MDHearing Review and Reputation with Consumers

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Cost: $399-$799 per pair
Style: Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
Battery: Rechargeable & Disposable
Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
Severity of Hearing Loss: Mild to Moderate
45-day money back guarantee

  • Three medical-grade hearing aid models
  • Affordable prices and frequent deals
  • 90-day warranty
  • Audiologists on staff to answer customer questions
Overall Rating 4.5/5
Features: 4.1/5
Cost: 4.8/5
Customer Support & Reviews: 4.6/5

About MDHearing

MDHearing (formerly known as MDHearingAid) has been in the business of direct-to-consumer hearing aids for over a decade and claims to offer medical-grade devices at affordable prices. In our MDHearing review, we examine the company’s three different models, along with real customer reviews, to see if these budget-friendly hearing aids are really worth it.

MDHearing Review

Why We Reviewed MDHearing: We chose to review MDHearing because this is one of the most affordable hearing aid brands on the market. Choosing hearing aids is about more than price, however, and we wanted to look at the details ourselves to see if MDHearing is a quality brand.

We like that MDHearing makes purchasing medical-grade, FDA-registered hearing aids accessible to more people with an online shopping process and on-staff audiologist support. We also like the 45-day risk-free trial that lets you test the hearing aids for yourself. While they aren’t customizable, MDHearing does offer several different models with multiple features at very affordable prices.

Pair of MDHearing hearing aids

Pros and Cons of MDHearing Aids


  • One of the most affordable brands for non-customized hearing aids

  • On-staff audiologist to answer email questions

  • Money-back guarantee

  • 45-day risk-free trial

  • 90-day warranty

  • Hearing aids are medical-grade and FDA-registered to ensure you get a quality product

  • Online shopping, free shipping, and 0% financing offered through Affirm financing

  • Frequent BOGO (buy one get one free) deals


  • Not custom hearing aids; use volume dials and program controls via phone app to adjust sound

  • May not be best for those with severe or profound hearing loss

Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review

Our experts independently research and recommend products we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve spent collectively more than 5,000 hours conducting in-depth research on hearing aids. Throughout this process, we did the following:

  • Engaged in ongoing independent research
  • Consulted with independent audiologists
  • Consulted with geriatric care experts
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed hundreds of hearing aid users
  • Tested various models of hearing aids
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read thousands of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports

Compare MDHearing at a Glance

AIRBehind-the-ear (BTE)
VOLT+Behind-the-ear (BTE)
COREBehind-the-ear (BTE)
AIR$399.99 per ear
VOLT+$599.98 per ear
CORE$799.99 per ear
Battery Life
AIR21-26 days
VOLT+24-30 hours with full charge
CORE5-6 days
Volume Control
AIRVolume Dial
VOLT+Volume Dial
CORESmartphone app or push-button
Bluetooth Compatibility
Type Of Hearing Loss
AIRMild to moderately severe
VOLT+Mild to moderately severe
COREMild to moderately severe
Water Resistant
Directional Microphone
Noise Reduction
AIR4 environment settings for quiet, social, noisy & phone
VOLT+4 environment settings for quiet, social, noisy & phone
CORE4 environment settings for quiet, social, noisy & phone
Processing Channels

*All three MDHearing models adjust volume by a simple touch-of-the-finger volume dial. The CORE creates a sound map of your hearing to further customize your hearing preferences on the app.

MDHearing Hearing Aids

  • Type: BTE
  • Cost: $399.99 per ear
  • Battery: Replaceable, size 13
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to moderate

If you’re looking to hear more clearly in a variety of daily settings, like at home in a quiet environment or out in a noisy restaurant, the MDHearing AIR is a great choice. It features a digital amplifier in a sleek mini model with a standard earmold to fit comfortably for most adults.

This is the most budget-friendly option and is a no-frills hearing aid that can still provide quality sound. It does forgo a number of advanced features like dual microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery, and water resistance to make it more affordable. Still, this is a great budget-friendly option if you live with mild to moderate hearing loss.

  • Type: BTE
  • Cost: $599.98 per ear
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to moderate

A step up from the budget-friendly AIR, the MDHearing VOLT+ is a water resistant, long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid. It includes a dual microphone that allows you hear the sounds you need to, rather than background or white noise. The VOLT+ includes all of the same features as the AIR model, but offers a rechargeable battery and water resistance.

Many reviewers were impressed with the VOLT+ 24-30 hour battery life, as well as its portable magnetic charging case that holds three full charges. This means less time fussing with tiny batteries or waiting for your hearing aid to recharge. We like that the VOLT+ has four audio settings that allow you to hear in a variety of environments, as well as advanced feedback cancellation and noise reduction capabilities, allowing you to hear what’s important.

  • Type: BTE
  • Cost: $799.99 per ear
  • Battery: Replaceable 312 batteries
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to moderate

The MDHearing CORE helps you optimize and customize your hearing. With Bluetooth connectivity, it syncs to your smartphone and provides a customizable hearing aid experience more advanced than the other MDHearing models. It works with the simple to use MDHearing app that allows you to make changes easily.

The CORE also automatically detects and adjusts for environmental noise, delivering clear quality sound in a variety of environments. It doesn’t have telecoil technology, so you won’t be able to connect to audio systems in theaters and auditoriums, and it isn’t water resistant or rechargeable. However, we like the CORE model because of the level of personalization it provides for a very reasonable price.

MDHearing’s Online Hearing Test

As part of the buying process, MDHearing offers a free online hearing test that helps evaluate your hearing loss levels in each ear. Designed by professional audio engineers, the test is similar to hearing tests other companies like Jabra Enhance (formerly known as Lively) use. However, MDHearing’s test can be completed faster than the Jabra Enhance test. MDHearing says its hearing test takes eight minutes, but it took us less than five.

Like other online tests, MDHearing uses pure tones set at various frequencies to test your hearing condition. It shouldn’t replace an in-person exam or hearing test with an audiologist, but it can give you a quick glimpse into how your hearing is performing.

To get started, you’ll quickly create a profile on MDHearing’s website by entering your first name, last name, and email address. You can also enter a phone number, but this is optional.

After that, you’ll be asked if you’re in a quiet room. You’ll then be asked if you have headphones plugged in and turned up to 100%. Headphones are important for the test because you’ll receive sounds separately in your left and right ears. Once you have headphones on, the test can begin.

A screenshot of MDHearing's online hearing test showing a sliding volume scale that's testing the left ear

MDHearing will test six frequencies for each ear. MDHearing’s test doesn’t give as many details as Jabra Enhance’s test, like how many Hertz (Hz) are being tested per frequency, but it works in the same manner. On the sliding scale, you will select the lowest volume level where you can still hear the pure tone frequency. Once you’ve found it, you’ll press the “Save and Continue” button and move to the next frequency.

A screenshot of MDHearing's online hearing test showing a sliding volume scale that's testing the right ear

Once you’ve completed all six frequency tones for both ears, you’ll be given your testing results. The results will show your hearing loss per ear, ranging from healthy to profound hearing loss.

A screenshot of MDHearing's online test showing mild hearing loss test results for both the left and right ear.

You’ll also be given an audiogram, which is a graphic visual of your hearing profile on a chart. Here the chart shows the frequencies in Hertz on the X-axis and your hearing level in decibels (dB) on the Y-axis. The report also offers descriptions on the type of sounds you may struggle to hear with your type of hearing loss.

A screenshot's of MDHearing's audiogram report from its online hearing test

After you take the test, you can contact MDHearing to follow up on your results and order MDHearing devices. You can also retake the test if you wish. When we took MDHearing’s test, we found it useful, easy to navigate, and informative about our levels of hearing loss.

Price and Payment Options

MDHearing offers three different hearing aid models at different price points. These prices are typically much lower than custom hearing aids from an audiologist’s office. They also feature frequent buy one, get one free deals to help customers purchase a pair of hearing aids for half the price. Here is the base price for each MDHearing model:

AIR: $399.99 per ear
VOLT+: $599.99 per ear
CORE: $799.99 per ear

They also offer 0% interest, 12-month financing through Affirm.

MDHearing aid accessories in the box


You can test any model of MDHearing with their 45-day risk-free return policy. If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aid, you can return it for a full refund.

MDHearing also offers a warranty against defects and workmanship for 90 days. If your device fails to work within the warranty period, MDHearing will repair or replace it free of charge.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

MDHearing offers customer support by phone at 1-800-918-3914, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST.

They also offer customer support via email at [email protected] 24/7 for questions and problems. Customer support is closed most national holidays.

With an on-staff audiologist, MDHearing can evaluate your most recent hearing test and recommend which hearing aid might work best.

MDHearing App and Accessories

MDHearing offers a variety of accessories for each model. Here are some of the accessories available through the MDHearing site:

  • Tubing tips and replacement tubes
  • Carrying case
  • Earwax rinse kit
  • Cleaning tool set
  • Comfort tips
  • Changing cord
  • Thin tubing
  • Charger and charging case
  • Replacement batteries
  • Dehumidifier jar
  • UV Clean & Dry Box

The MDHearing App is available for iOS version 10 and higher, for Android version 5 and higher. It is only compatible with the CORE hearing aid.

MDHearingAid VoltPlus InCase Wood

MDHearing Customization

While MDHearing devices are not custom hearing aids, they do allow you to customize the settings to a certain extent. Each hearing aid features volume control and four program settings for different noise environments.

With the MDHearing CORE model, you can personalize your hearing aid and optimize it for your specific needs via the smartphone app. You can create a personal profile using a smartphone or tablet and select the options that are right for your hearing needs. The app allows you to adjust the sounds that you hear so you can hear the sounds you want like a close conversation and less of the sounds you don’t want to hear like background noise.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hearing Aid

When shopping for a hearing aid, it’s important to research different brands, different styles, and the technology options that make sense for you. Here are five specific things you should do before buying a hearing aid:

  • Have your hearing evaluated by an audiologist. This is necessary for you to purchase a hearing aid, even online through MDHearing.
  • Get recommendations from your hearing professional on which type of hearing aid would best work for your type of hearing loss.
  • Find out if the hearing aid you are considering is able to increase power in case your hearing needs change.
  • Make sure your hearing aid includes a warranty.
  • Know that hearing aids don’t restore your hearing but allow you to eliminate background noise to help you hear what you want to hear more clearly.
MDHearingAid VoltPlus InHand

MDHearing Reviews and Reputation

Since midway through 2021, MDHearing has received many positive reviews praising its customer service. Details on their BBB, Trustpilot, and Yelp profiles helped us better understand MDHearing’s reputation.

MDHearing on Better Business Bureau

MDHearing profile on BBB

63 customers on the BBB give MDHearing 4.21 out of 5 stars. Though the BBB profile has been active since 2010, almost 50% of reviews were left in 2022. Most customers reported excellent customer service, and the hearing aids are reasonably priced. Most negative reviews complained about either their customer service or advertising practices.

MDHearing has closed 54 complaints in 3 years and has a B rating. The business is not BBB accredited.

When you look at MDHearing on the Better Business Bureau, you’ll first notice Current Alerts for this Business. The issues that the BBB cites include advertising their BBB rating as A+ when it was indeed a B+ starting in 2022 and violating the BBB Code of Advertising beginning in 2021. Although MDHearing tends to respond to the BBB’s requests, the BBB has found that these issues are not corrected. The BBB’s problems with MDHearing echo some of the complaints of customers.

MDHearing on Trustpilot

MDHearing profile on Trustpilot

MDHearing’s unclaimed profile only has 3 reviews with an overall rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars. One of the three reviewers gave a rating of 4 stars, and the other two gave 1-star reviews complaining about being misled by customer support or irrelevant customer service responses to complaints. Both 1-star reviews were left in 2020-2021; considering the many positive reviews in 2022 on their BBB profile, MDHearing may have improved their customer support.

MDHearing on Yelp

MDHearing has 2.5 / 5.0 stars from 9 reviews on Yelp. Of the 66% of reviewers giving MDHearing 1-2 stars, the most common complaint was poor customer service spanning from 2018-2022. Despite that, a reviewer who complained about the customer service praised the device.

Bottom Line

Hearing aids can often run into the thousands per device and aren’t typically covered by private insurance or Medicare. Luckily, MDHearing offers three excellent options ranging from $400-$1,000 with varied features and capabilities. If you’re willing to give a budget-friendly hearing aid a test run, you may find MDHearing devices are a great fit for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Our MDHearing reviews found these to be simple hearing aid products with limited technology options, but if your needs are fairly simple they are a solid choice. If you are budget-conscious, the AIR or VOLT+ offer basic, no frills options. If you’d like a little more customization, the CORE model allows you to adjust your device to your hearing preferences via the MDHearing app. With their financing options and excellent customer service, MDHearing is a great starting point when looking for the right hearing aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

MDHearing devices are budget-friendly hearing aid options that work well for many people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are relatively low-tech and do not include many of the bells and whistles of more expensive custom hearing aids.