Best 4 Wheel Walkers With Seats

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Mobility is key for seniors aging in place and finding a versatile 4-wheel walker with a seat allows them to continue their active lifestyle. This type of walker is also referred to as a rollator, as it makes it easier to get around despite any mobility issues one might have.

We have looked at a variety of 4-wheel walkers with seats to find the best options and here are three of the best rollators.

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Best Overall

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker with Seat, Bariatric Rolling Walker Supports up to 500 lbs, Large 8-inch Wheels, Burgundy


  • Assembly is easy for most seniors

  • The wheels move easily over most surface types

  • The walker is easy to push, even for those with arm weakness


  • You cannot adjust the floor to seat height

  • Wheel bearing may come off prematurely

  • Wheel bearing may come off prematurely

The Medline Heavy-Duty Bariatric Mobility Rollator is an ideal choice for bariatric seniors. Plus it’s a portable option that quickly folds up for transport for ensured mobility on-the-go.

The steel frame resists cracking even with heavier weights and the handle height is adjustable so that seniors of varying heights can find the right measurements for them.

The extended width between the handles allows bariatric seniors to slide between them for greater stability when they are walking. The padded backrest and seat provide comfort when you are sitting.

The loop brakes stop easily. The walker maneuvers easily, but due to its width, the rollator may not fit through all door frames.

Our Verdict

This walker accommodates up to 500 pounds, is wide and features a pocket below the seat.

Best With A Basket

ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker, Transport Chair Rolling Walker with 6-inch Wheels, Foldable


  • Converts into a transport chair

  • The brakes are easy to use

  • The wheels easily glide over multiple surfaces, including bumpy ones

  • Doubles as a push wheelchair, complete with footrests


  • You have to remove the basket to fold the chair for transport

  • Brakes may fail prematurely

  • Assembly takes little effort for most seniors

  • Wheels can get stuck on larger cracks

The ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker features standard handgrips that are easy to hold onto, even for seniors with arthritis. When using this as a wheelchair, there is a push bar for caregivers, not to mention footrests that fold over for the patient.

Seniors can adjust the height to ensure the perfect level of stability. The hand brakes lock so that the rollator does not slide away when using the seat. There is a basket underneath the seat, a great feature when seniors want to do a little shopping.

The back support provides extra comfort when seniors are sitting in the padded seat. The frame is aluminum. The frame will not rust even when you use this rollator in moist or humid environments often.

Our Verdict

The height is adjustable on this one, features a basket and has large wheels.

Best Lightweight

Drive Medical Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat, Backrest and Basket, Blue


Features and Specifications

  • Rolling Walker with Seat: Stylish and modern elite walker comes with a lightweight frame and spacious under seat storage basket for added privacy and security
  • Wheeled Walker: Features a built-in brake cable for extra safety and protection; large 8-inch casters allow for optimal steering and rolling comfort of this walker with wheels
  • Adjustable Rollator: Adjust the height of the handlebars for proper posture; ergonomic hand grips provide comfort and control; the padded backrest of the height adjustable rollator provides a perfect place to sit and rest
  • Spacious Storage Bag: Our Hugo elite rollator includes an under-seat storage bag, perfect for securely storing personal belongings or transporting items
  • Foldable Rollator Walker: Portable rollator easily folds and fits into most car trunks; tool-free assembly makes this folding walker quick and easy to set up


  • The brakes are adjustable for different hand strengths

  • Making height adjustments is easy

  • The rollator assembles easily


  • The rollator may be difficult to unfold

  • The wheels may snap off prematurely

  • Can be difficult to reopen from folded mode

The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker is a lightweight and foldable 4-wheel walker. It is ideal for easy movement around the house, and for traveling since it is portable.

The large wheels offer greater stability for seniors on all surface types. And is ideal for bumpy pavement and even grass because the large wheels push easily over rough and soft surfaces. It includes a saddle bag for wallet, keys, phone, and other items needed on-the-go.

Putting the walker together requires no tools. Seniors with moderate hand dexterity can tackle assembly themselves. However, those with significant arthritis in their hands may need assistance.

The brakes are on the handles. They are relatively easy to engage and disengage. The backrest provides extra comfort when seniors sit on the padded seat.

Our Verdict

We like that while lightweight, it accommodates up to 300 pounds, and assembles without tools.

What to Consider When Buying 4 Wheel Walkers with Seats

Before buying a 4-wheel walker with a seat, it is important to get the facts. Learn about the features, the types of rollators, and other important details to ensure that you make the right choice.

Rollator Types

Rollators with four wheels typically come in two options. These include a standard rollator and a bariatric rollator. Both rollator types have the same design with four wheels. There are two wheels in the back and two in the front.

Both provide support and a place to rest for seniors when they are on-the-go. The primary difference is that the bariatric options can accommodate seniors up to 500 pounds. The standard walkers typically support up to 300 pounds.

Sizing Considerations

Most rollators allow you to adjust the different components to your height. It is important that the adjustments are proper to provide the most stability and safety for seniors using the device.

The seat to floor height makes it safe and easy to sit in the chair component. Measure this by measuring from your knees to the floor. This is the height the seat should be at.

The next essential measurement is the handle height. Measure from your wrist to the floor. To perform this measurement, stand up straight, wear flat shoes and bend your elbows slightly so that the back of your wrist is facing the floor.

Use this measurement to determine the proper handle height. At the right height, seniors can grip the rollator handles best.

Specification Consideration

There are numerous specifications that you need to consider when looking for the right 3-wheel seated walker. The proper specifications ensure that the rollator can support you and help you to be safely mobile.

Consider the following specifications and check their measurements as you look for a rollator:

  • The overall weight of the rollator
  • The weight capacity the walker can accommodate
  • The frame width and height
  • The width of the seat
  • The height of the seat
  • The inside width (inside one handle to the other handle)
  • The size of the four wheels

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Seat Options

There are two primary seat choices with this type of walker. These include unpadded and padded seats. Padded seats are a good choice for seniors with hip arthritis or those who are frail. These offer greater comfort in these situations.

Unpadded seats may be easier to clean. These are ideal for seniors who experience incontinence. This type of seat also offers extra stability, so it may be a good option for seniors with unstable balance.

Brake Types

When you sit down, you need to engage the brakes so that the walker does not move. Consider the type of brakes that will be the easiest for you to control and ensure that they lock.

There are loop brakes that are on the handles of the walker. Most seniors can use these without issue. However, those with severe arthritis might find it difficult to keep the brakes pressed down.

The second type is a push-down brake. This type activates due to your weight. A push-down brake is a good option for seniors who have hand dexterity issues or memory impairment.

Features And Accessories

Some scooters allow you to upgrade the different parts, such as getting handles with a better grip or a seat that is larger. You can also look for the following accessories to add:

  • Storage basket
  • Basket organizer
  • Organizer pouch
  • Storage pouch
  • Cup or cane holder
  • Rollator light

Some walkers already come with some of these features and accessories. If the walker you prefer does not have these, they are relatively easy to add to most 4-wheel walkers.


A solid, well-designed walker is worth its weight in gold when it comes to maintaining independence and mobility. As you shop put each walker to the test and consider factors like where it will be used, when, what else it may be needed for, and how it will operate in various weather.

Maker sure you look for something that is comfortable, but safe.

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