Brad Ingrao

Au.D., Audiologist

Dr. Brad Ingrao, Au.D. is a practicing audiologist. Since the 1990s, he has personally fitted thousands of people with hearing aids. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped, a Master’s in Audiology, and a Doctorate in Audiology. He has taught at three universities and presented at professional conferences in two continents.

Dr. Ingrao’s uncle was a musician who lost his hearing and became a hearing instrument specialist. From an early age, Dr. Ingrao witnessed how his uncle helped so many people with hearing loss.

Dr. Ingrao started his career as a Sign Language Interpreter (SLI) before studying audiology. He became a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D) in 2005.

He is an author, lecturer, early adopter of new hearing technology, and a self-diagnosed “computer geek.” He runs a clinical practice that offers holistic audiology care with emphasis on cochlear implants, musician ear treatment, prevention of hearing loss, and more.

Dr. Ingrao is associated with the Hearing Loss Association of America and on the Board of Directors for the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped
  • Master’s degree in Audiology
  • Doctor of Audiology (AuD)

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