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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Anyone who is looking for a medical alert system wants to know how they’re going to wear it, right? If you have something that’s uncomfortable or is too bulky it can interfere with your daily life. When that happens, you may not wear it all the time because it’s in the way.

medical alert jewelry

However, if you’re not wearing it, it’s definitely not going to be able to help you the way you need it to, so looking at different types of jewelry is important. It’s also important to consider alert jewelry such as a medical ID bracelet that doesn’t have an actual button to notify someone about an emergency, but instead provides others with information if something should happen to you so we’ll talk about those as well.

Upgraded pendant units may provide more freedom, because they allow you to travel wherever you want and they use a cell phone tower to connect you to the agents who are monitoring

If you’re looking for jewelry that’s going to provide you with a medical alert button you can use to call for help when you need it then you don’t have too many options, but they’re still important to consider. Luckily, these types of medical alert jewelry are usually included in the cost of an entire system, so you don’t have to worry about anything extra; the monitoring service on the other end is also part of an overall package.


The first type of jewelry you’re probably going to find when looking at medical alert options are pendants. This is basically a button that you wear on a lanyard around your neck. The lanyard may come in different colors or slightly different styles, but the ‘charm’ at the end of the pendant is going to be a small button that you can easily press if you find yourself in an emergency situation. For example, if you find yourself having difficulty breathing, if you fall or if you otherwise need help.

Most of the pendants that come standard with an alert system are going to be tied to a base unit. That means you need to be within so many feet (usually 600 – 1500) of the base in order for the button to work. If you are within that range and you push the button that button will connect to the base unit. The base unit will then connect to the agents that are on the other side of the system, monitoring the system. When it connects you can notify them of the emergency and they can send someone to help you immediately.

Upgraded pendants may allow you to travel wherever you want because they use a cell phone tower to connect you to the agents that are monitoring the system. This provides you with more freedom and also gives a more accurate and pinpointed location for you if there is an emergency because the cell tower is able to provide more accuracy than the system that relays through your house. Because it provides more freedom, more people tend to like these pendants, though a pendant can still be a drawback for some.

Pendants tend to be easily noticeable and, therefore, not ideal for those who don’t really want others to know they have an emergency alert system. After all, it’s a relatively large necklace that tends to hang down further; therefore, making it more difficult to wear under a shirt. Instead, it tends to hang over the top, which lets everyone know that you’re wearing one. While this may not be an issue for some, it can be for others who want to maintain their independence a little bit more.


Medical Alert Wristband

A wristband is going to be very similar to the pendant except you wear it around your wrist. It resembles any other bracelet and may be made with plastic, rubber, silicone or any other material. The band then features a small button that you can easily press in case of any kind of emergency. Just like with the pendant you’re going to have no problem getting immediate assistance if you need it simply by pressing that button and connecting with the team monitoring it on the other end.

With a wristband you’re getting a device that’s actually very easy to hide.

This type of device is generally connected to a base unit just like the standard pendant. That means you can only go so far from the base unit before your device will no longer work. That 600–1500 feet may seem like a very long distance if you’re an individual who doesn’t like to leave their home frequently or who only goes out with someone else. The button on your wristband can reach out to the base station within that distance and will then connect you to the agents on the other end just like with the pendant, but it limits you with its range.

Wristbands also can be purchased with a different range, however, if you opt for one that connects via a cell phone tower. These wristbands allow you to go wherever you want to go because if you have an emergency they connect you to agents via that cell phone tower. That way, you’re able to enjoy your freedom and travel wherever you want to go throughout the country and your medical alert system will still be able to find you and connect you to emergency services when you need them.

With a wristband you’re getting a device that’s actually very easy to hide away if you don’t want other people to know you’re wearing it. You can put it on your wrist and cover it with the sleeve of your shirt or jacket. No one knows you have it, but, in case of an emergency, you’ll have no problem reaching the button to get help, which can also help you feel a little more independent and less like everyone knows that you have a medical alert system.

If you don’t actually need a medical alert system and someone monitoring you at all times but you do need to let people know certain things about you in case of an emergency you may want to consider these types of medical alert notification jewelry. The jewelry can help you convey anything you want and makes sure that if you are unable to tell people around you about your condition for any reason they will still know just what to do because of the jewelry that you are wearing.


The truth is, medical alert bracelets and medical ID bracelets are one of the most popular forms of medical alert jewelry out there. These bracelets come in all different styles, colors, patterns and a whole lot more because so many people are wearing them and they want something that reflects their own style. What that means is you’ll have absolutely no problem finding something that you’ll actually like to wear and it can be just as flashy or just as unobtrusive as you want it, which is great for keeping you more comfortable about wearing it.

Medical alert bracelets and medical ID bracelets are one of the most popular forms of medical alert jewelry out there.

These bracelets are traditionally made of a type of medal in either sterling silver or gold. They feature the standard medical alert symbol to let anyone know that there is important information on the bracelet that they need to know and then have an engraving that provides an allergy list or notification of specific health problems that would be important to know such as heart problems. These things are listed concisely because the bracelet is small and it’s important for the information to be relayed very quickly if there’s a problem such as a medical emergency and you can’t talk for any reason.

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Lately, however, people have started to change the way that they wear their fall detection bracelets because they don’t want something traditional and boring. They don’t want to wear something that necessarily looks like a medical alert piece but they still want to be safe. So they’ve started experimenting with slightly different styles and different options for upgrading and improving the original design. These new versions still feature the same information in the same format, with the medical alert symbol and allergy or important information lists, but they have a different style to the bracelet itself.

Some have also started wearing charms on their charm bracelet that show the emergency alert symbol to notify someone of their conditions or allergies. These can be even less noticeable because they blend in with other charms, but they still provide the necessary notification. The individual would then carry a card somewhere on their person that provides the rest of the information that’s needed to treat them properly.


The necklaces that people use to let people know about their allergies or other medical problems aren’t quite as advanced as the bracelets. The standard necklaces that look a little like dog tags. They feature a basic chain with a flat, silver piece on them that provides the information. These also have the medical alert symbol on them, to make sure that anyone who is helping you recognizes it for what it is. They then have a list of allergy information or medical problems just like a bracelet does.

You can put them under a shirt or other clothing if you don’t want them to be apparent because emergency personnel are going to know to look for any kind of medical alert jewelry.

Life alert necklaces are generally a little bit larger, but they’re not so large that they’re immediately recognizable for what they are if you’re not looking for them or that they are impossible to hide. You can put them under a shirt or other clothing if you don’t want them to be apparent because emergency personnel are going to know to look for any kind of medical alert jewelry. Still, there are a few other options when it comes to this type of jewelry because there are different people who want them, after all. That means different designs will start to pop up over time and in some cases they already have with different colors and styles already available, though not as varied as with the medical alert bracelets.


This has become another way of wearing a medical alert notification and, though it’s not large, it can still be effective. That’s because the keychains generally only show the medical alert symbol, letting medical professionals know that there is an allergy or medical condition. Someone who uses this method will then need to carry a card with them in their wallet, purse or elsewhere on their body to let emergency services know whatever they need to in order to help. This can be a great option for those who have a lot of medical conditions or allergies to list or just someone who wants their notification to be small and less obtrusive.

With a keychain you can get just about anything you want in design and color and all it needs is the small medical alert symbol on it so that emergency personnel know to look for more information. These can be great for those people who just want to keep their condition a little more private and yet still want to make sure that they’re going to be safe in case of an emergency. The cards that are used can also contain emergency contact information, so that loved ones or friends will be notified as well, which can be great for anyone in case of emergency.

medical alert indication bracelet

Medic alert jewelry will make it easier for you to enjoy your life without fear. Whether you get a basic system that only allows you access to agents from your own home or you get a system that lets you travel and still reach emergency services you’ll be able to do the things you want. Even if you’re not afraid of emergency situations but you want to prepare for the worst, notification jewelry can also help you be more prepared.


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