Katherine Wessling


Katherine Wessling is a writer, editor and reporter with over 20 years of experience in magazine publishing. She has written about everything from Hermès handbags to the outbreak of Covid, but most enjoys covering various modalities of mind/body health and wellness, and spirituality. Katherine has also created educational content for various websites and worked as a researcher for award-winning playwrights and journalists. She believes in the power of research combined with storytelling to inform and enlighten.

Katherine has been helping her own parents age in place for the past three years. Watching them go through the process and working closely with gerontologists, physical therapists, doctors, nurses and caregivers to ensure their physical and mental health has taught her much about what we need to age safely and gracefully. She is on a mission to share this information with the many other people who are finding themselves facing these circumstances.


  • Wellness
  • Mind & Body
  • Health
  • Spirituality


  • University of California, Berkeley – History, Bachelor of Arts