Rexton Hearing Aids: What You Should Know

Updated: Nov 07, 2022

M-Core B-Li

Rexton Hearing Aids Review

Rexton is a division of WS Audiology. The company produces a full line of both behind-the-ear (BTE) and completely in canal (CIC) hearing aids. Rexton’s hearing aids are designed to address all hearing loss levels, including profound hearing loss, and rechargeable or battery-operated models are available.

Key Takeaways 

  • Rexton hearing aids are only available for purchase through a hearing professional.
  • Some styles offer tinnitus masking.
  • Rexton hearing aids are designed to make the sound of your own voice natural, when heard through your hearing aids.

Overview of Rexton

The Rexton hearing aid brand has been in business since 1955. Rexton is one of several companies owned and operated by WS Audiology, which has locations in Singapore and Denmark. Other WS Audiology hearing aid brands include Widex, Signia, and HearUSA.

Rexton offers three lines of hearing aids:

  • MotionCore
  • MyCore
  • TruCore

 Each line includes a variety of hearing aid styles that are appropriate for mild to profound hearing loss. 

Rexton hearing aids are only available for purchase through a hearing professional, such as an audiologist. Some retailers sell specific Rexton hearing aid models through their hearing aid centers. You’ll need a current, up-to-date audiogram to purchase Rexton hearing aids. 

Since Rexton’s hearing aids must be purchased in person from a specialist, the website lacks detail. Information, such as pricing, return policy, or warranty, is not available online. You’ll also have to work with an audiologist or hearing professional to determine which model best fits your type of hearing loss.

The team also doesn’t like that it’s hard to reach Rexton’s customer service. A U.S. telephone number is not listed online, and there is no online chat feature for you to submit your questions to customer service. You can submit an online form, but it’s unlikely you’ll receive a response in a timely manner. Our team’s request to interview a Rexton representative about the lack of customer support went unanswered. 

Rexton’s Hearing Aids Types and Features

Types of Hearing Aids
  • Most technologically advanced and features 120 listening environments
  • Has rechargeable and battery-operated models
  • BTE and CIC options
  • MyCore
  • Uses binaural signal processing and enhanced feedback reduction
  • Has rechargeable and battery-operated models
  • BTE, IIC, CIC, ITE, RIC custom-made options
  • TrueCore
  • Tinnitus masking programs are available in some models, and the aids are designed to resist moisture, sweat, dirt, and earwax buildup.
  • Has rechargeable and battery-operated models
  • BTE, RIC, CIC custom-made options
  • MotionCore (M-Core) Hearing Aids

    M-Core B-Li

    M-Core hearing aids are Rexton’s most technologically advanced line. Each hearing aid contains a motion sensor which detects your movements. According to Rexton, M-Core hearing aids can differentiate and adapt to more than 120 hearing environments. 

    The integrated motion sensor works with Rexton’s high resolution soundpro feature to create better sound quality. 

    Rexton’s M-Core line has a feature called MyVoice, which is designed to make the sound of your own voice sound natural when you hear it coming through your hearing aids. This technology works by detecting your voice and voice patterns, which prevents your voice from sounding odd or tinny when heard through your hearing aids. The hearing aids do this by learning and recognizing your specific voice pattern, then integrating it into external sounds. This creates a natural-sounding reflection of your own voice. 

    Most M-Core hearing aids are rechargeable and can hold up to 61 hours of battery life before you’ll need to recharge them. These hearing aids also come with a mobile charger.

    With M-Core hearing aids, you can directly stream media from Apple iOS devices, which helps you better hear the person you’re speaking to on the phone or your favorite show on television. If you’ll be streaming audio from an Android device, you will have to add the Smart Mic

    The M-Core line includes the following hearing aids: 

    • M-Core SR: These rechargeable hearing aids come in five colors.
    • M-Core R: You can choose chargeable or battery-operated M-Core R hearing aids, and you’ll be able to choose from 10 colors.
    • M-Core B-Li: These BTE hearing aids come in three styles, B-Li M, B-Li P, and B-Li HP. All three include the same M-Core features, such as audio streaming, integrated motion sensor, and high-res soundpro. The B-Li P hearing aids include an optional charging station, and the B-Li HP provides up to 61 hours of battery life with a single charge.
    • M-Core iX: These CIC hearing aids are invisible to the eye.

    MyCore Hearing Aids

    MyCore Sterling 8C CIC/IIC

    MyCore hearing aids rely on binaural signal processing to deliver sound. Binaural signal processing happens when your brain acquires sound information from hearing aids in both your ears to help you identify the sound that is loudest or closest to you. 

    If you use an iPhone, you can stream audio from your phone to your MyCore hearing aids. If you want to stream audio from your television or another device to your hearing aids, you’ll want to use the Smart Transmitter 2.4

    MyCore offers My Voice, which is the same natural voice function mentioned above with the M-Core hearing aids. My Voice helps you naturally hear your own voice through your hearing aids without it sounding tinny or fake. 

    This line of hearing aids also has Voice Ranger, a feature that enables easy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. Voice Ranger uses binaural signal processing to identify and amplify the loudest sound in your immediate environment. This is further enhanced by Stereo iLock, which locks into the sound that is directly in front of you.

    MyCore hearing aids have enhanced feedback reduction to reduce whistling throughout sound environments, as well as enhanced sound quality to improve the sound of music and other media.  

    MyCore hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and can be remotely controlled through a remote control or the Rexton app. 

    The MyCore line of hearing aids includes:

    • MyCore Stellar RIC 8C: Receiver in ear (ITE) hearing aids 
    • MyCore Stellar M 8C: BTE hearing aids with inductive charging 
    • MyCore Emerald XS 8C RIC: ITE hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss
    • MyCore Emerald S 8C RIC: ITE hearing aids 
    • MyCore Emerald M 8C RIC: ITE hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss
    • MyCore Mosaic M 8C BTE: Battery-operated, BTE hearing aids, with your choice of a standard ear hook or thin tube
    • MyCore Mosaic P 8C BTE: BTE hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss with optional T coil 
    • MyCore Sterling 8C CIC/IIC: CIC or invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids 
    • MyCore Sterling ITE/ITC: Custom made ITE or in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids
    • MyCore inoX CIC 8C: CIC hearing aids

    TruCore hearing aids are designed to create a natural listening environment across multiple soundscapes, including noisy restaurants and natural settings. There are three performance levels and six listening environment programs you can choose from. 

    Voice Ranger is one TruCore hearing aids feature, which makes it easy for you to hear close conversations in noisy environments. Music Enhancer is another feature that makes music and media more pleasurable for you to listen to. A reverberation reducer limits echoes, which enhances sound clarity. 

    The XPhone Cross Phone program sends phone signals to the hearing aids in both ears when you’re holding the phone up to one ear. This enables you to effortlessly hear what is being said on your smartphone in both ears instead of just one. 

    All TruCore hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and app compatible with the Rexton app for Android and iPhone.

    Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common condition that accompanies hearing loss for many people. Some hearing aids in the TruCore line alleviate tinnitus by using a sound masker and generator. The sound masker identifies the tinnitus tone and surrounds it with masking sounds that dim tinnitus sounds with other sounds you can control.

    The TruCore hearing aids line is resistant to moisture, earwax buildup, and sweat. 

    The TruCore line of hearing aids includes:

    • TruCore Stellar Li 6c: A rechargeable receiver ITE hearing aids with tinnitus masking
    • TruCore Emerald XS 6c RIC: Battery-operated receiver ITE hearing aids with tinnitus masking
    • TruCore Emerald S 6c RIC: Rechargeable receiver ITE hearing aids with telecoil 
    • TruCore Emerald M 6c: Discreet and small hearing aids
    • TrueCore inoX 6C: Hearing aids that click and fit CIC and don’t require custom fitting
    • TruCore Sterling 6c: Custom fitted, ITE hearing aids

    Rexton App

    Rexton App

    The Rexton app is available for Apple and Android phones. You can use the Rexton app to manually control volume, sound balance, and directional hearing. The app does not connect you to a hearing aid professional. 

    How Does Rexton Compare To Other Brands?

    Rexton is technologically similar to Signia, which is another brand under the WS Audiology corporate umbrella. Signia hearing aids are FDA approved, and both Rexton and Signia brands feature a full range of styles, including BTE to CIC, as well as rechargeable and battery-operated models. The Signia app offers more features and better operability than Rexton’s app. Through the Signia app, however, you can connect with a hearing professional who can help you with changes in programs, such as sound environments, and other features. Signia hearing aids include a standard one-year warranty. 

    Jabra Enhance (formerly Lively) makes rechargeable and battery-operated hearing aids that can be used with a monthly plan. Unlike Rexton, Jabra Enhance employs audiologists who can work with you through the Jabra Enhance Select app. Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids have a 100-day, risk-free trial period.

    Eargo hearing aids are sold to consumers through its website. Unlike Rexton, you don’t have to visit an audiologist or hearing professional to purchase Eargo hearing aids. Eargo hearing aids are also budget priced. Only CIC options are available. No Eargo hearing aids offer Bluetooth streaming. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Rexton is a brand owned and operated by WS Audiology, which has offices in Singapore and Denmark.

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