Saatva Adjustable Beds Review 2023

Updated: Jan 01, 2023
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As you get older, you may notice that it’s becoming more difficult to sleep comfortably. Disruptions in your circadian rhythm—an internal clock that regulates bodily processes to help us fall asleep—can keep you up at night or make it more difficult to fall asleep and wake up in the morning. But the good news is that changing your sleep setup can lead to vast improvements in your sleep and overall comfort.

An adjustable bed gives you more control over your sleep (or lounging) position. This can reduce aches and pains, ease breathing problems, alleviate acid reflux, take the pressure off your joints and the rest of your body, and just foster all-around comfort—all things that make it easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep. There are plenty of adjustable bed options out there, so choosing the right one can feel like quite the project. That’s why we did it for you.

The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base is one of our top choices for best adjustable beds, so we wanted to dive in a little deeper to help you determine if it’s right for you. In this Saatva adjustable bed review, we’ll go over the two adjustable bases the brand offers, break down the pros and cons of each, and provide some key takeaways to help you make a decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Adjustable beds offer positional options that can help with reduced movement, chronic pain, digestive issues, poor circulation, and snoring.
  • The Saatva brand offers two adjustable base models: the Standard and the Upper-Flex.
  • While offering primarily the same features, the Upper-Flex and Standard Lineal Base models vary in adjustability.
  • Mattress compatibility is an important step to think about when purchasing either of these models.

Pros & Cons of the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base

Top Features:

  • Both models include a one-touch remote with the zero-gravity setting.
  • Additional features include full-body wave, leg, and head massage and under-bed lighting.
  • Both adjustable bases come with free white-glove delivery and in-home setup.
  • Saatva offers a 25-year limited warranty, with the first five years fully covered.



  • Includes wall-hugging feature

  • Comes in eight sizes

  • Made in the U.S.

  • A+ rating on Better Business Bureau


  • Non-refundable

  • Massage feature makes noise



  • Each side of the bed has independent head adjustability

  • Made in the U.S.

  • A+ rating on Better Business Bureau


  • No wall-hugging feature

  • Only works with Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress (Upper-Flex)

  • Only available in king and queen sizes

  • More expensive

  • Non-refundable

  • Massage feature makes noise

What is Saatva?

Saatva is a mattress and bedding company that launched in 2010 in an effort to change the mattress industry. After hearing customers complain about misleading marketing and inflated prices, founder and CEO Ron Rudzin wanted to offer something better. Enter Saatva.

Named after Sattva, a Hindu and Ayurvedic philosophy that represents purity, wholesomeness, and virtue, the brand set out to offer high-quality goods at fair prices—and with a hands-off delivery process that’s convenient for customers of any age. While the brand is most well-known for its mattresses, it also offers bedding, mattress protectors, mattress pads, various bed frames, bed foundations, and adjustable bases.

Saatva Adjustable Bed Models

Price $1,249– $2,598
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Split King
  • California King
  • Split California King
  • Mattress Compatibility
  • 11.5-inch Saatva Classic innerspring
  • Loom & Leaf memory foam
  • Zenhaven 100% natural latex
  • Solaire adjustable mattress
  • Works with most mattresses, but Saatva recommends checking with the manufacturer first if using a mattress that’s not Saatva
  • Wall-HuggingYes
    Return Policy Non-refundable
    Price $2,498–$2,598
  • Queen
  • King
  • Mattress Compatibility
  • Only Saatva Solaire Upper-Flex Mattress
  • Wall-HuggingNo
    Return Policy Non-refundable

    Who Can Benefit From a Saatva Adjustable Bed?

    An adjustable bed is a big purchase that can provide benefits for anyone, but it’s especially helpful for people who snore, have back pain, experience acid reflux, or have poor circulation or other health-related issues that an adjustable bed can help ease. Anyone looking for an adjustable bed for its features will also appreciate the massage functionality and preset positions on both models, as well as the wall-hugger feature on the Standard. You also don’t have to be an older adult to benefit from the adjustability of the Saatva Lineal Base, especially if you like to read or watch TV in bed. A preset on the remote means you can easily half-recline while watching a movie from the comfort of your bed.

    Types of Saatva Adjustable Beds

    Saatva’s adjustable base, the Lineal Adjustable Bed Base, comes in two different models: Standard and Upper-Flex. Both of the beds share some noteworthy features, including:

    • Under-bed lighting: This adds some illumination to your room even when lights are off, which can help save you from tripping on the way to the bathroom at night or stubbing your toe when you return to bed. It can also allow you to easily move around the room without waking someone up.
    • Head and feet movement: Both the head and feet of the adjustable base can be elevated and lowered to suit your needs. A retainer bar on each helps keep the mattress in place so it won’t shift. 
    • A quiet motor: You can adjust the bed while your partner is asleep without waking them.
    • Massage functionality: There are a variety of massage settings, including full body wave, head, or leg. It’s worth noting that this functionality is louder than the adjustable motor.
    • A variety of settings, including zero gravity: There are several programmable positions as well as a zero-gravity position. Adjusting the bed into a zero-gravity position with legs and head slightly raised gives a feeling of weightlessness and reduces pressure on the spine. 
    • One-touch remote: All settings for both bases can be accessed through a user-friendly remote that has preset settings for reading, working, watching TV, and sleeping. You can also add your own customized settings.
    • Warranty: As with other products from Saatva, both adjustable bases come with a limited 25-year warranty.

    While Saatva’s adjustable bases are similar in a lot of ways, they also have some differences:

    • Independent movement: The Upper-Flex model is split 30 inches down the middle, so that the head can move independently. In other words, one side of the bed can move up and down while the other stays put—or you can set them at varying levels that suit different preferences. The Standard adjustable base moves both sides in unison. If you raise the head of the bed, the whole base raises. The exception to this are the split king sizes. Because these are two separate parts, you can control each side independently.
    • Wall-hugging: The Standard model has a wall-hugging feature that maintains the space between your bed and the wall even in the upright position. This makes it easier to reach your nightstand. The Upper-Flex version doesn’t have this feature.
    • Compatibility: Another notable difference between the two models is the compatibility. The Standard model can be used with various mattresses, including the 11.5-inch Saatva Classic innerspring, Loom & Leaf memory foam, Zenhaven 100% natural latex, or the Solaire adjustable mattress. It can also be used with other brand mattresses as long as they work with an adjustable base. Saatva’s Upper-Flex adjustable base is compatible only with the Saatva Solaire Upper Flex (or split king) mattress. If you don’t own this mattress already, this is an important purchase to consider. It will add to the overall cost of the setup considerably.

    Things to Consider When Shopping for a Saatva Adjustable Bed

    When deciding which Saatva adjustable bed is right for you, there are a number of considerations you should be thinking about:


    The Upper-Flex version of the adjustable bed is considerably more expensive than the Standard version. The queen size retails for just under $900 more. If you choose this model, you’ll want to make sure you budget for a new mattress that’s compatible with the adjustable base.


    There’s a big difference in size ranges between Saatva’s adjustable beds. The standard comes in eight sizes—twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, California king, and split California king—while the Upper-Flex only comes in queen and king sizes.


    Another major difference between the two adjustable beds is in the design. The Upper-Flex is split 30 inches from the top, which allows you to independently move the head of your side of the bed, which is beneficial for anyone who sleeps with a partner. The Standard, however, was designed as one piece that moves together. The exception is if you get the split king size, which are two twin XL bases put together.


    In addition to limited sizes, the Upper-Flex also comes with limited compatibility. While the Standard model adjustable bed can be paired with any memory foam, hybrid, or latex mattress (or any mattress that’s suitable for an adjustable bed), the Upper-Flex only works with Saatva’s Solaire Adjustable Mattress. 

    Weight Capacity

    Both of Saatva’s adjustable bases have a weight capacity of 850 pounds. This includes the weight of the mattress and your body weight—and if applicable, your partner’s body weight as well.

    Construction and Durability

    Both adjustable bases share the same construction. They’re made from a powder-coated steel foundation, wood, polyfoam, an antimicrobial fabric cover, and a 29-volt motor. A layer of polyfoam around the edge of the base helps to protect your legs if you bump into it. They’re designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S. and travel domestically to your home.

    Customer Reviews

    The Saatva adjustable bed reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with customers giving them an average of five out of five stars. Reviewers report that the whole experience, from ordering to actually using the adjustable bed, has been smooth and without hassle. The zero-gravity option of both bases is a standout feature, and users are especially happy with the remote, which makes it easy to control the bed, even if you’re new to adjustable bases. Overall, Saatva has an A+ rating on BBB.


    Both adjustable bases come with free in-home white-glove delivery and setup. All you have to do is order the adjustable base. After that, Saatva’s delivery partners will call you one day before it’s set to arrive to give you a four-hour delivery window. When the delivery team arrives, they’ll bring the adjustable base to the room of your choice and assemble everything (including a new mattress, if you order one). You can also choose to have the delivery team remove your old mattress and foundation for free.

    Return Policy

    Unlike Saatva’s mattresses, which come with a very generous one-year sleep trial period, the adjustable bases are non-refundable since they’re configured and made to order. Because of this, it’s even more important to make sure you’re choosing the model that best suits your needs.

    What Is an Adjustable Bed?

    While the way an adjustable bed works specifically is dependent on the model, generally, a motorized base works to elevate the head and feet of the bed providing you with a variety of positional options for sleeping. They are typically controlled by remote, which allows you to change your position at the push of a button. Many advanced models will also sync to your smartphone so you can control the bed through an app. Often, these frames offer additional features such as massage zones, snore settings, and zero-gravity positioning. The mattress, which is separate from the base, sits atop the base. Most adjustable bases have retainer bars at the foot and sometimes the head of the base to keep mattresses from slipping during movement.

    By reducing pressure on your body, an adjustable bed can make sleeping more comfortable. In addition, head elevation can help to reduce snoring (which is good for the snorer and whoever is sleeping beside them), while raising the foot of your bed to elevate your feet promotes blood flow. An adjustable bed can also reduce acid reflux and alleviate breathing issues like sleep apnea by slightly propping your head up throughout the night.

    Who Can Benefit From Buying an Adjustable Bed?

    Anyone seeking comfortable, customizable sleep can benefit from buying an adjustable bed, but adjustable beds are especially great for:

    Arthritis: Arthritis can cause inflammation, tenderness, and pain in the joints. An adjustable bed can help reduce pressure on joints and provide relief.

    Caregivers: If you’re a caregiver, an adjustable bed can help you easily position your loved one’s sleeping surfaces to suit their unique needs.

    Chronic pain: Added pressure on the sciatic nerve or incorrect spinal support during sleep can cause or worsen back and neck pain. While the Mayo Clinic recommends back sleepers wedge a pillow under their knees and a rolled-up towel at the small of the back, an adjustable bed can remove the need for these props. Adjusting the bed into a zero-gravity position with legs and head slightly raised gives a feeling of weightlessness and reduces pressure on the spine.

    Digestive issues: Elevating the head while sleeping is recommended for anyone who has experienced acid reflux issues or GERD at night. By elevating the head, the acid can’t as easily wash back up into your esophagus. 

    Helpful features: Adjustable beds come with an array of useful features beyond the ability to adjust position. Massage settings can provide muscle relaxation, and under-bed lighting makes it easier to safely walk around the room if you have to get up in the middle of the night for any reason.

    Poor Circulation: People who suffer from poor circulation may experience more issues at night. That’s because lying flat can make it more difficult for the heart to pump and circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body. This can lead to tingling, numbness, and swelling in the legs. Elevating your feet higher than your heart promotes better circulation and improves blood flow, easing edema (swelling) and improving varicose vein symptoms.

    Sleep apnea: People with sleep apnea often stop breathing several times during the night for several seconds at a time. This is usually caused when the muscles and tissues in the mouth relax and fall to the back of the throat, blocking the airway. Elevating the head of an adjustable bed can prevent the tissues in the mouth from blocking the airway during sleep.

    Sleeping with a partner: A split king or queen adjustable base means you can elevate your head or feet (or both), while your partner can adjust the bed to their comfort, whether that’s keeping the bed flat or adjusting the elevation to their own specific needs.

    Snoring: If you or your partner snore, an adjustable bed also allows you to elevate your body at just the right position to reduce positional-related snoring and breathing issues.

    TV watchers and readers: If you’re looking for extra support while watching TV or reading in bed, raising the head of an adjustable base places you in a sitting up position without the hassle of pillows. 

    How We Wrote the Guide to the Saatva Adjustable Bed Article

    We reviewed Saatva’s adjustable base models based on the following criteria:

    • Cost
    • Warranty
    • Features included
    • Comfort and adjustability 
    • Ease of installation
    • Expert sources
    • Customer service accessibility and performance
    • Customer satisfaction reviews
    • Company reputation
    • Noise levels

    Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

    The bed reviews that we list follow an extensive examination of manufacturers, stated specifications, and testing results. Our reviewers are people who like comfortable beds and who want to be sure that claims made by bed-makers are ones that are backed up by performance and results.

    Our ratings consider factors we list in the review: comfort, manufacturer guarantee, return policy, cost. During our research process, we:

    • Consulted with medical and sleep sources
    • Surveyed different models of beds
    • Spent hours researching adjustable beds
    • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews

    Many products and services featured on will play a crucial role in your daily life. As these products should help enhance aging at home, we work to uncover as much as possible about the products and services we review. We also consult audiologists, geriatricians, occupational therapists, professional adult caregivers, and other experts in the field to ensure we’re providing the most accurate, helpful information.

    Bottom Line

    Saatva’s adjustable bases are an excellent option for anyone looking for a no-fuss adjustable bed. They’re user-friendly, offer various sleep positions, and come with free white-glove delivery and in-home setup, so you don’t have to worry about putting them together yourself. If you’re looking for a basic adjustable base, and don’t sleep with a partner, the Standard is likely the best choice for you. If you sleep with a partner or just want to be able to control the head of the bed independently, the Upper-Flex is a better option. Keep in mind that the Upper-Flex is compatible only with Saatva’s Solaire mattress, so you’ll have to upgrade your whole setup if you want to go that route.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Saatva has one main adjustable base model, the Lineal Adjustable Bed Base, but it comes in two models: Standard and Upper-Flex. The Standard comes in a variety of sizes, while the Upper-Flex only comes in queen and king.

    Pricing is accurate as of 6/8/2022. 

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