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Bedside commodes provide an excellent way to support your aging in place lifestyle with products that allow seniors or individuals with limited mobility to use the bathroom with or without assistance from a caregiver. You can place them over the toilet or use them as standalone unit near your bed. We’ve included several types to accommodate a variety of situations and budgets to help you find the best one for you.

Continue reading to learn more about these useful assistive devices and how they can help you.

How We Found the Best Bedside Commodes

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Best Overall

Drive Medical 11148-1 Steel Bedside Commode Chair, Grey


Features and Specifications

  • 3-in-1 Commode Chair: Versatile 3-in-1 design enables this model to easily be positioned over a standard toilet; can be used as a portable self-contained commode or a shower chair
  • Foldable Frame: Our 350-lb capacity commode chair features fold-up legs for convenient storage and transportation; Seat dimensions: 13.5″ x 15″; Seat height: 16.6″ x 22.5″; Width between arms: 18″, 22.5″ outside
  • Easy To Assemble: Achieve the ideal sitting position by adjusting the seat height via built-in push pins; Durable plastic snap-on seat and lid installs without pushing buttons
  • Quality Construction: Made from durable powder-coated steel, our portable commode and potty chair for adults is capable of supporting up to 350 lbs and features supportive armrests
  • Easy To Clean: Equipped with a convenient carry handle and protective pail cover, our bedside commode bucket is easy to empty; Use commode liners for even quicker clean ups


  • Durable steel construction

  • Easy to fold up and store

  • Affordably priced

  • Stable with its wide stance for safety

  • Simple to assemble


  • No tissue holder

  • Non-returnable

  • Some users may find it uncomfortable

The Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode is an excellent option for seniors at a reasonably priced product, especially if you are looking for a more temporary solution. The seat portion is plastic with a metal frame on which it sits. It’s easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for your caregiver too. You can store and transport it easily when not in use which adds to its value.

The width is 18 inches which some may find a bit narrow. However, it is adjustable with a generous size range to accommodate almost any senior no matter what mobility issue they face. You can use it with or without the commode over your toilet or as a standalone product. We recommend measuring the width to make sure that it will work in your situation. Unfortunately, the item is non-returnable.

Our Verdict

The product is an affordable choice that is adjustable and versatile.

Best Bariatric

DMI Bedside Commode, Portable Toilet, Commode Chair, Raised Toilet Seat with Handles

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • PORTABLE TOILET provides a bedside commode chair where needed. Easily have a toilet wherever it’s needed whether by the bed, in the living room or for travel as a camping toilet
  • RAISED TOILET SEAT has a sturdy safety frame that makes getting up and sitting down significantly easier while providing stability. It also easily positions over existing toilets for enhanced durability while recovering from surgery, for the elderly or…
  • BEDSIDE COMMODE CONVENIENTLY ADJUSTS IN HEIGHT from 16.5 to 23.5 inches in 1 inch increments. The extra wide platform maximizes stability and safety. The width between the toilet safety frame arms is 24 inches, the depth is 17 inches and the commode chair…
  • STEEL COMMODE HAS PLENTY OF CAPACITY with a 7 quart pail that easily slides out with a removable lid that allows for safe transportation of pail contents
  • COMMODE features slip resistant leg tips to make the commode sturdy and safe for weight bearing when sitting or standing. 7 Quart commode bucket with lid and handle included


  • Feel safe using it

  • Sturdy construction for extra stability

  • Easy to use with its extra wide frame

  • Fully assembled for immediate use

  • Comfortable


  • Lacks enough back support to accommodate all individuals

  • Difficult to clean because of texturing on the surface

  • Doesn’t have a lid

The DMI Bedside Commode Chair is a sturdy product that is made to last. The frame is durable and provides reliable support for seniors who need assistance using the bathroom. We loved the fact that it arrived fully assembled for immediate use. You can adjust the height and use it with or without the container. Unfortunately, there is no splash guard.

The design of the item makes it an ideal choice as one of the best bariatric bedside commodes. It’s lightweight and easy to move. It is comfortable with a cushioned seat for seniors struggling with joint and muscle pain or soreness. The supports are a welcome feature with the frame sturdy enough for heavier individuals. The depth of the seat is generous too, though men may find the placement of the opening too far from the front of it.

Our Verdict

The wide, open frame and weight capacity make it an excellent option for overweight individuals.

Best Drop Arm

Medline Heavy Duty Padded Drop-Arm Commode


Features and Specifications

  • Arms swing out of the way for easier lateral transfers on and off the commode
  • Transfers are easier for patients using a wheelchair. Not latex free
  • Place near the bed with near arm down for patients transferring during the night
  • Padded Commode, G98204: 350-lb. (159 kg) Weight capacity; Seat height range, 20″-25″ (51 cm-64 cm); Seat depth, 18″-20″ (46 cm-51 cm); Width between arms, 18.5″ (47 cm); Overall width, 22″ (56 cm)


  • Comfortable

  • Stable support

  • Well-constructed frame and seat for added security

  • Slip-resistant to prevent falls

  • Easy transfers


  • Bulky to move for caregivers

  • Too narrow for some individuals

  • Flawed design of the commode

The Medline Heavy Duty Padded Drop-Arm Commode is designed for both the senior and caregiver with features that make it safe and secure as one of the better choices for best bedside commodes. The drop-arm makes it easy to get in and out of it. You can also remove the backrest if you want to use it over a toilet. The padding is thick and comfortable throughout the construction.

You get both the splashguard and lid with your purchase, indeed a godsend for your caregiver for easy cleaning and a healthier home. However, placement of the commode is awkward with a gap which we found to be inconvenient. Nevertheless, it is an affordable solution for this everyday need when living independently.

Our Verdict

The commode is both stable and comfortable with easy transfers with its drop arm feature.

Best Commode Liners

TidyCare Commode Liners for Bedside Portable Toilet Chair Bucket | Value Pack of 48 Disposable Waste Bags for Adults | Universal Fit


Features and Specifications

  • No More Yuck: No need to clean out liquid and solid waste from portable commode toilets; Simply insert one plastic liner in the bucket; After use, remove liner, tie with drawstring for a seal-tight closure and dispose in garbage
  • 100% Leak Free: No leaking, guaranteed; Keeps everything tidy, sanitary, and hygienic, while also saving time for caregivers, the elderly and bariatric; No cleaning or rinsing of the commode bucket is necessary
  • Easy to Use: Designed for hassle-free use, especially by those who typically depend on using bedside commodes, like those recovering from surgery, bariatric adults, seniors with early dementia, and other such conditions in which mobility is limited
  • Convenience: Value Pack comes with 48 commode liners; Fit all standard-sized commode toilet buckets and are easily disposable; If you’re looking for absorbency, search for TidyCare Convenience Pack, which comes with super-absorbent pads
  • TidyCare Cares: Our products are assembled at Sunshine Industries, a vocational training facility for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities; Your purchase helps these individuals to work in a safe, encouraging & fulfilling environment


  • Leak-free

  • Fits most standard bedside commodes

  • Value-priced

  • Convenient to use


  • Must place the pad in the liner every time

  • Liners are a bit thin

  • Fits loosely on some bedside commodes

TidyCare Commode Liners are some of the best bedside commode liners on the market. They offer a convenient solution for an unpleasant task for caregivers by making it easier and more sanitary to use with a commode. Each package contains 48 liners with absorbent pads that you can put in each one. The 42-inch diameter will fit most standard size commodes, although the tightness of the fit may vary.

The liners each have a drawstring closure and are leak-proof. However, there is the occasional quality control issue. Their practicality is spot-on, making them a worthwhile investment for saving time and effort. The product is made in the USA. Overall, it is an excellent item to use with a bedside commode for a senior who needs this type of assistive device to extend its usability and convenience.

Our Verdict

The liners are an affordable solution and large enough to fit any standard size commode.

Most Comfortable

UltraCommode™ Foldable Commode/Shower Chair- Soft, Warm, Padded and Foldable


Features and Specifications

  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT- Soft, padded, warm seat base, backrest and armrests makes the UltraCommode the worlds #1 most comfortable commode chair. Can also be used as a shower seat and shower chair for inside shower. Commercial grade PU foam will never absorb…
  • PROPERLY SIZED- This toilet seat riser with handles features an extra large seat is 16” x 16” and width between armrests is 20”. Compare these dimensions to other commodes- to ensure this commode chair isn’t too small to be useful or comfortable.
  • SUPERIOR ACCESS- 100% open front on this commode chair for toilet with arms allows for proper and effective wiping and cleaning. No metal bar or toilet seat in the way like old-style commodes. Unique pivoting armrests provide even more convenience as they…
  • FAST, EASY ASSEMBLY- This raised toilet seat is easy to use and easy to assemble. Can be assembled without tools in less than 60 seconds. Medical grade rust-free aluminum frame and commercial grade construction for safe, solid, long term reliability and…
  • MODERN DESIGN- No more need for embarrassing, clunky, monotone commodes that look like they have been around since the 1950s. The UltraCommode shower chair for bathtub and shower features contemporary blue or gray padding options with modern brushed…


  • Quick transfers

  • Comfortable

  • Easy cleaning

  • Lightweight

  • Ability to customize it to fit your situation


  • Expensive

  • Flaws in the design of the commode tracks

The UltraCommode Bedside Commode Chair has several features that make it worth a look despite the higher price tag. It has polyurethane foam padding throughout the construction that provides comfort and versatility. It is waterproof so that a senior can use it in the shower with or without assistance. It folds up quickly, and along with its lighter weight, it’s easy to move and store.

The armrests are movable, making it an option if you need a bedside commode drop arm for transferring. The front is open to accommodate both senior men and women without extra effort. You can adjust the height too. The aluminum frame is wide to provide added stability. The chair is well-designed and constructed to solve two everyday issues for independent living with one product.

Our Verdict

The chair is comfortable and versatile for a product fulfills two needs with one purchase.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bedside Commode

If you have mobility issues, you needn’t give up your independent lifestyle. Many assistive products exist that can overcome the challenges of aging and limited mobility such as a bedside commode. Let’s discuss some features that you should look for to help you choose the one that’s best for you.

Dimensions And Specifications

The standard size for a bedside commode is typically around 18 inches wide which is close to that of the average size toilet. You’ll usually see measurements for the inside and outside of the arms along with a figure for depth. Manufacturers will also provide a weight capacity to accommodate any situation.

These products toe the line between portability and stability. Most place this figure around 300 pounds. You’ll also see bariatric models designed for heavier individuals that offer the same benefits.

The descriptions often mention an adjustable height range which gives you some flexibility whether you’re using it as a standalone unit or over a toilet. You can use some products as shower chairs too. Make a note of the total width of the commode if you intend to use it for this purpose to make sure that it fits in your bathtub or stall.


The construction plays a significant role in the usability and functionality. Manufacturers strive to strike a balance between strength and weight. A steel frame offers the advantage of low cost and durability, making it both an affordable and useful solution. However, it is heavy which is an essential consideration for your caregiver and its usability for users who want to use it without assistance.

Aluminum has the best of both worlds being lightweight and sturdy. It also won’t rust so that you’ll get your money’s worth out of your purchase. Whichever you choose a product, make sure that it has a wide stance which will give you more stability to prevent falls and tipping, especially if you opt for a lighter model.

Less expensive models often have plastic seats, armrests, and other features to cut costs. Today’s materials are strong and able to handle the rigors of everyday use. Also, they are easy to clean which makes them a wise option for maintaining sanitary conditions in your home while saving time and effort.

Other things we like to see included is padding on the seat and backrest along with arm supports to make them easier for you or your loved one to use. You’ll also find products with drop or pivotal arms which can make transfers from a bed to the commode more convenient for you and your caregiver.
Pay attention to the construction of the seat too. Cushioning can make it more comfortable, but also consider details such as the size of the opening and its position. The latter, for example, can affect the practicality of a product for a man versus a woman.

Bedside commodes have either caster wheels or rubberized feet on the legs of the item. The latter is a safer option because it is slip-resistant to make you feel safe while using it. We recommend sticking with standard size products so that you can use the commode with accessories such as a splash guard or liners even if you have to buy them from another manufacturer.


By definition, a commode is portable which distinguishes it from a toilet. It’s far easier to move a lightweight model than a bulky one whether it’s you or your caregiver. It’s an essential consideration if you use this product without assistance too. We’d suggest thinking about the ease of storage if you don’t plan on using it all the time.

Products that fold up offer a distinct advantage in this case. It’s also an essential factor for ones that can serve multiple purposes to support your aging in place. It’ll make it more convenient to move from room to room as needed for use in the shower then back beside your bed. It’ll also allow you to take it traveling.


Finally, it’s important to consider the price too. You’ll find that the cost varies widely from under $100 to thousands of dollars for models that have greater versatility. Think about how and where you’re likely to use the product to help you home in on the features that matter most to you. However, that adage about getting what you pay for applies here too.

Don’t be afraid to invest a bit more in a product as fundamental as this one because of the profound effect it can have on your quality of life. We’d also suggest keeping your caregiver in mind as well with matters such as ease of cleaning and usage. Functionality is another vital factor so that you can get more out of your purchase while solving multiple issues with one product.


Bedside commodes come in a variety of styles and sizes along with different prices. The best products fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and support your independent way of life if limited mobility affects your ability to use the bathroom without assistance. The most important considerations are making your life easier no matter what challenges you face.

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