Audien Hearing Aids Review

Audien OTC hearing aids, the Atom and Atom Pro, are affordable options if you’re looking to address mild to moderate hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Updated: Jan 24, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Audien offers two over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, the Atom and Atom Pro. 
  • Audien also offers two personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), the EV1 and EV3, which are not intended to treat hearing loss.
  • The Atom and Atom Pro hearing aids are affordable and rechargeable options for those with mild to moderate hearing loss who want basic functionality.
  • Customers have given Audien mixed reviews on product quality.

Audien is a popular over-the-counter (OTC) brand for those looking for small, affordable hearing aids and hearing amplifiers. Our research team thoroughly assessed Audien’s products to provide the most reliable review possible as you browse through the evolving world of hearing devices.

Why Buy Audien Hearing Aids

There are many benefits to Audien hearing aids, but they’re not for everyone. Take these pros and cons into account before you purchase.


  • Start at $99 per pair

  • Small, discreet style

  • Rechargeable

  • Six extra domes of various sizes are included

  • Easy care with cleaning brush and extra wax filters included


  • History of misleading advertising practices

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

  • No tinnitus management

  • Analog sound processing

  • No settings or programs to customize sound

  • Volume adjustments are inconvenient

  • Not water resistant

  • Must purchase as a pair

  • No online hearing screen

Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review

Our experts independently research and recommend products we believe provide value in the lives of our readers. We’ve collectively spent more than 5,000 hours conducting in-depth research on hearing aids. Throughout this process, we did the following:

  • Engaged in ongoing independent research
  • Consulted with independent audiologists
  • Consulted with geriatric care experts
  • Mystery shopped the brands
  • Surveyed hundreds of hearing aid users
  • Tested various models of hearing aids
  • Interviewed experts in the field
  • Read thousands of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports

See our full Hearing Aids Ratings Methodology.

Comparison Table of Audien Hearing Aid Models

Atom Pro
Hearing LossMild to Moderate
Battery Life24 hours
Hearing LossMild to Moderate
Battery Life20 hours

Audien Hearing Aid Reviews

Audien Atom Pro

$249 per pair
AIP Score

Type of hearing aid: In-the-canal (ITC)
Type of hearing loss: Mild to moderate

The Atom Pro is the smallest ITC style offered by Audien. It’s rechargeable with a 24-hour battery life and comes with a wireless charging case. Once you’ve charged the case, you can recharge your hearing aids on the go for four days. It also comes with:

  • A 1-foot-6-inch-length charging cord for the charging case
  • Six silicone earbuds of different sizes
  • A cleaning brush and volume tool
  • Four wax guards

While the Audien Atom Pro offers feedback suppression, which cancels annoying squeals that happen when sound waves escape the ear canal and are accidentally picked up by the hearing aid’s microphone, this feature isn’t unique to Audien. Most of the best hearing aids that we’ve tested offer feedback suppression as part of their basic functionality. 

For volume control, Audien provides a small screwdriver to adjust the tiny volume dial on the back of the device. When we tested the volume function, we found it inconvenient. You have to remove the device from your ear, take out your volume tool (if you remembered to carry it with you), then focus on maneuvering the tool on the dial. Compared to other hearing aids that come with larger volume buttons, it was a longer process. And if you have arthritis or other conditions that challenge dexterity, changing the volume on the Audien Pro will be difficult.

This model is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a discreet style, rechargeable batteries, and basic features like volume control and feedback suppression.

Audien Atom

$99 per pair
AIP Score

Type of hearing aid: In-the-canal (ITC)
Type of hearing loss: Mild to moderate

The Audien Atom is slightly larger than the Audien Atom Pro, but it’s still considered an ITC style. It holds only 20 hours of battery life compared to Audien Atom Pro’s 24-hour battery life, but if you plan to charge your batteries nightly, this difference is negligible. The Audien Atom comes with a charging dock with a cord that’s 1 foot, 6 inches, but no wireless case for on-the-go charging. You’ll have to find a place to charge your hearing aids every night that accommodates the cord length. 

These accessories are also included to help you care for your hearing aids:

  • Six silicone earbuds of different sizes
  • A cleaning brush and volume tool
  • Four wax guards

Low cost means less features. While the Audien Atom is less expensive at $99 per pair, there is no feedback suppression, which as a feature is relatively new to the industry but widely used in hearing aids. 

The Journal of the Franklin Institute explained that feedback algorithms in hearing aid programming can remove undesired sound signals, leaving you with only desired sound signals. Without it, sound quality can become distorted. Since the Atom doesn’t have feedback suppression, you will need to take extra care of your hearing aids to help compensate. Make sure to clean your hearing aids at home daily and change the domes once per month. Cleaning wax buildup will prevent sound waves from bouncing back into the device, and changing domes will prevent sound waves from escaping the ear canal and traveling into the microphone. Proper hearing aid care doesn’t replace the benefit of feedback cancellation, but it can help maintain sound quality with less distortion. Additionally, making sure your Atom fits properly and that you’re using the correct dome for your ear can also help you manage feedback.

Like the Atom Pro, you’ll have to use the volume tool screwdriver to adjust the dial on the back of the hearing aid to change volume.

This model is a good option if you need a basic, no-frills budget hearing aid. It’s one of the cheapest hearing aids on the market, but it doesn’t offer much more than volume control and rechargeable batteries. If you can afford the Audien Atom Pro’s basic feedback suppression, you’ll enjoy better sound quality with less annoying squeals and whistles.

Audien also sells two other rechargeable and affordable hearing devices, the EV1 and EV3. These hearing devices are marketed as hearing aids on their website, but they are actually personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). Hearing aids and PSAPs have very different functions for people with different hearing needs.

OTC Hearing Aids vs. Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs)

OTC hearing aids are FDA-regulated devices that are designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss. Anyone who is 18 years or older can purchase a hearing aid over the counter. 

PSAPs, or hearing amplifiers, increase all frequency volumes. Because there is no sound customization, these are not meant to treat hearing loss. Hearing amplifiers are not medical grade, meaning they are not regulated by the FDA for safety.

PSAPs are most often useful in recreational settings. They’re not appropriate to compensate for hearing loss and can cause more damage. According to Clinical Interventions in Aging, misuse can make symptoms like tinnitus worse, which is why we don’t recommend them in our product breakdown.

We asked Trisha Muth, Au.D, an audiologist at Bay Area Audiology, to clarify the difference between hearing aids and PSAPs:

PSAPs do not treat hearing loss. [They] offer a volume control that makes all sounds louder including both speech and background noise. PSAPs are intended to help normal hearing individuals hear better in specific situations, not to treat hearing loss. For example, hunters use PSAPs that amplify conversational sounds, but suppress the loud impulse sounds of gunfire. PSAPs are not medical devices and are not regulated by the FDA because they are not intended to treat hearing loss.

Trisha Muth, Au.D

Common Features Between Audien’s Hearing Aids

During our in-house testing, we found many similarities between Audien Atom and Atom Pro aside from style, rechargeability, and volume controls. 

Analog sound processing: Both hearing aids use analog sound processing instead of digital sound processing to keep the price within budget. Analog sound processing amplifies all sound waves that enter a hearing aid’s microphone, but they can’t filter background noise. Modern hearing aids use digital sound processing, which uses more advanced computer chips to better program sound and filter unwanted noise. Digital processing is more popular than analog due to sound quality, but the advanced technology comes with a bigger price tag.

No program customizations: Unfortunately, Audien hearing aids have no programming or settings. Some hearing aids that we’ve tested, like Audicus, will use your hearing test results to customize programs that help you hear in different environments. Audien hearing aids only allow you to change volume, which is useful, but not customized enough for those who have trouble hearing in various settings.

No Bluetooth: Many modern hearing aids come with Bluetooth capabilities to pair with smartphones and their applications. Hearing aids can access advanced settings on smartphone applications using Bluetooth, like directional settings to better receive sound traveling in front of you or tinnitus management to reduce ringing or other noises in the ears. However, Bluetooth technology tends to be an expensive feature with hearing aids that offer it starting above $1,000 per pair.

Durability: We decided to challenge the durability of Audien hearing aids during our in-house testing. We found that, when dropped from a height of 7 feet, 6 inches 10 times, neither hearing aid sustained damage. However, these devices are not water resistant, so be sure to take them out in the shower and avoid exposure to sweat and rain. 

Audien Hearing Aid Accessories

Audien already comes with accessories to get you started, but you can buy extra accessories for your hearing aids if you need them. This includes an accessory pack, ear cleaner, or replacement chargers from Audien’s website.

Audien hearing aids looking inside the box
Audien Atom’s included accessories: wax guards, domes, a portable charger and cord, and a cleaning brush with screwdriver
  • The Audien Hearing Accessory Pack: For $12, you get an accessory case, 12 replacement earbuds of various sizes, one cleaning brush and volume tool, and eight wax guards. Or you can opt in to the subscription plan for only $9 per month to automatically get a new pack every 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time without a fee.
  • The Audien Ear Cleaner: For $29, you get one cleaning handle, 16 reusable cleaning attachments, and one travel case. The cleaning handle and reusable screw-like attachments act differently to cotton swabs by “pulling” the wax from your ear when you twist it in the canal. They state that the screw-tip design is safe to use.
  • Chargers: If you have the Atom, you can purchase a new charging dock, cord, and wall plug for $14. If you have the Atom Pro, you can purchase a new charging case, cord, and wall plug for $24.
The Audien Ear Cleaner Design

History of Audien

Audien was founded by Arthur Garber. After his grandmother started to experience hearing loss, he found that while purchasing hearing aids can cost several thousand dollars, the cost to produce them is far less. Audien hearing aids are sold directly to the consumer without the involvement of an audiologist or a hearing test, for much cheaper than many other hearing aids on the market. This has made Audien stand out as a provider of inexpensive hearing aids.

Audien Marketing Claims

In May 2021, Audien was penalized by the Arizona’s Attorney General Office for misleading customers with claims that their hearing aids and PSAPs were “FDA approved,” which is false. 

When we reached out to Audien to get more information, they told us that their Atom and Atom Pro models are FDA registered. We checked and confirmed that both model registrations are up to date. However, although FDA registration is a step in the right direction, gaining approval is a much more rigorous process.

  • FDA registration is when the manufacturing facility for the devices has been established with the FDA.
  • FDA approval requires multiple levels of clinical research, including the analysis of benefits and risks from clinical tests. 

In the same 2021 press release, Attorney General Mark Brnovich warned consumers:  “If you choose to buy, always price shop and review the product details carefully,” and “always check the Better Business Bureau and other objective consumer review websites before buying.”

Audien customer service has stated on Trustpilot that their hearing aids are compliant with the new OTC FDA regulations, which are still being finalized but include the requirement that the hearing aids have a 10-millimeter distance from the eardrum to prevent injury, as well as manufacturer quality control.

As of October 2022, the FDA now regulates all OTC hearing aids to improve affordability and access. The new regulations set safety standards to ensure the consumer gets appropriate hearing devices. All OTC hearing aids have until April 14, 2023 to comply.

How to Purchase Audien Hearing Aids

Audien hearing aids are only available for purchase on their website and are not available at retailers. The purchase process is fairly simple.

After selecting your desired product(s), you go to the top right corner of the page to click on the bag icon to view your cart. Once you’ve reviewed your selections of hearing devices and accessories, you can proceed to the checkout page.

Complete the checkout page with your contact information and shipping address, then continue to the shipping and payment pages. During our mystery shopping process, we found that Audien only offers express delivery which is free to you. The shipping time isn’t specified here, but the website’s product pages state three to five days.

The final step is adding your credit card information to the payment form. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Then, you’re ready to place your order by clicking the Pay Now button.

You can check your order status on Audien’s website by entering your email address on the Track Order page found in the menu at the top of the website. It takes an hour for the order to show up in their tracking system. If you check your order and it doesn’t show tracking information, they invite you to contact the support team.

Audien Maintenance, Warranty, and Trial Period

Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s good practice to clean your hearing aids every day to remove wax buildup and dirt from the receiver and microphone. We found that cleaning Audien hearing aids was easy, and if you need help, Audien has tutorials online that are simple to follow. The whole process took us about 30 seconds:

  • Remove the hearing aid domes carefully so as to not rip them.
  • Use the cleaning brush to remove wax, dirt, and debris from the receiver and the dome.
  • If you need to replace the wax filter, you can do so while the dome is removed. Use the A side of the wax filter replacement stick to remove the current wax filter. Then use the B side to place the new filter inside.
  • Place the dome back onto the device, or replace it with a new one.

The most difficult part of the whole process was placing the dome back onto the device. It took some force to push the dome into the receiver to attach securely.

Tip: While we were cleaning our Audien Atom, the hearing aid started to whistle loudly. One of the most common reasons why your hearing aid may whistle loudly during cleaning is because the volume is turned up too high, causing feedback. If you prefer louder volume, make sure to use the screwdriver tool to lower the volume before cleaning to avoid this issue.

Warranty and Trial Period

Audien provides a one-year warranty on their hearing aids. Our team couldn’t find specifics on the warranty online, so we called customer service to clarify. They said that the one-year warranty will replace defective devices for free. But if you lose or break them, you have to pay in-full for a replacement pair.

If you want peace of mind, you can purchase the Protect Plan for $4 per month. This will cover all free replacements for defects, and if you lose or break them, Audien will help cover a new pair. However, you’re still subject to pay a deductible. For Audien Atom, you’ll have to pay $24 for a replacement pair. For Audien Atom Pro, you’ll pay $34. To get the Protect Plan, you have to purchase it within the first 45 days of owning the devices. Note: Warranty plans do not cover accessories in any capacity.

Every purchase also has a 45-day money-back guarantee in place of a trial period. It starts the day you receive your shipment. Any undamaged hearing aids, unopened accessory packs, and unopened ear cleaners can be returned to Audien within 45 days of receiving the shipment for a full refund. If your hearing aids are missing or damaged, or if you opened the accessories, the money-back guarantee does not apply. Hearing aid defects are covered under the one-year warranty. If you do need to return your hearing aids, you must drop off your package with an accepted status by the post office by the 45th day to receive your refund.

Customer Service and Help

If you have questions about Audien’s products, warranties, or return policy, you can get help in a few ways.

Phone: Audien offers support by phone at 205-255-1112, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m. PST. 

Chat: Live chat is also available on the brand’s support page by clicking the “Chat” icon. All responses are immediate but automated. You will need to call or email someone for particular questions.

Email: The company can also be contacted by email at [email protected] or by filling out the form on the Contact page of their website. They answer emails within 24 hours.

Video tutorials: Audien has published helpful video tutorials to help address questions about cleaning, replacing domes, or changing wax filters. Search Audien’s support page or search on to find easy-to-follow tutorials that answer common questions.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Audien Hearing Aids

Audien’s products are simple and affordable, but before you buy, consider this:

Hearing screens or tests: Audien does not offer any hearing screens online, which are helpful to get a general idea of your hearing status. Many brands offer online hearing screens, or better yet, in-depth testing at partner clinics to make sure you receive the best hearing aids for your needs. If you buy a hearing aid without understanding your degree of hearing loss, you may be buying something that won’t help. “Hearing aids should never be purchased without having a hearing evaluation completed by an audiologist first,” said Dr. Muth. “The hearing evaluation will rule out any medically treatable conditions and determine the strength and style of hearing aids needed. Hearing aids purchased through an audiologist will be uniquely programmed for your individual ears and hearing loss.”

A hearing test will also tell you if:

  • You need a prescribed device to address severe to profound hearing loss.
  • You have unilateral hearing loss and need to purchase only one hearing aid instead of a pair.

You have more complex hearing loss like conductive or mixed hearing loss, both of which may require alternative consideration when choosing the medical treatment.

“They can also tell if a person is even a hearing aid candidate at all. Some patients may not see significant improvement from traditional hearing aids and may need to be referred for a cochlear implant consultation,” added Brian Murray, a hearing instrument specialist and workshop consultant for Alpaca Audiology.

Device size: Many people prefer small devices that hide from view. While Audien Atom and Atom Pro are both small ITC styles, adjusting them requires small tools that can be difficult to handle. We found that using the screwdriver to adjust volume was a tedious task, and replacing domes required good dexterity. If you anticipate trouble handling a small device, particularly if you have weakness or arthritis in the hands and fingers, the Audien Atom and Atom Pro may not be good options. Instead, look for larger styles like receiver-in-canal (RIC) or behind-the-ear (BTE) styles with other manufacturers.

Alternatives to Audien Hearing Aids

If you’re unsure whether Audien hearing aids are for you, try shopping around or see a hearing professional. Those who are certain they have mild to moderate hearing loss can consider these other alternative OTC hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Select: Jabra Enhance Select is an OTC hearing aid available online. We like the Select 50 model at $1,195 per pair because it’s relatively affordable with a financing option. It’s a larger RIC style with Bluetooth capabilities, a phone app to access sound settings and customer support, plus three years of follow-up care. 

Lexie B2: Lexie B2 is a RIC-style hearing aid and is one of our favorite budget picks at $999 per pair. We love it because of its simplicity and connectivity to the user-friendly Lexie app on your smartphone, which allows you to control volume or reach a Lexie Expert for support. They don’t offer financing, but they offer an affordable subscription option at $49 per month after a $249 startup payment. 

Audicus Omni: Audicus is an OTC brand that offers Bluetooth streaming with affordable pricing options. The upfront cost of the Audicus Omni is $3,398 per pair (with the rechargeable battery option), but you can opt into their membership program instead and pay a $499 startup fee followed by monthly payments of $159. Bluetooth streaming is a great feature to have if you’d like to stream music and calls from your phone into your hearing aids.

Audien hearing aids cost compared to alternative brands

Bottom Line

Audien hearing aids, the Atom and Atom Pro, are affordable options for those who need to address mild to moderate hearing loss. They are basic, no-frill devices that work well for those who need straightforward use. 

The EV1 and EV3 hearing devices sold by Audien are not medical-grade devices registered with the FDA. They should not be used for hearing loss since they operate as PSAPs. 

If you’re unsure that Audien hearing aids are best for your needs, get a hearing test and consult with an audiologist. Professional assessments offer peace of mind when you’re making important health decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audien Hearing is a real company. The brand’s two hearing aid models, the Atom and Atom Pro, are registered devices with the FDA.

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