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Updated: Jul 17, 2022
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Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

Key Takeaways

  • The Puffy Adjustable Base can be used with single or split mattresses ranging in size for one or two people.
  • This adjustable bed base offers features that include a wireless remote, the ability to preset your favorite settings, dual-area massage, USB ports on the sides, and LED lighting underneath.
  • You’re allowed 101 nights of trial sleep on this base before choosing whether or not to keep it, and there’s a lifetime warranty once you own it. 
Woman sleeping on an adjustable bed

It’s common knowledge that a quality night’s sleep can significantly impact how you feel the next day. Older adults especially can have a hard time sleeping. The National Institute of Health reports that as many as 50% of older adults have a hard time initiating and maintaining sleep from causes that include medical conditions, stress, and medications. When falling, or staying, asleep becomes a problem, it might be time to start looking for a solution.

Adjustable beds have grown more popular thanks to their many features, some of which include the zero-gravity position, massage, and adjustable support. An adjustable bed allows you to incline and recline your mattress in a variety of positions based on your body’s needs and wants for maximum comfort. There are also a variety of health benefits that can come from an adjustable bed, including improved digestion, blood circulation, and breathing while sleeping.  You can also get relief from symptoms of GERD, heartburn, sleep apnea, insomnia, back pain, and joint pressure, as well as help with swollen legs. Ultimately, an adjustable bed like the Puffy Adjustable Base can help you find comfort and get a better night’s rest.

Construction & Design

Designed to hold up to 400 pounds, the Puffy Adjustable Base is made with high-grade materials, which makes for a sturdy bed. The adjustable base is constructed from steel and wrapped in linen for mattress placement, while the adjustable frame is upholstered with a soft gray polyester and the corners of the bed frame are layered with polyfoam to ensure less painful run-ins with your knees. 

Available in a single and split bed base, the Puffy Adjustable Base comes in a twin XL, full, queen, and split king size. The split king bed base can hold two mattresses, which couples might prefer because it allows you each to customize your comfort, ensuring you get the best night of sleep possible. The split king bed base is designed to fit one king mattress or two twin XL mattresses.   

The Puffy Adjustable Base includes a universal headboard mount with simple instructions so that you can also customize the style of your bed with your favorite headboard.  

This adjustable base also has adjustable legs, so you can pick the height that’s best for you, whether you like something lower to the ground or you’d prefer the bed be a little taller so you can store things underneath. The legs adjust to allow for 6.5, 9.5, or 11.5 inches of space underneath the bed. The adjustability is also great for older adults as mobility and other health issues can make climbing into or out of a taller or shorter bed more difficult while also putting more strain on your joints.

The Puffy Adjustable Bed base allows you to alter your side’s leg and head height with the wireless remote. You can raise your upper body to a maximum of 60 degrees and your lower body to a maximum of 45 degrees. The zero-gravity position, which helps relieve pressure by putting your body in a neutral position, diminishes stress from your body’s main pressure points. 


This adjustable bed does more than simply lift and lower your torso and legs. The key feature is of course comfort. Once you find the base adjustment you prefer, you can save it on the remote control as “Memory A.” There’s also a “Memory B” for a second favorite setting. 

As mentioned, the zero-gravity positioning system can reduce stress and pressure, improve breathing and heart health, and help reduce chronic pain symptoms. All you have to do is press “ZG” on the remote and the base readjusts to support you from head to toe. 

The Puffy Adjustable Base comes with three-speed, dual-independent massage motors built in to provide relaxation and comfort, all controllable with the wireless remote. You can massage one area of your body at a time or multiple areas—all with the click of a button. There’s also a timer that allows you to turn the massager on and let it go for a while. 

Have trouble seeing in the dark or lose something under the bed? You can use the bed remote as a flashlight. The top part contains a small light that you can turn on, or press a button to switch on the soft-white glow of LED lighting underneath the bed. 

This adjustable bed base also comes with dual USB charging ports on each side so you don’t have to worry about how far away you are from an outlet or how long your charging cables are. 


The Puffy Adjustable Base is easy to set up and comes with clear instructions on how to do so. Customer reviews support this and state that the only downside of this base is that it’s folded in half along the hinges, which makes it on the heavier side. So you will need at least two people to help you move this base. 

Once you open and unfold the adjustable base, you’ll find the legs in one box and the remote in another. After you attach the legs to the bases and adjust the height of each base according to your preference, you simply need to plug the bases into the wall. All you need is a screwdriver to attach the legs. There is also a metal retainer bar that goes at the end of each base to ensure that your mattress stays in place. 

Each base comes with its own remote, so sleepers have independent control. There will also be a light gray cable that comes if you purchase two bases, so that you can connect the two bases underneath, which will allow you to control both bases with one remote.

The adjustable frame’s headboard slides flush against the wall to add further stability to the frame and a more secure foundation. 

Mattresses Compatible With the Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Mattress

Like many adjustable bed brands, the Puffy Adjustable Base can be used with most mattresses. Mattresses from Puffy include the Puffy Mattress and the Puffy Lux Hybrid, which are options for the adjustable bed. You can also choose from other brands that make memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, or latex mattresses and the Puffy will support it. The Puffy bed base also allows for several mattress sizes, including a twin XL, full, queen, or split king. 

Shipping & Warranty

Ships directly to your door within one to three business days

The Puffy Adjustable Base ships directly to your door within one to three business days of ordering for no extra charge. Puffy allows you 101 nights of sleep to decide whether or not you love their bed base, and if you don’t, they will pick it up for free and provide you with a full refund. There is also a lifetime warranty on this Puffy Adjustable Base.

Pros & Cons

The benefits and downsides of the Puffy Adjustable Base include:


  • Offers several bed base size options

  • Wireless remote controls all features with a save button

  • USB charging ports

  • LED lighting underneath the bed

  • Zero-gravity setting

  • Over three months of sleep trial allowed

  • Lifetime warranty on all products

  • Many features for the price


  • The base is heavy, so you will need help to carry and set up

  • Not as adjustable as some bases on the market

Price of the Bed Base

Bed Base
Twin XL
Split King

Why Choose the Puffy Adjustable Base?

This bed base provides a lot of bang for its buck. Between the dual-area adjustability, the dual-area massage, the wireless remote with preset options, the zero-gravity capability, the LED lighting underneath, the USB ports, and the ease of setup, the Puffy Adjustable Base is near the top of the list. It’s also a big bonus that you’re allowed 101 nights of sleep before deciding whether or not the base is right for you, and there’s a lifetime warranty once you do own the base. 

Bottom Line

While paying $1,000 or more for a bed base seems steep, it’s important to remember that we spend a good chunk of our time in bed (hopefully) sleeping, and when we sleep better, we feel and function a whole lot better. Buying a good bed base, especially an adjustable one, is also an investment, and a great bed base is like any good investment: It will pay for itself and keep lasting even after that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It provides independent adjustability for your upper and lower halves.

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