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Our Verdict

The MobileHelp Smart is an efficient, easy-to-use medical alert watch for older adults and seniors. If you’re looking for safety on the go, this watch is designed to meet your needs. The watch is a Samsung Gear Smart Watch built to include emergency alert technology, activity tracking, and GPS location monitoring. By using all three features, you’ll be helped immediately in the case of an emergency. To ensure protection on the go, the watch uses the AT&T Cellular Network instead of WiFi to place emergency calls, and it doesn’t require the internet in order for the emergency feature to work. The watch itself is built to last and endure everyday life, including military-grade hardware and a 1.3″ glass face resistant to water, scratches, and dust. Family members and caretakers are given peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be assisted immediately with the touch of a button. Through a small monthly fee, the watch equips you with everything you need to live freely and confidently.

Pros & Cons


  • Direct person-to-person communication with emergency responders

  • Personalized heart rate and calorie tracking

  • GPS tracking to easily find users’ location

  • Easy emergency alert cancellation for accidents


  • Bulky for users with thin wrists

  • Touch/scroll may be hard to use for users with limited mobility

  • Watch face may be hard to see for users with limited visibility

  • Downloading health information isn’t possible


  • Battery Life: Up to two days
  • Price: $349.95 and $24.95 monthly monitoring
  • Rating: 4/5
  • GPS location tracking
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Samsung Galaxy smartwatch technology
  • Samsung Health app
  • MobileHelp emergency response technology
  • Touch capability
  • Charging dock capable for AC power or USB connection
  • Direct communication with emergency responders
  • Weather app

To create the MobileHelp Smart, MobileHelp partnered with Samsung to update the Samsung Gear smartwatch with patented emergency response technology. In combining the two technologies, you get most of the features of a smartwatch along with the peace of mind that comes with an alert system.

Instead of connecting to Wi-Fi, the watch works directly with the AT&T cellular network. In an emergency, a call will be put out to emergency responders no matter where you are in the AT&T range. Keep in mind that the watch doesn’t directly call 911. You will first be put in contact with an emergency response company who will assess the situation before calling 911.

To send an emergency alert, the user has a couple of options. You can either use the watch’s touch capability or press the watch’s physical Help button that’s located on the side. With either option, there’s a built-in cancellation feature in case you’ve accidentally sent an alert. Since the alert doesn’t go straight to 911, you can also let the emergency operators know if you’ve made a mistake.

As a smartwatch for seniors, built-in activity tracking can be just as helpful as the emergency alert. Through the Samsung Health built-in app, you can monitor everything from weight, calories burned, distance per day, and more. This function will help keep you active and reach your weight goals.

The watch is rust and water-resistant, so you can to use it throughout your workout or even in the pool. The activity data can’t be downloaded off the watch, but a caretaker would be able to record the data each day if they were using it to track health.

MobileHelp Smart

Is the MobileHelp Smart Right for Me?

Smartwatches are designed for users who are on the go, active, and need to stay connected. The MobileHelp watch is perfect for aging adults who need extra assurance that help is available, no matter where they are. Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury or surgery and don’t have a caretaker. Or, you’re still active, yet your mobility is starting to decline. Are you transitioning between caretakers? The watch would be a great asset in any of these scenarios.

How Does Medical Alert Technology Work?

Medical alert devices include wearables, base stations, or a combination of both. They work to provide a 24/7 safety feature in or out of the home. You can purchase either monitored or non-monitored systems.

All of Mobile Help’s products are monitored systems, which means they connect to emergency responders. These responders are specially trained to assess the situation and get help quickly if needed. Other popular monitored alert companies include Medical Guardian, Freedom Guardian, and Life Alert.

Non-monitored systems work by allowing users to pre-program a list of phone numbers – usually loved ones or 911. Whenever the corresponding alert button is pushed on non-monitored systems, the device will automatically call the programmed numbers. It will run through the list until someone answers, and the user will need to talk to them or ask them to call 911. These also differ from monitored systems in that there is no monthly fee to maintain service with emergency responders.

How Do Smart Watches Work?

The MobileHelp Smart combines patented medical alert technology with smart technology. Smartwatches are a relatively new technology that can connect to the cellular network, Wi-Fi, or both. They provide you with notifications, alerts, and information all on a touch-screen watch.

Most smartwatches on the market like the Apple Watch Series, are designed to pair with their corresponding operating systems, such as Android and iOS. This allows users to view text messages, make calls, and get the same alerts on their watch that they would also receive on their mobile phone. Overall, the smartwatch is designed to keep you more connected. Even if your phone isn’t nearby, you can receive notifications or have specific alerts sent to you throughout the day.

The average cost of a smartwatch is usually between $200-$350, though this varies depending on the durability of the watch, its special features, and its operating system.

MobileHelp Review

MobileHelp is a leading emergency response system company for a great number of reasons. Whether you’re a caretaker, family member, or seniors aging in place, the company has you at the top of mind in creating quality products. MobileHelp stands apart from its competitors by offering customization with most products. Customers can choose from add-ons and features that accommodate the following:

  • Seniors living alone or with spouses and roommates
  • Seniors at home or on the go
  • Caretakers who need activity and GPS tracking information
  • Seniors who want landline or cellular systems
  • Seniors who need fall detection
  • Caretakers who need to set up automated medication reminders

The list goes on to meet both needs and preferences. MobileHelp aims to be a hero in its customers’ lives, and it does so by keeping families safe and happy as they age in place.

Top 3 Features Of The MobileHelp Smart

  • 30-Day Trial
  • Mobile GPS Device
  • AT&T Service

Plans start at $24.95/mo.


The extras that MobileHelp offers allow you to customize each product to meet your specific needs.

One of the most helpful add-on features is fall detection, which is offered on most of Mobile Help’s products excluding the Wired Home emergency system and the MobileHelp Smart. With fall detection, users receive a special button that they can wear as a lanyard. The device will automatically detect falls and send an emergency alert to the corresponding base system.

Another add-on feature is medication reminders, which can be purchased as an extra with Mobile Help’s base station systems. With medication reminders, the user or caregiver can schedule the day and time that medications should be taken. The reminder goes off through the base system when it’s time.

You can schedule medication reminders through MobileHelp Connect, which is a separate add-on that offers a suite of online tools for users and caregivers. MobileHelp Connect is available for every product in the MobileHelp suite. With MobileHelp Connect, family members and caregivers can monitor a user’s safety. You can view GPS information, set up medication reminders, and view a log of emergency alerts that are sent through the device. By viewing the user’s activity through one, easy-to-use portal, loved ones will know that the senior is safely going about their daily lives.

MobileHelp Connect is also offered in a premium plan at an extra monthly fee. The plan comes with discounts to fall buttons, additional accessories, medication reminders, and more. It also offers reduced prices on lost or damaged equipment.

For all MobileHelp customers, you’ll receive a free lockbox meant to store an extra house key. This way, emergency responders can easily access your home in an emergency without having to damage a door or window to get instead if you’re unresponsive.

MobileHelp Watch Alert

Call Center and Services

MobileHelp partners with Rapid Response to offer their 24/7 emergency response services. This company offers contracted services to MobileHelp, and they’re well-reviewed online. They even offer multilingual specialists to accommodate all users. Users will never go without protection, and there’s no penalty for accidentally calling into the emergency center.


Mobile Help’s prices vary depending on which system you choose and if you decide to purchase any of the extra add-on features. Overall, the company’s costs are in-line with the rest of the industry, though its discounts to long-term users are more competitive.

With MobileHelp, you also receive a free 30-day trial with any products, so you can ensure you’re making the best purchasing decision. There are monthly fees to pay for the monitoring service, but MobileHelp also waives contract, cancellation, and activation fees.

What Customers Say

MobileHelp has an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star average from customer reviews. Most ratings stem from the variety of options and the quick customer support that MobileHelp offers online and over the phone.

Though it can be challenging to choose from so many options, MobileHelp begins the customer relationship right when you land on their website. Their online chat feature allows you to talk to support specialists quickly and get their official advice on which products would be best for certain use cases. Overall, the company staff is highly knowledgeable about Mobile Help’s products to be able to make the best recommendations to customers.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for 24/7 support for yourself or your loved ones, MobileHelp is a great company to consult with. The MobileHelp Smart ensures that help is just a button away no matter where you are. Beyond peace of mind, this helps keep seniors feeling confident and free to live their lives on the go. The smartwatch also promotes a healthy lifestyle that can keep you feeling healthier and add more longevity to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most smartwatches on the market aren’t designed to be used as medial alerts. However, the Apple Watch Series 4 was designed to include fall detection as well as emergency calling through the push of a button. With the Apple Watch, however, it will dial 911 directly instead of a minotring service. For that kind of protection you need to consult with a specific medical alert company like MobileHelp, which has partnered with Samsung to include alert technology in the Samsung Gear.

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