Audicus Hearing Aids Review 2023

Updated: Jul 11, 2023
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When you buy hearing aids, you typically purchase them online or go to a hearing aid clinic. Audicus caters to both online and in-person shoppers. It sells FDA-registered hearing aids directly to consumers online, at partner hearing clinics, and at the company’s full-service hearing clinics in New York, Colorado, and Illinois. Audicus sells four different hearing aid models that come in non-custom, completely-in-canal (CIC), and receiver-in-canal styles (RIC).

Audicus hearing aids range in price from $1,398–$2,798 per pair, offering a more affordable option than some competitors. If you aren’t sure about buying hearing aids or need a more budget-friendly path to hearing aids, Audicus offers its unique Audicus Plus Plan, which lets you rent certain hearing aid models and receive a new model when you renew your plan. Audicus also offers remote care options for hearing aid users. For Bluetooth hearing aids, this includes remote audiology visits, where audiologists update and adjust your hearing aids without you ever leaving your house. For non-Bluetooth hearing aids, you’ll have to mail your devices to Audicus to receive updates.

To give you an up-close look and help you shop with confidence, we researched Audicus as a company and tested their Mini and Omni hearing aids during our Hearing Aid Summit in Raleigh, N.C. More specifically, we took a closer look at factors like durability, ease of use, value for the cost, customer service, reputation from verified customer reviews, sound quality, and features offered, including sound technology and battery life.

Key Takeaways

  • Audicus sells over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids online and at partner and company-owned hearing clinics.
  • Customer reviews give Audicus hearing aids high marks for providing good quality at an affordable price.
  • Audicus has a unique rental program called the Audicus Plus Plan that lets members upgrade to newer models after renewal of their contract.
  • Audicus’ audiologists reprogram hearing aids for free through the mail or online depending on each model’s Bluetooth capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Audicus Hearing Aids

As a primarily online hearing aid manufacturer, Audicus offers more affordable OTC hearing aids. The technology, however, is relatively more limited than prescription hearing aids. Like other OTC hearing aids, Audicus hearing aids are also not custom-fit to your ear.

It’s difficult to find the accessories page on the Audicus website. Instead of easily accessing it from their dropdown menu, you have to select “Supplies” from the dropdown menu under hearing aids, then select “Audicus Supplies” again, before selecting the hearing aid you have and finally arriving at the accessories page.


  • Strong consumer ratings

  • Easy buying process

  • Rental plan with all models

  • Modern features, like Bluetooth, offered with most models


  • Not custom-fit like prescription hearing aids

  • Not all Bluetooth models have remote programming from an audiologist

  • Accessories not covered by manufacturer warranty or the add-on protect subscription

Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review

4000+ Hours of Research
11 Experts Consulted
17 Brands Considered
18 Models Considered
10 Models Selected

Our experts research and recommend products that can help give you a better quality of life. Using our high standards and rigorous testing methodology, we’ve spent more than 4,000 hours, collectively, researching the best hearing aids to help you find the device that’s best for you. Throughout our research process, we did the following:

  • Consulted with audiologists and geriatric care experts
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed hundreds of hearing aid users
  • Tested various models of hearing aids
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read thousands of verified customer reviews

In addition to our Hearing Aid Summit, where we researched and tested some of the most popular hearing aid brands, including Audicus, we also surveyed 1,000 hearing aid users to gather more specific insights and bring our readers first-hand data to make informed decisions.

Audicus Hearing Aid Models

Audicus offers three receiver-in-canal hearing aids and one invisible style. All receiver-in-canal models are water resistant and come with tech features that include directional microphones and auto-adapt to automatically amplify nearby speech sounds and reduce background noise. To help you compare its products, Audicus provides a convenient comparison chart at the end of its product pages that clearly lays out differences in features between similar hearing aid models. For models that don’t have similar products to compare side by side, Audicus lists features that the model does or does not come with. Audicus’ Bluetooth streaming hearing aids—the Wave, Spirit, and Omni—are eligible for the Audicus Plus rental plan. You pay a monthly fee for the hearing aids, plus a $499 startup fee, and receive a new model each time you renew the rental contract every 18 months. You can also purchase these models, but you won’t get the trade-in perk.

From our testing, we found all Audicus models to be pretty durable. In our drop test, we intentionally dropped each model 10 times to see how it held up to damage. Audicus hearing aids did not show any substantial damage aside from the battery door opening several times during the trials.

We also learned all models beep when the hearing aid battery life has 30 minutes or less remaining, and that changing the volume on all tested models was quite easy. Receiver-in-canal Audicus hearing aids contain a button to manually change the volume. Bluetooth hearing aids’ volume can also be changed using Audicus’ smartphone app.

  • Cost: $2,498 per pair
  • Type of Hearing Aid: Completely in canal
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to moderate
  • Battery: Disposable
  • Bluetooth: No
Audicus mini hearing aid
The invisible Audicus Mini, blue and red model

The Audicus Mini is Audicus’ smallest and only invisible hearing aid. It’s a completely-in-canal hearing aid, which means it fits inside of the ear canal and goes unseen when worn. The Mini treats mild to moderate hearing loss. To change its volume, you tap your ear when the hearing aid is placed in your ear canal. Although, Rachel Magann Faivre, Au.D., an audiologist and owner of Oklahoma City-based ASH Audiology, told us that her patients haven’t had great luck with the tap feature working reliably. Her patients have also accidentally made changes to their hearing aid settings when putting on a hat or tucking their hair behind their ears.

The Mini has a battery life of 70 hours and comes in a red with blue color option. It is not water resistant and does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

Through our first-hand experience, we found the Mini difficult to handle, including when changing the battery, due to the small size 10 battery that is used. This is typical of invisible hearing aids. When cleaning, the Mini’s domes were also fairly difficult to change.

  • Cost: $1,398–$1,598 per pair
  • Type of Hearing Aid: Receiver in canal
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to severe
  • Battery: Disposable and rechargeable
  • Bluetooth: Yes, but without the remote programming feature

The Wave is Audicus’ basic model and the least expensive Bluetooth hearing aid offered by the brand. Audicus’ Bluetooth hearing aids are compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and allow you to stream audio from your phone, take hands-free phone calls, and change hearing aid settings using your phone. Along with other Bluetooth models—the Spirit and Omni—Audicus claims the Wave treats moderate to severe hearing loss, but Dr. Magann Faivre noted that the Wave realistically should only treat moderate to moderately severe hearing loss. That’s because RIC models still need custom earmolds (the Wave only provides dome tips) that hold the amplified sound in the ear canal to avoid sound leaking and feedback.

The Wave comes in disposable (312 battery) or rechargeable (lithium) battery versions. The Wave does not have remote programming capabilities like the Spirit and Omni. Bluetooth hearing aids with remote programming give your audiologist the ability to adjust and update your hearing aids without having to go in-person to their office.

The Wave has 12 processing channels, four listening programs, and tinnitus masking. Tinnitus masking is used to treat people who frequently experience ringing in the ears (tinnitus). By playing a more desirable sound in the ear, hearing aids compete with the sound of ear ringing for your brain’s attention, making tinnitus less noticeable and bothersome. The Wave’s rechargeable model comes with a telecoil, which is a copper wire installed in hearing aids that allows them to directly stream audio in public venues that have hearing loop sound systems. Many phones are compatible with telecoil use, which improves sound quality when talking on the phone.

The Wave, Spirit, and Omni come in four color options: beige, silver, black and gray.

  • Cost: $1,798–$1,998 per pair
  • Type of Hearing Aid: Receiver in canal
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to severe
  • Battery: Disposable and rechargeable
  • Bluetooth: Yes

The Spirit is Audicus’ middle-of-the-line Bluetooth hearing aid. It has 14 processing channels and four listening programs. Unlike the Wave, it has remote programming capabilities. Other Spirit features include Bluetooth direct audio streaming, telecoil, and tinnitus masking.

  • Cost: $2,598–$2,798 per pair
  • Type of Hearing Aid: Receiver in canal
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to severe
  • Battery: Disposable and rechargeable
  • Bluetooth: Yes
Audicus Omni Hearing Aid

The Omni is Audicus’ most expensive hearing aid. It’s a Bluetooth hearing aid with all the tech features of the Spirit but with 16 processing channels and six listening programs. The Omni, along with the Spirit and Wave, is compatible with the remote control, partner mic, and TV connector accessories. Although hearing aid volume and listening programs can be controlled with your smartphone, the Remote Control accessory can be used in place of a smartphone if you prefer. The Partner Mic accessory increases speech clarity of the person you’re listening to by directly streaming their conversation into your hearing aid when they’re wearing this microphone. If you want to stream TV audio directly into the Wave, Spirit, or Omni, you’ll have to purchase the TV Connector. 

When testing the Omni, we found the hearing aid to be quite easy to place into and remove from the charger. The charger also has indicator lights that blink to let you know the hearing aids are charging, then stay solid green once they’re fully charged. We also tested the Omni’s water-resistant rating by submerging it in water and found it continued to work well afterwards.

Audicus Online Hearing Test

Although not mandatory, Audicus offers a 5- to 10-minute online hearing test to help you narrow down which of its models suit you best. Audicus also lets you upload hearing test results from other clinics to help with programming your hearing aids before you get them.

At the beginning of the hearing test, Audicus will ask for your gender, age, name, and contact information, then to continue with testing, you have to agree to receive marketing messages from them. It instructs you to go to a quiet place, plug in headphones, and set the volume on your computer to 50% before you play sample tones in a test run. Once the real test begins, you listen to a series of tones at different pitches and volumes and press one button when you hear the tone and another button when you don’t. Each ear is tested separately, and Audicus shows you which frequency it’s testing during each trial. At the end, you’ll be asked if you’ve ever worn hearing aids, how likely you are to buy them, how soon you want to make a purchase, and the type of health insurance you have. The company will then email you your hearing test results.

screenshot of Audicus online hearing test

Our hearing test results promptly showed up in our inbox. Audicus showed us the overall score and explained how we performed with each tone—high, mid, and low—and with which speech sounds those tones corresponded.

screenshot of Audicus online hearing test results

Audicus Hearing Aids Cost, Pricing, and Plans

Audicus hearing aids come with sound technology that’s competitive with prescription hearing aids, but prices vary by the technology and features packaged with each model. Unlike other hearing aid brands, the Audicus Plus Plan rental program allows you to rent your hearing aids at an affordable monthly price point.

Audicus Costs

The Wave is Audicus’ least expensive hearing aid and the Omni is the most expensive.

Buy Upfront$2,498 per pair
Rent Monthly$139 per pair a month with a $299 sign-up fee
Buy Upfront$1,398–$1,598 per pair
Rent Monthly$89 per pair a month with a $299 sign-up fee
Buy Upfront$1,798–$1,998 per pair
Rent Monthly$129 per pair a month with a $399 sign-up fee
Buy Upfront$2,598–$2,798 per pair
Rent Monthly$159 per pair a month with a $499 sign-up fee

When purchased outright instead of through the Audicus Plus Plan, Audicus hearing aids come with a two-year warranty, 45-day trial, and free standard shipping. All purchases also come with the quick start kit and unlimited expert support.

The quick start kit includes:

  • A hearing aid case
  • Ear domes (tips) in sizes small, medium, and large
  • A charger (if purchasing a rechargeable model)
  • Desiccant for the hearing aid charger to absorb moisture from the hearing aids
  • A small cleaning kit

With each hearing aid purchase, Audicus also offers unlimited free support from its customer service and audiology teams via phone and video calls Monday through Friday from 9 to 6 pm. Audicus’ customer service line can be reached at 855-971-0451.

Audicus Plus Membership and Payment Plans

Audicus offers a membership plan known as the Audicus Plus Plan on all of its hearing aids. With this plan, you sign a contract to rent your hearing aids for 18 months and can upgrade to one of the latest models when you renew your contract. The monthly membership costs and sign-up fees vary by hearing aid model. All Audicus Plus plans come with:

  • Free cleanings
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Unlimited damage protection
  • Loss and damage protection

Once subscribed to a rental plan, you can purchase your hearing aid for a buy-out fee of $499 plus the remainder of the amount you owe on the hearing aid. If you decide to buy after renting and are within the first 45-day trial period, you are not charged a buy-out fee and will get a refund on your rental fees. By comparison, if you buy instead of renting a pair of Audicus hearing aids, you can purchase add-on options of a care subscription plan for $36 every three months and a 3-year warranty for a $198 sign-up fee ($99 if purchasing only one hearing aid). The care subscription plan includes regular delivery of cleaning supplies, wax guards, and new ear domes to keep your hearing aid clean. The protect subscription provides unlimited repairs, unlimited cleanings, and a one-time loss replacement (for a $150 copay).

Audicus also offers payment plans through Care Credit and Allegro for financing your hearing aids. Care Credit allows you to finance without interest if you pay for your hearing aids within one year. It also offers 6-, 12-, 18-month, and 24-month payment plans starting at $39 per month. Allegro is an option for consumers with lower credit scores.

Audicus Accessories

Compatible AccessoriesNA
Compatible AccessoriesTV Connector $199
Compatible AccessoriesTV Connector $199, Partner Mic $199, Remote Control $199
Compatible AccessoriesTV Connector $199, Partner Mic $199, Remote Control $199

All rechargeable Audicus hearing aids come with a charger that plugs into the wall. Once plugged in, your hearing aids will reach a full charge in three to five hours. For $49, Audicus sells an external battery called the Power Pack that connects to the bottom of the charger so you can charge your hearing aids on the go. The Power Pack stays charged for seven days.

Audicus Omni in charger
The Audicus Omni in its charger

Audicus Reviews From Customers

In our hearing aid survey of 1,000 hearing aid users, around 91% of Audicus users said they thought their Audicus hearing aids were a worthwhile purchase. This is similarly reflected in third-party review websites.

Audicus on Better Business Bureau

Resound Review on BBB

Audicus is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating and 3.25/5.0 stars from customer reviews. Customers applaud Audicus for its easy purchasing process, affordable pricing, and quality products. Audicus is said to have a fast turn-around time for reprogramming hearing aids by mail. Some customers complained that Audicus’ telemarketing to potential customers is too aggressive, and that the company has poor customer service representatives who can be rude and unresponsive.

Audicus on Google

Users gave Audicus 4.4/5 with 61 customers reporting on Google as of this writing. Reviewers praised Audicus customer services as well as the quality of the sound and ease of use for the brand’s hearing aids and the corresponding app.

Comparing Audicus To Other Brands

At our Hearing Aid Summit, we tested 11 popular hearing aid models in our laboratory, and we rated the Audicus Omni a 3.97/5 stars. It is ranked in the top five of our best hearing aids. The standout feature is Audicus’ unique membership plan. Plus, it was the highest scoring hearing aid model for ease of use, including its app. Out of all the hearing aids, it had one of the easiest processes with the fewest directions for connecting the hearing aid to the app via Bluetooth. The hands-free calling feature was also easy to initiate without us having to push any buttons on the phone or hearing aid.

Who Are Audicus Hearing Aids Best For?

According to Clinical Interventions in Aging, hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in the elderly and a growing problem that can reduce quality of life, which is why hearing aids are critical for treatment. Audicus hearing aids are best for people who are comfortable shopping for hearing aids in a less traditional online setting and don’t need custom-fit hearing aids. The brand’s hearing aids treat mild to severe hearing loss, depending on the exact model. Audicus has several hearing aids with varying levels of technology, making them appropriate for tech-savvy older adults who want Bluetooth streaming and those who aren’t so tech savvy and want an easy-to-use and easy-to-buy hearing aid. With their monthly rental plan, Audicus hearing aids are a good option for people who want the perks of regular hearing aid upgrades and convenient ongoing maintenance without expensive upfront costs.

Bottom Line

Audicus sells four OTC hearing aids in receiver-in-canal and invisible styles via a convenient online purchasing process that comes with the option to consult audiologists as needed after you receive them. Some receiver-in-canal styles have high-tech features like telecoil, tinnitus masking, and Bluetooth for audio streaming, hands-free phone calls, and remote programming from audiologists. 

While you don’t have to see an audiologist to purchase Audicus hearing aids, an in-person hearing test is always a good idea—and more accurate than an online screening. An audiologist can ensure there aren’t any medical reasons why you shouldn’t use hearing aids and determine your hearing aid candidacy, as well as determine the type, severity, and configuration of hearing loss. But if you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are comfortable purchasing your hearing aids online, Audicus may be an option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reported hearing aid life on Audicus’ website is five years if the hearing aids are properly cleaned and maintained.

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