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Medical Guardian offers products, accessories, and applications that work together to keep seniors safe and happy. They’ve designed their products to also keep family members and caregivers involved and well-informed. Medical Guardian’s range of products can be used for seniors who are still on the go, those who may have an illness or injury, and even those who may have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Their owned-and-operated monitoring center also gives the company full control over the type of support provided, ensuring the best experience. Overall, Medical Guardian is a great choice for your medical alert company.


  • 6 products for a variety of budget and accessibility needs
  • At-home and on-the-go options
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Free activation for each product


  • Inconsistent customer support experiences
  • Some instances of faulty equipment
  • No free trial
  • Wireless coverage is limited to AT&T network areas
  • May be difficult to find the best solution out of multiple products and add-ons

Medical Guardian Product Line: At A Glance

Medical Guardian Family Medical Guardian Freedom Medical Guardian Classic Medical Guardian Home Medical Guardian Mobile Medical Guardian Active
Monthly Fee $79.95 $49.95 $29.95 $34.95 $49.95 $44.95
Free Equipment
Free Activation
Long-Term Contract
Prorated Refunds
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Family Guardian

Plans starting at $79.95/mo.


  • Compatible with Family Guardian app for real-time updates
  • Comes with 3 in-home safety sensors
  • 1,300-foot coverage range
  • Landline connection
  • Two-way communication to 24/7 operators

The Family Guardian is a great choice for both seniors aging in place alone and for families who would like to stay more informed about their loved ones’ health and activity. With the Family Guardian set, you’ll receive a landline base system (the Classic Guardian), which connects directly to your landline and offers 1,300 ft. of coverage. It works just like the Classic Guardian by offering two-way communication to 24/7 responders when you use any emergency button.

The system includes three in-home motion sensors for activity and safety monitoring. Two are activity sensors that are best used in the kitchen and bathroom. Once placed, the sensors will track every time someone enters and leaves the room. Using the compatible Family Guardian app, caregivers can see that their loved ones are going about their daily lives. The set also comes with one door sensor that you can place on the front or back door of your home to monitor when someone enters and leaves.

All of the data from the sensors and base system is available in the Family Guardian app, which you can access on a mobile device or desktop computer. Caregivers will be able to access activity reports and receive customized notifications to see if their loved one seems sick (lack of activity), forgetful (night wandering or leaving doors open), or has an emergency (has pressed the emergency button). The Family Guardian products all work together to offer peace of mind to loved ones and immediate assistance to seniors.

Freedom Guardian

Plans starting at $44.95/mo.


  • Lightweight smartwatch
  • Discreet medical alert technology
  • SMS messaging
  • GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking
  • Features weather, reminders, and alerts

The Freedom Guardian is Medical Guardian’s best product for on-the-go use and connectivity. It’s a wearable device fit with modern smartwatch technology as well as Medical Guardian’s medical alert technology. In tandem with both technologies, the watch works to provide full safety and protection while doing much more than a standard medical alert device.

With the Freedom Guardian smartwatch, you can program a Care Circle of close contacts to be able to message them through SMS texting directly from the watch. The ability to message is only an extra $5 per month in addition to the Medical Guardian monthly monitoring fee. Messages are housed in the companion Freedom Guardian mobile app, where you’re also able to set alerts and notifications that you want to receive throughout the day such as medication and appointment reminders.

The watch is fully designed with seniors in mind. It has large icons and fonts as well as a high-resolution screen for better viewing. If you choose to opt-in for messaging, you can use text-to-speak so that messages are read aloud to you. You can use the watch inside or outside the home, and it offers a two-day battery life so you don’t need to be charging it constantly.

The emergency alert feature on the watch is easy to access through a physical button on the side of the watch or through a touch-screen button that’s highly visible on the screen. Once you place an alert, you can speak directly to an operator through the watch using AT&T cellular connection. Most smartwatches require a phone to be nearby, but you don’t need one to operate the Freedom Guardian.

The Freedom Guardian offers a sleek, simple, and lightweight design similar to a FitBit, so you can feel comfortable wearing it all day. The watch is available in white or black, so you can match your personal style.

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Classic Guardian

Plans starting at $29.95/mo.


  • Landline-based alert system
  • 1,300 feet of coverage
  • Two-way communication to 24/7 operators
  • 32-hour back-up battery
  • Waterproof, wearable pendant

The Medical Guardian Classic is the company’s most basic alert system. It’s simple to use since the base unit connects directly into your landline as well as an AC power source. Though it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, you can choose to add on a wall-mounted alert button, a fall alert button, and a voice-activated wall button. We felt this unit was best-suited for larger homes, users with a more strict budget, or seniors looking for the most simple version of a medical alert system.

The Classic is the most budget-friendly option in Medical Guardian’s full product line, but it offers one of the biggest home-based coverage ranges. At 1,300 ft., you’re protected throughout the entirety of your home (for most standard-sized, single-occupant homes).

The base unit comes with one wearable alert button to ensure you have the same protection no matter where you are at home. Available in either in a neck pendant or wristband form, you’re able to choose the type of alert button that works best for you. If you’re using the system with a spouse or roommate, you can customize your package with additional wearable alert buttons.

In the case of an emergency, press your alert button to signal to the base station. Once signaled, a call will be placed to Medical Guardian’s monitoring center where a trained professional will be able to speak with you directly through the base unit. If they can’t hear you or you’re unable to communicate, a Medical Guardian operator will place a call through to your local emergency responders so help is at your door as soon as possible.

Home Guardian

Plans starting at $34.95/mo.


  • Cellular coverage through national AT&T network
  • 600 feet of coverage
  • LED display with date and time, temperature, and battery life
  • Programmable Care Circle of emergency contacts
  • 30-hour back-up battery

The Home Guardian offers 600 ft. of cellular coverage through a home-based base station. This unit differs from the Classic Guardian by offering communication through the national AT&T network rather than your home landline. Cellular coverage is usually more stable, and you’ll know you’re protected even through a power outage. The unit plugs into AC power but also has a 30-hour back-up battery.

The Home Guardian comes with a visible LED display that always shows the date and time, temperature, and the unit’s battery life. Through the display, you can adjust the volume according to your preferences and needs. This model may be best if you’re looking for a home-base system that has more functionality than just an emergency button.

In the case of an emergency, you’re also able to program a Care Circle of close contacts. You can prioritize the list of contacts so they’re called in a specific order. When the Home Guardian base unit is signaled through your emergency button, a Medical Guardian monitoring representative will answer and talk to you through the base unit. If you don’t need emergency responders, you can choose to have them send non-emergency personnel or a member of your Care Circle.

Like the Classic Guardian, you can choose to add on a variety of extras, including additional wearable buttons, fall buttons, or wall-mounted emergency buttons.

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Medical Guardian has two portable devices, the Active Guardian and the Mobile Guardian. They are very similar devices in style and functionality. We have reviewed both products carefully and listed out all the major details below so that you can choose which portable unit is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Mobile Guardian

Plans starting at $49.95/mo.


  • GPS-enabled for location tracking
  • Cellular base for portable coverage
  • 350-feet of coverage from the base unit
  • Two-way communication with 24/7 operators
  • Adjustable volume

The GPS-enabled Mobile Guardian is designed for on the go seniors who need protection both in and out of the home. The device is about the size of a cell phone, so it’s easily portable and fits right in your pocket or bag. Similar to Medical Guardian’s in-home medical alert systems, you’ll also receive a wearable emergency button for use with the Mobile Guardian. The wristband or pendant must be within range of the mobile medical alert device for the system to work. You can also press the emergency button directly on the mobile device if you don’t want to wear the pendant or wristband while you’re out of the home. A call will be put through to Medical Guardian’s operators, who can talk to you directly through the mobile unit and assess the situation.

One great benefit of the Mobile Guardian is that its built-in GPS allows emergency responders to see your exact location. With GPS-tracking, you’ll receive help faster than calling 911 as operators can quickly pinpoint where you are.

Active Guardian

Plans starting at $44.95/mo.


  • GPS-enabled for location tracking
  • Wi-Fi connection for additional coverage
  • 350-feet of coverage from the base unit
  • 5-day battery life
  • Waterproof unit

The Active Guardian is designed for full protection on the go. The small mobile unit is about the same size as the Mobile Guardian – similar to a small cellphone. In addition to cellular connectivity and GPS location tracking, this model also offers Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures full protection no matter where you are, even if you’re out of the AT&T coverage range. It also ensures that your exact location is precise for emergency responders to find you quickly.

The Active Guardian has a charge of five days, which is longer than the Mobile Guardian’s one-day battery life. You can keep the device with you while you’re traveling on short trips without having to worry about bringing the charging port along.

Instead of relying on any companion emergency buttons, all you need to use the Active Guardian is the mobile unit. For an extra $10 per month, the device itself can be fit with fall detection technology enabling it to place an emergency call if it detects a fall. To use the Active Guardian, you’ll need to make sure it’s on you at all times and that you’re able to press the emergency button directly on the device.

Active Guardian


Mobile Guardian

Both of these products are very similar in style and in functionality. Below we are highlighting the main differences in the products.

  • 5-day battery life
  • Wi-Fi connection for additional coverage
  • Waterproof unit
  • No bracelet alert button
  • 1-day battery life
  • Only tracks location using GPS
  • Not waterproof
  • Bracelet alert button
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Medical Guardian Review

Medical Guardian offers a customizable suite of six different medical alert products designed for at-home or on-the-go use. Their products and add-on accessories are all designed to help seniors live their lives freely and safely, regardless of their age, mobility, or living situation. In addition to putting seniors first, Medical Guardian’s products also keep family members looped into their loved ones’ health and activity through monitoring devices and connectivity apps. With Medical Guardian, you receive a quality product, 24/7 monitoring, and dedicated customer service from start to finish. The company staff is educated to help you through the purchasing process, help you troubleshoot technical issues or faulty equipment, and will even work with you to cancel or change-out a product when you aren’t satisfied. True to its name, Medical Guardian exists to safeguard your health and safety.

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Equipment Overview

Medical Guardian Family Medical Guardian Freedom Medical Guardian Classic Medical Guardian Home Medical Guardian Mobile Medical Guardian Active
Monthly Fee $79.95 $44.95 $29.95 $34.95 $49.95 $44.95
Free Equipment
Free Activation
Long-Term Contract
Prorated Refunds
Cellular Base Station
Mobile GPS Device
Family Connectivity
Range 600ft AT&T Service 1300ft 600ft 350ft AT&T Service
Fall Detection (Added Fee)
Landline Option


Offers and Savings

If you’re working with a tight budget or trying to save as much as possible on a medical alert device, Medical Guardian offers a couple ways to score deals and savings. On the Medical Guardian website, the company will frequently offer rotating promotional codes that you can use at checkout for discounts on your monthly service fees.

For any of Medical Guardian products you choose the billing schedule that suits you best, from monthly to quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If you select the annual one-time fee per year, you’ll receive a discount on the yearly service cost as compared to what it would be if you broke up your billing cycle.

With Medical Guardian’s Refer-a-Friend program, you can earn up to $25 by having your friends sign up for a Medical Guardian product and monitoring subscription.

Fall Detection

Medical Guardian offers customers the ability to add fall detection to all of their products except the Freedom Guardian smartwatch. With added fall detection, you’ll only need to pay an extra $10 per month per each added fall button.

The fall button comes on a pendant so you can wear it comfortably around your neck. While Medical Guardian does offer a wristband button for most products, the fall detection technology is only available in the neck pendant. It has a manual emergency button so you can use it in any emergency, but it’s also fit with fall detection technology. If you happen to fall, the button will detect it and immediately send an alert signal to your corresponding base station. If you’ve dropped the pendant or are fine, you can always tell the Medical Guardian responder that you don’t need emergency assistance.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is enabled inside the Mobile, Active, and Freedom Guardian products. These three products are designed for use on the go with built-in GPS allowing responders to pinpoint exactly where you are in the case of an emergency.

The Active and Freedom Guardian also have Wi-Fi capability to make location tracking as precise as possible. With the Freedom Guardian, family members with the companion mobile app will also be able to view your location. This helps caregivers and loved ones to know where you are in an emergency, and to also see that you’re going about your daily life without any problems.

Family and Caregiver Monitoring

Medical Guardian offers full family and caregiver monitoring for two products: The Family Guardian and the Freedom Guardian.

The Family Guardian is specifically designed for full safety monitoring in the home. It includes a set with a home-based medical alert unit and three different motion sensors. Two of the sensors are for different rooms, so families can see how often their loved one is entering and leaving. For example, by placing the sensors in the bathroom and kitchen, it can help show how often a senior is eating and taking care of themselves. The sensors only track motion and do not have cameras, so the senior’s privacy is fully protected. The third sensor that comes in the set is a door sensor that will show how often a senior is coming and going from home.

All of the products in the Family Guardian set come with a companion app where activity reports and emergency data are available for loved ones to see.

The Freedom Guardian also comes with its own companion app that both the user and caregivers can use to monitor the watch and its data. The companion app shows the GPS location of the user at all times which is can be critical in an emergency or if the user has dementia or Alzheimer’s has gotten lost. The app also allows users to program alerts for appointments, medications, or daily tasks. Lastly, users can opt-in to SMS messaging through the app for an additional fee. The user can choose a Care Circle of up to four people who will be able to message the user through the app. The messages will appear both on mobile and on the watch, where the user is able to hear the message played out loud through text-to-speak.


With customer safety and comfort as its priority, Medical Guardian offers customizable add-on accessories with its products.

With the exception of the Active and Freedom Guardian, all products have the added option of a wearable neck pendant or wristband emergency buttons. Some products also have a color choice of white or black if you have a preference. You’ll get one free button, but you can purchase additional buttons for just $3 more per month.

The Classic, Home, Family, and Mobile products also have the option to include a wall-mounted emergency button at an additional $3. The wall button can be helpful for seniors who live alone and provides an added sense of security.

With the Classic or Family Guardian, you can also choose to include a voice-activated wall button for just $5 more per month. This option provides the peace of mind of full security throughout your home so you know you can get help no matter where you are.

All products come with a free, optional lockbox that can be kept outside of your home with a spare key. The lockbox gives emergency responders an easy way to get inside your home quickly.


Call Center and Services

Medical Guardian uses its own monitoring center staffed with emergency responders 24/7. Some medical alert companies outsource their monitoring services, but Medical Guardian’s in-house monitoring center is beneficial for maintaining consistent tracking for both technical and support problems.

Medical Guardian prioritizes their customer service by putting all responders through an extensive interview process, including a background check. Medical Guardian’s training process includes teaching responders how to keep customers calm and triage an emergency situation.

When you press your Medical Guardian alert or set off an emergency signal through a fall button, your response time will be quick and efficient. The emergency response operator will ask you a few questions to understand the situation, and they’ll provide accordingly – you may not need emergency services, so they’re able to send non-emergency help or even family members if they’re programmed in your Care Circle.



Medical Guardian sits in the mid-level tier of medical alert companies when it comes to costs. Though there are some companies that offer cheaper prices, Medical Guardian supports their price level with quality products and helpful add-ons.

With Medical Guardian, you aren’t locked into any strict contracts, and you’re able to cancel at any time if you’re unhappy with your product. The company won’t stick you with cancellation fees, and they’ll even prorate your refund for any unused weeks of service.

The company also offers product warranties that ensure you’ll never have to pay for broken or faulty products that need to be fixed or replaced.


What Customers Say

Medical Guardian receives good reviews overall from customers, though online reviews seem to show some inconsistencies related to customer support experiences and the quality of products.

We read through dozens of online reviews to get a clear picture of customers’ first-hand accounts with the company. On the whole, customers felt their products were easy to use and provided the peace of mind they wanted for their price point. For caregivers and loved ones, they especially liked the connectivity that the devices and apps provide. Most reviews stated that caregivers felt well-informed of their loved ones’ health and wellbeing.

Some negative reviews explained that while the staff of the monitoring service was helpful, the company’s own customer support was unhelpful or unresponsive. Some users had trouble getting answers about things like faulty equipment, refunds, and technical support.


Bottom Line

Safety and peace of mind are key for Aging in Place successfully. Medical alert systems allow seniors to live their life without feeling held back, providing a safeguard for emergencies or instances where help needs to be close by. A medical alert system can help you age gracefully at home while also keeping your family well-informed and at ease. Medical Guardian is worth a look if you’re trying to customize your medical alert experience for support, connectivity, mobility, and more.