Best Wheelchair Car Lifts

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Your wheelchair gives you independence and mobility, so don’t let the struggle of transporting it keep you from going to the movies or out to eat for dinner. There are plenty of wheelchair vehicle lifts that are easy to use and efficient at getting you and your chair to the placesyou want to go.

If you are a caregiver, having proper transportation methods can make a difference in the quality of care you provide.

We evaluated wheelchair car lifts for all sorts of wheelchairs and all kinds of vehicles so you can find the best fit for your situation.

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Features & Specs

  • Compatible with Class II hitches and Class III hitches
  • Weight capacity is 200 pounds
  • Lift weighs 82 pounds
  • 3-inch security rail
  • Powder coating
  • Ramp with a width of 26.5 inches
  • The platform size is 50 inches by 28 inches


  • Heavy duty

  • Excellent for cars with low or high hitch heights

  • Folds against car

  • Quality materials

  • Simple to install

  • One-year warranty (limited)

  • Rise/drop adapter


  • Blocks rear back up camera on cars

  • Challenging on steep hills

The EZ Carrier 3 Lift attaches to the back of your car and works with both Class II hitches, and Class III hitches. There is a standard adapter for Class II to prevent wobble when connecting and driving.

The carrier folds up when not in use, giving you access to the rear of your vehicle. When you need to transport your wheelchair, simply unfold the ramp, drive your wheelchair up, and secure. The ramp portion folds up at a 90-degree angle for more security during transportation

This lift model has side rails along the ramp and uses a redesigned ramp bracket for safe, comfortable use. It works well for bringing your powered wheelchair along for the ride.

Our Verdict

A manual lift with rail guides along the ramp and easy to assemble and store when not in use.

Features & Specs

  • Ground clearance of 24 inches
  • Two ratchets to secure chair
  • Lift weighs 108 pounds
  • Compatible with Class II hitches and Class III hitches
  • Heavy duty mobility cover
  • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • Hardwired power
  • The platform is 48 inches by 28 inches
  • Outside lift


  • Retractable ratchets included

  • Three-year warranty (limited)

  • Ability to swing away from the vehicle

  • Smooth driving


  • Extends the length of the vehicle

  • Swing arm movement is manual

  • The key, which is vital to operation, may be difficult to keep up with

The Lift ‘n’ Go is a powered lift that attaches to the back of your car. A swing arm opens space so you can still access your trunk without removing the lift.

A convenient feature of this carrier is the key switch, as no one can operate the lift without the key. Locate the button where you can efficiently operate the lift while seated in your wheelchair. A push of a button is all it takes to control this carrier and prepare your mobility unit for travel.

A large lifting platform and a high weight capacity of 350 pounds make this ideal for powered wheelchairs. It is a full sized lift that requires no chair modification and has a slight angle to allow for a smooth ride while driving.

Our Verdict

This power lift swings out for extra access and has the electric buttons within reach while sitting on your chair and using the lift.

Features & Specs

  • Adjustable hold-down arm
  • Compatible with Class I hitches, Class II hitches, Class III hitches, and ball mounts
  • Weight capacity is 100 pounds
  • Outside lift
  • Lift weighs 32 pounds


  • Works with any hitch size

  • Folds up when not in use

  • Folds down for tailgate access

  • Three-year warranty (limited)

  • Sturdy


  • Top lock bar must be lifted to load the chair

  • May require two people to load and unload

The AL003 Tilt n Tote works wonderfully for manual wheelchairs with fold up ability. A hold-down arm secures nearly any standard size manual wheelchair. And a quick, handle release lets you load and unload your wheelchair with ease.

This wheelchair car lift supports chairs up to 100 pounds and requires no modifications to your chair. Instead, a tilting joint assists with placing the wheelchair for transportation.

You’ll find this lift conveniently connects to any hitch size. To mount this carrier on the back of your car, a Class I hitch adapter and stabilizer work well, and it also functions with a ball mount hitch.

The lift can remain on the back of your car full-time without limiting your access to the rear of your vehicle. This carrier folds up and down, giving plenty of room to open the trunk. Also, because of its size and the foldable chair, excessive length is not added onto your vehicle, which can complicate parking in some situations.

Our Verdict

This product is an excellent addition that is compact and secure to transport foldable wheelchairs.

Features & Specs

  • Hardwired power
  • Weight capacity is 100 pounds
  • Outside lift
  • Compatible with Class I hitches, Class II hitches, Class III hitches, and ball mount
  • Lift weights 75 pounds
  • Includes Class I hitch adapter
  • Hold-down arm to secure the wheelchair


  • Compatible with any hitch

  • Three-year limited warranty

  • Requires little to no strength to use

  • Compact

  • No chair modifications necessary


  • Depending on hitch height lift may not be flat on the ground

  • Additional tools required for installation

The AL030 Power Tote is a power lift option for manual wheelchairs. You don’t need to have a power wheelchair in order to enjoy  easy, hassle-free transportation.

This wheelchair car lift mounts to the back of your vehicle. For your convenience, this product can attach with any hitch size, including ball mount. It comes with a Class I hitch adapter. You can also upgrade to other hitch adapters for a smoother ride.

The powered aspect lifts your chair with no effort on your part. Just press a button and be prepared to travel where you need to go. A key is required to use lift power, giving you confidence that your chair will be secure and only handled by you.

Our Verdict

A power lift that connects with any hitch size and efficiently prepares your wheelchair for transportation.

Features & Specs

  • Remote control
  • Weight capacity is 200 pounds
  • Hardwired power
  • Semi-power (some manual labor involved)
  • Lift weighs 35 pounds
  • Length of the boom arm is 30 inches
  • Required headroom is 37 inches
  • Inside lift


  • Disassembles into three

  • No hitch required

  • Lifts manual wheelchairs, travel scooters, and light power wheelchairs

  • Three-year warranty (limited)

  • Durable and high quality


  • Slow lift

  • Modification to the car required

  • Not suitable for trucks (arm length not long enough)

  • Challenging assembly

The AL055 Economy Inside Wheelchair Lift allows you to move light power chairs into your trunk. After that, some manual adjusting is all it takes for you to begin traveling.

This carrier works as a boom arm that anchors into your trunk. It wires directly to your car battery and bolts to the floor for added security. It consists of three pieces that are straightforward to disassemble and lightweight.

Once you attach the strap to your folded chair, a hand remote controls the lifting, and you simply guide your wheelchair into the trunk. This lift works on foldable wheelchairs as well as smaller powered wheelchairs. And it has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

While the power on this inside lift might be less than others, it is more affordable than some comparable lifts.

Our Verdict

A more affordable inside lift option that promotes your independence and can handle manual and some power chairs.

Features & Specs

  • Compatible with 10-inch and 14-inch mid-wheel drive power chairs
  • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • Compatible with Class II hitches and Class III hitches
  • Lift weighs 76 pounds
  • Outside lift
  • Hardwire power or battery
  • Built-in tabs
  • The platform length is 19 inches


  • Shock-absorbing cradle

  • License plate holder

  • Low-profile

  • Multiple power sources

  • Compact


  • Lifting capacity varies drastically with hitch class

  • Tie-down straps not included

The Outlander LP is a wheelchair lift design specifically for mid-wheel drive power chairs. It is an outside lift and low profile carrier for better visibility.

There are multiple options when it comes to securing your mobility unit to the carrier. You have the option of using ratcheting or retractable tie-down straps. These attach to built-in tabs to prevent movement of the chair on the platform.

You also have choices in how to power the electric lift. You can connect to your car’s battery, hardwire, use a battery pack, or a combination. Whatever solution works best for you.

The lift may block your license plate when installed, so there is a license plate holder conveniently added to the lift for safety.

Our Verdict

Multiple options with shock-absorber and great for low profile carrier for better visibility. License plate holder is a plus.

Features & Specs

  • Compatible with Class II hitches and Class III hitches
  • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • Hardwire or battery pack for power
  • Lift weighs 83 pounds
  • The platform is 27 inches by 16.5 inches
  • Outside lift


  • Low profile design

  • License plate mount

  • No modifications necessary

  • No straps or tie-downs required

  • Three-year warranty (limited)


  • Fold back arms required on the power chair

  • Not compatible with all vehicles

  • Challenging installation if hardwire option selected

The AL580 Next Generation Power Chair Lift takes all the best features and combines them into a compact, efficient wheelchair car lift. It has a low profile design to increase visibility for safety. It is electric powered and doesn’t require manual strength. You can choose to hardwire the lift or use a battery pack.

No modifications to your wheelchair are necessary, and no straps or tie-downs are required. And a license plate mount is included as the carrier may cover the one on your vehicle.

This lift connects with Class II hitches and Class III hitches, and the compact size does not add excessive length to your vehicle.

This product design works for mid-wheel power chairs with ten-inch drive wheels. It has a padded arm that secures the chair while in motion and folds up when not in use.

Our Verdict

Compatible with Class II and Class II hitches makes it convienient with no modifications necessary. License plate mount is another plus.

Having the ability to transfer your wheelchair to and from locations easily will simplify your life. You won’t feel your activities are limited. With a carrier that brings your mobility unit along, going to the movies, eating at restaurants, and visiting family and friends become everyday events.

If you are a caregiver, using a car lift can drastically improve the amount of manual labor you use to transport your loved one. Appointments to the doctor go more smoothly, and you will encourage independence in those you care about.

Deciding on the right type of lift depends on the wheelchair you need to transfer as well as your personal limits.

Manual lifts usually connect at the rear of the car and fold down to create a ramp. You drive your chair up, secure with straps, and restore the ramp in an upright position. These lifts fold against the vehicle when not in use. Manual lifts tend to be in the lower price range because you do the work.

Power lifts provide an excellent solution for those lacking strength or dexterity. The platform of the lift lowers to the ground, the chair is moved onto it and strapped down, and then an electric motor raises the lift high enough to drive safely. Power lifts can be rear or side-door and run at higher prices because of the technology involved.

Some people enjoy the ease of attaching their wheelchair to the outside of the car for transportation. Outside lifts connect by hitches and remain entirely outside the vehicle. They often fold up when not in use and can also be removed completely and reinstalled when needed.

If you opt to go with a rear lift that leaves your power chair outside your vehicle, we recommend purchasing a cover to protect your mobility unit from the weather and normal wear and tear.

Inside lifts install within the car, usually in the trunk or cargo area. Your chair travels with you inside the vehicle. This makes inside lifts more secure if you need to leave your chair and protects the chair from possible damage.

Consider the style of wheelchair you have when purchasing a wheelchair car lift. Decide if you want an inside lift or an outside lift and if you require an electric option or can function with a manual carrier.

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