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From 2013 to 2015, it was estimated around 54.4 million US adults annually were diagnosed with some type of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other painful conditions such as gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia.

It can be frustrating to live with the  chronic pain of these ailments if you  love gardening. However, you don’t have to give up your green thumb due to these ailments. With tools such as foam kneelers and benches, you can keep doing what you love with minimal pain. These items can also help aging seniors assess household tasks that may require getting down low to reach areas. Here are several items that can help you continue to be comfortable in your garden and around the home.

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Best Overall

SONGMICS Garden Kneeler and Seat, Gardening Gifts For Women, Gardening Supplies, Garden Stool


Features and Specifications

  • Great for Gardening: Side handrails of garden kneeler seat make getting up and down easier by providing sturdy support; soft cushion reduces pressure and fatigue on your knees and lower back; low-to-the-ground design protects your clothes from dirt and…
  • Versatile Design: You can use this garden kneeler seat as a bench to do chores or flip it over to use as a kneeler to do your gardening work. Please place it on a level, secure surface
  • Convenient To Fold & Carry: Opening and closing this garden kneeler seat is very easy. It doesn’t take up much room and can be carried around conveniently
  • Bonus Tool Bag: Includes a removable 600 D polyester bag with 4 pockets for keeping your garden tools
  • Power Cushion: Stop worrying about knee, back pain and bruises, our kneeling stool bench comes with a cushioned pad that will protect your legs on every type of ground. It provides lower back support preventing unwanted muscular injuries


  • Outstanding ratio of five-star reviews

  • Foldable bench for simple storage

  • Can be used as kneeler or bench

  • Stain resistant

  • The convenient pocketed pouch can attach to sides

  • The four pockets are ideal for tools and seeds

  • Thicker than average padding on seat/kneeler


  • Thicker than average padding on seat/kneeler

  • Can be shaky or break

The SONGMICS Garden Kneeler with Pouch is ideal for those who want a little assistance getting up and down while gardening. It has side handrails on both ends of the seat to make getting up and down easier with sturdy support. It’s also foldable for convenient storage and carrying. We like that this kneeler has a soft cushion that reduces pressure and fatigue on both your knees and lower back. The low-to-the-ground design helps to protect your clothes from soil and getting grass stained. Another big positive comes in the form of  the versatile design.The device can be flipped over as a kneeler or flipped over the opposite way to be used as a bench. In either position, the kneeler features a side-pocket pouch for holding gardening tools.

Our Verdict

We love this versatile bench/kneeling pad for its thick padding, add-on tool pouch, and the option to be used as a bench or pad with handles to help you up.

Best Runner-Up

Garden Kneeler and Seat with EVA Foam Kneeling Pad, Ohuhu Foldable Garden Stool Bonus 2 Tool Pouches


Features and Specifications

  • ✿ HAPPY KNEES: This handy garden kneeler features an elevated kneeling pad that reduces aches from prolonged kneeling, and keeps your knees away from the muddy ground and grass
  • ✿ KNEELING PAD & GARDEN CHAIR: Flips over to become a garden chair so you can tend to your long-stemmed plants and bigger shrubs in complete comfort (weight capacity: 330. 69lbs/150kg)
  • ✿ FOLDS EASILY: Comes assembled, and opens and closes in a quick snap so you can get down to your gardening as soon as the sun comes up
  • ✿ STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed with a steel frame and EVA for added toughness that takes any garden mishap, and plastic for grandmother-approved lifting
  • ✿ TWO COMPLEMENTARY GARDENING TOOL POUCHES: Attach them to this garden chair with Velcro, and have your clippers, pullers and spades right by your side


  • Foldable design for carrying and storage

  • Available in two-pack

  • Comes with not one but two side pouches

  • Can be flipped over to use as either a kneeler or bench

  • Lightweight for carrying around

  • Fantastic ratings out of nearly 1,000 reviews


  • Sturdiness becomes an issue with increased weight

The Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat is similar to the SONGMICS kneeler, but for just a few dollars more,  comes with two tool pouches. Each pouch comes with lined bags, which can be a benefit to users who need to carry items and tools. We love the multi-function bench and kneeler options, and the handles to help you stand back up when used as a kneeling pad. The design is also very lightweight and simple to fold down and snap in place. The bench is very comfortable, and if you garden regularly with a partner, spouse, or friend, is also available in a two-pack.

Our Verdict

This bench/kneeler offers a seat option as well as a pad with handles to assist you up with twopocket pouches.

Best Foam Kneeler

Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for Exercise


Features and Specifications

  • PATENT-PENDING COMFORTABLE KNEELING PAD – Our Patent-Pending kneeling pad is great for kneeling and helps reduce pain. It is made with the perfect balance of support and comfort – providing you the comfort and support your body needs while keeping you…
  • EXTRA THICK 1-½ INCH – THICKER than other kneeling pads or garden kneelers on the market. Thick kneeling pad will provide the best support and keep you steady while kneeling. THE PERFECT SIZE – Extra Large (XL) 18 X 11 inch – Accommodates your knees with…
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEELER – It’s great for gardening, but it is also great for baby bath time, household chores, exercise and yoga, camping, sport events, home installation and repair, auto repair, and perfect for tradesmen of all kinds including…
  • DURABLE, HIGH DENSITY FOAM – The garden kneeler is constructed with High Density, Non-Recycled material that will last for many years. This kneeling mat will not break down or compress over time and is designed to withstand impacts from stones and rough…
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR WARRANTY – Backed by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We will replace your kneel pad or offer a full refund if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your order. 1 YEAR WARRANTY -…


  • Low cost

  • Hefty 1.5 inches thickness for knee comfort

  • Portable and easy to store

  • Available in three colors

  • Two sizes are optional

  • Excellent for both gardening and indoor floor cleaning


  • Firm padding can be hard for injured knees or extremely lightweight individuals

The RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad has outstanding ratings, with 80 percent of well over 1,000 reviews brining in five-stars. We tried it out and can see why. It’s incredibly lightweight, yet has an extra thick pad for comfort while gardening, kneeling for chores like floor scrubbing, or even fixing lower spots, such as flooring vents or door handles. The affordable price is fantastic, as well. This multi-use pad is easy to store and comes in blue, black, and green. If you are exceptionally small or have severe knee issues, you may want to be aware of the firm padding, as it can be hard on someone who has had recent knee issues or surgery.

Our Verdict

This is a perfect product for those who need dense, thick foam in particular for kneeling projects in the garden or indoors.

Most Foam Roller Runner-Up

InSassy Garden Kneeler Pad – Kneeling Mat for Gardening Baby Bath Yoga Exercise & Prayer

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Made from Non-Recycled, Non-Toxic and High Density Foam to provide Firm support, yet Soft enough to help reduce pain on your knees while kneeling on the ground
  • This Heavy Duty Kneeling Mat protects your Knees both indoors and outdoors from Rough or Sharp Elements like stones and rocks while providing you the Best Comfort, Protection and Pain Free Support getting Up or Down
  • InSassy (TM) Kneeler Wave Pads are the Largest & Thickest size on the market which means your knees aren’t crowded while you enjoy gardening. Exact Dimensions of this Cushion Kneeler Kneepad are 18″ L x 8 1/4″ W x 4/5″ H – Large, 22″ L x 11″ W x 4/5″ H -…
  • Original Build-in Handle Slot and Lightweight Kneeling Pad makes it extremely portable and a breeze to carry around whether you are gardening, on the floor making auto repairs or doing indoor chores
  • Multi-Functional – Perfect for gardener, bathing newborn babies, exercise and yoga, prayer time, auto mechanic, camping and outdoors, carpenter, plumber, painter, household cleaning chores, home, work, sporting events and more with this premium thick…


  • Super low cost

  • Available in five colors

  • Three size options to select from

  • Made from non-toxic foam

  • Built-in carrying handle

  • Lightweight and easy to store

  • Excellent ratings


  • Some found the standard size too small and thin

  • It can dent easily if not stored properly

The InSassy Garden Kneeler Pad Kneeling Mat is perfect for those who want various color and size options in a basic foam kneeler. The pad comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and purple. This kneeling pad is a little thinner than the RED Home Club option, so if you have tried that kneeler and found it too hard on your knees, this is an excellent option to try out. This kneeling pad also allows customers the option of size, accommodating those who made need a larger surface to feel comfortable in their garden.  Just like many other knee pads on the market, this can be used in both the garden and inside for chores or even in the garage for kneeling car repairs.

Our Verdict

Best foam kneeler for those who need a less dense foam kneeler and just need a little cushion for gardening or projects where you have to get down low.

Best Basic Model

Kneeling Pad – 2 Foam Layers (Soft and Hard) – Garden, Baby Bath, Floor Cleaning

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • 2 FOAM LAYERS – EACH WITH DIFFERENT DENSITY – as only kneeling pad on the market. Durable EVA foam 38-40 degrees density (Black side) and elastic EVA foam 15-20 degrees density (Green side).
  • COMFORTABLE SIZE – exact dimensions of this knee saver are 16.8″ x 12.9″ x 1″. Designed to suit anyone of any age and of any size.
  • DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY – the kneeling pad is constructed with high quality EVA foam material that will last for many years. The kneeler is washable and easy to clean.
  • WIDE USE – your knees will thank you for this pad. Perfect construction for gardening, praying, baby bathing, cleaning, floor scrubbing and other household jobs.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – if for any reason you are not happy with the product, please let us know, we’ll refund your money immediately, no questions asked.


  • Zero low reviews from customers

  • Built-in carrying handle

  • Thicker-than-average foam pad

  • Two-layer density in padding for complete comfort

  • Can be turned over depending on which side is gentler on your joints


  • Slightly more expensive than leading competitors

The Navy Penguin Kneeling Pad is unmatched in high and five-star ratings. One of the most exceptional perks of this kneeling pad is the two-density foam layers, balancing the cushion from being too hard or too flimsy. This is like the ‘Goldilocks’ of foam kneelers, as you can flip it to the side that is just right for you. We love this kneeler for its straightforward construction. The foam really is comfortable. The measurements are big enough for a person of average or larger size, but portable enough to store with ease. Ideal for gardens, indoor use, garages, this kneeling pad is worth the few extra dollars, if you’re looking fora quality foam pad to protect your joints.

Our Verdict

Our favorite for the no-frills, high-quality design and two-layer foam with varying density. Pick the cushion side that works best for you!

What To Look For In A Garden Kneeling Pad

Symptomatic osteoarthritis specifically in knees occurs in roughly 10 percent of men and 13 percent in women of the age 60 years and older. To avoid extra pain while doing activities such as the landscaping, you must consider your particular body type, level of joint discomfort, and how often you will use a foam knee pad.

To avoid extra pain while doing activities such as landscaping, you must consider your particular body type, level of joint discomfort, and how often you will use a foam kneepad.

Consider Your Body Type And Joint Condition

If you are a larger individual, look for foam with more density and figure measurements such as the RED Home Club model. Conversely, if you are particularly petite and have severe arthritis in your knees, you might need a much softer cushion. Something like the Navy Penguin dual-density foam pad or the InSassy Garden Kneeler could be good options for your case.

Do You Need Assistance Getting Up?

You also want to consider whether or not having handles on a kneeling bench/pad would be a benefit to you. If you labor in getting up and down, you don’t want to find yourself stuck out in the garden if a sudden downpour starts or an emergency requires you to get up quickly. Moreover, you don’t want to fall if you feel weak while trying to get up on your own. You may find it worth your while to invest a little extra money into a kneeling pad if you garden on a regular basis. A  model such as the SONGMICS kneeler that can be flipped over as a new pad with handles to help you out would be just what you need.

Investigate The Quality Of Construction

With the bench type of models, sturdy bars and  secure lock-in-place construction is essential for safety as well. You don’t want to attempt to apply your body weight to a handle that is not locked in place, which could result in injury. Look into reviews, especially if they number in the several hundred or even thousands. However, remember to take some negative reviews with a grain of salt. Occasionally, devices are not used correctly, or instructions are not read thoroughly. So, if the overwhelming ratio of ratings is four or five stars, you can bet it is likely a quality product.

Modify If Needed

If you do purchase something such as a bench/kneeler but feel like the cushion is not soft or thick enough, remember you can always pick up another inexpensive foam pad to add to the softness or thickness of foam. Doubling up foam pads can be a smart idea if you need a lot of padding for your joints. Just make sure the foam is not wet and therefore slippery between two kneeling mats.

Talk To Your Doctor About Activities

You can also discuss with your physician what type of kneeling pad would be best if you have a severe case of an ailment such as arthritis. When outside gardening, if there’s any risk of getting stuck or needing help out, try to keep a mobile phone with you at all times in case of emergency.

If you don’t need to talk to a doctor, and just want an excellent overall kneeling pad/bench for gardening or other activities, we recommend the SONGMICS model. Its versatility, bonus tool pouch, and foldable legs for storage make it one of our favorites.

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