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Updated onApr. 25, 2022

Best Reachers And Grabber Tools

Whether your strength isn’t what it used to be, you have just had a debilitating surgery, or you just need a little bit of extra help, a reacher and grabber tool can be extremely useful around the house and on the go. These tools can reach the high shelves and the low floors easily, preventing you from requiring ladders or constant bending and stretching.

How We Found the Best Reachers And Grabber Tools

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Best Overall

Vive Reacher Grabber 32″ – Extra Long Mobility Aid – Rotating Hand, Heavy Duty Grip Arm


Features and Specifications

  • 32” PATENTED DESIGN FOR ADDED REACH: Pick-up items from the top shelf, floor, lawn or behind furniture. Save your back and avoid a stepping stool. Also great for picking up trash or other items you don’t want to touch.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Updated 2019 internal mechanism is built from sautered steel wiring to last for tens of thousands of pick ups. Can pick up items as large as 5 lbs. Rust-proof frame will hold up to heavy duty outdoor use.
  • ROTATING & RUBBERIZED JAW: Jaw can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments to be used both vertically and horizontally for hard to reach places like behind furniture and appliances. Coated with anti-slip material allowing you to lift slippery items…
  • CONTOURED HANDLE AND TRIGGER: Padded, anti-slip handle and contoured trigger matches the natural shape of your hand for comfortable, pain-free use. Especially important if using for extended periods of time.
  • 1-YEAR GUARANTEE FROM A TRUSTED BRAND: The Patented 360° Rotating Reacher Grabber by Vive is the result of extensive research and design efforts, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. A trusted family-owned brand, our reacher grabber…


  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Comfort grip and trigger

  • Full range rotation

  • Long extended reach

  • Durable

  • Suitable for outdoor use


  • Too weak for items over five pounds

  • Grip may not be suitable for big, bulky items

Gain an extended reach of 32 inches with the Vive Reacher Grabber. This product is excellent for assisting you throughout your home, whether you need something from a high shelf or an item you dropped low on the floor.

Built to last, this reacher has been updated this year with an internal mechanism that is constructed from sautered steel wiring. Its strength can pick up as much as five pounds at once, and the frame is rust proof for great outdoor use.

The makers of this product have ensured maximum comfort and ease of use by installing a rotating rubber jaw and a contoured, padded handle and trigger. No-slip all around makes this an easy grabber to use every day.

With this product, you get a well-built, easy to use grabber that is sure to reach and hold on to almost anything you need. If you don’t need extra features but want a high quality product, we recommend the Vive Reacher Grabber for seniors who may not be able to reach or bend as well as they used to.

Our Verdict

If you want a reacher grabber that’s durable, strong, easy to use, and basically has everything you need, we highly recommend this one!

Best With Suction Cups

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber – 32″ Heavy Duty Mobility Grip Hand Aid – Handle Tool Light Bulb Remover


Features and Specifications

  • EASY GRABBING EXTENDER: Pick up large or small items with ease. Cans, garbage, pinecones, you name it! Make daily living a breeze. Reduces strain on your back and hip, especially after surgery.
  • STRONG SUCTION CUP TIPS: A mobility aid for any household item. This gripper secures its wide jaw on items in high or hard to reach places to help make your life easier.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: Comfortably handled with a lightweight and portable design. No hand strength required to use for retrieving items in your home or picking up garbage on your lawn.
  • GREAT FOR SENIORS & HANDICAPPED: Assist yourself or your loved ones with the gift of increased mobility. Enhancing independence for senior citizens, disabled adults, wheelchair bound individuals.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Your purchase includes an unconditional, lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Buy now with confidence.


  • Lightweight

  • Durable materials

  • Suction cups for extra grip

  • Perfect for high shelves or low spots

  • Easy to use

  • Comfortable to hold


  • Weaker gripping strength

  • Suction cups may get in the way of reaching smaller objects

Securely grip items as heavy as five pounds using the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber. This version of Vive’s grabber utilizes strong suction cups on the pincher so you can pick up slippery or glass objects with ease.

In fact, the suction cups even help you do things like change lightbulbs. Perform daily tasks without climbing on a high ladder or bending down too low.

The jaws close tight enough to retrieve small items like coins and pills. Like their other product, this grabber features a comfort grip handle that fits easily and nicely in your hand. The trigger grip is also designed so it can be hung up easily for an added benefit with storage. Both lightweight and durable, you can use this grabber both indoors and outdoors.

We recommend this object if you know you have more difficulty to grip objects that you’d like to reach. For instance, it’s perfect for seniors who live alone and need help putting dishes back or taking them down. The suction cups will ensure a steady grip so nothing gets broken, and you’ll be able to reach high and low cupboards that you’d otherwise need a ladder or further assistance to get to.

Our Verdict

If you need a reacher grabber with an extra bit of grip, suction cups are the way to go. They’ll hold on to whatever you’re trying to reach securely and safely.

Best Foldable

Reacher Grabber, Windspeed Aluminum Suction Cup Grip Grabber Pick Up Tool for Light Bulb Remover


Features and Specifications

  • Unique design more accurate action, easy to manage
  • High Quality aluminum alloy body, sturdy and durable
  • Turn off switch on the handle, the object can be saved, being held or released,folds for easy storage anywhere
  • Folded size:Folding about 42cm/16.5 inch;Expansion 81cm/32 inch
  • Extend your reach,avoid repeated bending and stretching to get out of reach items


  • Easy fold for storage

  • Easy to manage

  • Made from quality, durable products

  • Very lightweight

  • Affordable price

  • Suction cup for better grip


  • Weak at folding point

  • Not built to last

A foldable reacher grabber is a great option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space or just enjoys convenience, even if they’re on the go. The Windspeed Reacher Grabber folds down to about half its size, making it easy to put away in small spaces and in bags.

The grabber’s unique design is meant to be more accurate and easier to manage than other grabbers. The pincher features suction cups, making it more secure to grab slippery items like glass or metal.

The high-quality makeup of this item withstands time and extended use, remaining steady and durable. There is a lock switch on the handle, meaning you can also lock items in the grabber without continuing to hold down the handle trigger, an added benefit for seniors who might have weak hands or arthritis.

We recommend this product for active seniors who would like an easy way to pick up or lift objects regardless of where they are. It can also be a great option if you’re still in the workforce and your job sometimes requires reaching high or low places, such as filing or stocking inventory at a store.

Our Verdict

This product is great for active seniors who may need help reaching things on the go or even while you’re working.

Best Outdoor

Unger Professional 36” Nifty Nabber – Reacher Grabber Tool & Trash Picker, Built-In Magnet & Ergonomic Grip, Grabber Reacher, Grabber Tool, Reacher’s & Grabbers for Seniors, Claw Grabber Pickup Tool


Features and Specifications

  • VERSATILE CLAW GRABBER TOOL: This reacher grabber pickup tool is ideal for grasping items beyond your reach without stretching or bending. Perfect for yard clean up, helping the elderly, mobility impaired, and community events.
  • EASY TO USE: The contoured, ergonomic grip is used to reduce hand fatigue during repetitive tasks like trash and yard pick up. Strong metal jaws with rubber anti slip pinchers effectively work to grab large, small, and odd shaped items without damage.
  • REACH ITEMS HIGH & LOW: This 36” Nifty Nabber is made of a lightweight aluminum pole that can reach items high without a stool or ladder and low without bending.
  • PICKS UP METAL OBJECTS: This trash picker upper tool comes with a built-in magnet on the head for conveniently picking up small metal objects.
  • INNOVATIVE CLEANING SUPPLIES: Unger Professional is the choice of semi-professionals and DIYers who want the best tool for the job. These best-in-class products are designed to handle the toughest jobs with professional quality results.


  • Easy to grip and hold

  • Lightweight

  • Rubber-tipped grippers for better hold

  • Built-in magnets for metal objects

  • Long Reach

  • Great for outdoor use


  • Grip is awkward

  • Required grip may hurt weak or arthritic hands

At 36 inches of professional grabbing reach, the Unger Professional Nifty Nabber is an excellent choice for not only indoor but outdoor use. The long extension is perfect for reaching high and low without hurting your back or climbing up on a ladder.

Extremely lightweight, this product won’t weigh down your arm or make you tired from use. The rubber tips on the end make it easy to pick things up, including items and debris found in your yard. Additionally, this grabber features small magnets on the end to help you pick up metal objects.

The ergonomic grip makes it great for handling and holding for long periods of time, aiding you in yard cleanup and general home use.

Our Verdict

This reacher grabber features excellent grips on the end that make it great for outdoor yard work as well as indoor use. The handle is a bit different from typical handles, but its reach is a few inches further.

Do You Need a Reacher/Grabber?

Some people view a reacher grabber as a luxury item. Others view it as a necessity for a certain point in their lives. If you’re wondering if these products could benefit you, read on to learn more.

Reachers and grabbers are excellent tools for you to use while you are getting back on your feet.

Senior Citizens And Elderly

As the body ages, it’s possible for it to get weaker and weaker. It may become harder to perform daily tasks that once came with ease. Things that were simple before, such as using a step ladder to reach the top shelf in a cabinet, suddenly becomes hazardous and strenuous.

Reachers and grabbers can help improve your quality of life if you have reached that stage. Those who suffer from joint and bone pain, arthritis, and general tiredness and lack of strength can benefit from the help of a reacher.

Reachers and grabbers prevent you from having to do difficult reaching tasks on your own. Rather than climbing a ladder with the lack of balance as a threat, you can simply reach up slightly and use your grabber. Instead of constantly bending down to pick up objects like your mail, you can also stand straight and simply use a reacher.


People recovering from injuries and surgeries may find it difficult to return to their daily lives. Depending on your specific needs and situation, you may not be able to move, reach, or even stand. While it can be a huge adjustment, there are things that can make it easier for you.

Reachers and grabbers are excellent tools for you to use while you are getting back on your feet. They can help you perform typically easy tasks like grabbing to TV remote, picking up dropped objects, and putting away groceries without putting too much strain on your injury.

In addition, some people have also found reachers to be extremely helpful during the later stages of pregnancy when they have trouble bending over to pick up toys, etc.

General Benefits

Even if you don’t fall into one of the categories listed above, you may still find a reacher or grabber helpful to your everyday life.

For one, these tools are excellent for efficiency. They can make mundane, repetitive tasks go along quicker and easier. For example, picking up toys and cleaning up yards goes a lot faster using a grabber. Some people also like to use them while they ride lawnmowers. They can pick up sticks and other items that are in their way without having to stop their yard work.

Grabbers are also better for your health. Many people find themselves with back, neck, and knee problems later on in their life. This can come from repetitive bending, squatting, and improper stretching. Use a grabber to minimize the amount of these actions.

Finally, reachers and grabbers make certain tasks generally safer. While at other times you may have had to climb up on a ladder to reach something, a grabber ensures you can safely reach the item while safely planted on the floor. Outdoors, you can also stay out of tall trees and bushes and away from harmful objects like wasp nests by using a reacher.

Grab Away!

As you have learned from our research and the products we have shown you, reachers and grabbers are highly convenient tools.

For seniors, they allow you to continue about daily tasks like yard work, doing dishes, putting clothes away, and more without changing your routine or exerting yourself. If you have arthritis, mobility problems, weakness, or suffer from any variety of pain in your back or joints, a reacher will help reduce your pain by making tasks much easier to handle.

While they are excellent for elderly folks, anyone can benefit from their extended reach and firm grasp on small objects. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just need a little extra help, your life can be just a little bit easier using one of these products.