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Home Bistro Meal Delivery Review

It can be difficult and tiresome coming up with a new idea every night for dinner. Sometimes, you don’t want to cook, sometimes you can’t. That’s why many seniors turn to meal delivery services. It can take most of the guess work out of the age-old question—“what’s for dinner?”

Home Bistro is a meal prep company that boasts restaurant quality food delivered right to your door step. Each meal contains real ingredients instead of preservatives that you will find in so many frozen dinners at the grocery store. The meals may come frozen, but the way the food is prepared and shipped, the freshness is unquestionable.

Ease of Prep
  • Lunch Servings: Starting at $9.29
  • Dinner Servings: Starting at $12.99
Updated onMay. 15, 2022
  • Meals are All-Natural and Locally Sourced

  • Meals are Easy to Prepare

  • Wide Range of Meal Choices Including Diabetic Friendly, Vegetarian, Lower Sodium, Gluten Free, Paleo, and Low Carb Options

  • Hormone, Antibiotic and Steroid-Free Meats

  • Cost

  • No return, no refund policy

  • Website isn’t user-friendly

The Bottom Line

The cost of these products may keep you from ordering, but if Home Bistro will fit in your budget it is definitely worth giving it a try. The fresh ingredients, quality meat and easy preparation make it a great choice for lunch or dinner.

Home Bistro Review

Home Bistro has a passion for food and it prides itself on high standards of creating meals that you could order in a gourmet restaurant. Home Bistro chefs are committed to providing healthy food options that can be prepared quickly. Unlike the frozen food aisle at the grocery, Home Bistro meals are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

Home Bistro provides a wide range of special dietary menus. If you’re dealing with high blood pressure or heart issues, you can find a low sodium or heart healthy meal option. Diabetics can choose from Diabetic friendly menu. If weight loss is your main goal, there’s an option for that as well.

History and Popularity

Home Bistro started as a small company in New York in 1999. Ten years later, it was acquired by DineWise and grew into a popular and large meal delivery service that prides itself on offering restaurant-grade gourmet meals to its customers.

The meals are Mediterranean-inspired with ingredients sourced from trusted sources.

The meals are created and made in kitchens run by a Certified Executive Chef. The title of Certified Executive Chef is one of the highest levels of certification a chef can receive, and it can only be given by the American Culinary Federation.

The meals are Mediterranean-inspired. The ingredients are sourced from trusted sources and the meat comes from animals that are 100 percent vegetarian fed and hormone, steroid and antibiotic-free.

How to Order

As with most things these days, you can order Home Bistro directly from the website. You will need to start by creating an account on the site. An account will help speed up checking out, make reordering easier and allow you to view your order history and track your orders.

Super Bowls

Once you’ve signed up, you can start choosing your meals. You can choose individual meals, meal combos or SUPERBowls. There are plenty of options to choose from. If you choose a meal combo or a particular dietary package, you can scroll through and see the meals that come with it. As you click through the options, you just add what you want to the cart.

When you are ready to place your order, you begin the checkout process. Home Bistro takes all major credit cards, as well as PayPal for payment.

Selecting Your Plan

Selecting your meal plan is as easy as logging onto the website and picking and choosing what you prefer. You can filter meals based on how you’re ordering – whether it’s an individual meal, a meal combo or a Superbowl. You can also sort the meal options based on your dietary needs or wants, alphabetically, by price, weekly features or best sellers.

Each meal option has a detailed description of how the food is prepared and what you can expect.

You can order any way you prefer. If you just want a few individual meals or a meal combo, Home Bistro will allow you to order any combination of selections you choose. Each meal option has a detailed description of how the food is prepared and what you can expect.

Types of Meals

The types of meals vary greatly, but they are all Mediterranean-inspired. If you’re a seafood lover, you can choose from salmon, shrimp or white fish like cod. Each meal typically comes with two sides of vegetables. The seasonings are restaurant-quality and herb-based.

Don’t worry about getting in a meal rut even with the service. You can always pick your favorites, but new menu items are added every season.

Variety of meals

If you’re more of a meat eater, the braised short ribs are a customer favorite. They are slow cooked and tender and come with a side of Lebanese rice and honey roasted carrots. Each meal has a detailed description of the meal prep and the nutrition content which shouldn’t leave you with any doubts about what you’re getting. There’s also explanation of the minerals you will find in the foods and the health benefits of them.

SUPERBowls are designed as lunch portions but can be eaten any time. The meal comes in a bowl that can be put in the microwave and heated up in no time. There are nine bowls to choose from and range from vegetable chili with cornbread to golden curry shrimp with rice to udon red miso.

Don’t worry about getting in a meal rut even with the service. You can always pick your favorites, but new menu items are added every season.

Meal Preparation

The meal preparation is fairly easy. Specific heating instructions will be on every product you receive. But the frozen meals are generally one serving and are designed to be boiled in their bags. You don’t have to worry about thawing anything out. The food is prepared and frozen in a way that you can take it straight from the freezer and into a pot of boiling water and you don’t have to worry about adding extra spices or ingredients. The food is pre-seasoned and nothing extra is needed to prepare it.

Specific heating instructions will be on every product you receive.

The food can also be warmed up in the microwave. Each meal comes with specific instructions on how to warm it up. Each bag is considered to be one adult serving. Prep time is usually ten minutes or less.


Home Bistro is known for its top-quality, innovative, chef-prepared food. The company prides itself on using the freshest ingredients hand-picked by its chefs. The chicken Home Bistro uses is 100 percent USDA-verified Pure Air-Chilled which means that water isn’t added to the meat. The chickens are vegetarian fed and are raised without antibiotics, growth stimulants or animal by-products. Each cut of chicken is deboned and trimmed by hand which gives the meat better texture, flavor and nutrition.

Quality Rating 5/5

The pork, turkey and beef are also hormone, antibiotic and steroid free. The turkeys, cows and pigs are all vegetarian fed and are raised by ranchers in the United States. The produce in each meal is farm fresh and harvested at its peak to ensure quality and flavor.

Home Bistro offers a wide range of meals for several special dietary needs including Healthy Gourmet, Heart Healthy, Diabetic Friendly, Vegetarian, Lower Sodium, Gluten Free, Paleo, and Low Carb.

Value & Cost

The cost may be the main drawback of Home Bistro. The meals can be expensive. The cheapest individual meal is a specialty vegetable plate for $12.99. The highest individual meal will cost you $24.99, but the average cost per meal is around $17 or $18.

Combo meals can range from $88 for six individual meals to $280 for a Table for Two combo which is 14 meals – seven apiece for each person.

Value Rating 3/5

SUPERBowls are lunch-sized portions and will cost you around $75 for seven—$10.71 per lunch—or $130 dollars for 14—$9.29 per serving. A subscription to Home Bistro will reduce the costs on all their meals and there is usually a first-time discount code posted at the top of the website for new customers to use at checkout.


Home Bistro offers home delivery to every state in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii. All the orders are shipped by FedEx and delivered to your door. The good news is—you don’t have to be at home and sign for the delivery when it arrives. Once you place your order, it will ship within one to three business days and arrive at your home within three to six business days from the day your order was placed.

Delivery Rating 4/5

A few things about shipping and delivery that are worth noting:

  • Individual orders cannot be shipped to two different addresses.
  • Home Bistro will not ship to a P.O. box.
  • Any order over $149.99 is shipped overnight for free.

If for some reason you have an issue with your delivery, you can email Home Bistro at [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving your meals.


The food you order is prepared fresh in the Home Bistro kitchen and then flash frozen—which means it is frozen quickly to prevent ice crystals from forming. It’s important to keep your food cold and fresh during delivery, so everything is shipped in insulated boxes. The specially designed boxes keep everything cold, so nothing will spoil before it arrives at your house.

Dry ice is also packed in the boxes to help keep the temperature cold. The dry ice may melt before the package gets to you, but Home Bistro says if the food is still what’s considered “refrigerator cold,” everything is fine, and you can unpack the box and place the meals directly in your freezer.

Subscriptions and Plans

Unlike many meal delivery services, you don’t have to have a subscription or a membership to Home Bistro to order food from them. A subscription will provide you a discount on your meal choices, but it isn’t required.

A subscription will provide you a discount on your meal choices, but it isn’t required.

Canceling Your Plan

You can cancel Home Bistro at any time. The meal service does not require you to commit to regular monthly shipments, so you can stop and start whenever you like and order as much or as little as you want.

One important note, Home Bistro has a strict no refund policy. Because what is being shipped to you is perishable food, the company will not allow returns or refunds. Any order you place on the website is final.

If for some reason you have an issue with the product’s quality or there are mistakes with your order, you will have to email Home Bistro at [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving your meals.


If you’re looking for a gourmet meal delivery option, Home Bistro may be a good choice for you. They have plenty of meals to choose from and they cater to several types of dietary needs. The preparation is as easy as a meal delivery service can be, and the ingredients and preparation are top-notch.