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The subject of bedpans and urinals may be an uncomfortable one to discuss, however, it’s a necessary one. More than 800,000 seniors are hospitalized and about 300,000 get a hip fracture as the result of a fall. Our review will show you the full range of products available.

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Best Bariatric

Heavy Duty Large Bariatric Bedpan – Wide Smooth Contoured Stackable Bed Pan – Portable and Easy to Clean


Features and Specifications

  • EXTRA LARGE – Heavy Duty bariatric bedpans are made from strong plastic, with a weight capacity of 450 Lbs. These heavy duty bed pans are designed for heavier patients and is used throughout nursing homes, hospitals, home care, assisted living facilities…
  • CONTOURED SHAPE -These plastic contoured adult bed pans has a smooth contoured shape, that follows the body’s natural curves for added comfort. The bariatric bedpan features a tapered front that slides easily under immobile patients.
  • LONG AND WIDE – Each bedpan measures 15” long from front to back and 12.15’’ wide from side to side. The bed pans can also be used as a female bariatric urinal and specimen collector pan.
  • EASY TO USE – Can be used at home or on the go in a bed, chair, or wheelchair. They can be easily stacked into each other for simple storage. Great for the elderly and those with limited range of motion.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Portable adult toilet pan features a smooth nonstick surface, that make these bed pans hassle-free and easy to clean, with standard household cleaners. Simply spray and wipe down for safe sanitary reuse.


  • It is affordable

  • It is latex-free

  • It is easy to clean

  • It is comfortable for the user with its rounded edges

  • It is durable and can handle regular use


  • Some may find it too small

  • Some may require more depth

The Vakly Extra Large Contour Bariatric Bedpan is ideal for seniors who live at home with the help of a caregiver. Its large profile and contoured shape make it easy for both men and women to use. It’s also practical for the caregiver since it it is easy to move into place. It has a wide rim around the perimeter, making it adequate for heavier individuals.

The product does have some flex which you may like or dislike depending on your individual needs. Key benefits include affordability, a non-stick surface, and it won’t stain.

Our Verdict

It is durable and easy to clean.

Best With A Handle

Medpro Fracture Easy Clean Portable Bed Pan with Plastic Guard and Built-in Handles for Easier Placement and Removal


Features and Specifications

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Bedpans by MedPro are ideal for the immobile patient and are durable and easy to clean. Fracture bedpans are ideal for bedridden patients and are designed to easily slide underneath.
  • PLASTIC GUARD: This plastic adult fracture bedpan features a wide plastic guard to prevent spills and a tapered end for easier placement to ensure bedpan can be comfortably used without worry of spillage.
  • EASY TO USE: Smaller tapered front end makes it easier to slip under your body. No need for heavy lifting or bedside toilets. Great for elderly or convalescents with limited range of motion.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The MedPro Plastic Fracture Bedpan is conveniently designed with built-in handles for easier placement and removal. Prevents cross contamination.
  • MADE FOR DAILY USE: Made from durable thick plastic meant to hold up with daily use, morning to night. Ideal for people with limited mobility or post-op.


  • It is convenient for both the caregiver and the patient

  • It is affordable

  • It is the right size for smaller adults and children

  • You can use it with liners

  • The handles help removal and placement


  • It is perhaps not the best choice for heavier individuals

  • Some may find that the depth is insufficient

The Medpro Fracture Bed Pan with Plastic Guard and Built-In Handles is another product that considers both seniors and their caregivers with added features that make it easy to use for both. Like the previous one, it is tapered to make it more comfortable. The handle and splash guard make it easier to position and help maintain a cleaner environment. It is ideal for individuals with limited to no mobility as it requires little physical effort to position and remove.

It is cost-effective and less bulky than comparable products. While it is comfortable, some may find that it’s too small.

Our Verdict

It is easier for the caregiver to use.

Best Steel


  • It has a higher weight capacity of 350 pounds

  • It is durable and well-made

  • It is rust-resistant

  • It’s easy to clean with its stainless steel finish

  • It is comfortable though cool to the touch


  • It is expensive for what it is

  • Some individuals may find it too high to get onto easily

The Conva Tec Stainless Steel Bed Pan is a well-designed and constructed product, ideal for seniors with limited mobility. It is also tapered at 4 inches at the back and 2.5 inches in the front. It holds up to regular use and cleaning. It is sturdier than comparable products because it’s made of stainless steel. The size will suit most individuals, though it may be too big for smaller individuals.

That said, it is appropriate for use with heavier people because of the materials and construction. The only other drawback we found was the price which is costly compared to other ones on the market.

Our Verdict

It is most appropriate for larger individuals.

Best Contoured Shape

YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan Heavy Duty Smooth Countoured for Bed-Bound Patient (Blue)


Features and Specifications

  • Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, or at home, these bedpans are versatile and can be used by individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • Durable,Strong,Made from high-quality materials.Smooth contoured comfortable edge.
  • Stable,Weight capacity certified up to 100kg/220lbs.YUMSUM bedpans are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for individuals who are unable to leave their bed.
  • Anti-Spill,Reusable and fully autoclavable, Can be boiled and sterilized up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Easy to clean- With the smooth and non-porous surface that makes the bedpan easy to clean after use.


  • It has smooth, rounded edges

  • It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds

  • It is durable

  • You can use it in an autoclave for deep cleaning

  • It’s easy to use


  • It is not as convenient to use from the caregiver’s perspective

  • Because of the height, may not be ideal for immobile individuals

The YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan is made of polypropene which strikes an excellent balance between durability and ease of use. The contoured shape and rounded edges make it a comfortable choice for seniors who require it for daily use. It is ideal for individuals who weigh up to 220 pounds. The solid plastic is thick and holds up to regular use.

It is sturdier than other plastic products we’ve reviewed, making it an excellent value for the price. It’s easy to clean for everyday use and stands up to sterilization.

Our Verdict

It is a sturdy product that will handle a lot of use.

Best Heavy Duty

AliMed BARIATRIC Bedpan, Green, 1200LB Weight Capacity, 711255 (Case of 1)


Features and Specifications

  • Bariatric Bedpan AliMed Green
  • Low profile, large flat supportive area to accommodate larger patients, and is easy to place and remove
  • Autoclavable
  • Low back rim is only 1/2 inches high, allowing users to glide onto the pan easily rather than having to lift and arch their back to allow the pan to be inserted


  • It is well-designed for its intended use

  • It is well-constructed to last

  • You can clean it in an autoclave

  • It is comfortable and easy to use

  • Individuals can use it on their own


  • Some may find it too small and shallow

The AliMed Bariatric Bed Pan is a stark departure from the designs you may typically see in bedpans. It is almost triangular with a larger rim along the back of the product. The sleek, low profile make it ideal for seniors to use alone or with the aid of a caregiver because it is easy to manipulate and position. It can handle weights up to 1,200 pounds, making it a durable and sturdy product for most uses. It slopes down from 3 inches to 0.5 inches making it ideal for heavier individuals.

The product works well and is comfortable. It’s a decent size, albeit, a bit shallow. The best thing about it is that seniors with varying degrees of mobility can use it without assistance.

Our Verdict

The low profile makes it easier for heavier people to use.

Best Inflatable

KIKIGOAL Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue Bed Pan Bedridden Elderly Inflatable Stool Bedsore Toilet

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Material:PVC.comfortable core, soft feel
  • Size:Outside:37x20x30cm,inside:18x8x11cm,Thickness:8cm.
  • With hand pump. Note:don’t inflate too full
  • Smooth and easy to clean.The airtight is closed and can be plugged into the air cushion.
  • Applicable people: incontinence patients, paralyzed patients,elderly etc.


  • It’s comfortable

  • It includes the pump

  • It’s an excellent choice if you have sore hips

  • It’s lightweight

  • It works well for smaller individuals


  • It is a bit on the small side

  • More difficult to clean than comparable products

The KIKIGOAL Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue Bed Pan provides a more comfortable alternative to standard bedpans at an affordable price, which includes the hand pump too. It Is ideal for seniors who may require a bed pan for occasional use as a result of incontinence issues or times of limited mobility. The PVC material is soft and durable. It’s essential not to overinflate it so that it stays flexible. The manufacturer recommends leaving it inflated and using it for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Other than the comfort, the primary function of this product is best as a temporary replacement for a regular bedpan. It’s not as easy to clean as the others which can affect its use.

Our Verdict

It’s a comfortable, albeit, temporary alternative.

Best Pontoon

Healthstar Pontoon Bedpan 2 Quart Rose

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Capacity: 2 Quarts
  • Color: Rose


  • It is inexpensive

  • It is a full-capacity product

  • It is lightweight

  • It is easy to clean

  • It is durable


  • Some individuals may find it too high in the back

  • Limited color options

The Healthstar Pontoon Bedpan is the most affordable of all the products we’ve reviewed. It has an ergonomic shape which makes it comfortable for seniors who may be bedridden or require a bedpan for daily use. It is made from sturdy polypropylene, making it ideal for long-term use. The quality is decent despite the low price. It has a wider profile that tapers to the front of the item.

It’s appropriate for use by both men and women. It’s worth noting that the back is a thinner strip of plastic than you may typically see in these products.

Our Verdict

The ergonomic design adds to its comfort.

Best Urinal

Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit Advantage Urinal System with Spill Proof Collection Bag


Features and Specifications

  • COMPLETELY REDESIGNED now comes with ability to replace the collection bag (see product description)This new bag is the best we’ve ever made. Thicker than most other collection bags, double sealed, kink resistant tubing, new bed hanger, faster draining,…
  • HOW IT WORKS: Urine rapidly drains from the urinal through our kink resistant tubing into a 2-liter collection bag leaving the urinal empty and ready for the next use
  • WHY IT WORKS: We designed this system to help you and your caregiver stay in bed at night promoting better sleep and independence, reducing falls and spills, caregiver burnout, odor and brief use
  • WHO IT WORKS FOR: Wonderful for continent people with mobility disorders, urinary frequency, post operations, have difficulty ambulating to bathroom, Etc. Also great for traveling and camping.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This System includes 1 Replaceable collection bag and 1 COMFORT MALE FIT urinal. This model is portable, Re-useable, easy to clean. Unique padded rim creates a better seal and increased comfort as compared to typical urinals


  • It is discreet

  • It helps prevent trips to the bathroom at night

  • It is a complete unit

  • It is helpful for the caregiver too

  • It is easy to clean


  • Some may find the funnel-end of the product too small to use

The Advantage Urinal Systems Reusable Portable Male Comfort Fit provides a more discreet product for men instead of using a standard bedpan. It is ideal for seniors who live at home and want to maintain independence and privacy, providing men with a safe alternative to repeated trips to the bathroom. It comes as a complete system with everything that you’ll need. It has a one-way valve to reduce spills. The accompanying bag has a decent capacity so that you needn’t get up in the middle of the night. That can, in turn, reduce falls.

That benefits both the patient and the caregiver. If you get dizzy when you stand up, you’re more likely to have an accident. It also saves time for your provider. Overall, it’s an excellent alternative to a regular bedpan.

Our Verdict

It offers a discreet alternative for bedridden men.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bedpan

As you can see, there is a wide range of products that consider both thesenior and their caregiver with modifications to make it easier for both individuals. Often, it comes down to using the item instead of relying on a description. Some things to pay attention to include:

  • Overall Design
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Caregiver Use

We’ll discuss each one in detail with some insights about choosing the right product for you.

Overall Design

The design is straightforward and resembles a toilet. There are, however, a few significant differences. One concerns the shape. Most products have a tapered form to make it easier to place and remove, which is essential for seniors who require the help of a caregiver when using the product This aspect plays a significant role in satisfaction. It has to toe a fine line between ease of use and comfort.

Another consideration is the overall size. That involves the physical dimensions as well as the weight capacity of the product. For heavier individuals, you’ll find items that are labeled bariatric usually with some figure indicating a certified number of pounds. That condition goes the other way too. A bedpan that is too large for the user is equally unpleasant to use.

Bariatric bedpans include features like a wider rim, larger size, and sturdier construction to accommodate the needs of a heavier individual. However, the practical considerations that we discuss below still apply.

Most products are useful for both men and women. However, you will find products like the portable urinal that serve male patients exclusively. It’s an excellent way to afford them some discretion and to prevent trips to the bathroom at night, which increase the risk of falls for seniors. They also offer alternative uses, such as travel, which adds to their value.


These products are most commonly made of PP, PCV, and stainless steel, which. are all relatively easy to clean. The difference often boils down to price. While stainless steel is more durable, it is also more expensive, which is not a major concern since bedpans don’t cost a lot in general. We consider comfort and usability as the main considerations when choosing one over the other.
In any case, careful inspection of the bedpan between uses is imperative. For plastic products, look for ones that have non-stick surfaces to avoid stains. Likewise, stick with rust-resistant ones if you choose an item made from stainless steel. If you find any imperfections, discard it and replace it with another one.


Many bedpans have an ergonomic design which goes a long way to making them more comfortable, especially for seniors who require them for daily use. You’ll see these elements with larger rims, contours, and perhaps, most importantly, rounded edges. It’s essential to remember that a bedridden individual is at a higher risk of getting ulcers or bedsores from laying in the same position for long periods of time. It also raises the chances of an infection.

An uncomfortable bedpan with sharp points can exacerbate the issue and ultimately affect the patient’s quality of life. For seniors aging in place, it is essential to find a product that increases their quality of life, making it safer and more enjoyable for them to live independently. Therefore, we strongly urge you to get feedback from the individual and get a new one if the existing one isn’t working out well for them. There are numerous products on the market, many designed to address specific issues.

Caregiver Use

We would be remiss if we did not mention the usage of a product from the caregiver’s point-of-view. That concerns placement and removal as well as ease of cleaning the bedpan. That aspect makes one with a handle more practical as long as it’s sturdy enough for the weight capacity.

Household cleaners are appropriate for everyday use with these items. For more intense cleaning, the bedpan must be autoclavable to kill all bacteria and pathogens. That’s in the best interest of everyone involved and a worthy consideration when choosing a product.

In any case, it’s essential to have a frank discussion about these kinds of products. After all, nearly 70 percent of individuals over the age of 65 will develop some type of disability that will limit their mobility and independence, making items like bedpans a fact of life.


The best bedpans and urinals provide a comfortable and useful way to take care of the sanitary needs of the senior while making the task less unpleasant for the caregiver. Luckily, there are plenty of products to accommodate a wide range of uses and budgets. It’s an easy way to make sure that you or your loved one has the best quality of life possible while aging in place.

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