Best Non-Slip Rug Grippers And Pads

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A rug gripper or non-slip pad is a simple yet practical way to prevent falls. The fact remains that more than three million seniors end up in the emergency room each year because of these accidents. Luckily, there are many products on the market to help you remain safe while living in your own home as you age.

How We Found the Best Non-Slip Rug Grippers and Pads

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Best Overall

NYOrtho Fall Mat for Elderly – Fall Protection – Safety Mat Reduces Impact – Anti-Slip Fall Mats for Elderly – Bedside Floor Mats – Fallshield – Bed Floor Mat


Features and Specifications

  • REDUCES BEDSIDE INJURIES: The NYOrtho fall mat provides complete bedside coverage for the safety of elderly loved ones or patients who are at risk of falling. The non-slip texture of the FALLSHIELD allows for safe footing and serves as a soft surface to…
  • HIGH IMPACT ABSORBING MOLDED FOAM: Made from soft, high density molded foam and waterproof rubber. Also available as a bi-fold that can be stored and retrieved with ease.
  • NON-SKID SURFACE & SLIP RESISTANT BACK: The NYOrtho FALLSHIELD is a secure, non-slip surface that stays firmly in place on any floor surface, including wood, tile and carpet.
  • BEVELED EDGES FOR EASY ACCESS: The non-slip mat is designed with beveled outer edges for the ease of access of wheelchairs or other mobility aids and also minimizes tripping hazards.
  • QUALITY: The FALLSHIELD is comprised of durable material and is shipped in a neat roll. Allow up to 24 hours for the mat to fully unroll. To quicken the process, simply place a heavy item on each end for a short period.


  • Its length will work with most individuals and covers the span of the bed

  • Its foam core is dense enough to provide ample protection

  • The surface of the mat is slip-resistant

  • It is waterproof and easy to clean


  • It’s a bit expensive

  • Limited color options

The NYOrtho Bedside Floor Mat provides safe and secure footing for seniors and reduces the risk of falling for those at higher risk. The high density foam construction is 15% thicker than comparable mats on the market and protects against injury if a fall does occur with impact resistant cushioning. The The mat is 70” long, offering full body coverage for the user. The beveled edges are a welcome addition to allow you to use your walker or wheelchair right up to your bedside. It’s an excellent option for softening a blow if you wake up dizzy or lightheaded and can pull yourself up again.

We liked the fact that you can choose between a foldable mat or the solid piece. Either way, it’s easy to store under your bed when not in use. It’s lightweight so that an older person can handle it. On the downside, it is more expensive, but we still consider it a worthwhile investment for what it offers in exchange.

Our Verdict

Though sterile-looking, it provides adequate protection.

Best Anti-Curl Stickers


  • The product comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee

  • They’ll stick on any surface

  • You can renew the adhesive with either water or rubbing alcohol, depending on the desired stickiness

  • The strips are thin and do not create a fall risk with a raised edge on the rug

  • You can reposition your rugs without diminishing its effectiveness


  • They are not suitable for rugs in high traffic areas.

The X-Protector Rug Gripper is a package of eight strips that you can apply to the corners and edges of any rug to keep them in place to prevent slipping. It also reduces tripping hazards in your home by keeping the corners from curling up, ensuring flat surfaces. These strips are ideal for seniors who want to create a safe home for themselves as they age. It’s an affordable and effective way to reduce falls, which can carry a higher health risk in seniors. They have a strong adhesive that will stick to both carpets and hard floor surfaces. A couple key benefits of this product include that fact that they won’t leave any residue if removed and they can be reused because of the renewable adhesive surface. Just wipe with water or rubbing alcohol to reestablish grip

The rug gripper pad is an excellent value and will work as described. However, the strips may not stand up to heavy use when the grandkids visit or if you have dogs at home.

Our Verdict

It is an affordable way to secure rugs in low-traffic areas.

Best Shock Absorbent

Drive Medical Primemat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mat, Brown


Features and Specifications

  • Full 72″ length provides maximum coverage alongside bed
  • Tough and lightweight – Mats are constructed from high quality molded Polyurethane foam inner core to provide maximum absorption and rebound to reduce impact in the event of a fall
  • Passed 5 foot “Egg Drop Test” – an egg was dropped from 5 feet above the mat without damage
  • Low Profile with tapered edges allow equipment such as overbed tables or patient lifts to roll over easily
  • Anti-slip bottom netting keeps the mat secure to help prevent accidental tripping


  • Its larger size provides more protection

  • It comes in pleasing colors, either brown or slate gray

  • It covers nearly the entire length of the bed

  • The mat is durable and well-made

  • It is waterproof and puncture-resistant


  • It’s expensive for what it is

The Drive Medical Primemat 2.0 Impact Reduction Fall Mat is a great way for seniors aging in place to prevent bedside falls and protect against serious injury if a fall does occur. It is similar to the other fall mat we reviewed, but is a bit bigger and more attractive with its brown, leather-like appearance. It also has beveled edges to make it easier to maneuver wheelchairs or overbed tables around your bedside. It has a thick foam core and anti-slip netting underneath to prevent the mat from slipping.

The mat is well-constructed and made to last. It is easy to clean and will hold up to everyday use. Our only gripe is the price, which is a bit higher than comparable products. Otherwise, it’s an excellent value that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve as you age.

Our Verdict

Though expensive, it provides ample fall protection.

Best With Foam

Drive Medical 14700 Tri-Fold Bedside Mat, Blue


Features and Specifications

  • Bedside Fall Mat: Padded bedside fall mat for the elderly or patients who are at risk of injuries from bed falls helps reduce the possibility of injuries
  • Foldable Mat: Conveniently fold the portable mat in 3 sections for easy storage and transportation
  • Durable, High-Density Foam: Medical mat is made of high-density foam to help absorb the impact of bed falls; measures 30 inches in width x 72 inches in length x 2 inches in height and features non-slip backing
  • Reusable Mat Cover: Comes with a durable vinyl cover that is easy to clean


  • It folds up into a compact size for easy storage

  • It is lightweight

  • It is waterproof


  • The vinyl top gives it a cheap feel

  • The higher profile makes using other equipment like walkers or an overbed table less convenient

  • The higher edges and folds between sections could be a tripping hazard

The Drive Medical Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is an effective product for providing fall protection and prevention for seniors living at home. It conveniently folds into 3 sections when not needed so that you can easily store it. It is lightweight at only 3 pounds andits core is high-density foam, which gives ample cushioning to help you avoid injury. Unlike other items we reviewed, this one emphasizes convenience and portability rather than being a permanent fixture next to a bed.

It lacks the beveled edges that we’ve seen in comparable products which limits its usefulness. Our take is that it’s a product to put out at night and store during the day. We also had concerns about the folds since those are places where it might be vulnerable to tears or possibly even become a tripping hazard for seniors with limited mobility or balance. The density of the foam is high quality , but it’s not an attractive mat to have out all the time.

Our Verdict

Its value lies in its ease of storage.

Best For Large Area

Epica Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad 5 x 8 for Any Hard Surface Floor, Keeps Your Rugs Safe and in Place


Features and Specifications

  • Meet the ONLY pad on Amazon designed with open-square physics to react to sudden pressure movements and deliver 2x suction. As opposed to traditional open weave construction, the Epica difference in engineering means we’re the best in keeping your rugs,…
  • SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST: Stop blocking entry into your hardwood-floor areas, afraid a wrong step will spell injury for you, your family or your guests—Keep everybody safe no matter where the party moves with Amazon’s most trustworthy carpet pad
  • QUALITY YOU CAN FEEL: Make sure anyone stepping on your carpets are in for a treat, not a slip, with Epica Rug Pads—they’re twice as thick as the competition or those bought in big-box bargain stores. Because of its sturdy and sleek construction,…
  • EASIEST INSTALLATION ON THE MARKET: We do the hard work for you—each rug pad is pre-cut to fit several sizes. And custom-sized rugs are a breeze—due to our rug pads’ construction, you can also easily trim it to perfection with your loyal household…
  • rug pad


  • It comes with a lifetime, anti-slip warranty and 10-year warranty for its construction

  • You can cut it to size

  • It provides more gripping power because it covers the entire bottom of the rug

  • The manufacturer made it out of eco-friendly materials

  • You can move your rugs without diminishing its adhesiveness


  • It may leave a residue on some floors, especially if the room gets warm

The Epica Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug is a non-slip pad that prevents rugs from slipping and provides extra cushioning, making it a perfect addition to the existing rugs a senior’s home. You’ll find a variety of pre-cut sizes to accommodate most standard rugs, but the pad can easily be cut down with scissors to fit rugs of any size and shape. It’ll hold your rug securely in place and it offers an advantage over rug grippers in that it covers the entire surface area.

We loved the fact that your rug will stay put even if you vacuum over it. It’s washable and reversible too. The pad isn’t thick so it won’t create a falling hazard.

Our Verdict

It provides reliable traction to keep your rug in place.

Best For Wheelchairs

Secure FlatPad Bedside Fall Protection Safety Floor Mat with Beveled Edges


Features and Specifications

  • REDUCE BEDSIDE FALL INJURIES – The FlatPad Bedside Fall Safety Mat provides cushioned protection to prevent elderly fall risk patient injury as a result of rolling or falling out of bed – Proprietary elastomeric foam core provides maximum fall impact…
  • NON-SLIP TEXTURED COVER – Durable molded cover design features textured non-slip grip pattern to prevent slipping, and fully sealed edges making the FlatPad fall mat waterproof and easy to clean
  • COMPRESSION WELDED BEVELED EDGES – Beveled edges help prevent elderly patient and caregiver tripping and allow the nurse or caregiver to easily roll a wheelchair, medical supply cart, or bedside tray onto the floor mat – Waterproof compression welded…
  • SLIP RESISTANT BACKING – Non skid bottom prevents bedside fall safety mat from moving on the floor, while the low one-inch profile makes it easy to step on and off the mat – You can drop an egg on this floor mat from 6 ft. and it will not break!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED SINCE 1991 – Covered by the Personal Safety Corporation one year hassle-free replacement warranty – Secure by Personal Safety Corporation–The brand trusted by thousands of professional care facilities across the globe since 1991 -…


  • It has an anti-microbial surface

  • It comes with a one-year warranty

  • It is waterproof and easy to clean

  • It has extra cushioning

  • It is non-slip and won’t interfere with your use of a walker


  • The color of the mat is dull and sterile

The Secure SBFP-1G Bedside Mat is hefty than comparable products we reviewed and provides excellent fall protection due its thin, floor hugging profile. Its beveled edges make it ideal for seniors who use a wheelchair, are at high risk of falling due to imbalance, or have an overbed table near the bed. Both the top and bottom surfaces are slip-resistant to keep it in place and give you a secure walking area. It is an item that you’ll likely keep as a permanent feature at your bedside.

The core is elastomeric foam which offers both adequate cushioning to protect you if a fall does occur and a soft surface on which to walk. You only have one color choice, reducing the versatility of this product.However, it performs as described which makes it an excellent value. The manufacturer backs the mat up with a warranty which we always appreciate.

Our Verdict

The foam core absorbs the impact a fall well.

Best For Hardwood

Standing Logic 42″ x 21″ Anti Fatigue Non Slip Kitchen Mat – Standing Desk – 3/4″ Comfort

Price not available

Features and Specifications


  • The non-slip bottom ensures that it will stay in place

  • It is waterproof and stain-resistant

  • It comes with both a 90-day satisfaction guaranteed and a 10-year limited warranty against defects

  • The manufacturer made it out of eco-friendly materials

  • It is durable and will stand up to heavy traffic


  • Its smaller size limits its usefulness

  • Its slightly higher profile may prove an issue for wheelchairs and walkers

The Standing Logic Kitchen Mat includes gel-like memory foam to reduce pressure and foot pain whenever you stand for long periods of time. The cushioning absorbs the impact of hard surfaces that can lead to lower back pain, making it an excellent product for seniors who want to make their home comfortable and safe as they age. It has a textured surface for added grip. It only comes in black which will hide stains better if you use it in the kitchen.

It has beveled edges so that you can use it if you have a walker or wheelchair without interfering with movement. The outstanding feature of this mat is the superior comfort it provides. However, it does not provide fall protection.

Our Verdict

It has a soft, cushy surface that will protect your knees and back.

Best Rug

MAYSHINE Soft Plush Microfiber Bathroom Rug, Absorbent Machine Washable Chenille Bath Mat


Features and Specifications

  • 3 LAYER LUXURY! 1 INCH CHENILLE PILE : Our mats made are made of 100% ultra-soft 1 inch tall plush chenille microfiber which keeps your feet nice and warm, your floors dry, and ensures you dont slip after your bath or shower. We use a machine washable PVC…
  • FOAM ANTI FATIGUE LAYER 🙂 A 6mm sponge foam layer inside relieves pressure and fatigue on your feet, and keeps your feet insulated from the cold floor. Use our mat as a nice cushion and avoid fatigue when brushing your teeth, shaving and more!
  • ANTI SLIP SAFETY LAYER: Make sure you don’t slip on your tile with our slip safe bath mat rug. An anti slip PVC coating underneath our mat helps keep it firmly in place. WARNING: To ensure that the rug does not slip, clean the floor and let it dry…
  • MACHINE WASH AND DRY: Our mats are easy to clean, just toss them in the wash! DIRECTIONS : Machine wash warm on permanent press with like colors and tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean. The colors will stay vibrant after many washes!
  • ABOUT US: We know our mats and rugs! We work hand in hand with our factory to use the highest quality materials so that we only deliver top notch products. Need Help? Please contact us and we will help you with anything you need!


  • It provides a soft surface on which to walk

  • It absorbs a lot of water

  • It is machine washable

  • The color of the fibers is long-lasting

  • The bottom is non-slip mesh


  • The color choices aren’t the best

The Mayshine Non-Slip Bathroom Rug is a good-looking product that is ideal for preventing falls in the bathroom where they are the most common among seniors.. It has extra thick, dense fibers which provide a soft surface and the bottom is non-slip to make it more secure when you exit your bathtub or shower. It also absorbs a lot of water which can prevent a fall hazard from wet floors, making is an essential purchase for seniors seeking products that increase safety and peace of mind as they age at home.

It is durable and can handle regular machine washing. We liked the fact that the color remained vibrant even after multiple times. It’s affordable too.

Our Verdict

It is affordable and a welcome addition to the bathroom.

What to Look For in These Products

Aesthetics aside, the essential feature of a non-slip pad and rug gripper is the fact that Help to prevent falls and protect against imjury when a fall does occur. They may perform differently, depending on the surface,that is probably the most important thing to consider. It’s an essential product for seniors who wish to live in their ownhome for as long as possible. Things to look for when shopping for similar products include:

  • Intended use
  • Size and dimensions
  • Surface and special circumstances

We’ll discuss each one in detail with some tips along the way that can affect your purchase and your safe use of them in your home.

Intended Use

You’ll typically see this feature highlighted in the product description if it’s not apparent when you view it. However, don’t let a descriptor like bathroom or kitchen sway you. These terms are merely marketing. You’ll likely find that many items will work well in other rooms in your home. Instead, focus on the practical things like how it holds up and whether it is water-resistant.
Think about how you’ll use the product. One type of non-slip rug has a foam interior to take the pressure off of your back and hips if you stand for long periods of time. However, they’ll work just as well in an office or bathroom too. Consider how each one fits into your lifestyle and how you may benefit from it.

Size And Dimensions

You’ll likely find that non-slip pads are typically about three feet by two feet in size which makes sense given the average human stride falls within this distance. That suffices for getting out of bed or entering a home. And it’s those first steps that present the greatest risk for seniors, especially if you’re coming in from the outside where it’s raining or snowing.

Keep in mind where you’re going to place it and consider that too. For example, if you’re an active sleeper, you may find it wiseto have a non-slip rug pad on both sides of your bed.

Dimensions become more important when buying a rug gripper to make sure it provides ample traction to keep it in place.

Surface And Special Circumstances

Both of these factors can play a significant role in your purchase. They can affect locomotion and your satisfaction with the product. Let’s talk about each one.


The type of non-slip pad you need will vary with where you intend to place it. Both short-pile carpets and hardwood floors are often slick, especially when wet. Rubberized backings are a godsend with the latter, especially if you have a pet or the grandkids visit often. They’ll provide the necessary sticking power to make sure the rug doesn’t move, ensuring that you’re safe from falls and injury

Special Circumstances

If you are wheelchair-bound, the non-slip rug pad you choose mustn’t interfere with your ability to move around your home. It should allow you to glide around smoothly without any worries of it pulling up and creating an obstacle. You may find that pads that are thicker and stiffer in their construction, providing a better surface than something lighter.

Tips To Prevent Falls

In addition to using these products, there are several other essential steps you can take to avoid an accidental fall, which will ultimately jeopardize your ability to live at home as you age. After all, throw rugs aren’t the only cause. Other things to watch out for include clutter lying in the hallways or other traffic areas. That precaution applies to the grandkids too. Make it a point to make sure they put everything away that they use when they visit.

Also, consider other objects that might get in the way like ottomans, electrical cords, or other additions to your rooms. Push larger furniture back to allow for more open spaces to walk. If that means a new sofa, it probably is a wise investment in the long run.

You might think about getting lighting installed to illuminate dark areas and staircases, as you may avoid a fall by merely being able to see what’s in front of you. Grab bars are another feature that can make it safer to get out of the bathtub or climb the stairs. You’ll find many attractive products that will fit in well with your decor.

If you have throw rugs, consider their placement carefully, especially if there isn’t adequate lighting. And by all means, remove them if they prove to be a hazard. Remember that some falls have catastrophic consequences. Over 27,000 seniors die each year either as a direct result or because of its complications. Don’t risk it.


A rug gripper or non-slip pad is a smart way to make your home safer and reduce your risk of a fall. As Most of these products are affordable, making them a wise choice in the long run. Fortunately, you have many options to find something that will work for your home environment. The objective is to consciencous about your environment, finding ways to ensure that your home accommodates your changing needs as you age. Taking steps to safeguard your home helps preserve your ability to live independently with a better quality of life.

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