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Updated onJun. 12, 2022

Bay Alarm Medical Review

Key Takeaways

  • Bay Alarm Medical offers multiple medical alert systems, including options for in-home use and for older adults on the go. 
  • The affordable plans start at only $19.95 per month, with discounts offered for annual billing.
  • Fall detection is an optional feature that costs $10 per month. Some systems even come with extra help buttons you can mount right on the wall.
  • Wall-mounted help buttons are available for additional monitoring.
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Whether you’re shopping around for a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, you’ll want essential features, like a 24/7 monitoring center, at-home and mobile options, and a wearable help button pendant.

If pricing is a concern for you, Bay Alarm Medical may be your best choice, as its high-quality home-based and portable options are available at several affordable price tiers.

Medical alert systems fees and features can add up quickly, even if you only add on one or two extra features. Bay Alarm Medical is an excellent choice if you’re trying to watch your budget. Its high-quality at-home and mobile subscriptions are available at affordable prices, and you have the peace of mind that it is all backed by an established medical alert system brand. 

For that reason, we’ve selected Bay Alarm Medical as the Most Affordable Medical Alert System for 2022.

Bay Alarm Medical System Overview

Bay Alarm Medical is the top-scoring brand among our top 11 best medical alert systems, earning an overall rating of 9.62/10. The basic at-home subscription is one of the lowest-priced medical alarms on the market, while still offering a high-quality system that includes all the essentials for users´ peace of mind at home.

There’s no long-term contract or cancellation fee when you purchase a Bay Alarm Medical subscription. Test out your system during the 30-day free trial period that you can cancel at any time. Your original subscription price will never increase once you’re committed to a plan. 

We like that you can add at-home coverage for a partner or roommate without paying two separate monthly fees.  Simply add a wearable help button to your at-home subscription for just $39. 
Bay Alarm Medical maintains a separate call center for customer support and operates two solely for emergency monitoring. These call centers are TMA Five Diamond Certified by The Monitoring Association (TMA), the nation’s leading certification organization for emergency call centers. Bay Alarm Medical claims that response times are 45 seconds or less.

Pros and Cons of Bay Alarm Medical:

  • At-home, mobile, and smartwatch subscription options

  • One of the most affordable medical alert packages in the industry

  • No contract or cancellation fees

  • Automatic fall detection included in two mobile plans

  • GPS tracking for mobile and smartwatch devices

  • Cellular coverage limited to AT&T

  • Device protection plan costs extra (warranty not included)

  • Some complaints about customer service

Bay Alarm Medical Subscriptions

In-Home Basic (Landline) or In-Home Preferred (Cellular)

Bay Alarm Medical has two at-home subscriptions—In-Home Basic and In-Home Preferred. 

Choose from two connection options: landline (In-Home Basic) and cellular LTE (In-Home Preferred).

Both at-home subscriptions include: 

  • A wearable waterproof help button
  • Base unit speaker with a two-way speaker
  • 32-hour battery backup for the base station
  • Optional auto fall detection 
  • Optional waterproof wall buttons
  • Optional partner or spouse monitoring when you purchase an additional help button

The base station connects you to the 24/7 monitoring center. You can reach the monitoring center anywhere within 1,000 feet of the base station when wearing your help button. Just push the button, and the monitoring center agent will answer via the base station’s two-way speaker and send emergency services if needed. 

The In-Home Basic requires a landline connection and has a 1,000-foot protection range from the base station. The In-Home Preferred base station connects to the monitoring center via the AT&T cellular network. You’ll have faster connection speeds with LTE cellular connection, but your protection range from the base station is also 1,000 feet. 

Most competitors’ cellular at-home systems have an additional protection range of 100–300 feet compared to the landline system, but Bay Alarm Medical’s landline and cellular at-home systems have the same protection range. 

You can add wall buttons for additional monitoring in high-risk areas like the bathroom, at the bottom of your stairs, or in the kitchen. These are excellent backups if you’re not wearing your help button. The In-Home Premium subscription has the same features as the In-Home Preferred, but includes four wall buttons.

GPS Help Button

The GPS Mobile Help Button is Bay Alarm Medical’s mobile system for complete protection in and outside the home. The GPS button is about the size of a pager and sends a signal directly to the monitoring center via 4G LTE cellular connection. You can speak with a monitoring center agent through the device’s two-way speakers.

GPS Help Button features include:  

  • 24/7 connection to monitoring center via 4G LTE 
  • 72-hour battery life 
  • GPS location monitoring for caregivers

The Caregiver Tracking app is included with your subscription. Caregivers can monitor your location and safety throughout the day using GPS technology. If you contact the monitoring center, your location will be shared with the monitoring center agent so they can send emergency services right to your location. 

There are three package options available for the mobile plan:

  • Mobile LITE: GPS button without auto fall detection
  • Mobile PLUS: GPS button with auto fall detection included
  • Mobile 360 BUNDLE: GPS button, auto fall detection, and in-home system

SOS Smartwatch

The SOS Smartwatch is a more sleek, discreet medical alert system that allows you to contact the monitoring center with the press of a button and speak with an agent directly from your watch. 

SOS Smartwatch features:

  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • Built-in two-way microphone and speaker
  • 18- to 24-hour battery life 
  • GPS location monitoring for caregivers
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Step tracker and activity reports

You’ll pay a $159 fee upfront to purchase the smartwatch. Even if you cancel your monthly monitoring subscription, you’ll get to keep the smartwatch. 

Fall detection isn’t an option for the SOS Smartwatch.

Add-on Features and Accessories

Wall Buttons—You can add wall-mounted help buttons to any at-home subscription. Wall buttons are good for high-risk areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Simply push the button and you’ll be connected to the 24/7 monitoring center. 

Get a pack of two wall buttons for $5 per month or four buttons for $10 per month.

Bella Charms—Customize your wearable help button with these stylish lanyard charms. Bella Charms come in four unique designs and are an optional add-on for $25 each. You can get all four designs for $90. 

Vial of Life—Use this packet to list health conditions, current medications, and other important information paramedics need to know during an emergency. The Vial of Life comes in a plastic sleeve and should be placed in an easily accessible area, like on your fridge, in your car’s glove compartment, or in your purse. 

Each packet costs $8.

Lockbox—Store an additional house key in your lockbox so emergency personnel can enter your home safely without breaking down your door. The monitoring center agent will share your lockbox code when they dispatch emergency services to your home. 

You can add a lockbox to your order for a one-time payment of $30. 

Warranty—Bay Alarm Medical’s warranty plan offers: 

  • Lifetime help button battery replacements
  • One free base station replacement each contract year
  • 50 percent off replacement of accessories

The warranty plan costs $4.95 per month.

Additional Wearable Buttons—Add extra help buttons that connect to your at-home base station. These are great for a partner, roommate, or to use as backups in high-risk areas. Each additional button is $39 and doesn’t include fall detection.

Auto Fall Detection Button—Get an additional automatic fall detection button for $15 per month. Fall detection isn’t 100% reliable. It will detect sudden downward movement followed by no movement at all, but it’s not guaranteed to detect all falls. When possible, it’s best to push the button for assistance.

How Much Does Bay Alarm Medical Cost?

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We’ve selected Bay Alarm Medical as one of the most affordable options among the available medical alert systems on the market today. The In-Home Basic starts at $19.95 per month and still offers high-quality service and essential features of an at-home home medical alert system. 

Even if you upgrade this basic package by opting for a specialized fall detection pendant, the additional monthly charge still puts Bay Alarm Medical at the low end of the medical alert price range.

Bay Alarm Medical offers a 30-day risk-free trial for all packages, no activation fees for its equipment, no long-term contract or cancellation fees, and monitoring for spouses (a rarity in the industry).

Bay Alarm Medical does require a one-time equipment fee for mobile systems ($79) and the SOS Smartwatch ($179). These costs are lower than most competitors’ equipment fees.

You can save money on your monthly payment if you opt for annual billing. Annual plans also come with free shipping and one free month of service. 

In-Home Basic
Monthly pricing $19.95
Equipment cost N/A
Includes Base station, help button, 24/7 monitoring
In-home Preferred
Monthly pricing $29.95
Equipment cost N/A
Includes Base station, help button, 24/7 monitoring
In-Home Premium
Monthly pricing $39.95
Equipment cost N/A
Includes Base station, help button, 24/7 monitoring, 4 wall buttons
Mobile LTE
Monthly pricing $29.95
Equipment cost $79
Includes GPS button, 24/7 monitoring, caregiver tracking
Mobile PLUS
Monthly pricing $39.95
Equipment cost $79
Includes GPS button, 24/7 monitoring, caregiver tracking, fall detection
Mobile 360 Bundle
Monthly pricing $49.95
Equipment cost $79
Includes GPS button, 24/7 monitoring, caregiver tracking, fall detection, in-home protection
SOS Smartwatch
Monthly pricing $29.95
Equipment cost $179
Includes Smartwatch with help button, 24/7 monitoring, location tracking
In-Home + Smartwatch bundle
Monthly pricing $39.95
Equipment cost $179
Includes Smartwatch with help button, 24/7 monitoring, location tracking, in-home protection
Automatic Fall Detection Pendant
Monthly pricing $10 (added fee)
Equipment cost N/A
Includes Available for in-home and mobile GPS systems

What Customers Are Saying About Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical has over 900 reviews on Trustpilot and an impressive 4.1 out of 5-star customer review rating. 

Many positive reviews touch on the company’s quick response time and great customer service, and mention how easy it is to order the equipment online.

“My mother is 80 years old and technologically challenged to put it mildly. She wears her alert necklace all the time and knows how to test it and what to do when she accidentally hits the button. I love the list they send to put her meds on where emergency personnel can access it as well as the thoroughness and the process the company goes through for contacts in an emergency situation. The price is right and I’m always able to get someone on the phone when we have questions or need help. Highly recommend Bay Alarm Medical.”

Margaret T., Trustpilot.

“Product was delivered promptly. Set up was easy. Our practice run with my father in law was great. Staff very patient and friendly.”

Michael P., Trustpilot

“I researched many medical alert devices for my mother. Bay Alarm Medical kept coming up as the best value for the money. I called the company and had excellent customer service and purchased the service which included one additional emergency button for my mothers bathtub. When the items arrived they were easy to set up and they tested perfectly. The thing I really love about the devices is there is no need to charge batteries. The battery life is 5 years and the company will notify you if it is getting low and send you a replacement.”

Randy B., Trustpilot

While there are many happy customers, some users say they’d love to see more proactive customer service from Bay Alarm Medical.

“There is no occasional check up on us to make sure we are alright. They don’t check to see if the equipment is working correctly. They have not been asking for a security question, when contact with them has been made. It could be an intruder or anyone else answering the call.”

Irene G., Trustpilot.

“Unfortunately the Bay alarm system was not suitable for me because, after pressing the button to call for help from another room, I could not hear the responder’s answer. This meant I did not respond to their query as to whether I needed help, and the Medics were called unnecessarily. Bay personnel did try to work with me to correct the problem.

Because I had to package up the unit and return it to California from Ohio via UPS, and even though I was well within the 30-day cancellation period, I had to pay the return shipping of $20.95. This is my main negative comment.”

Joan B., Trustpilot.

How We Reviewed Bay Alarm Medical

You deserve the best products for a better quality of life. As such, we strive to create honest, helpful reviews that are backed by firsthand shopping, testing, and research. Our content is medically reviewed and unbiased to help you choose the right medical alert system for you or your loved one.

We chose 11 of the best medical alert systems from over 1,000 hours of collective research, and we rated Bay Alarm Medical as the highest among them at 9.62/10. We did the following throughout our research process:

  • Consulted with geriatricians and adult caregivers
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed medical alert system users
  • Tested various medical alert systems
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties, such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot

We grade each medical alert company using a 1-10 rating scale and score them according to the following categories:

  • Essential features
  • Product functionality
  • Special features
  • Customer service
  • Purchasing process

Features and criteria within each of these five categories are assigned point values. The more points a company receives for each criteria, the higher the company scores in the overall category.

See our full explanation of how we rate medical alert systems for a full breakdown of our scoring system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bay Alarm Medical alert systems work by allowing users to get emergency help at the push of a button. Help buttons are available on the in-home base station, wearables, smartwatch or GPS device.

*Pricing is accurate as of March 9, 2022.

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