Best Bed Sensors For Elderly

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When you or your loved ones reach a certain stage in life or health, the fear of falls gets more and more real. As we age, it is likely that our bodies will become weaker and more fragile. A fall can lead to bruises, soreness, and even broken bones. Bed sensors are a great way to detect the movement of someone while they are in their bed, so you can be available to help them should the need arise. Read on to discover a few of the best options for these products.

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Best Cordless

Smart Caregiver Wireless and Cordless Weight Sensing Bed Pad – 10” x 30” (Monitor or Alarm Included).


Features and Specifications

  • Easy to use caregiver alarm. Will let you know someone is getting up!
  • 10″x30″ bed sensor pad is made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. Place the cordless bed sensor pad 30 inches across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet at shoulder level.
  • The wireless alarm can be placed in a convenient location closer to the caregiver, away from the cordless sensor pad with low, medium, high volume options and a gentle chime alert.
  • Two outer LED lights will flash when alarming and the middle LED light will show when there is a low battery.
  • Use 3 “C” size batteries for portability, (batteries not included). Or purchase Smart Caregvier’s AC-04 power adapter (sold seperately)


  • Liquid resistant

  • Can be placed under shoulders or hips for different alerts

  • Low, medium, and high volume settings

  • Portable alarm

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean


  • Does not include AC adapter

  • Limited use since it detects all movement rather than just falls

The Smart Caregiver Wireless Bed Alarm and Bed Pad is an effective tool in fall prevention. The system is comprised of a bed sensor pad and one wireless bed alarm. It is designed to let loved ones or caregivers know when someone is getting out of bed, even when they are not in the room.
The bed sensor pad can go under the resident’s shoulders or hips. When it is placed under the shoulders, a caregiver is alerted once the resident sits up. If it is placed under the resident’s hips, the caregiver will know when the resident is getting out of bed altogether.

The alarm has various volume settings, and since it is wireless, you can place it where ever you want or just take it along with you. The soft vinyl cover of the pad makes it very easy to clean, and it is resistant to liquids.

This is a great option for caregivers and for seniors who don’t want any discomfort of added cords in their bed.

Our Verdict

This cordless bed alarm system makes caregiving easy without having to fuss with uncomfortable wires and complicated setups. Though its use is limited to one year, it is a very accurate and convenient tool to prevent falls.

Best With Call Button

Smart Caregiver® Cordless Motion Sensor and Nurse Call System for Fall Prevention– Know When They Need Help or are Getting up!


Features and Specifications

  • Includes Cordless Monitor, Cordless Motion Sensor, and a Cordless Call Button
  • Motion Sensor can be placed to detect when patient is getting out of bed or walking through a doorway. Works with 3 AA size batteries (not included) or the AC-04 adapter (not included)
  • Call button can be worn around neck with a lanyard or placed on the wall with included cradle. Works with one 12volt battery (included)
  • Monitor has high, medium, and low volume features. Monitor works with 3 C size batteries (not included) or AC-04 adapter (not Included).


  • No cords to set up or maneuver

  • Easy to use

  • Call button for emergencies

  • No pads to setup

  • Long-term use

  • Personalized setup

  • Various volumes for alerts

  • Fast sensor


  • Does not include AC adapter

  • Some customers experience false alarms due to high sensitivity

This Smart Caregiver fall prevention system is one that uses zero cords and zero hassle. If you do not like the idea of handling cords or even making your loved one sleep on a vinyl pad, this may be a good system for you to try. The Cordless Motion Sensor and Nurse Call System detects any movement and alerts you with a monitor, while the call button is available for seniors to alert caregivers when quick help is needed.

Place the motion sensor whereever you see fit. You can have it set up on a nightstand to detect when your patient or loved one is getting out of bed. To specifically detect falls, you could place it on the floor. Alternatively, you can place it in a doorway to detect when they are walking and leaving the room unattended.

Additionally, this system features the use of a cordless call button. In case of emergencies, loved ones can push this button to activate the cordless monitor. They can wear it around their neck, or you can place it in an easy-to-reach spot.

With this system, both the senior’s comfort and caregivers peace of mind are taken care of with the added call button and no pesky pads or cords that go into the senior’s bed.

Our Verdict

Without dealing with unsightly cords or bulky mats, this system senses the motion of your loved one as they get out of bed or walk across their room. It is highly sensitive and works while also providing a call button for quick notice.

Best For Patients Under 120 Pounds

Caregiver Pager with Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad – No Alarm in Resident’s Room!


Features and Specifications

  • Complete system includes 1 bed alarm with wireless function up to 150 feet to work with caregiver pager, 1 bed sensor pad, both with 1 year manufacturer warranty and 1 caregiver pager with 6 month manufacturer warranty. Use these products for fall…
  • 10″ x 30″ bed sensor pad made of soft vinyl, reinforced cord with replaceable safety release connection, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.
  • The bed alarm will sound two quick beeps when weight is first applied to the bed sensor pad, to let the caregiver know the system is working properly. The actual alarming alert that is triggered when weight is removed from the pad will only sound on the…
  • Alarm features include a status light for visual alert that the system is in use, a call button that the resident may press to alert the caregiver pager, low battery light, pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the bed sensor pad becomes…
  • Caregiver pager features include low, medium, high volume adjustment, vibrate option, LCD screen with blue light for visual notification, clip to belt loop, place in a pocket or place on a counter top, pager can receive alerts from multiple units….


  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Liquid resistant bed sensor pad

  • Convenient pager with personalized alarm settings

  • Activation beeps to alert when sensor pad in use

  • Wireless system

  • Call button on monitor

  • Sensitive sensor pad


  • Overly sensitive pad can set off false alarms

  • No way to disable the system when not in use

Some bed sensor pad systems have a hard time detecting lighter-weight users. More fragile, less heavy patients may find that the systems don’t recognize their smaller frames. The Smart Caregiver Wireless Monitor takes care of this problem with its specific design for lighter weight seniors.
This system is made up of a 10” x 30” soft vinyl bed pad sensor, a wireless pager, and a monitor that is attached to the sensor pad. The monitor detects when a patient or loved one is getting into bed with two quick beeps, so the user can be aware that the sensor is active.

When the patient gets up, an alarm is set off on the caregiver’s wireless pager. The pager is made for convenience, featuring adjustable alarm sounds, a vibrate only option, an indicator light selection, and a convertible belt clip/stand. With these customizable features, the caregiver can be sure they’re alerted no matter what they’re doing.

Additionally, the bed sensor pad is made to be soft and comfortable for seniors while also being resistant to liquids and easy to clean.

Our Verdict

This highly sensitive system is great for those who are lighter in weight. While some pads may not recognize a lighter person, this pad’s sensitivity works excellently for those under 120 pounds.

Best Floor Mat

Vive Wireless Call Button – Emergency Alert System for Patients – Smart Portable Medical Panic Button


Features and Specifications

  • ALARM PAGER REQUIRED (SOLD SEPARATELY): A pager is required to receive the signal of the call button and needs to be purchased separately. Pagers are sold separately, allowing for custom configurations since a single pager will work with up to 10…
  • QUICKLY CALL FOR ASSISTANCE: Providing caregiver peace of mind, the Vive wireless call button allows individuals to ask for assistance at the touch of a button. Easily connecting to the Vive wireless pager, which is sold separately, a door light or a…
  • ONE TOUCH BUTTON: Featuring a large button, the call button is easy to press and ideal for those with arthritis or weak grip strength. A bright indicator light is activated when the button is pressed for added peace of mind.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Keep the call button close at hand by easily slipping the compact button transmitter into a pocket, set on a bedside table or hang on the included 15“ lanyard.
  • EASY TO PROGRAM: The wireless call button can be connected to a variety of devices for caregiver peace of mind. Including a pager, a door light alarm or a nurse call button.


  • Comprehensive system can work together

  • Adjustable delay compensates for sleep movement

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Comfortable pads

  • Pads are liquid resistant

  • Personalize your system


  • All system pieces sold separately

  • Bed sensor may not be large enough to guarantee it will be within range of a fall

The Vive Home Alert System offers a variety of sensor pads and alarms for purchase. While these items do not all come together, they are available separately for your use depending on your needs.

Within this system, you can purchase a chair sensor pad, alarm pager (needed for the chair sensor pad), bed pad, floor sensor mat, and a window and door unit. All of these items together make up an excellent wireless fall alert system.

All of the products in this system effectively notify loved ones and caregivers when a patient has moved out of bed or has fallen. The bed sensor can be adjusted to compensate for shifting during sleep.

The sensor pads are made from soft vinyl, making them comfortable for use on beds and under the feet. Their material is liquid resistant and very easy to clean, and all of these sensors can be paired with the alarm pager, a door light, or a nurse call receiver.

If you only choose to purchase the floor sensor mat, it will detect when the patient’s feet hit the ground. This is a great alternative to bed sensors that can be uncomfortable for the senior. Furthermore, a floor sensor will specifically monitor for falls and whenever the patient gets out of their adjustable bed rather than any simple movement that can set off a bed sensor.

If you’re most worried about a senior’s comfort and their propensity to fall off of their bed, this simple sensor is a great option.

Our Verdict

While each item in this system is highly affordable, they do all need to be purchased separately, which raises the cost a bit. However, we have found each item in this system to be accurate, useful, and easy to use.

What is a Bed Sensor?

A bed sensor, also referred to as a bed alarm, is a device that allows caregivers and loved ones to monitor a patient while they are in bed. These alarms track the motion of a patient, alerting caregivers when there are changes or possible falls.

Mostly, these alarms work off of pressure. Many of these systems incorporate special pressure-sensing pads that are placed on the bed, or sometimes on the floor. When a patient lies down on a bed sensor pad, the pad recognizes the weight placed on it. When that patient arises, the sensor pad sends a signal to a receiver held by a nearby caregiver, alerting them that their patient is trying to get out of bed or has moved. Bed sensors are better at preventing falls than floor sensors because a caregiver can come care for a senior if they’re trying to get out of bed and help them before a fall takes place. With floor sensors, they’ll alert caregivers if a senior is standing or laying on the floor, but it may be too late to have prevented a fall.

Some systems use motion sensors rather than pads, where you can place motion detection technology on nightstands or on floors.

Types Of Bed Alarms

There are a couple of different types of bed alarm systems on the market today. They are all effective, however, some prove to be more beneficial in certain situations.

The most common kind of bed alarm system uses pressure sensors. The sensors are placed in pads that are typically made from some kind of soft vinyl. This material makes them more comfortable for sleeping on. They are also easy to clean and are not affected by moisture. Despite their design, these can still be annoying for seniors to sleep on, so a floor sensor may be better for their needs.

On the bed, sensor pads can be placed either under the shoulders or the hips. When placed under the shoulders, they alert caregivers when patients sit up. Under the hips, caregivers are alerted when the patient gets completely out of bed.

In the same way, floor mat sensors alert caregivers when patients get out of bed and step on the floor.

Another type of bed alarm is an infrared sensor. These sensors use a beam of infrared light to monitor a patient. The beam senses the presence of a person, so when they move and trip the light, the alarm is set off.

Caregivers can place these sensors near the bed or doorframes.

Benefits Of A Bed Alarm

Bed alarms are typically used to prevent falls and injuries in elderly folks. As our bodies age, the risk of falls goes up. A fall for an older person can be very harmful and cause serious injuries.

Bed sensors are great for those who are concerned that their loved ones might be trying to get out of bed on their own when they should instead have help doing so. Whether they need significant help or just an extra hand for balance, a bed alarm can let you know when you need to be there.
Those who are suffering from dementia can easily forget where they are or that they shouldn’t be doing things on their own. It can be very dangerous and detrimental to their health if they forget that they need help getting out of bed.

Along these same lines is the fact that people with dementia are at risk of wandering. They can become lost easily, and if no one has their eye on them, they may wander out of their home or care facility. A bed sensor alerts caregivers when a patient starts to move so they can catch them before they wander off.

Additionally, these sensors are good for those who need assistance with bathroom usage. When a patient needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, they can alert you simply by standing or sitting up.

Sleep Securely

It can be scary to leave an elderly loved one alone at night, especially if they have dementia. The thought that they could hurt themselves from the simple tasks of getting in and out of bed is certainly a cause for worry. Using a bed, floor, or motion sensor with an alert system is a great way to ease some of that concern and get them the help they need when they need it.

Because of a variety of products on the market, you can find the best one that meets both the senior’s and caregiver’s needs – including comfort, sound, and positioning of the sensor.

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