub (without installation)

  • Tubs can fit in very small spaces, with tubs as small as 27 inches by 39 inches and 31 inches by 40 inches

  • Fourteen walk-in tub models include two tubs designed for wheelchair accessibility

  • Meditub sells bathtubs directly to the consumer if you call, saving you money over purchasing through third-party dealers

  • You may save money with Meditub over companies that roll together the in-home evaluation, tub, and installation by finding a local plumber with a reasonable hourly rate

  • Meditub provides many models and features, from simple soaker tubs to luxury baths with hydrotherapy, air jets, chromotherapy, and more

  • Meditub models are available in both right hand and left hand door and drain orientation

  • Meditub isn’t a one-stop-shop, so you either have to go through a third-party dealer or find a plumber to help with measurements and installation

  • When you purchase through a third-party dealer, the price of the tub and installation vary

  • There isn’t a luxury tub-shower combo as with most competitors

  • Poor website design means you must call Meditub to find a local dealer or purchase a walk-in tub

  • Some tubs have a threshold of 7 inches, which is a fairly high step for a walk-in tub

  • Mediocre warranty coverage, with some components only covered for one year, and others, 10 years

Size And Type

Meditub has a wide variety of tub sizes and styles that suit most shoppers. For example, you may opt for a simple soaker walk-in or one with jets. The tub types include those with inward- and outward-swinging doors, and there are wheelchair-accessible walk-in models.

The tub size ranges from 26-inches wide, 38-60 inches long, and 37 -42 inches high. Water capacity can be as little as 40 gallons to as much as 95 gallons. 

Fill And Drain System

Meditub provides similar fast fill and drain designs as other leading competitors. The auto drain system can drain in as little as a minute, although this is for a tub with a small water capacity and adequate drain and pipe size. For a comfortable fill and drain experience, you should consider the optional heated back and seat.  

Therapeutic Features

Meditub offers high-end therapeutic features similar to what you’ll find with other walk-in tub brands. These features include:

  • Air massage jets
  • Hydrotherapy (water massage jets)
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Headrest pillow
  • High-end faucets with multiple finishing options
  • Auto Drain for faster drain time

Other Walk-In Tub-Shower Combinations that We Recommend

Although we focused on other standout options, two walk-in tub-shower combination brands deserve honorable mention on our list. Both American Standard and Universal tubs offer quality walk-in tub-shower combos that are worth considering.

American Standard

American Standard is a well-known company offering bathroom, kitchen, and commercial fixtures. They carry a variety of walk-in tub-shower combinations in three ranges: Gelcoat Value Series, Gelcoat Premium Series, and Acryllic Luxury Series. An American Standard walk-in tub offers basic options as well as options that include hydrotherapy and chromatherapy features. 

Pricing ranges from $5202 to $9877, and each series have a variety of sizing options to fit your space and needs. Some models have hydrotherapy and chromatherapy options available to customize your therapeutic experience, adding calming and soothing effects. Built-in grab bars are standard on all models, and all models offer a choice between left side or right side door and drain. The lines also include models with both inward and outward swinging doors.

Universal Tubs

Universal Tubs walk-in tubs and tub-shower combos are available through Home Depot and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants an affordable, accessible option. Universal Tubs models are very reasonably priced, ranging from $1989 to $3990. Their price point is especially appealing to anyone on a tighter budget looking for upgraded safety and accessibility in their tub or shower.

Models include a variety of features including air jets, whirlpool, infusion microbubble, and combinations. Universal Tubs also offers standard soaking walk-in tubs for those looking for a more basic option. Safety features across all models include a low-entry threshold for easy entry and exit, safe reach grab bars for enhanced stability, slip-resistant stepping surfaces and ADA compliant seating. The option for left hand or right hand side door and drain is available for most models. 

When considering Universal Tubs, be aware that Home Depot may not offer installation services in your area and installation through a separate contractor or service may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most walk-in tubs come with a handheld shower wand and can be upgraded with a full-size showerhead that works for a shower when standing or sitting. Even if you choose a walk-in tub that doesn’t have the option to upgrade to a shower and tub combo, a local plumber can help set this up for you.

Pricing is accurate as of March 3, 2022.


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