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AIP Rating:

Monthly Monitoring Cost: $19.95/month
Fall Detection Cost: $11/month
In-Home Range: 600–1,400 ft.
Connectivity: Landline, Cellular, GPS
Average Response Time: 21 seconds

  • 8 packages ranging from in-home to mobile medical alert systems
  • The only brand we’ve reviewed that offers a smart tablet base station

Note: You may see MobileHelp’s name written as “Mobile Help” across the internet. For our review, we consistently used the correct naming convention of MobileHelp instead of Mobile Help.

About MobileHelp

MobileHelp was founded in 2006 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida, with landline and cellular connectivity available in all 50 states. The brand offers eight total medical alert packages featuring three different in-home systems and two on-the-go models. Customers can test out systems during a 30-day trial period. A paid warranty protection plan is available to protect lost or damaged equipment.

Other Recommended Brands To Consider

We compared MobileHelp to top medical alert system options. See how they stack up below.

MobileHelp Review

MobileHelp offers eight subscription options with a variety of features like fall detection, two-way speakers, and GPS monitoring. Available add-ons include tracking vital health metrics, setting medication reminders, and connecting virtually with a board-certified doctor 24/7 with MDLIVE telehealth.

These advantages make MobileHelp one of our top picks with some of the best at-home systems in the industry. We rated MobileHelp as the No. 3 best medical alert system with an overall score of 9.62/10.

We wanted to test MobileHelp’s smart tablet base station, standard base station, and two mobile devices, so we ordered the Duo, Touch Classic, and Micro packages. Since we didn’t have a landline connection, we weren’t able to test the Wired Home. We tested the connection range from the help button to base stations, fall detection sensor accuracy, equipment durability, and overall user experience. Read our review to learn more about our firsthand testing.

Pros and Cons of MobileHelp


  • 30-day trial period

  • Medication reminders available

  • Free lockbox included with all subscriptions

  • Simple ordering and return process


  • Expensive processing fees charged for some devices

  • Monitoring Center isn’t Five Diamond Certified

  • Inconsistent equipment and activation fees

  • Only 30 location tracking pings per month unless purchase add-on

MobileHelp Packages and Prices

Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Wired Home
Connection Options Landline
Fall DetectionNo
Touch Classic
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Mobile Duo
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month
Touch Duo
Connection Options Cellular
Fall Detection$11/month

MobileHelp offers a small discount per month if you choose a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscription. The specific amount you’ll save each month depends on the package. You’ll still pay according to the payment schedule you choose, but when you break down the cost per month, you’ll save about $2–$5 per month.

In-Home Alert Systems


  • $19.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $98.85 for a quarterly subscription ($32.95 per month)
  • $179.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($29.95 per month)
  • $359.40 for an annual subscription ($29.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Base station (cellular connection), Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp standard base station

The Classic is a medical alert base station that connects to the monitoring center via AT&T cellular service. The system has a two-way speaker and large buttons to test your system, connect to the monitoring center, or reset the system. The base station cord is more than four feet long, so it was very easy for me to plug in and place in a central location.  

I like that I knew the system’s battery status and network connection from the lit icons on the base station. The battery status light is important if the power goes out and your base station has to use the built-in, 30-hour backup battery.

MobileHelp’s site states the help button connects up to 1,400 feet from the Classic base station. When I tested the Duo’s base station (the same cellular base station as the Classic), I measured 1,400 away from the base station (about four blocks from my home) and didn’t connect to the monitoring center when I pressed the help button. I was able to test this by staying on the phone with my husband while he monitored the base station on our kitchen counter.

The base station connected to the monitoring center when I was about 600 feet from my home. If you’re active and enjoy walks around your neighborhood or live on a larger piece of property, I recommend a mobile device since the at-home base station’s 1,400-foot range may not be reliable.


  • $24.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $74.85 for a quarterly subscription ($24.95 per month)
  • $137.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($22.95 per month)
  • $275.40 for an annual subscription ($22.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Base station (landline connection), Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp wired home system

The Wired Home is the company’s landline-based system, which is ideal in rural areas or anywhere without reliable cellular service. The package includes a base station with a built-in speaker and a help button pendant. The base station has a shorter connection range (600 feet) than the Classic’s range. I like that there’s a designated spot to plug a landline phone into the base station, so you’re able to keep both your phone and base station connected with one phone jack. 

The Wired Home doesn’t show battery status or connection icons like the Classic. There is an LED light on the left lower area of the HELP button that indicates statuses like connection, battery life, and when the system is calling the monitoring center. The user guide explains what each light color and flashing pattern indicates.

Make sure you have an active landline before ordering this system. Even if you have a phone jack in your home, it must be connected to an active landline for the Wired Home to connect to the monitoring center and work properly (this may seem obvious, but we made this mistake during testing).


  • $54.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $164.85 for a quarterly subscription ($54.95 per month)
  • $299.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($49.95 per month)
  • $599.40 for an annual subscription ($49.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Smart tablet base station (cellular connection), Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp touch classic system

The Touch Classic is an eight-inch smart tablet base station with a simple, user-friendly interface. The tablet was easy to set up. Once I powered it on, there was a setup guide on the screen that explained:

  • Health vitals/monitoring 
  • Medication reminders
  • Education (articles and videos about relevant health topics)
  • Games (Soduku was the only game available to download)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Messages 
  • FAQ (a digital user’s guide) 
  • Contact MobileHelp

I watched a few of the two-minute health videos and played a round of Soduku (all in a day’s work!). I noticed that no matter what I did on the tablet, the circular HELP button was always on the right of the touchscreen for easy access. I also tested the mobile help button’s 600 feet connectivity (about two blocks away), and it successfully connected to the monitoring center from the Touch.

The touchscreen is simple to navigate, but I had to push a little harder on the screen than I would on a standard smartphone or tablet for the touchscreen to register my touch. I tried the messaging feature (you can message contacts you’ve added to your account under “My Circle”), but it was difficult to navigate the touchscreen keyboard and press the correct letters. This feature would be even more difficult for users with dexterity issues. 

I added the fall detection lanyard to this package and followed the instructions in the user guide to properly test the device. The fall detection sensor was triggered and called the monitoring center when I tested the lanyard near the base station. The lanyard is supposed to connect to the base station up to 600 feet away from it, but the furthest I was able to successfully connect to the base station when testing fall detection was about 250 feet from the base station.

On-the-Go Alert Systems


  • $37.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $104.85 for a quarterly subscription ($34.95 per month)
  • $197.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($32.95 per month)
  • $395.40 for an annual subscription ($32.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Water-resistant mobile device, Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp solo system

While I didn’t order the Solo package as part of my testing, my Duo came with the same mobile device. This device is compact like the Micro and has a more modern design compared to the original mobile system featured on MobileHelp’s website. I like the updated silver design with the LED light ring compared to the original white color with three separate status lights below the center help button. The new design is not as busy. 

The LED light around the center button indicates various statuses of the system, such as low battery, no cellular connection, and when the device is fully charged. The user guide includes a chart that explains what each light color and blinking pattern indicates. The two-way speaker is small but powerful. I could hear verbal status updates like “System ready” from two rooms away, and the monitoring center agent’s voice was loud and clear during my tests. 

The power and test buttons are small and black with one on each side of the device. It may be difficult for some users to distinguish between the two buttons since they look so similar. Users with dexterity issues may have difficulty pressing such small buttons.


  • $33.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $101.85 for a quarterly subscription ($33.95 per month)
  • $173.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($28.95 per month)
  • $347.40 for an annual subscription ($28.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Water-resistant mobile device, Charging cradle, Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp micro system

The Micro is MobileHelp’s most compact system (less than 2.5 inches long and 1.3 ounces) with a high-quality speaker that picked up my voice whenever I spoke with a monitoring agent. I like that the Micro uses both verbal cues (“System ready,” “Battery low,” “Call in progress”) and LED light cues to give status updates. The Micro has the same light indicators around the center button as the mobile device mentioned above. Another identical feature to the mobile device is the very small test and power buttons on the sides mentioned above.

MobileHelp micro button

The charging cradle cord is over three feet long, so it was easy to find a central spot in my home to charge the system. 

I wore my Micro to the grocery store and it was surprisingly light, but I still think the thick black cord is bulky and not very discreet. Although fall detection was easy to test, the trigger was very sensitive. I accidentally triggered fall detection when I took the Micro out of its charging cradle—fortunately, I was able to press and hold the center button to cancel the alert immediately.

Complete Alert Systems


  • $41.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $114.85 for a quarterly subscription ($38.28 per month)
  • $209.20 for a semi-annual subscription ($34.87 per month)
  • $393.40 for an annual subscription ($32.78 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Base station (cellular connection), Water-resistant mobile device, Charging cradle, Waterproof lanyard/wristband help button

MobileHelp duo system

The Duo bundle is one of MobileHelp’s three bundle packages that combines at-home and on-the-go equipment. This subscription is excellent for couples or roommates who want 24/7 connection to an emergency monitoring center for one monthly price. I recommend this package if one user is more active than the other. If you are both on the go and doing independent activities like driving and running errands, then the at-home base station may be limiting. 

As I mentioned in my Classic review section, the mobile help button didn’t connect to the monitoring center when I tested it 1,400 feet away from the base station, even though that was the maximum range listed on MobileHelp’s website. 

Make sure to test the range from the base station when you first receive your system. Don’t wait for a true emergency, when you may be farther from the base station. Even if a certain range is mentioned on a brand’s site, you won’t be able to confirm if it’s accurate until you have the device in your hands. 

I also had trouble connecting the help button to the mobile system. I was only able to connect to monitoring center from the mobile system using my help button when I was about a half a block away from my home (about 200 feet from the base station). The connectivity range between the mobile system and base station is advertised as 600 feet. 

Since the mobile device connects to the monitoring center wherever cellular service is available, I suggest always wearing the mobile system outside of your home instead of the help button, even if you’re in your yard.


  • $44.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $123.85 for a quarterly subscription ($41.28 per month)
  • $227.20 for a semi-annual subscription ($37.87 per month)
  • $429.40 for an annual subscription ($35.78 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Two water-resistant mobile devices, Two charging cradles, Two waterproof lanyard/wristband help buttons

The Mobile Duo includes two mobile units and two help buttons. The two mobile devices are the same as the one I tested in the Duo package. This subscription is also ideal for couples or roommates. Unlike the Duo, there is no in-home system, but you can use your mobile units as at-home base stations.


  • $54.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $164.85 for a quarterly subscription ($54.95 per month)
  • $299.70 for a semi-annual subscription ($49.95 per month)
  • $599.40 for an annual subscription ($49.95 per month)

One time equipment fee: $0

Equipment Included: Smart tablet base station, Lanyard/wristband help button, Mobile device, Charging cradle

The Touch Duo has the same great features as Touch Classic: a medical alert tablet that can be personalized with photos, Soduku, and medication reminders. This bundle also includes the same mobile device featured in the Solo, Duo, and Mobile Duo packages. The Touch Duo is another excellent option for monitoring two people in the same home.

How Much Does MobileHelp Cost?

MobileHelp monthly monitoring fees range from $19.95–$54.95, depending on your chosen subscription and payment plan. Shipping fees range from $0–$30. We confirmed shipping costs with a live chat agent. Here is the breakdown:

  • $0: Shipping fee for annual, semi-annual, or quarterly subscription
  • $15: Shipping fee for monthly subscription
  • $20: Two-day shipping
  • $30: Overnight shipping

Based on my shopping experience, MobileHelp’s equipment fees ($0–$99.95) and activation fees ($0–$49.95) may not always be charged to your order. For example, there’s a page on MobileHelp’s site listing a $99.95 one-time fee for the Touch Classic, but I wasn’t charged this fee when I ordered my equipment. 

I asked a sales representative why this charge was missing, and she said that it had been waived, even though there wasn’t a sale or promotion running at the time.

Optional Features and Accessories

You can add the following features to your MobileHelp order during checkout.

Fall Detection: The fall detection pendant has sensors that can detect a fall and automatically alert the monitoring center. Fall detection is $11/month and is available for all plans except Wired Home. If you decide to add fall detection after you’ve purchased your package, you can add it over the phone.

“Fall detection is an important feature if you live alone, especially if memory or cognition are a concern,”

Brandy Archie, occupational therapist and founder of AccessAble Living.

Lockbox: A lockbox is automatically included for free with all packages and payment plans. Most medical alert companies charge a $30 fee or a $2–$3 monthly fee for a lockbox. I selected my four-digit lockbox code during checkout, and everything was set up when delivered.

A monitoring center agent will share your lockbox code with emergency personnel if they need to get into your home and you’re unable to answer the door.

MDLive: This service provides 24/7 live access to a physician via video, phone, or the MobileHelp Connect app. It’s an additional $9.95 per month. There is no co-pay or insurance required.

MobileHelp Connect Premium: For an additional $6 per month, you can receive discounts and perks by adding MobileHelp Connect Premium to your subscription. Premium features include:

  • Warranty for lost or damaged equipment 
  • 25% off accessories and MobileVitals 
  • 30 extra location tracking pings per month for caregivers (60 total per month) 
  • Price lock of your original rate for two years 
  • 50% off medication reminders and activity tracking (with the purchase of a fall detection lanyard)

You can also schedule medication reminders through your MobileHelp Connect portal for an additional $6 per month. Location services are included with all mobile devices, but you’re limited to 30 location pings per month unless you purchase Connect Premium. Activity tracking is a separate add-on feature and tracks movement and activity levels through the fall detection lanyard. Loved ones and caregivers can monitor and compare activity patterns on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

I confirmed with a LiveChat agent that a “ping” is defined as any time you check the device’s location in your MobileHelp user portal or app. While she assured me that most people don’t use 30 location pings each month, I’m still surprised that MobileHelp limits access to location tracking. Most companies give users unlimited access to tracking their loved one’s location.

MobileVitals: You can monitor and manage your weight, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation with MobileVitals for an additional $15 per month. You may also access your health data anytime in the secure MobileHelp Connect App or on the Touch smart tablet. 

Wall Buttons: A waterproof wall button is included as one of the free button options for all subscriptions. Each additional wall button is $2.95 per month. 

Wall buttons are great for additional protection in high-risk areas like the bathroom, garage, or kitchen. Connect with the monitoring center by pressing the button. They are easy to install on almost any flat surface with heavy-duty adhesive tape, which is included with your purchase.

MobileHelp Customer Service

Each time I spoke with a MobileHelp customer or technical support agent, they were courteous, helpful, and made sure all of my questions were answered during our calls. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to add fall detection to my Micro over the phone—the technical support agent added it during our call in less than 10 minutes. She also gave me clear testing instructions and stayed on the line with me to make sure the feature worked. 

You can reach MobileHelp customer service at 1-800-809-9664. There’s also a LiveChat option on the site for quick questions or concerns.

MobileHelp Reviews From Customers

MobileHelp has a reputation as a leading Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS) provider across all 50 states.

The company has 4.5/5 or higher ratings across ConsumerAffairs, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Google Reviews. MobileHelp responded to all negative reviews across the three sites, either acknowledging that the issue had been resolved or encouraging reviewers to reach out to the brand´s customer service department. MobileHelp doesn’t have a business listing on Trustpilot.

MobileHelp Reviews on ConsumerAffairs

MobileHelp review on Consumer Affairs

MobileHelp has 4.5/5 stars from 193 ratings on ConsumerAffairs as of this writing. Most reviewers mention how simple it was to set up the system, the outstanding customer service, and how they believed their purchase was worth the money. 

There were a few negative reviews. One reviewer had fallen twice, but their alarm didn’t go off either time. This prompted them to cancel their service, but they had issues receiving their prorated refund. Another reviewer reported having a false alarm every day and explained how customer service tried to help her by sending her an older, less sensitive system. She still had false alarms when doing simple activities like mowing her lawn or exercising, so she returned the system.

MobileHelp Reviews on the Better Business Bureau Website

MobileHelp reviews on Better Business Bureau website

MobileHelp is accredited by the Better Business Bureau website with an A+ and 4.72/5 rating from 68 customer reviews as of writing. The company has closed 21 complaints in the last year. Many reviewers express the peace of mind MobileHelp’s services have brought them and their loved ones. Many positive reviews describe customer service representatives as knowledgeable, friendly, kind and patient when answering all questions. 

Most negative reviews were from previous customers who weren’t able to get a refund, while some were unhappy with their customer service experience. Others said their unit didn’t connect to the monitoring center when the button was pushed. One reviewer stated that they received daily automated calls from the company. MobileHelp responded to this review, stating that the company follows the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines and instructing the reviewer how to be put on their “do not call” list.

MobileHelp on Google Reviews

MobileHelp profile on Google Reviews

The majority of reviewers on Google Reviews awarded MobileHelp five stars. The brand has a 4.5/5 rating based on 264 reviews as of this writing. Many reviews praise MobileHelp’s customer service representatives as helpful, patient, and professional. Multiple reviewers stated that sales representatives were never “pushy” about making a sale and answered all their questions throughout the sales process. 

Most negative reviews stated issues with receiving a refund or trying to cancel an automatic subscription. One reviewer stated that their system never connected to the monitoring center when they pressed the help button.

Trial Period and Warranty

MobileHelp has a 30-day trial period that starts the day you receive your equipment. If you cancel the service and return your equipment within this 30-day window, you’ll receive a full refund. You must call Customer Support to cancel your service before sending any equipment back to the company. 

It was simple to cancel my four subscriptions. The Customer Support agent was very patient and walked me through the canceling process for each package. He also told me how to turn off the equipment and pack it in the box to ensure there would be no accidental calls to the monitoring center during transit. 

I was able to ship all my equipment in the same box it had arrived in, but I had to pay the shipping cost. MobileHelp is transparent about this, clearly stating in its return policy that customers must pay the shipping fees when returning equipment. 

MobileHelp doesn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty to cover product defects from mechanical or manufacturing issues. You’ll have to purchase MobileHelp Connect Premium to protect damaged or lost equipment. 

How We Reviewed MobileHelp

We chose 11 of the best medical alert systems from over 1,000 hours of collective research, and we rated MobileHelp as the third highest among them at 9.62/10. We did the following throughout our research process:

  • Consulted with geriatricians and adult caregivers
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed medical alert system users
  • Tested various models 
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties, such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot

We grade each medical alert company using a 1-10 rating scale and score them according to the following categories:

  • Essential features
  • Product functionality
  • Special features
  • Customer service
  • Purchasing process

Features and criteria within each of these five categories are assigned point values. The more points a company receives for each criteria, the higher the company scores in the overall category.See our full explanation of our methodology for a full breakdown of our medical alert system scoring system.

Bottom Line

Choosing a medical alert system can be complicated, especially when a medical alert company such as MobileHelp offers so many devices with various features. 

Average rapid response time, how emergency situations are handled (for example, when emergency contacts are called, in what order, etc.), and smartphone app access for caregivers are important features to consider when shopping for a medical alert system according to Jonathan Marsh, certified dementia practitioner, senior home safety specialist, and owner of Home Helpers in Bradenton, Florida.

MobileHelp is a solid brand with a good reputation and a variety of devices to choose from. If you’re looking for a simple at-home medical alert system, MobileHelp Classic is a good entry-level cellular base station with no landline connection required. You’ll have to shop other brands if you’re looking for a smartwatch option—MobileHelp doesn’t offer a smartwatch like Bay Alarm Medical’s SOS Smartwatch or Medical Guardian’s MGMove

The Touch Classic is a home-based system if you want a more unique tablet base station with a help button, two-way speaker, medication reminders, brain games and a photo gallery. The most comprehensive package from MobileHelp is the Touch Duo, which comes with both the tablet and mobile system, as well as a help button.

Whether you’re choosing a medical alert device for a loved one or for yourself, MobileHelp has a number of tech-forward devices and plans for every budget and need, plus additional add-ons and extras that can offer you peace of mind about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your medical alert service by calling MobileHelp at 1-800-809-9664 and selecting the Customer Service option. The customer service representative will walk you through the cancellation process over the phone. You must pay for any shipping costs.

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