6 Benefits Of Stairlifts For Wheelchairs

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

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For many individuals, being confined to a wheelchair was not their lifetime plan. But because of an unexpected tragedy, disease, or aging years, you found yourself thrust into a world that you’d never known before. Wheelchair users encounter several challenges, the most notable of which is limited mobility. For instance, maybe the corridors at your school or workplace turn out to be too tiny for your wheelchair to fit. Probably, the places you wish to explore consist of uneven surfaces that are too difficult to navigate through and traveling on public transit is difficult.

stairlifts for wheelchairs

To get by, wheelchair users need to make adjustments to their lifestyle. With time, however, the changes you make will become a routine and they’ll help you live a happy lifestyle. One of the changes you should consider is installing stairlifts for wheelchairs at your residence. This way, you can move from one-floor level to another with ease. What’s more, a stair lift means that you don’t have to depend on friends or relatives to move about your own home. Stairlifts, as well as elevators, wheelchair platform lifts, and vertical platform lifts offer a ton of other benefits as you will see below.

Stairlifts for Wheelchairs Benefits


old man on stairlift

The inability to move around safely is a major inconvenience for many seniors.

One of the leading reasons why many elderly or disabled people choose to live in a healthcare or senior living facility is because they can no longer get around their homes with ease even if they’re using wheelchairs. The inability to move around safely is a major inconvenience for many seniors. And, although professional caregivers can help the elderly meet their basic needs, they cannot be expected to provide this help round-the-clock.

Additionally, hiring a caregiver is a costly expense that may prove to be beyond the financial reach of many seniors. This means, therefore, that simple tasks such as taking a bath, moving from one floor to the next, or even getting out of your favorite chair in the living room, may become an impossible task. It is what leads to many people ‘accepting’ the situation in which they find themselves.

If you frequently experience anxiety attacks when you have to use the stairs, you should realize that stairlifts can easily help with this problem. With a stairlift in place, you will get to enjoy peace of mind and independence as you can easily be transported from floor to floor using the push of a button.

In addition, when not in use, you can use the remote to send the lift to another floor and out of your sight. This means that there is no reason whatsoever to not enjoy all areas of your residence safely and without having to rely on other persons.


Stairlifts for wheelchairs

The stairlift will help to keep you safe as you move around.

Recent statistics have indicated that many seniors who sustain injuries or experience a fall often do so while in the comfort of their residences, the majority of whom are already using wheelchairs to move around. Such a situation can cause you to let your guard down since it happens right in your home, which you regard as a safe haven.

It is especially true when you consider the use of stairs by people who are elderly or suffering from conditions such as arthritis. This makes the stairs to become the most dangerous areas of the residence. The stairlift will help to keep you safe as you move around and it eliminates the risk of tripping on an item, slipping, suddenly becoming dizzy, or tired, as well as that of missing a step.

All you have to do when you want to move to a different floor is activate the lift to come to your current location, get in, buckle up, and in a few seconds, you are on your way up. Stairlifts for wheelchairs are designed to be smart devices, which assist them a sense or detect objects that may be along their path. It is a mechanism designed to prevent collisions.

Modern lifts come with a battery backup in case there is a power outage in the area ensuring that you will never become stranded. A swivel seat is also included to help with the landing. Safety mechanisms have been enacted to ensure that young children cannot activate the stairlifts by mistake.


The stairlifts are designed in such a way that they can be installed on any kind of staircase. This means that you can have it connected to your house regardless of whether you have curved, straight, or several landings in your staircase. What’s even better, is the fact that you can install this lift on any side of the staircase that you fancy.

To ease movement, manufacturers often provide controls for both left- and right-handed people. The remote mentioned earlier comes in handy in getting it to another floor where it may be needed, or when you just need it out of your sight.

In home stairlift

Economical And Practical

Studies conducted by the U.S. National Institute on Aging indicate that there are currently more than 35 million people above 65 years in the U.S. today.

Statistics show that people are now living longer than during any other time in recent history. Studies conducted by the U.S. National Institute on Aging indicate that there are currently more than 35 million people above 65 years in the U.S. today. An analysis of these results shows that this is double the number it was at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is a number that is expected to double in the coming years. Along with being able to lead a long life, a need for independent living among the elderly is emerging. This is something that most people had not thought about in previous years.

Therefore, if you are among the millions of people who reside in a 2-story residence, one of the best alterations you can have made to your home would be the installation of a stairlift. It is affordable, safe, and practical. Furthermore, by installing this stairlift, you will be saving yourself and your family, thousands of dollars that would have been used in a senior living facility or in constructing another room for you in the lower floors.

Standard Space Footprint

A standard stairlift can easily be installed in a single day. Moreover, the stairlift will not take up much space in your house. Regardless of how the staircase has been constructed, or how small or big it is, you can easily find something that works for you. Many stairlift providers will actually come to your residence to ascertain the conditions of the stairs while taking measurements to make sure that they find you the right fit. Additional factors considered during selection include your dominant hand, the type of wheelchair that you use, your height, as well as staircase measurements.

Indoor And Outdoor Use

outdoor wheelchair stairlift

The good thing with a stairlift is that it is not necessarily restricted for indoor use. If you have a patio, deck, or porch that has front walkway steps and stairs; you could find it convenient and in some cases necessary to have professionals install a stair lift in the steps as well. Lifts can be installed to fit the available size—it does not matter whether you only have 2 or 3 steps—and as is the case with the indoors, you’ll have the freedom to move about without the fear of falling. This is meant to further increase your independence allowing you to explore the outdoors in your wheelchair instead of being stuck indoors.

What to Look for When Purchasing Stairlifts?

If a door exists at the bottom of your stairs, ensure the distance between the landing and the door is measured.

For any elderly person who has a mobility-related problem, the stairs tend to be the biggest problem when moving around in a wheelchair. In such a case, the stairlifts should be your immediate solution, if you’re determined to live independently. Are you considering getting a stairlift installed in your apartment? Then you need to do your research, compare different manufacturers, and determine the features that come with each model.

Ferrying a Mobility Device

There are stairlifts that only consist of the seat. These are ideal for elderly people who can move about without the use of a wheelchair. However, if you use a mobility device or a wheelchair, go for a heavy-duty model. Such a model will enable you to carry your equipment from one floor to the next.

Installation Considerations

Your lift will most probably be mounted on the steps of your stairs. This may call for the trimming of your carpet so as to accommodate the bracket screws. Furthermore, the track will likely extend beyond the bottom step, which if not properly mounted may present a tripping hazard. If a door exists at the bottom of your stairs, ensure the distance between the landing and the door is measured. You may be forced to remove the door or have it remain closed at all times.


Stairlifts are not inexpensive, but they may be the best option for wheelchair users who wish to live independently in their homes. Purchasing a stairlift can help you save money that would have gone towards paying for a nursing home. Be sure to do thorough research before purchasing stairlifts for wheelchairs to ensure that you find one that meets your needs.

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