ADT Medical Alert Review and Prices

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Monthly Monitoring Cost: $29.99 / month
Fall Detection Cost: $10 / month

In-Home Range: 300-600 ft.
Connectivity: Landline & Cellular

  • Free protection plan & lifetime warranty included

About ADT Medical Alert

ADT was founded nearly 150 years ago and provides one of the best home security systems in the market. In fact, ADT is currently leading the industry in sales and servicing security systems. ADT Health (formerly ADT Companion Service) is the company’s division dedicated to medical alert systems with 24/7 monitoring via ADT-owned and operated monitoring centers. You don’t have to be an ADT customer to get the company’s medical alert service, but you may receive a discount on some services or products if you are one.

ADT Review

ADT offers two different home systems and one mobile system. While the two higher-tier systems (Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go) were on par with competitors, we found that ADT’s basic home system had one of the shortest ranges (300 feet) compared to its competitors and no fall detection option. Otherwise, all three systems are available without a contract, and cancellations are relatively easy. There are no installation or equipment fees, and all systems come with a protection plan.

Key Takeaways

  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • No equipment or installation fees
  • Additional bracelet, pendant, and wall-mount button available for spouse
  • Waterproof help buttons

Pros & Cons of ADT Health


  • No contract and cancellations are relatively easy

  • No hidden fees

  • Discounts provided for quarterly and yearly plans

  • Free battery replacements

  • Monitoring centers are US-based

  • ADT is owned and operated in the US

  • Additional help buttons available

  • Lockbox included with quarterly or annual prepayment plans

  • Lifetime warranty


  • Basic at-home units have a short range and no fall protection option

  • Monitoring centers are not CSAA Five Diamond Certified

  • No money-back trial

  • No mobile app available for notifications to caregivers

Systems and Costs Compared

Medical Alert Basic
Medical Alert Plus
FALL DETECTION$10 per month
FALL DETECTION$10 per month

All ADT medical alert systems have a $0 installation fee.
Next-day shipping is free.

In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Basic

  • Landline required
  • 300 foot-range
  • No fall detection option
  • Includes home temperature monitoring

Medical Alert Plus

  • Connects via cellular connection
  • 600-foot range
  • Fall detection option available
  • Includes home temperature monitoring
  • Pendant options available

Mobile Medical Alert System


  • Works wherever you go
  • Fall detection pendant available
  • GPS location capabilities
  • No home temperature monitoring

ADT Medical Alert Add-ons and Accessories

  • Fall detection pendant
  • Additional help button pendants and/or wristbands
  • Wall-mount button
  • Lockbox
  • Leather case for On-The-Go system
  • Free Premium Protection Plan

How ADT Medical Alert Systems Work

ADT Medical Alert systems work like most medical alert systems. When the pendant, wristband, or wall-mount help buttons are pressed, a signal is sent to ADT’s monitoring center. The operator then communicates to users through a two-way speaker on the base system to determine the kind of help needed. (Operators have about a 20-second response time.) ADT’s monitoring operator will then alert a caregiver, neighbor, or emergency responder based on the user’s specific needs. If ADT’s medical alert systems with fall detection detect a fall, an alert signal is automatically sent to the monitoring center. Automatic fall detection pendants, however, may send false alarms.

ADT Medical Alert’s Health and Safety Features

  • Fall detection pendant
  • Additional help button pendants and/or wristbands
  • Wall-mount button
  • Lockbox

Customer Support

Women at call center

ADT Medical Alert’s US-based monitoring center is owned and operated by ADT, but it is not CSAA Five Diamond Certified, an accreditation awarded to monitoring stations that meet stringent qualifications of the CSAA trade association. Some customer reviews express frustration with lackluster customer service and support, particularly with getting the company to stop billing once service has been canceled. We found many of these issues were eventually resolved. For the most part, reviews were positive.

Ultimately, the customer service representative we spoke with was knowledgeable about ADT medical alert systems and answered our questions without giving us a heavy sales pitch.

While the products and services can be purchased entirely online, we called the number on the website to see just how helpful or pushy the salespeople are. After we navigated our way through several automated prompts, we could speak to a live person. We then mentioned that we were inquiring about the company’s medical alert systems and were transferred to the medical alert department to talk with someone else. Ultimately, the customer service representative we spoke with was knowledgeable about ADT medical alert systems and answered our questions without giving us a heavy sales pitch.

We also checked the chat option, which begins with a Q-and-A from an automated service before transferring you to a live person. While responses lagged at times, our questions were eventually answered.

ADT Medical Alert systems are delivered ready-to-use out of the box and do not require a technician to install. Simply plug the base station into a power outlet and phone jack (if using the landline option). Push the emergency button on the necklace or bracelet or the wall-mounted help button to signal the monitoring center. An operator will respond to you through the two-way speaker on the base station and determine whether it is a medical emergency that requires a first responder.

ADT Medical Alert systems are delivered ready-to-use out of the box and do not require a technician to install.

How ADT Medical Alert Compares to Other Medical Alert Systems

ADT Medical Alert
MONTHLY COST$29.99–$39.99
SPECIAL FEATURES“ForeverRate guarantees monthly price remains the same Free protection plan”
Medical Alert
MONTHLY COST$19.95–$42.95
SPECIAL FEATURES30-day risk-free trial
Medical Guardian
MONTHLY COST$29.95–$44.95
EXTRA FEES$124.95 one-time equipment fee for some plans
SPECIAL FEATURESJewelry available to disguise pendants
Aloe Care Health
MONTHLY COST$24.99–$49.99
EXTRA FEES$99.99–$349.99 one-time hardware cost
FALL DETECTION OPTIONYes, included in cost of some plans
SPECIAL FEATURES30-day money-back guarantee
Bay Alarm Medical
MONTHLY COST$19.95–$39.95
EXTRA FEES$179 one-time equipment fee for some plans
SPECIAL FEATURES30-day money-back guarantee, SOS smartwatch
MobileHelp Classic
MONTHLY COST$19.95–$54.95
SPECIAL FEATURESPendant jewelry and beaded lanyards available to disguise wearable devices
MONTHLY COST$24.95–$41.95
SPECIAL FEATURESMedication reminders, activity assurance, and daily check-ins available
Life Alert
MONTHLY COST$49.95–$89.95
EXTRA FEES$96–$198 one-time activation fee
CONTRACTYes, 3 years
SPECIAL FEATURES“Life Alert has thousands of employees and a large monitoring center located in the United States Life Alert does not contract out to third-party vendors”

ADT Medical Alert Refund Policy

ADT Medical Alert has month-to-month, quarterly, and annual prepayment plans but does not require users to sign long-term contracts. That means users can cancel service at any time. If service ends before a prepayment plan ends, ADT will send a prorated check with the remaining balance, so users are only charged for the months used.

Refund check

ADT Medical Alert Warranty

ADT offers a free Premium Protection Plan that covers all ADT Medical Alert devices and accessories under warranty at no additional cost to customers. All medical alert devices are also under a lifetime warranty. However, users who damage or lose the base unit and/or help buttons will be charged for replacements.

ADT Medical Alert System Ratings

ADT has an A+ rating from BBB, but it also has a lot of harsh customer reviews regarding its security services. ADT Health is not rated by BBB, and reviews for its medical alert services are difficult to find. ADT Health has a 4.1/5 user review score with independent review site, which rates the company based on value, quality, service, and trustworthiness.

ADT Medical Alert Reviews

“Superb Service! I had [the] occasion this morning to contact the Customer Service department of ADT Security with a query. I received the most excellent help from Simon who answered all my questions thoroughly and patiently. He is a credit to the company.”

Dr. KS Vasudev, Jan. 10, 2019, Trustpilot

“My mother has been an ADT customer for almost 2 years. We chose the company because of its name and the services it provided. We became customers after my mother fell in her bathroom as [she] was lying on the floor for several hours with her arms pinned beneath her body. Because of that incident, it was essential that we find a service that offered automatic fall detection. ADT is a wonderful company, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Is it the cheapest out there? I’m sure it isn’t. However, I have no problems paying an extra $10 or $15 a month for the fantastic customer service we receive. I have never had a rude or disrespectful customer service agent. Whenever we’ve spoken with one of their agents, either over the phone or through the base unit, we have had calm, respectful service. They always call us “Miss” or “Ms.,” and they are wonderful at providing quick, reliable service. In fact, the agent calls people on our emergency call list and then calls us back to let us know that she’s done so or just to make sure that help has arrived and we don’t need additional services. I’m completely willing to pay for that level of customer service. I’m not wealthy by any means, but the additional expense is definitely worth it.”

Ella P., 2018, BestCompany

“I have been extremely happy with this system. I am an active senior. I wear the base station in its convenient holder (on my belt) and can go anywhere I want. The few times I set it off by accident brought a quick response from polite and caring representatives. It provides a lot of security to have it with you anywhere you go and you know they can locate you if you need help. I sincerely recommend it for active people, young or old.”

Margo K., 2017, BestCompany

“Our family have been loyal ADT customers for several years. With a medical alert company, you need to have complete faith in the product and the system, which I do. It’s very much worth the price.”

Garrett C., 2019, BestCompany

Where to Sign Up for ADT Medical Alert System

ADT Medical Alert’s website is easy to navigate and transparent with pricing, making it easy to sign up entirely online without contacting an agent. You can also sign up via the number listed on the site, but you will have to go through several automated prompts before talking to a live person. You will most likely have to be transferred to the right department to speak with another representative regarding your specific need. You can also fill out the online form and have a specialist contact you.

ADT is a leader in security services, smart home automation, and emergency services, and its medical alert division is a contender among medical alert companies. ADT Medical Alert offers two at-home systems and one mobile device with no upfront costs, a competitive monthly cost, a lifetime warranty, and a free Premium Protection Plan. 

While our overall impression of ADT Medical Alert is good, we found the company’s Medical Alert Basic system to be lacking in that it does not include fall detection and has the shortest range of other systems we’ve reviewed—just 300 feet. The system also requires a landline. Comparatively, the ADT Medical Alert Plus system, which uses a cellular connection, does include a fall detection option and has double the range at 600 feet for just $6 more each month. ADT’s On-The-Go system is also outfitted and priced comparable to competitors. 

We also like that ADT Medical Alert offers additional wristbands, pendants, and wall-mounted buttons. However, the cost of these items can add up and cancel out ADT Medical Alert’s price advantage. Otherwise, for the money, we think ADT Medical Alert is one of the best medical alert systems on the market.

How We Reviewed ADT Medical Alert System

We reviewed the ADT Medical Alert System based on the following criteria:

  • Price of installation and monthly service
  • Warranties, contracts, and (whether it has any) hidden fees
  • Reliability of monitoring center
  • Comfort and wearability of mobile devices
  • In-home range of equipment
  • Water resistance of wearable devices
  • Battery life and recharging requirements
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Expert opinion
  • Customer service accessibility and performance
  • Customer satisfaction reviews
  • Company reputation
  • Special features such as automatic fall detection, smartphone apps for family members, and location tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Original Medicare does not cover medical alert systems, but some Medicare Advantage plans may offer discounts on them.

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