Eargo 6 Hearing Aid Review

Updated: Apr 14, 2023
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Eargo 6 OTC Hearing Aid

Cost: $2,450 per pair
Style: Completely-in-Canal (CIC)
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Bluetooth Streaming: No
Severity of Hearing Loss: Mild to moderate

  • 45-day trial period
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • Over-the-counter purchasing
  • Automatic sound program adjustments

The Eargo 6 was launched in January 2022 as an over the counter (OTC) hearing aid directly through the brand’s website as well as in select stores.

While there is much debate about the FDA’s recent approval of selling hearing aids OTC, studies on outcome evaluation suggest positive outcomes of OTC devices in the older adult population.

Like its predecessor, the Eargo 5, it sits completely in the canal (CIC) and is rechargeable. It offers new technology additions—the most notable of which is called Sound Adjust. With this capability, the device is designed to automatically adjust levels when it senses you have moved into a different listening environment. Eargo has also made improvements in background noise cancellation and water resistance with this latest model.

Eargo 6 Hearing Aid

Sound Adjust

The Eargo 6 offers automatic program adjustments. This means that while you can still use the app or double-tap feature to switch between preset programs, the Eargo 6 will sense when you are entering a new sound environment and automatically adjust accordingly in 10–30 milliseconds. For example, if you’re walking into a noisy restaurant, you shouldn’t have to make any manual adjustments, and the same is true for when you leave and enter into a quieter environment.

While this specific technology sounds like a game changer, realistically it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Dr. Rachel Magann Faivre, Au.D, a longtime audiologist and owner of Oklahoma City-based ASH Audiology, noted that it can be inaccurate, and when the sound does adjust with the new environment, it can’t be measured objectively from person to person. “With any OTC or [prescription] hearing aid, the manufacturers have their marketing points that don’t always equate to real world improvements,” she said. This is something to keep in mind when testing your hearing aids during your trial period.

Background Noise Cancellation

Background noise is a common complaint for hearing aid users. Environments with the most background noise generally cause the most trouble for speech comprehension. The Eargo 6 has been programmed with more advanced algorithms than previous models to detect and deflect annoying background noise. It works in conjunction with the Sound Adjust feature to keep speech at the forefront and background noise to a minimum.

Water Resistance

The Eargo 6 is the first Eargo model to incorporate an IP (ingress protection) rating. The IPX 7 rating means that the device can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still function. This does not allow for swimming but does mean that you can exercise and shower without worrying about damaging your hearing aids.

Sound Match

Sound Match was first offered with the Eargo 5. Most hearing loss is not fully symmetric, with one ear more or less affected than the other. Sound Match allows you to create a unique sound profile for each of your hearing aids based on a 10-minute test while wearing them. It customizes your preset programs and Sound Adjust system so that they are specific to the needs of each ear.

Eargo 6 Review

The Eargo 6 hearing aid is a solid choice for its mid-range price. We found in our testing that it stands up against competitors in the same price range now that it features water resistance, automatic sound program adjustment, and reduced background noise interference. You can also order online and customize the fit with different petal tip sizes and shapes. 

The silicone petal tips come in an open or closed shape and mimic the look of petals on a flower. It’s a unique design to this brand and allows for a more customized fit and feel. Closed petal tips offer a tighter fit, minimizing sound leakage and reducing feedback for more moderate hearing loss. Open petals provide a roomier fit and lend a more natural listening experience, making them typically better for milder hearing loss. Both styles come in two size options as well. 

Although the Eargo 6 hearing aid comes with an app that we confirmed through testing easily connects to Android or iPhones, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Most CIC hearing aids don’t, which allows them to remain so small. The app allows you to make real-time, in-ear adjustments to volume (including mute), bass, and treble. It also lets you optimize the programs and the noise filters for different environments, including TV, restaurants, phone calls, and meetings.

You can also use the app to:

  • Access the user guide, tutorials, and help videos.
  • Get support from hearing professionals via chat, phone call, video call, or email.
  • Get notifications and reminders about cleaning your devices and replacing petal tips.

We found the app to be straightforward and easy to use, and we especially appreciated the quick ability to connect with customer support directly through the app.

We were impressed with Eargo’s customer service and support, as well as the generous 45-day free trial period. It has a one-year warranty as well.

Eargo 6 size compared to a quarter


  • Over-the-counter purchasing

  • Nearly invisible CIC style

  • Rechargeable

  • Accessible customer support

  • 45-day trial period


  • No Bluetooth streaming

  • Tiny size difficult for large or stiff fingers

Eargo 6 Overview

Completely-in-canal (CIC)
Severity of Hearing Loss Treated
Mild to moderate
Bluetooth Connectivity


Online screening test: Eargo offers a free online hearing screening in case you are questioning whether or not you would benefit from the use of hearing aids. It takes about 10 minutes and tests your ability to detect various tones and levels using headphones or earbuds.

Hearing Professional Support: Although a hearing professional is not required in order to purchase Eargo 6 hearing aids, the company does provide lifetime technical support by phone. They encourage customers to call once they receive their new OTC hearing aids and speak with one of their audiologists in order to learn how to use and care for their devices. This welcome call promises to cover topics such as:

  • How to properly insert and wear the devices
  • What to expect as you get started and adjust to your new Eargos
  • How to use the charging case
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • How to adjust the sound programs

The app may be used to schedule a live video chat with a hearing professional if you prefer that over a phone call.

Warranty: Unlike the other simpler Eargo hearing aid models with a one-year warranty, the more technologically advanced Eargo 6 comes with a two-year warranty including unlimited repairs. It also includes a one-time loss or damage replacement. There is also a generous 45-day free trial period which offers a full refund should the devices be returned within that time.

Details About the Eargo 6

  • Hearing Device Type: OTC Hearing Aid
  • Release Date: January 2022
  • FDA Classification: FDA Registered Exempt Class II medical device
  • Manual: Eargo 6 Manual
This video shows users how to insert and adjust their Eargo 6 hearing aids.

Testing the Eargo 6 Hearing Aid

We personally tested the Eargo 6 at AgingInPlace.org headquarters as part of our Hearing Aid Testing and Research Summit in July 2022. After evaluating the unboxing and set-up experience, charging system, usability of the app, durability, care and cleaning, tech features, cost, customer support, company reputation, overall user experience, and functionality, it ranked No. 6 out of the 15 models tested. It earned a 3.81/5 stars from our testing team, making it a solid choice for the mid-range price. Although this device may be purchased without the direction of a professional, we did feel that the information provided upon unboxing made the set-up simple and straightforward. We were impressed with the double-tap feature for changing between the six preset programs. The app is also easy to use and customer service quick to respond. We were able to connect with a friendly and helpful representative by video chat in about 20 seconds.

Ordering the Eargo 6

You may purchase directly from the Eargo website or use their directory to find an authorized distributor near you. The Eargo 6 is typically $2,950 for the pair. Eargo offers active duty or military veterans a 20% discount on Eargo 6 hearing aids. Nurses, doctors, and first responders receive a 10% discount on Eargo 6.  Eargo will help you sort through medical insurance requirements in order to use any coverage you may have from your policy. This often involves testing through an audiologist. It’s important to note that the warranty is not valid if not purchased directly through Eargo or an authorized distributor. Purchases from websites such as eBay or Amazon are not protected. They offer financing options through BreadPay for as low as $86 per month for 36 months.

Setting up the Eargo 6

Eargo 6 Unboxing

Upon opening the box of Eargo 6 hearing aids, you will find a charging case with devices inside: a 4-foot-8-inch USB-C charging cord and power block, cleaning tool, extra mic caps, multiple petal options, and a user guide booklet. We were able to install and connect the app in under 20 seconds. The devices themselves are small and could be difficult to manipulate for large, stiff, or numb fingers, but we were able to insert them into the ears without too much trouble and test the double-tap feature, which worked great for changing through preset programs.

Testing the Eargo 6

In addition to the above-mentioned attributes, we found the charging system to be easy to use (as long as you pay attention to the direction of the removal thread—a short, stiff wire used to pick up and manipulate the device). The magnetized feature of the charging case helps guide the aids right into position. It’s important to note that the Eargo 6 does not have Bluetooth functionality, so there is no streaming directly through the devices. The Eargo 6 withstood 10 drop tests from a height of 7.5 feet with no damage and held up to its water resistance rating of IPX7, which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

Bottom Line

For those with mild to moderate perceived hearing loss wanting to purchase hearing aids without an audiologist or testing, Eargo 6 offers a reasonably priced option with plenty of popular tech features like automatic sound adjustments, an easy-to-use app, and water resistance. These hearing aids are also almost invisible when wearing them, setting them apart from competitors. Although you’re not required to use a hearing professional, Eargo makes a point to provide easily accessible tech and customer support. In addition, the generous 45-day free trial period and two-year warranty provide reassurance to customers.

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