ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Review

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • ResponseLINK offers one of the best call centers in the business, with trained staff on call 24/7.
  • ResponseLINK encourages users to use its services for multiple needs, even if it’s just to ask a question.

One of the biggest concerns many people have about medical alert systems is who will respond to their call in case of an emergency. Will someone just answer to say they’re sending help, or will someone stay on the line until that help arrives? ResponseLINK medical alert system tries to address that concern by staffing its centers with EMT-certified individuals and encouraging users to contact the center any time they feel they need it, not just in emergencies. How does ResponseLINK compare to others among the best medical alert systems? Here’s a closer look.

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Overview

ResponseLINK has been in the medical alert system business for over 30 years. Its biggest selling point is its customer service system. Every call center the company runs has TMA Five Diamond-certified EMT call center technicians available 24/7. There is also support for multiple languages. If you call one of the centers, the company promises operators will stay on the line until help arrives, even if you can’t communicate with them. More importantly, ResponseLINK encourages users to contact their call centers for any reason, even if it’s just to ask a question. You can also set who you want to call in an emergency, whether it’s 911, a neighbor, a friend, or a loved one.

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Other Recommended Medical Alert Systems

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  • Aloe Care Health: Aloe Care Health’s system is voice-activated and does not require you to press a button, which is useful for those with mobility challenges.
  • MobileHelp: MobileHelp provides six medical alert system packages, ranging from simple landline-based ones to smart devices with many apps and features.
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  • LifeFone: LifeFone offers a medical alert system with one of the longest battery lives available, as well as medication reminders, fall detection, daily check-ins, and caregiver apps.

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Review

Who Is It Best For?

ResponseLINK offers a medical alert system with one of the most comprehensive call centers in the business. It would best serve seniors who live alone and want a system that will quickly connect them to help.

Who It Is Not Recommended For

ResponseLINK medical alert system may not be the right choice for caregivers who want a system that can monitor their loved one. It’s also not ideal for those who want many additional features, such as a smoke detector and automatic testing.

What Do We Like About ResponseLINK Medical Alert System?

The best feature ResponseLINK medical alert system offers is its call center. The operators are EMT certified, and more importantly, the ResponseLINK team is staffed with those willing to talk to seniors, even if they only have a question or concern. The fact that you can decide who you would like the company to call in an emergency is also something many people find attractive.

Things To Note About ResponseLINK Medical Alert System That Visitors Might Not Like

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated system that has internet access and is connected to many apps, ResponseLINK is probably not right for you. The mobile system does not use GPS for its location feature, so it is not always accurate.

Available ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Features

  • Medication reminders
  • Fall detection
  • 911 geo-technology tracking system
  • Landline option
  • Cellular option
  • Waterproof pendant/button

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Features That Are Missing

  • Smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector
  • Activity monitoring
  • Automatic testing

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Models

The most basic ResponseLINK medical alert system is its In-Home Medical Alert System. It consists of an emergency button and a base station that requires a landline to use. The button can be used up to 600 feet from the base station. A backup battery can power the base station for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage. Most notably for an at-home medical alert system, it also offers medication reminders—the base station can be set to beep at specific intervals to remind someone to take their medication.

ResponseLINK’s Fall Detection Medical Alert System comes with the same base station as the In-Home system and works in basically the same way. However, like many of the best medical alert systems with fall detection, it comes with a wearable pendant with built-in sensors that can detect movement that may indicate the person wearing it has fallen. Since seniors are most at risk of harm from falls, this is a valuable feature.

The Mobile Alert System is the one ResponseLINK product that does not require a landline. Instead, it operates through a Verizon wireless network and can be used outside the home. The whole system is portable and designed to go anywhere. Its battery life is estimated to be 30 days. The system uses 911 location technology to help first responders find the person who called for help, and it has a built-in, two-way communication device.

How Much Does the ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Cost?

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Plans And Prices

All three ResponseLINK medical alert systems offer a discount on monthly rates if the user signs up for an annual plan. If that seems too much to invest upfront, ResponseLINK also offers a monthly payment plan. ResponseLINK doesn’t require its users to sign a contract, which means that service can be canceled at any time.

System Plan
In-Home Medical Alert System
Yearly$19.95 per month
Fall Detection Medical Alert System
Yearly$27.95 per month
Mobile Alert System
Yearly$36.95 per month

ResponseLINK Medical Alert System Fees

ResponseLINK does not charge any medical alert system fees or device fees unless you choose a monthly subscription. There’s a one-time activation fee of $19.95 if you pay monthly. Free shipping is offered for all plans, but for users who want to receive their equipment faster, there are next-day and two-day shipping options for an additional cost.

Does Medicare Cover the ResponseLINK Medical Alert System?

Medicare does not consider a medical alert system to be an approved medical deviceAs such, ResponseLINK’s services are not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B. Medicare Part C—also known as Medicare Advantage—and various private health insurance plans may cover some or all of ResponseLINK’s medical alert system costs.

ResponseLINK Contracts and Warranty

ResponseLINK’s medical alert system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Since there are no contracts, you can send the equipment back if you wish to cancel service, but you have to pay the return shipping cost.

Customer service for ResponseLINK can be reached by either calling them at 866-802-3676 or using the company’s online contact form.

ResponseLINK Caregiving Tools

ResponseLINK’s medical alert system does not offer many caregiving tools. None of the systems provide a GPS feature or an activity monitor. While they offer medication reminders, each reminder is just a simple beep that does not inform the user of which medication to take. Something else to consider is there are no associated apps, smart devices, or internet-monitoring options available with this system.

Pros and Cons of ResponseLINK Medical Alert System


  • There is no contract agreement, which means you can cancel at any time

  • Both landline and mobile options are available

  • Users benefit from an especially responsive call center. There is no limit on the number of times you can call

  • You can use the emergency button to call the center for non-emergency reasons without penalty


  • Few options for caregivers

  • No automatic testing features


What Others Are Saying About ResponseLINK Medical Alert System

“I have only had one emergency and used the service. They were quick to respond, call emergency help, give instructions as to code to get in the front door and call my emergency contact. Excellent and fast service.”

Louise M.,

“This company is a senior rip off! Be forewarned if you cancel the service ONE day into a billing cycle they will NOT prorate your payment. What a ridiculous way to make seniors pay for a service they are NOT providing. The service stops when equipment is returned but if that is one day into a new billing cycle you have to pay for the whole month!”

Marie B.,


If one of your main concerns about a medical alert system is who answers your call for help and how an emergency is dealt with, it will be a relief for you to know that ResponseLINK medical alert system offers some of the best call centers available. However, caregivers who need to monitor a loved one may find it doesn’t give them what they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The least expensive ResponseLINK medical alert system is $19.95 per month, making it one of the lower-cost systems available.

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