Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Review

Updated: Jul 25, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Adjustable beds like the Amerisleep offer positional options that can help with reduced mobility, chronic pain, digestive issues, poor circulation, and snoring. 
  • Amerisleep offers two adjustable base models: Adjustable Bed and Adjustable Bed+.
  • While the adjustable beds are similar, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is more expensive and provides more features.
  • Mattress compatibility is an important step to think about when purchasing either of these models.

Amerisleep has made a name for itself in beds—and with good reason. They are known for producing quality sleep products at reasonable prices, and their knowledgeable staff is helpful without being salesy.

They make two adjustable base models. One is a high quality but lower price unit that provides just what you need—without all the additional features you might not need. The second model is for those who want the extras, like massage and voice control, and are willing to pay a little more to get it.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

While the way an adjustable bed works specifically is dependent on the model. Generally, a motorized base works to elevate the head and feet of the bed providing you with a variety of sleeping position options. They are typically controlled by remote, which allows you to change your position at the push of a button. Many advanced models will also sync to your smartphone so you can control the bed through an app. Often, these frames offer additional features such as massage zones, snore settings, and zero-gravity positioning. The mattress, which is separate from the base, sits atop the base. Most adjustable bases have retainer bars at the foot and sometimes the head of the base to keep mattresses from slipping during movement.

Elderly couple at home on an adjustable bed

By reducing pressure on your body, an adjustable bed can make sleeping more comfortable. In addition, head elevation can help to reduce snoring (which is good for the snorer and whoever is sleeping beside them), while lifting your feet promotes blood flow. An adjustable bed can also reduce acid reflux and alleviate breathing issues like sleep apnea by slightly propping your head up throughout the night.

What is Amerisleep?

Amerisleep Logo

Amerisleep got its start in 2010 designing memory foam mattresses and redesigning the mattress buying process by taking it online. Next, they added in bed frames and bed linens, making it possible to purchase an entire sleep solution from your internet browser. Amerisleep also opened a number of retail showrooms with non-commissioned employees, allowing them to focus more on customer education than pushing for sales.

The Best Amerisleep Adjustable Beds of 2022

Amerisleep provides two adjustable bed base models: the Adjustable Bed and Adjustable Bed+. Both models provide a quality adjustable foundation, but the Adjustable Bed+ provides more features and is more expensive. The choice between the Adjustable Bed and Adjustable Bed+ comes down to the size of bed you need (full size beds are only available in Adjustable Bed+), the features you value the most, and the price you’re willing to pay.

Price by size
Adjustable Bed
  • Twin XL $840
  • Queen $1,050
  • Split King $1,680
  • California Split King $1,680
Adjustable Bed+
  • Twin XL $1,260
  • Full $1,400
  • Queen $1,400
  • Split King $2,100
  • California King$2,100
  • Key Features
    Adjustable Bed
  • Ultra-quiet motors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Head and feet articulation
  • Adjustable height legs
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Fits any bed frame
  • Zero-gravity position
  • Adjustable Bed+
  • Ultra quiet motors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Head and feet articulation
  • Adjustable height legs
  • Backlit wireless remote
  • Fits any bed frame
  • Zero-gravity position
  • Three customizable settings
  • Control with app on mobile phone
  • LED under-bed lighting
  • Non-skid fabric and foot retainer
  • Wall glide feature
  • Full body massage with three intensity levels
  • USB ports on side of bed
  • Maximum tilt
    Adjustable Bed
  • Max head tilt (upper body): 60 degrees
  • Max foot tilt (lower body): 40 degrees
  • Adjustable Bed+
  • Max head tilt (upper body): 60 degrees
  • Max foot tilt (lower body): 35 degrees
  • Shipping/Setup
    Adjustable BedFree shipping within the continental U.S.
    Adjustable Bed+Free shipping and setup within the continental U.S.
    Adjustable BedIndustrial-grade steel supports
    Adjustable Bed+Steel frame

    Who Can Benefit From Buying an Adjustable Bed?

    A man with osteoarthritis siting on an adjustable bed

    Anyone seeking comfortable, customizable sleep can benefit from buying an adjustable bed, but adjustable beds are especially great for:

    • Arthritis: Arthritis can cause inflammation, tenderness, and pain in the joints. An adjustable bed can help reduce pressure on joints and provide relief.
    • Caregivers: If you’re a caregiver, an adjustable bed can help you easily position your loved one’s sleeping surfaces to suit their unique needs.
    • Chronic pain: Added pressure on the sciatic nerve or improper spinal support during sleep can cause or worsen back and neck pain. While the Mayo Clinic recommends back sleepers wedge a pillow under their knees and a rolled-up towel at the small of the back, an adjustable bed can remove the need for these props. Adjusting the bed into a zero-gravity position with legs and head slightly raised gives a feeling of weightlessness and reduces pressure on the spine.
    • Digestive issues: Elevating the head while sleeping is recommended for anyone who has experienced acid reflux issues or GERD at night. By elevating the head, the acid can’t as easily wash back up into your esophagus, which is what creates discomfort.
    • Helpful features: Adjustable beds come with an array of useful features beyond the ability to adjust position. Massage settings can provide muscle relaxation, and under-bed lighting makes it easier to safely walk around the room if you have to get up in the middle of the night for any reason.
    • Poor circulation: People who suffer from poor circulation may experience more issues at night. That’s because lying flat can make it more difficult for the heart to pump and circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body. This can lead to tingling and swelling in the legs. Elevating your feet higher than your heart promotes better circulation and improves blood flow, easing edema (swelling) and improving varicose vein symptoms.
    • Sleep apnea: People with sleep apnea often stop breathing several times during the night for several seconds at a time. This is usually caused when the muscles and tissues in the mouth relax and fall to the back of the throat, blocking the airway. Elevating the head of an adjustable bed can prevent the tissues in the mouth from blocking the airway during sleep.
    • Sleeping with a partner: Specifically, a split adjustable base means you can elevate your head or feet (or both), while your partner can adjust the bed to their comfort, whether that’s keeping the bed flat or adjusting the elevation to their own specific needs.
    • Snoring: If you or your partner snore, an adjustable bed also allows you to elevate your body at just the right position to reduce positional-related snoring and breathing issues.
    • TV watchers and readers: If you’re looking for extra support while watching TV or reading in bed, raising the head of an adjustable base places you in a sitting-up position without the hassle of pillows. 

    Most Cost Effective

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

    Top Features:

    1. Standard features include Ultra Quiet Motors, backlit wireless remote, zero-gravity position, and adjustable legs.
    2. It is compatible with any bed frame.
    3. The base includes adjustable head and foot articulation.


    • Sleep weightlessly in zero-gravity position

    • Backlit wireless remote controls

    • Ability to set up the bed at just the right height

    • Easy to put together


    • Does not have massage feature

    • Setup is not included with delivery

    • Does not include under-bed lighting

    • Not available in full size

    • Motors can be loud despite the claim of “Ultra-Quiet Motors”

    • No trial period

    • Some complaints about delivery and customer service from third-party review sites

    With a lower price point than many other adjustable beds in the industry, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed helps people rest comfortably without losing sleep over their bedding budget. Made from industrial-grade steel supports and polyester upholstery, this bed covers the defining features of an adjustable bed, allowing you to sleep in a position that provides the support you need, including the zero-gravity position, which reduces pressure on your whole body. When it’s dark, you can easily adjust to a different position with the wireless remote, which has backlighting to make it easier to find the right button. A key feature, this bed allows you to adjust the head and foot of the bed separately to help you find just the right position. 

    Delivery: Amerisleep will deliver your Adjustable Bed anywhere in the continental U.S. This is curbside delivery, so you will need to bring the bed into your home and set it up. Set up is a simple process, and no tools are necessary.

    Warranty: The 10-year warranty for the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is divided into three time frames, each with differing levels of coverage.

    • Full warranty: All parts are covered for one year. This warranty covers the replacement of any defective electrical or mechanical parts, excluding labor and transportation.
    • Limited warranty: This warranty covers the replacement of any defective electrical or mechanical parts, excluding labor and transportation, for two years.
    • Limited warranty: The metal frame is covered by a limited prorated warranty for three to 10 years. The cover, side rails, legs, motors, remotes, and cords are not covered at this point.

    Top Features

    1. Standard features include Ultra Quiet Motors, backlit wireless remote, zero-gravity position, adjustable legs, non-skid fabric, foot retainer bar, and full body massage.
    2. It is compatible with any bed frame.
    3. The base includes adjustable head and foot articulation.


    • Smartphone app allows you to adjust the bed with voice commands

    • Wall guide feature keeps head of bed close to the wall even as it’s raised

    • USB ports on the side of the bed to keep your phones charged

    • Massage function has three settings

    • Under-bed LED lights

    • Three programmable settings

    • Slightly wider foot tilt range (35 to 60 degrees) than the Adjustable Bed (40 to 60 degrees).


    • Expensive

    • Motors can be loud despite the claim of “Ultra-Quiet Motors”

    • The California king size bed does not have split option

    • Some complaints about delivery and customer service from third-party review sites

    The Adjustable Bed+ is a more expensive-yet-luxurious option because it offers more features and benefits than Amerisleep’s standard Adjustable Bed Base.

    Imagine readjusting your bed to your favorite position without lifting a finger. You can control the Adjustable Bed+ with voice commands on the mobile app while your phone is charging nearby thanks to the USB ports on the side of the bed. If you have a few favorite positions, memory settings will allow you to save three of them for quick readjustments. 

    The wall-hugging technology helps the head of the bed stay close to the wall even when it’s raised. This means you can easily reach your bedside table whether the head of the bed is up or down. At the end of a long day, the Adjustable Bed+ can help you relax with three settings of rolling wave massage. Late night trips to the restroom are made safer by LED under-bed lights to help you easily find your way back to bed without lighting up the whole bedroom. 

    Designed with a steel frame and polyester upholstery, the Adjustable Bed+ also has a more inclusive warranty and comes with white-glove delivery and in-home setup.

    Delivery: In addition to delivering your Adjustable Bed+ anywhere in the continental U.S., Amerisleep will also set the bed up (adjustable base only, not the mattress). This white-glove delivery service is offered at no charge.

    Warranty: The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ has a 10-year warranty that adjusts over the following time frames:

    • Full warranty: All parts are covered for one year. This warranty covers the replacement of any defective electrical or mechanical parts, which includes transportation and labor.
    • Limited warranty: This warranty covers the replacement of any defective electrical or mechanical parts from years two to five. The defective parts must be returned within 14 days of service, and transportation and labor costs are not covered by this warranty.
    • Limited warranty: From years six to 10, the cost of replacement parts is prorated based on length of ownership. The cost of shipping and labor are not covered.

    Things to Consider When Shopping for an Amerisleep Adjustable Bed


    Amerisleep adjustable bed bases range in price from $840 to $2,100 depending on size and features. We spend so much time sleeping, that it’s a worthwhile investment to spend on your bed, but budget constraints must be considered as well. Many retailers, including Amerisleep, will allow you to bundle an adjustable bed base and memory foam mattress for a discount. Check with your retailer on bundling options.

    Amerisleep offers financing through Klarna, a third-party buy now, pay later service. When checking out, select the Klarna option, complete the application, and on approval, enjoy 0% financing. Six week financing is available for orders that total less than $1,000. They can be split into four payments, one every two weeks. Orders that total more than $1,000 can be paid out over six, 12, or 18 months. 


    Size is an important consideration if you have limited space available in your room or already have a bed frame you would like to use with your new adjustable bed. Amerisleep adjustable bed bases are available in the following sizes:

    • Twin XL
    • Full (Adjustable Bed+ only)
    • Queen
    • Split King
    • California King (Adjustable Bed+ only)
    • California Split King (Adjustable Bed only)

    Return policy

    Check policies carefully when purchasing an adjustable bed. In many cases, returns are an option for the memory foam mattress, but not the adjustable bed base. This is true of Amerisleep, where they allow a 100-day sleep trial to test and return a memory foam mattress, but the purchase of an adjustable bed base is final. Amerisleep does offer a 10-year limited warranty on their adjustable bed bases.

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Review

    Customer feedback and satisfaction conceptual image

    Amerisleep is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they do have an A+ rating, and they do post consumer complaints about Amerisleep on their website. The bulk of the complaints about Amerisleep products on the BBB website refer specifically to the Amerisleep mattresses, although there were many mentions of issues with customer service and shipping. Yelp reports that Amerisleep customer service gets much better reviews at their physical stores, which are located in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas. 

    The Amerisleep website clearly states that purchases of adjustable beds are final—there are no refunds on this product. Additionally, the warranty for each Amerisleep adjustable bed is quite limited, as explained in the warranty section for each bed above. These issues are both common complaints in customer reviews.

    The durability of the Amerisleep adjustable bed base is well regarded by many customers. While a few reviewers mentioned the loudness of the motors, most customers who reviewed the adjustable bed base would happily purchase it again and recommend it to a friend.

    Choosing Between a Standard King and a Split King

    With a standard king adjustable bed, the two sharing a bed will also share the exact same adjustment. Two people sharing a split-king adjustable bed can each independently adjust their own side to suit their own preferences. In a split king, the bed base is split into two sections, with two separate mattresses, each being controlled independently by a remote. The two side-by-side mattresses will measure up to the same size as a standard king mattress.

    The key consideration in choosing between a standard king and a split king is whether you and your partner ever need to sleep with the bed at different adjustments.


    Amerisleep offers free delivery within the contiguous 48 states, and for those who purchase the Adjustable Bed+, setup is included, as well. The Adjustable Bed+ base, mattress, and linens purchased will be delivered in separate packages and may arrive on different days.

    Choosing the Best Mattress for your Adjustable Bed

    There are several places you can purchase a mattress for your adjustable bed. In addition to Amerisleep, other reputable mattress manufacturers include Saatva, Avocado, Tempur-Pedic, Nectar Mattress, and GhostBed.

    There are a few important points to remember when shopping for a mattress to top your adjustable bed base.

    Retailer Deals: You may be able to get a discount by purchasing your mattress and adjustable bed base from the same retailer. Amerisleep offers discounts for bundling mattresses and bed bases.

    Mattress Compatibility: Make sure the mattress you select is compatible with an adjustable bed. The mattress should be less than 14 inches thick and not be an innerspring mattress. In some cases, an innerspring where the springs are individually wrapped might work for an adjustable bed. Contact the mattress manufacturer to make sure any innerspring mattress you would like to use will have the durability to tolerate the movement of the adjustable bed. Latex and memory foam mattresses are excellent choices. A hybrid mattress, which is a combination of foam and wrapped coils, may also be an option for you.

    Sleep Position: Consider your sleep style when choosing a mattress. A firm mattress is better for stomach sleepers and those who sleep on their backs. A soft mattress will provide pressure relief for side sleepers and combination sleepers. You may need to find a compromise somewhere between the two if you and your partner are sharing a mattress but have different sleep styles.

    Amerisleep Mattresses You Can Bundle with Your Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

    If you decide to bundle an Amerisleep Mattress with the company’s adjustable bed to get the discount, they have several mattress options from which to choose. These are high-quality mattresses made with Bio-Pur memory foam—an advance on memory foam that provides excellent support and is breathable to help keep the sleeper cool. Bio-Pur is part of the reason Amerisleep mattress reviews are so positive.

    • Amerisleep AS1 Mattress: The firmest mattress that Amerisleep offers, this model is ideal for stomach sleepers and those who sleep on their backs.
    • Amerisleep AS2 Mattress: A medium-firm mattress that was designed with spinal alignment in mind, this is also an excellent option for stomach sleepers and those who sleep on their backs.
    • Amerisleep AS3 Mattress: This medium-density mattress is the most popular in their collection and suitable for most sleeping styles.
    • Amerisleep AS4 Mattress: This is a medium-soft mattress that was designed to cushion pressure points, making it an option for side sleepers.
    • Amerisleep AS5 Mattress: This is the softest mattress that Amerisleep offers and provides the most cushioning for pressure points, making it the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers and combination sleepers.

    How We Wrote the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Review Article

    We reviewed Amerisleep’s adjustable beds based on the following criteria:

    • Cost
    • Warranties
    • Features included
    • Comfort and adjustability 
    • Ease of installation
    • Expert sources
    • Customer service accessibility and performance
    • Customer satisfaction reviews
    • Company reputation
    • Noise levels

    Why Trust Us

    The bed reviews that we list follow an extensive examination of manufacturers, stated specifications, and reviews. Our reviewers are people who like comfortable beds and who want to be sure that claims made by bed-makers are ones that are backed up by performance and results.

    Our ratings consider factors we list in the review: comfort, manufacturer guarantee, return policy, cost.

    During our research process, we:

    • Consulted with medical and sleep sources
    • Surveyed different models of beds
    • Spent hours researching adjustable beds
    • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews

    Many products and services featured on will play a crucial role in your daily life. As these products should help enhance aging at home, we work to uncover as much as possible about the products and services we review. We also consult occupational therapists, audiologists, geriatricians, professional adult caregivers, and other experts in the field to ensure we’re providing the most accurate, helpful information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Amerisleep offers two adjustable bed base models in a variety of sizes.

    Pricing is accurate as of July 1, 2022. 

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