Lexie Hearing Aids Review and Prices

Updated: Apr 06, 2023
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About Lexie

In a partnership with Bose, Lexie Hearing now offers accessible hearing aids backed by a household name in sound technology. Known for offering affordable hearing aids, Lexie Hearing was developed by hearX Group, a South African-based company that launched one of the first mobile hearing tests on an app. 

The Bose partnership was announced in July 2022, starting with the Lexie B1 Powered by Bose model, followed by their newest release of the Lexie B2 Powered by Bose in October 2022. This partnership comes alongside a recent ruling by the FDA allowing qualifying hearing aids to be sold over the counter (OTC)—meaning Lexie hearing aids are now available in stores like Walgreens and Walmart nationwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Lexie offers competitive pricing on OTC hearing aids by selling direct to consumers.
  • Lexie hearing aids have begun rolling out over-the-counter sales nationwide at retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.
  • Lexie’s newest models use Bose sound technology, combining a reputable name with their accessibility and affordability to bring improved hearing to the public.
AIP Rating 9.0/10

Lexie Hearing Aid Review

Lexie hearing aids are a combination of affordability, desirable technology, and customer service. Offered at a below-average price point, the brand’s three hearing aid models are FDA-regulated and in compliance with the FDA ruling allowing OTC sales of hearing aids.

Lexie hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period and a one-year warranty. The company also provides remote care through their app, allowing you to consult an expert to remotely change the settings on your hearing aids. “The remote adjustments can’t be heard immediately because you have to hang up and then download the adjustment,” said Dr. Rachel Magann Faivre, an audiologist and owner of Oklahoma City-based ASH Audiology. “This just means if you need another adjustment, you have to call customer support again.”

Of course, you can also make the setting adjustments yourself directly through the Lexie app. The features and functionality offered by Lexie hearing aids rival many brands and models sold through an audiologist while allowing customers to complete the entire process, from hearing test to setting up their hearing aids, at home.

Pros and Cons of Lexie Hearing Aids


  • Affordable

  • Option for monthly payments

  • 45-day trial and one-year warranty

  • No prescription needed

  • User-friendly smartphone app


  • Limited to behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal styles

  • No 24/7 support

  • Only one color for Bose models

Lexie Hearing Aids

  • Price: $999 per pair
  • Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth-enabled: ✅

The Lexie B2 Powered by Bose is Lexie’s newest model, combining Bose sound technology with Lexie hearing aid design and functionality. Like all Lexie hearing aids, the B2 is customizable through the Lexie app and connects to the app through Bluetooth, although the Bluetooth function does not offer music or call streaming capability. 

This model comes with four preset environment settings, and users can program and save their own. Environments can be customized by adjusting bass and treble, as well as the balance feature to even sound between both ears. The directionality feature offers more fine-tuning by selecting whether microphones focus on sound in front of you, or everywhere around you. Noise reduction and feedback management keep sound clear and crisp, reducing unwanted sounds like feedback ringing and noise from crowds.

You can adjust the volume on the B2 either through the app or manually on the back of the hearing aid. Lexie’s world volume feature amplifies quiet sounds more than louder ones to help you focus on specific sounds like conversations or TV programs. Each pair of Lexie B2 hearing aids comes with a charging case, ear measuring tool, domes of different types and sizes, a cleaning brush, and drying capsules to remove any environmental moisture if needed. (Drying capsules can prolong the life of your hearing aids and are used by placing the hearing aid and drying capsule in an air-tight container.) A full charge provides about 18 hours of listening time, and the B2 is resistant to light moisture exposure like rain or sweat but excessive moisture or submersion should be avoided. 

  • Price: $849 per pair
  • Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
  • Battery: Replaceable
  • Bluetooth-enabled: ✅

The Lexie B1 Powered by Bose is Lexie’s original model with Bose sound. It’s similar to the B2 in design and functionality, including Bluetooth connection to the Lexie app for settings and adjustments, but like the B2 also does not offer music or call streaming. Features include world volume to amplify quiet sounds, directional microphones to focus on either all-around sound or sound just in front of you, balance to evenly distribute sound between both ears, and customizable environment settings to quickly switch from one listening environment to another. 

This model differs from the newer B2 with its replaceable battery as opposed to rechargeable. The B1 uses a size 312 zinc air battery, which gives each hearing aid about 56 hours of run time. This averages about four days of life per battery, assuming roughly 14 hours of use per day. Each pair of Lexie B1 Powered by Bose hearing aids comes with a protective case, battery starter pack, variety of domes, ear measuring tool, a cleaning brush, and drying capsules.

  • Price: $799 per pair
  • Style: Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • Battery: Replaceable
  • Bluetooth-enabled: ✅

The Lumen is Lexie’s lowest-priced model and the only one that does not feature Bose-quality sound and technology—but it doesn’t lack features or functionality. Made by Intricon, a company that makes parts for a number of major hearing aid brands, the Lumen connects to the Lexie app on your phone or other device through Bluetooth, although like Lexie’s other models it does not offer music or call streaming. Through the app you can adjust settings, control volume, and create custom hearing environments with your preferred settings. While the Lumen can be customized easily, it’s auto fit with settings specifically adjusted according to your hearing profile, determined through the Lexie hearing test. The Lumen also comes with preset hearing environments including everyday use, noisy indoor, music, outdoor, and telecoil. 

The Lumen features world volume to amplify quiet sounds, directional microphones to choose either front-facing sound or everywhere sound for the hearing aid to focus on, feedback management and noise reduction to reduce distracting tones for sound clarity, and even includes specific wind noise management technology to help filter clear sound in windy areas. 

It’s manufactured with Lexie’s nano coating for water resistance, making it resistant to light moisture exposure like rain or sweat. This model is offered in five colors, allowing wearers to choose between a sleek color like silver or metallic black, or a more subtle look with a standard beige. Each pair of Lexie’s Lumen hearing aids comes with a protective case, battery starter pack, ear measuring tool, different length tubes, domes in different types and sizes, a cleaning brush, and drying capsules. 

Price of Lexie Hearing Aids

Lexie Hearing offers a couple different options for purchasing their hearing aids. Hearing aids can be purchased and paid in full with a one-time payment, with prices ranging from $799 to $999 per pair. The other option they offer is a monthly payment plan, which they refer to as a subscription. This subscription includes your selected hearing aids, plus the Care Kit (maintenance and cleaning supplies for 24 months) and Protection Plan for no-cost repairs in the event that your hearing aids get damaged. If you decide to go with the one-time payment plan, keep in mind that the Care Kit and Protection Plan are an additional cost.

With Lexie’s subscription payment plan, you pay a startup fee followed by 23 equal monthly payments for a total of 24 months. After the 24 months you will own your hearing aids, but prior to completing the payment plan your hearing aids are considered rentals. Lexie also offers occasional discounts or promotions, and the brand’s hearing aids are eligible purchases with FSA and HSA accounts. 

Ordering and Setting Up Lexie Hearing Aids

Lexie has designed the process of purchasing and using their hearing aids to be simple and straightforward. You can take their hearing test, receive your hearing aids, customize your hearing aid settings, and start using your hearing aids all from the comfort of your home—without ever having to visit an audiologist’s office. The purpose of Lexie’s hearing test is simply to identify hearing loss, but it’s not required for purchase of Lexie hearing aids. Alternatively, if you take the test and it indicates hearing loss, it’s important to remember that hearing loss is complex. If you’re having significant hearing difficulties, it’s wise to visit an audiologist who can conduct a more thorough hearing test and offer more detailed results, as well as recommendations for treatment.

Lexie Hearing Test

If you suspect you may be experiencing hearing loss, Lexie offers an online hearing test to help identify the degree of loss.

A screenshot of Lexie's online hearing test start page

Lexie’s test is clinically validated and completely free of charge. The company claims the hearing test only takes two minutes. When we took the test ourselves, it took us about five minutes. According to Lexie, its online test technology has an accuracy rate that exceeds 90%, and results have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

A screenshot of hearing loss questions from Lexie's online hearing test.

The test begins by asking a few basic questions about your perception on hearing loss. It then asks you to plug in headphones before the testing starts.

A screenshot of a number pad with the numbers "3 6 1" entered as part of Lexie's online hearing test.

The actual test consists of 23 short soundbites that play a voice saying three randomized numbers. The voice is buried underneath loud noise levels that sometimes make the numbers hard to hear (depending on your hearing loss). You’ll be asked to click or tap the three numbers on a number pad and then press “OK” to go to the next question.

In our opinion, Lexie’s hearing test was harder to use and more disruptive than other online hearing tests like MDHearing. Lexie’s hearing test also didn’t share which frequency levels were being tested like Jabra. Also, 23 soundbites felt like too many.

A screenshot of a form with fields "First name," "Last name," "Email," and a contact number box from Lexie's online hearing test results screen.

Once you complete the test, you’ll be asked to put in your first name, last name, email, and contact number to get your results. We felt this was asking for too much information, as other hearing tests only ask for your name and email before showing you results.

A screenshot of the Lexie online hearing test result screen.

You’ll then see your results, which indicate if you have slight or significant hearing loss. Unfortunately, the results don’t go too in-depth. We missed seeing a visual audiogram graph of our hearing loss like MDHearing’s online test shows.

Still, Lexie’s version is a free and fast online test that can quickly tell if you have noticeable hearing issues. If you choose to move forward with purchasing Lexie hearing aids after completing the test, your test results will be used to auto-fit your new hearing aids with settings that are appropriate for your individual hearing loss.

Buying Lexie Hearing Aids

Purchasing Lexie hearing aids is easy and can be done online, over the phone, and now in select retail stores over the counter. When we called Lexie to inquire about purchasing options, they were friendly and able to answer any questions we had regarding the models, payment plan, and pricing. 

Setting Up Lexie Hearing Aids

When your Lexie Lumen hearing aids arrive, download the Lexie App. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions on the app to set up your hearing aids. Use the Lexie app to take a validated hearing check, then customize your hearing aids based on your hearing profile. If you need any help during the setup process, Lexie hearing experts can be contacted through the app by voice call, video, or live chat. They can troubleshoot any setup issues and help to optimize your hearing aid according to your preferences for the best possible listening experience. 

Lexie Rewards

One of the standout features of Lexie Hearing is its reward program. Lexie Rewards works through the Lexie app and is structured to guide and support you through your first 45 days of wearing Lexie hearing aids. It’s a clever way of ensuring you learn the full breadth of both your hearing aids and the Lexie app.

There’s often an adjustment period to wearing hearing aids, and this reward program can be the incentive you need to stick with it. In the app, personalized wearing goals complement your lifestyle as you earn points. You can earn points by completing activity goals, including checking in and rating the app; learning about your new hearing aids, hearing loss in general, and other relevant content; and sharing your experience with Lexie. As point totals climb, you can earn up to a 5% discount on your monthly subscription or in-app purchases.

“I think this is a really great concept for an OTC hearing aid,” said Dr. Faivre. “Because patients miss out on best practices and education about their hearing loss and devices when purchasing online vs. through an audiologist, the rewards program is an attempt to keep people engaged with their hearing journey to optimize their experience.”

Trial Period, Refunds, and Warranty 

Lexie Hearing offers a 45-day trial period to try out your new hearing aids. During this time, if you’re not satisfied with your hearing aids for any reason, you can return them to Lexie for a full refund. If you paid in full for your hearing aids, there is no option for a refund after the 45-day trial period. For those who choose the subscription plan with monthly payments, you are still able to return your hearing aids after the trial period. If you do so, you will not receive any refund, however, your subscription will be canceled and you will no longer be liable for further monthly payments. Any returns must be sent with all components and accessories that were received with your original purchase. 

Lexie’s three hearing aid models all come with a one-year warranty. This warranty offers coverage only for manufacturing faults or damage, meaning that no warranty coverage is provided for theft or damage. If you discover a defect covered under warranty within one year, you may send your hearing aids back to Lexie for repair free of charge, however, there is no option for a refund after the 45-day trial period even if the device is still under warranty coverage.

Lexie Hearing Aid Reviews

Reviews of Lexie Hearing aren’t hard to find, as the brand is relatively well-known in the hearing aid space. In general, Lexie gets positive reviews across a variety of sites from existing and past customers and their loved ones. 

Lexie Hearing on Better Business Bureau

lexie customer review on Better Business Bureau

With a 4.67/5.0 star rating, Lexie stands out on Better Business Bureau for both their products and their customer service. The site shows just three complaints in the last three years, and Lexie currently has an A+ accreditation rating. There are a select few negative reviews mentioning what sound like unusual circumstances, such as devices that don’t work at all right out of the box, but overall most customers praise the product quality, price point, and customer support.

Lexie Hearing on Trustpilot

Lexie Reviews on Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, Lexie Hearing has a slightly lower rating of 3.4/5 stars, but this rating is an average of only five reviews on the site. Three reviews gave Lexie the full five stars, while the two negative ratings mention non-functioning batteries and an inability to sync hearing aids with the smartphone app. 

Lexie Hearing on Facebook

Lexie Reviews on Facebook

Lexie’s reviews on Facebook are a little tough to sort through, but the overall average rating is 4/5 stars. There are a lot of spam reviews cluttering the page, but the legitimate reviews are from customers who praise the product for its value, price, and quality. A few negative reviews mention difficulty with the rare faulty product or misinterpretation of return or warranty terms.

How We Reviewed Lexie Hearing Aids

To give you an objective review of Lexie hearing aids, we use our unique rating methodology combined with team-wide industry knowledge of hearing aid models and brands. Our team of writers, researchers, and editors has conducted over 5,000 hours of hearing aids research, including hands-on testing in our research and testing lab to bring you exclusive insight and expert knowledge of hearing aid features and functions.

See our full Hearing Aids Ratings Methodology.

Bottom Line

Lexie Hearing brings competitive hearing technology and easy-to-use functions to the public with reasonably priced hearing aids sold over the counter. Their accessibility and ease of use make them a great option for anyone with mild to moderate perceived hearing loss who is looking for value and function from a reputable brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lexie hearing aids range in price from $799 to $999. You can purchase Lexie hearing aids with a one-time payment in full or over 24 months using Lexie’s subscription with monthly payments.

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