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Updated onApr. 05, 2023

There are continuously new developments assisting seniors with limited mobility, and seated walking canes are no exception to that. These get built so you can have a comfortable place to sit when you need it no matter where you are.

In this article, we are reviewing the five best walking canes with seats for 2022.

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Best Overall

Drive Medical RTL10365-ADJ Adjustable Lightweight Folding Cane with Seat, Black


Features and Specifications

  • Cane with Seat: This walking stick acts as a sturdy support cane when closed and provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open
  • Durable Construction: This walking cane with seat attached / portable chair is manufactured with sturdy extruded aluminum tubing for long-lasting durability; vinyl-tipped contoured legs are strong and stable
  • Unique Design: Foldable chair features a tripod design for increased stability
  • Dimensions: Stool chair seat diameter: 9 inches; seat height: 19 to 22 inches; cane height: 34 to 38 inches; seat to floor height: 21 inches; weight capacity: 250 lbs


  • Simple and easy to use for anyone

  • Quickly turns into a chair and back into a cane

  • Cane allows you to push yourself up when you’re done sitting

  • Sturdy aluminum frame

  • Comfortable and recommended by senior citizens


  • The piece that holds the seat open can sometimes slip, causing the seat to close up

  • Rubber feet may need replacing soon after purchase

  • Seat may be too small

This folding cane seat is highly functional and serves as an excellent solution for issues with mobility. The chair is comfortable and allows you to rest when you want, wherever you want.

The legs are sturdy aluminum and do not feel too flimsy. When tested out on senior citizens to see how it performs, most of them recommended the cane seat saying that it was comfortable and straightforward to use.

One of the great things about this stool is that if you sit on it from the side, you can also use the cane to push yourself up when you’re done resting.

Our Vedict

This popular folding cane seat is durable and offers a great choice for anyone with limited mobility.

Best Tripod Seat

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat

Price not available

Features and Specifications

  • Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy support cane when closed
  • Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing in a tripod design with vinyl countoured tipped legs
  • 9″ diameter seat
  • 33″ tall when closed
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


  • Lightweight

  • Easy to set up and take down

  • Serves as a walking cane and a seat

  • Chair is comfortable

  • Tripod design for additional support

  • Durable and sturdy aluminum build


  • Issues with loose nuts and bolts

  • Grip is not adjustable

This deluxe tripod folding cane is precisely what you need if you have limited mobility and cannot walk on long trips without a break. The cane itself is sturdy enough to support you, and the seat that opens up is comfortable and easy to take out and put back in.

The tripod design on this chair is intended to enhance the sturdiness of the seat itself by preventing any tipping or swaying while you are resting.

One of the best things about this stool is the overall size and weight of it. Typically with these cane seats, you struggle with the weight of the cane, and it can become difficult to use over time, but this cane is very light and easy to change over.

Our Verdict

This tripod cane is reinforced to be extra durable and is simple to set up and take apart.

Best Sling Seat

Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane Sling Style


Features and Specifications

  • Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy quad cane when closed
  • Four sturdy legs with vinyl contoured tips and a nylon sling bench measuring 15.5″ (W) x 5.75″ (L)
  • Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing with foam grip handles
  • 34″ tall when closed; Seat to floor height of 20.5″
  • Weighs 2.5 lbs; Weight Capacity 250 lbs


  • Comfortable and sturdy seat to sit on

  • A durable four-point cane that is easy to walk with

  • The fabric material is more comfortable to sit on than plastic

  • Larger area to sit on

  • Reputable company

  • Highly recommended item


  • Not as comfortable for people with larger builds

  • Awkward to walk with due to all the legs

  • Some customers stated that it should be straddled to stay steady

This cane seat differs from the previous two because it does not have a plastic seat that folds out. Instead, this cane expands and features a hammock style seat in the middle that is very comfortable and durable.

In comparison to the previous two chairs, this seat is much more comfortable because it is a fabric material and offers a bit of flexibility, so it works better for everyone.

This cane seat also comes with handles on the sides, so it makes it easier to push yourself up when you are ready. The only downside with this seat is that it’s not as comfortable to sit on for people with larger builds-this is because of the handles on both sides.

In the end, this is an excellent solution for people with limited mobility to allow you to get out and do the things you love without having to worry.

Our Verdict

The sling cane seat is an excellent option if you are looking for something softer and more comfortable to sit on.

Most Comfortable

Travelon Walking Seat and Cane in One, Grey, One Size


Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum construction
  • 3 legs provide stability when walking or sitting
  • Comfortable, 9 inch diameter seat folds flat when not in use
  • Supports up to 250 lbs./113 kg


  • Very sturdy design

  • Reinforced at joints for additional durability

  • Long lasting design

  • Simple to set up and take down

  • Handle is attached to be able to push yourself up and down

  • Lightweight and easy to travel with


  • The seat is not adjustable, so taller people may not be comfortable with this

  • Not the most comfortable

  • Seat is not very large

This sturdy tripod cane seat is made with aluminum and features a comfortable nine-inch diameter seat that folds completely flat when it’s not in use.

When you see this cane, you’ll know that it is well constructed. The legs have rubber pieces on the ends of them for stability. At the joints on the tripod legs, the metal also has additional shock absorbers to prevent any cracking or damage when sitting down.

One great thing about this stool for it being constructed so well is that it is still very light. This makes it easier to use for seniors who can’t lift heavy items needing to carry it around from

Our Verdict

This comfortable walking cane and seat is especially comfortable due to its large seat and comfort grip handles.

Best Lightweight

Switch Sticks Walking Stick, Walking Cane, Cane Chair, Quad Cane and Folding Cane


Features and Specifications

  • FOLDING WALKING CANE WITH SEAT provides durability while walking and convenience for sitting. ERGONOMIC HANDLE is made of real wood that has been painted, polished and contoured to help reduce hand cramping or muscle fatigue providing a comfortable grip
  • WALKING STICK has a non slip tip to provide extra safety and traction on most surfaces to help maintain balance. The quad base provides better traction and supports full weight while providing the flexibility to walk, run and turn easily
  • QUAD CANE conveniently folds for easy storage on planes, in the car or around the house. The quad base makes it a self standing cane which eliminates falling or dropping on the floor which is perfect for those recovering from injury or surgery
  • WALKING CANE is made of strong and lightweight aluminum that supports up to 220 pounds and is suggested for those 5 feet tall to 5 feet 10 inches tall. The QUAD CANE IS LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED for men or women
  • FOLDING CANE WITH SEAT RODUCT SPECS: Weighs only 3 Pounds but supports up to 220 pounds. Cane Height with seat folded is 34 inches and length from floor to seat is 20 inches. Seat measures 9” X 7 ½”


  • Comes with a comfortable grip handle to ease arthritis and carpal tunnel

  • Can hold up to 220 pounds

  • Sturdy and durable design

  • An excellent choice for long-term use

  • Folds up and expands easily

  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Not adjustable

  • Takes two hands to fold up

  • Awkward to carry as a walking stick

This walking cane and seat were designed to be durable while also being lightweight, and it lives up to that expectation. The cane itself is sturdy and can hold up to 220 pounds while the seat itself is comfortable and durable as well.

There is no questioning whether or not this cane seat can hold the weight without breaking over time because it is highly reinforced and able to withstand quite a bit of pressure and shock over long-term use.

One of the only significant downfalls of this cane is that it is not adjustable. This makes it great for everyone under 5’6”, but it may not offer the same comfort and support for people who are significantly taller or shorter.

Our Verdict

This walking stick with a seat is a great choice because it is lightweight, easy to set up, and is reliable over the long term.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to walking canes with seats that it can feel overwhelming to make a decision. If you break each one down into the things that are most important to you, then you can decide what cane is the best for you.


There are many different kinds of materials that go into making walking canes, and they each have their ups and downs.

Wood walking cane seats are not as popular as the typical aluminum, but they do also have their bonuses. Wood canes are usually inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable to grip and sit on.

The main issue with wood walking canes is that they are not adjustable.

Aluminum walking canes are typically adjustable, and they are also much stronger than wood.

There is also steel walking canes with seats, and they are the most expensive kind, but they are the strongest and longest lasting.


A handle may not seem like a huge issue when it comes to foldable walking canes, but this is the part you will be grasping most of the time as you walk around, so you want something that is soft and fits nicely in your hand.

Round U-shaped handles are the most used with foldable cane seats. Derby handles are the kind that come to a point at one end with a curve at the other end, and these also a good option because they have a comfortable grip and are usually covered with rubber for a better grip.

Height And Adjustability

The height of the cane itself is not the only thing that’s important as you also want to pay close attention to the height of the cane seat.

If it is difficult for you to get up and down out of the seat because it is too low, then that is only going to put additional pressure on your back and knees.

Additionally, if the seat is too low, then you are going to be putting more shock on the cane, which can result in damage. Ultimately, you could also be putting yourself at risk from falling and suffering an injury.

It is best to go for a seat that is adjustable, so you can make sure you get it at the perfect height for you and how you feel.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a chair says a lot about its construction, but it also means a lot about its weight for carrying as well. If you are only 115 pounds, you wouldn’t want to get a cane seat that is suitable for people over 250 pounds. Heavy-duty cane seats are built with stronger or additional materials, so you may be carrying around unnecessary weight for no reason. Pay close attention to the weight capacity on the cane seats, so you get the perfect fit for you.

Choosing the right foldable cane seat is an important decision because it is something that you should be able to use for a while. It is something that can be dangerous if you choose the wrong product.

Consider all the factors and make an informed decision about your health. You’ll be happy you did.